A fast-moving brush fire burned through more than 500 acres of Angeles National Forest in California this afternoon, claiming at least one structure and threatening power lines, according to CBS Los Angeles. Tweeters are using the hashtag #PowerhouseFire to keep tabs on the path of the flames.

Smoke from the flames is visible for miles.


In just the last hour, Forest Service estimates have grown from 400 to 600 acres or more.

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The fire has now consumed more than 1,000 acres of brush, according to the latest reports.

  • Guest

    Im looking at it glow inthe night sky. Im less than 3 miles from it. I wish it would just burn the entire craphole state of komiefornia to the ground.

  • blockthiscnn

    This area (that is, southern California) burned off and on for centuries, and then people build there and act shocked when it burns…here’s a clue, clear all the brush from around your house if you’re going to live there. I only lived there because I had too, being stationed there in the Marine Corps.

  • GaryTheBrave

    I didn;t know where it was based on the headline. Angeles NF is a big place though not as large as other forests. I used to live near the Santa Clarita Valley and know where all the landmarks that are listed.

    Having said that, I hope no one loses their home.