The tornado that devastated Moore, Okla., was still wreaking havoc when Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse decided to blame red state climate deniers, so it should surprise no one that, before any details are available, the Republicans are taking the blame for causing the Skagit River Bridge collapse Thursday. President Obama was totally going to fix that bridge with all that stimulus money, you guys, but you stood in his way.

Much less than an hour.

It’s difficult to swallow the idea that the GOP is opposed to infrastructure spending, especially considering that Senate Republicans in 2009 had proposed an alternative stimulus including $114 billion for infrastructure projects, although tax cuts made the plan unpalatable to the Democrat majority.

So, where did all of that $700 billion in stimulus money go (beside bogus green energy investments)? Maybe we can check into that after we make sure everyone is out of the water first?


  • angelsinca

    Waiting for a DC hero to emerge. It’s needed. It’s expected. Fu-ck the cause. Focus on the repair…epically symbolic.

  • David Madison

    Libtards will claim that the 3% cut to SPENDING INCREASES caused all manner tragedies for the next decade. News flash…we are spending more money than we did last year on EVERYTHING. Most of the Democrats that are bitching about spending do not pay Federal Income taxes. Isn’t that nice…because we don’t have the money!!!

    • Tabitha Bliss

      LOL I know what really cracks me up is these articles where they keep talking about the horrific “austerity”.. WHAT AUSTERITY??! Such morons!

      • tommcgtx

        The “decrease in the increase”, don’t you know chilluns are starving?

    • 02Dave12345

      The American Society of Civil Engineers has reported that we need $3.6 trillion between now and 2020 to repair our failing infrastructure.

      Do you suppose this is a liberal conspiracy to take your tax dollars?

      • alanstorm

        Immaterial. Government at various levels is supposed to maintain the public infrastructure at all times – why haven’t they been maintaining it all along?

        Oh, right – we have to spend money on assistant deputy diversity coordinators and fund bankrupt “green” energy projects and other innumerable examples of used food.

        • ObamaFail

          And sending billions to our “allies” in the Middle East.

      • Male Factor

        …and Obamacare will cost that or more by 2020.

        Is this money all just supposed to fall out of the sky or are we to actually make some decisions with what we borrow between now and then?

        There isn’t enough money in the World to feed, clothe, educate, medicate and provide a cell phone and internet access every human being alive and yet to be born in the Western Hemisphere (see: Immigration “reform”) and prop up the Unions by fixing all the roads, bridges and public buildings

      • Locked_and_Loaded

        The liberal conspiracy has been to toss the money away on every idiotic proposal they can think of – with outrageous union benefits attached – instead of attending to our infrastructure.

    • Charlie Brown

      There was NO CUT, only a decision to not increase spending!!!!! lib spin…!!!

      • SierraBear

        This is typical of the low-information mindset. Baseline budgeting uses phrases like “cuts” and “increases” in ways that easily deceive the average American voter. A voter unaware of the existence of baseline budgeting may interpret a 10% cut to Department X’s budget of $100 billion as indicating that the budget will be reduced to $90 billion. This is WRONG! Because Department X was scheduled to have its budget increase by 10% to $110 billion, a 10% cut is coming out of not the full budget but rather the increase. In this scenario, a 10% cut reduces Department X to $109 billion – a cut of only $1 billion! Based on the system shown here, the public can be misled the public with their manipulation of formal budget language.

        • Steven Messer

          so right on absolutely correct

  • Bill Williams

    Maybe the repair crew was too stoned?

  • NewWest 123

    We live here and you morons spent billions on free stuff for all the illegals and bums that sit on their butts and get government funding!! And besides the GOP had not a thing to do with stimulus in Washington State… It’s all moronic Drone liberals living here and running Olympia!!

    • Lady 12

      When was the last flipping time we had a Republican-dominated government? For the love of everything! If the government is to blame, then every single person to blame is a Democrat.

      • trixiewoobeans

        The Bottom-Feeders are having a heyday. Boston bombing.. Republican’s fault…sequester, doncha know. Tornado caused by “climate change,” damn those Republican deniers! Bridge collapse, curses you Republicans! Dumb as a shoe…damn you Democrats!

      • Jason Hunt

        When Republicans are in charge, it’s their fault because they’re in charge. When Democrats are in charge, it’s because Republicans are stonewalling. -_-

  • sodakhic

    We spent $1 trillion on stimulus, liberal dicks. Too bad it was a slush fund for Dems and didn’t even make it to the States.

    • tony santamaria

      The collapsed bridge in Washington (state) was blamed on GOP for failing to give stimulus money for infrastructure.

      They gave $7Billion.

      It was used by the Dem governor to develop interactive dance software, study ants, replace windows at a closed Forest Service Center, research for how monkeys respond to inequality, video game design for senior citizens, development and use of African American English for 70 students, separate effects of marijuana and malt liquor, develop machine generated humor, relocate a perfectly good bridge in Napa Valley, design a colony of robotic bees, install energy efficient skylights in an alcohol warehouse, construct wildlife bridges for animals, study for how to pay attention to help solve problems, build a bridge for microsoft’s headquarters, solving a homeless problem in a town with no homeless people, and mailing checks to dead people.

    • 02Dave12345

      40% of it went to tax cuts.

      • GTeye

        Proof please? Oh you don’t have any… never mind.
        3% of commutes are done via mass transit in WA state yet 55% of transportation dollars are spent on mass transit.

        If you don’t see the problem, seek a refund for your education.

  • Dirk

    I have heartburn and post nasal drip. Damn the GOP!

    • Damien Johnson

      I gained 5 pounds. Damn Mcdonalds–I mean the GOP!

      *note; not a conservative, but I definitely can’t be a libtard.

  • J Alford

    You people are hysterical,if the sky falls its no longer Chicken Little its the GOP.WA State is a DEM State they are the ones who decide what they will do with any Government funds they get,they and they alone.Get real………….

  • NewWest 123

    I can’t believe these tweets from these morons that have no idea who runs the government and the billions that were wasted by the liberals on failed projects or phony projects. They hate conservatives cause they might get cut off the free stuff

    • Lady 12

      Yeah, and virtually none of them live here. They only care about that bridge because they can blame the GOP.

  • Walter Warren

    Hey screw you @ssholes – getting sick and tired of listening to you whiny ass liberals bitch and moan about how the GOP created all of these problems that your messiah spent trillions on to fix – oh wait, I forgot – ” shovel ready wasn’t as shovel ready as we thought – nyuck nyuck nyuck ” …. not to mention all of that free infrastructure money went to fund union pensions and the DNC.

  • WhiteGuy2

    was expecting them to blame this on George Bush, guess they’ve finally moved on.

    • george3rd

      Hey, it’s coming… don’t give up so quickly…

    • Sherry Shinogle

      I’m sure Sarah Palin had something to do with it as well.

  • Bklynnygirl

    Obama spent the stimulus money, don’t you remember “shovel ready wasn’t shovel ready.”

    • DixieAngel_76

      Well, there was something ready to shovel, allright, but it wasn’t jobs.

      • JM LaRue

        But there’s enough of it to make quite a few full-time jobs.

  • David

    Oh . . . Wonder if they realize that the Dems held up the latest stimulus package . . . or that their demi-god blew all of the previous stimulus money on failed green energy splurges . . . Oh, that’s right, they would have to actually admit the truth!! Also, these morons need to understand that it up to individual States to make repairs of interstate road ways and bridges, not the Federal Government!!
    What a bunch of losers!

  • Cynical_Bystander

    Good Lord, so much wrong with this…hey idiot maybe if we still had that half a billion we threw down the Solardyne rabbit hole there’d still be a bridge there? or better yet the billions we’re spending on the Cali super train boondoggle? Remember what party hates cars and highways? (hint: it’s not the GOP…)

  • Kenneth Lynn Mahan

    If the bridge was in bad enough shape to collapse, it didn’t suddenly get that way just since the sequester. It needed to be replaced or maintained for a long time before that, so who decided not to do that? Get your heads out of Obama’s ass long enough to get over your idiocy and wealth envy.

  • conserv&preserve

    Dumb limbs don’t know what is what, I thought that the stimulus was for infrastructure, but the money was used to pay back donors to the Oslimy presidency!! But you can’t tell a lib that, they think anything goes wrong in this country it has to be the GOP. Can’t change stupid!!!

  • TJ

    It was going to be either lack of funds to fix it before it was known it had problems or Global warming. Like the bridge collapse in Minnesota that had more problems than just a change in temperature over the 50 years of life it had.

  • louisiana_mom

    If the Progressives wouldn’t spend every penny on failed green energy corporations, and welfare, we would have money for infrastructure! But we don’t have enough for both!

    • Jeremy

      Truth to a progressive is like sunlight to a vampire.

      • DixieAngel_76

        That’s the best way I’ve EVER heard it explained!

        • Jeremy

          thanks.I came up with it myself ha ha

  • george3rd

    What happened to all those ‘shovel ready jobs’ Barry promised with his first stimulus… most I saw out of it were some signs (legal?) touting his stimulus funds @ work here….

  • Richard Lee

    really why it collapse because a semi truck hit it ok so u all that blame the GOP go suck it

  • jana66

    Obama got his stimulus money. What did he do with it? It isn’t the GOP that caused this it is Obama.

  • Gordon Shellgren

    Maybe our liberal Dem state should accept responsibility. We pay enough in taxes, and what do we get?

  • Jeremy

    This blame didn’t take long typical liberal idiots they are so predictable.

  • Jeremy
  • David Johnson

    Why wasn’t money spent out of the 2009 stimulus money to fix this bridge. Oh yea they had to give that money to green companies so they could go broke.

    • Mike Rogers

      Because its always the next stimulus that he hasn’t got yet which will pay for infrastructure repairs. If the current stimulus money was used, there would be no crisis to exploit!

  • Jeremy
    • trixiewoobeans

      Hey, Obama’s dog walker makes $100,000/year, that’s about $270 a dump!

      • Jeremy

        ha ha yeah sounds right.


    Seattle, and the rest of Washington State, is run by Dimocraps.

    Yet they still blame the GOP for something they didn’t do. Pin the Blame on the Donkey must be their least favorite party game.

    • Paula Noakes

      Not ALL of Washington State is Democrat-dominated. Take a look at the electoral map sometime. Most of the eastern 2/3 votes red consistently. The Puget Sound, however, has the population base (thanks to California transplants) to out-vote us every time.

      • Jeremy

        Yeah the Puget Sound part has helped make this state a liberal stronghold.

      • Paula Noakes

        This was in my comment but somehow went bye-bye. Update: And then it came back … ::headdesk::

      • High_Tech

        Gotta love ’em… after fucking up their own state, they leave, go somewhere else, then proceed to do the exact same shit they did in California! (Definition of insanity, anyone?) Pretty soon they will run out of places to escape to.

        • Marjorie

          They’re coming to Colorado :(

          • BigTBoom

            Infection is already spreading in CO and it’s starting in TX too. These liberal state defectors take their broken mentality with them after they move and infect where ever they go.

          • uselogic19

            They’re the invading aliens in “Independence Day”. A bit ironic a lefty producer would create a movie whose villains are a perfect match-up with Democrats in action.

      • 3am

        Yeah right! I live here and King County, fully democrat, constantly upsets the vote here. they are in the most densely populated portion of the state by far so carry the vote every time. they most certainly want to be in power but don’t want the responsibility that goes with that power. with over eighty bridges that fail inspection and only a handful ata a time being repaired or corrected we are in for some fun times in the near future.

      • SweetMarmot

        A few of us California transplants managed to make it up to Canada. Then I lived in Washington state for 19 years. Then I felt led to move to Texas. The population is increasing down here. It’s sort of like California was in the 1950’s and 1960’s. People moving in from all over.

      • jeanbean14

        That’s depressing. I feel sorry for you and the rest of the conservative voters. We have the same crap going on in my state with 2 big cities. I live in a suburb of one, and I’m not the only conservative in the area, but we have a huge pile of uninformed Democrat voters in both cities who don’t care what’s going on, but always go vote. And we have the extreme liberals who live to mess up everything. Very frustrating.

      • Lady 12

        There are six million people living in Washington state. Offhand, I think at least one million live in Seattle alone, another million live in the rest of King county, and probably another two million live in the other blue counties. If I did my math right, at least two thirds live in a Democrat-controlled county. We’re a Democrat state, much though it breaks my heart to say.

        • Paula Noakes

          I hear ya. Sometimes I really do think the folks campaigning to split the state have the right idea. Priorities are certainly different depending on whether you live in the eastern side or in the Puget Sound area.

          • Lady 12

            Oh, absolutely. If they had split the states along the mountains instead of the Columbia River, it would have been completely different. Hey, if we split the states now, we’ll be on our way to 57 states!

  • Keith Gentry

    instead obama given all those green company’s that Stimulus $$ 3 yrs ago obama should have took that money and worked on are bridges and are roads this is all on the left wing and obama this has nothing to do with sequester that started on March 1st.

  • Inebrius

    no shortages of stupid liberals in the US… How about WASHINGTON residents pay for their own bridge?

    • High_Tech

      “stupid liberals” is a redundancy.

    • jeanbean14

      Exactly. But that is logical and rational, and involves taking responsibility. The angry liberals aren’t familiar with those concepts. Jerks.

  • Princess_Jen

    Omg I just fell & hurt my knee *shakes fist yelling* DAMN YOU GOP! dumb libs strike again.

    • Jeremy

      Them libs are so predictable.

  • LN_Smithee

    Below is a screencap from a Washington State Department of Transportation report from November 2008 in which all road on Interstate 5 are assessed. The bridges are assessed thusly:

    “All of the I-5 bridges are structurally sound and
    safe. Washington State has a meticulous inspection system which rates
    the primary components of bridges…”

    Link to the entire report is here:

    For what it’s worth (and it’s not necessarily worth anything): The present and previous Governor of Washington are Democrats. Jay Inslee now, Christine Gregoire in 2008. (You may remember how Gregoire eked out a razor-thin 129-vote win in 2005 in a questionable recount.)

    • Mark Siddall

      Perhaps you liberals should consider funding road and other infrastructure projects instead of vote getting entitlement programs. Typical liberal youth; foul mouthed little twits.

    • Paula Noakes

      Democrats have governed Washington since 1985, unfortunately. That Puget Sound voting block goes democrat all day, every day. Boggles the mind, really. I know there are decent conservatives living there (my husband has two brothers in that area, both solid conservatives), they just can’t get traction against the democrat machine. My side of the state (I live in the Tri-Cities, SE Washington) votes solidly red every time.

  • crueltiming

    maybe some of the baksheesh o’dimwit sent to his muslim brotherhood buddies could’ve fixed a bridge or two.just sayin’

    • DixieAngel_76


  • Kathy Fugitt Price Skaggs

    It gets harder and harder to believe that a liberal has anything closely related to a brain.

  • Neil Parker

    Liberal Morons, How your state chose to spend their money is not the GOP’s fault. Besides if this administration was so concerned about your safety they could have given the billions wasted on failed solar energy projects to fix your stupid bridges. Tell your mighty Potus to start spending the tax dollars wisely and maybe this stuff will be prevented.

  • GibbyD

    this has nothing to do with The republicans . It is a bridge that is in a DEMOCRAT STATE with DEMOCRAT majority everything !!!! THEY DROPPED THE BALL WITH THEIR LACK OF INSPECTIONS (STATE RESPONSIBILITY) Do I have to remind all of you Obama slaves and but kissers that Washington State is not poor and has the revenue to fix their bridges in need of repair?

    • Jim Wafwot

      The bridge was inspected in November 2012 and it received passing grades. WSDOT has an extensive and frequent inspection program. No ball was dropped. Reports indicate an over-size truck struck the bridge and caused the collapse.

      • GibbyD

        thanks for the update. I also hear that nobody was killed. We accept all the apologies from the Democrats . They can’t help themselves though . They just can’t accept the fact that their hero Obama is the most devious , destructive democrat president we have ever had. He may just be the worst of all of them. We need Mike Huckabee and The Fair Tax. Obama and Biden should resign for the good of the country. The worst scandals are yet to come.

  • Kathyt620

    And, in the “get the facts before you open your mouths and prove what an ass you are” category, according to Wa State DOT report just now, an oversized load hit a beam just before the collapse…y’all really need to get help for all that anger, it’s not doing you any good…

    • 3am

      that bridge was ready to go. it was old, delapidated, ancient by modern standards and taking a beating everyday. maybe it wasn’t a straw that broke its back but a newer bridge on such a traveled highway would have faired much better. i think the anger is sound, reasonable considering how avoidable this was. but hey, like the AP says, if it doesn’t happen to me it doesn’t hurt, at all (i’m paraphrasing).

    • Jim Wafwot

      Thank you for setting the record straight.

    • Kathyt620

      The bridge was structurally sound and fine for use, but hey, semantics? Seriously, if that truck had bumped your house you would not be living in it. Quit blaming politics and get a clue, this is not and was not a partisan issue, was not caused by politics – except maybe the $84b that was given to Wa state DEMOCRATIC governor to fix the bridges that didn’t get spent on the bridges…if the bridges needed it as much as the other projects around the state, they would have been fixed!

  • Lady 12

    @badflounder is a dumbass. Washington has not had a Republican dominated government since Nixon, the bridge is at least an hour north of Seattle, the bridge collapsed because of an oversized load, and NOBODY DIED!

  • Scott Carter

    Democratic Governor Jay Inslee is Washington state’s governor, Democratic incumbent Christine Gregoire was in charge of ‘her’ State for the previous 3 terms.

    If any ‘one person’ is at fault she is and all the State employees under her responsible for maintaining the roads and bridges.

    And she secured the use of 8.5 billion Federal Funds given to Washington State to perform the ‘infrastructure’ maintenance. Where did the money and work go instead?

    • Jeremy

      animal research among other stupid wastes of money.

      • Lady 12

        Yeah, probably to make it easier for the salmon to get back upstream.

    • MSM

      Not to bridges it seems.

      But Washington legislatures did enjoy some well-earned kickbacks…

    • Jim Wafwot

      A bridge to ease traffic congestion at Microsoft received some of the first Stimulus Dollars in Washington State. Money well spent.

  • Grace656

    It’s hard to deal with people as stupid as this.

    • Lady 12

      Try living out here.

      • Jeremy

        I don’t run into many liberal obama zombies living in southeast Washington but,the north side that is another story.

        • Lady 12

          I have lived in Seattle for a long time, and the people here are die hard willing Libtard tools.

          • Paula Noakes

            I’m in SE Washington too, we have some wackos here but thankfully not too many. You have my sympathies!!

      • plumberskid

        You have our sympathy.

        • Lady 12

          It’s a good anger management exercise.

      • Grace656

        I get your point. lol

  • Nathan Ballein

    Starting to hear that an oversize tractor trailer hit one of the overhead support struts according to witnesses…so…sounds like it was a traffic accident.

  • Joshua R. Poulson

    How did budget cuts lead to an oversized load hitting the top spar?

    • Jeremy

      I wonder how long till some liberals blame “global warming” on the collapse.

  • mike edson

    I thought it was caused by a truck with a wide load and to tall which hit the girders. That is what the news says so far. Stupid dems

    • Lady 12

      And no one died, something else they’re overlooking.

  • Henry Felter

    Oddly I drive a lot around the Northern area of Georgia but I haven’t seen a single bridge worked on in the past 4 years that wasn’t started before BHO took office, but sidewalks are being put in where there wasn’t one before and I mean everywhere. They all are using stimulus money to build these sidewalks and I’ve asked myself in tough times why are sidewalks in residential areas such an item of major importance that they couldn’t wait a few years till things got better. I’ve decided that Obama can claim he’s spent X amount of dollars on infrastructure and then ask for more money after an occurrence like the bridge in Washington. Look for that bridge collapse to be in one of his talking points soon.

  • Richard Klinnett


    • SweetMarmot

      You shouldn’t hate anybody, and you shouldn’t take God’s name in vain. Jesus loves everybody, liberal and conservative alike.

  • Carol Elliott Maia

    Holy sh$$ people really are this stupid??? Omg

    • Jeremy

      yep and they are Obama low info voters

  • Richard Klinnett

    How did these Liberals get a DIPloma? Did they get stopped at a red light and the school throw it in the damn car?

    • Jeremy

      In a box of Cracker Jacks

  • Henry Felter

    Also why are the Progressives so much in love with expletives. Cannot they convey thoughts without swearing?

    • Jim Denney

      They’re actually not very good with thoughts. The profanity is pretty much all they’ve got.

    • LinTaylor

      My grandmother always said, people who swear aren’t smart enough to think of anything better to say.

  • Zach Peterson posted how the bridge was supposed to be revamped using obutthead’s stumulus from back in 2008!!!

    • Richard Klinnett


  • Jeremy

    These libs have no clue.I live in Washington and I can tell you that the state has been run by liberal idiots for years.

    • Richard Klinnett

      They dig aesthetic parks don’t they. Screw everything else. Look at our nice parks.

      • Jeremy

        Yeah they are crazy about parks.

      • Lady 12

        Screw the parks, it’s the idiotic concern for the salmon that’s really screwing our state over. Before they started dismantling the dams, we had enough hydroelectric energy to sell to other states. (And guess what? Hydroelectric energy is renewable and used to be cheap!)

        • Paula Noakes

          Between the salmon and the rabid anti-nuclear folks, we’re screwed, aren’t we? Luckily they haven’t shut down the nuclear plant here (I live near Hanford), although all the brouhaha after Chernobyl really started the job losses in this area. (Even though the reactor everybody was worried about had a DIFFERENT DESIGN than Chernobyl. ::headdesk::)

  • David Brown

    So,,,what these finger pointers are really saying is, and don’t even know it.. is that, the Democrats knew this bridge was going to collapse and didn’t make sure it got fixed. Haven’t figured out how taxing the crap out of companies and people for the bogus Al Gore global warming scandal would have stopped the Moore OK tornado. Anyone figure out how more police officers would have prevented a mentally unstable person from shooting up a school unannounced? Apparently the Democrats knew these incidents were going to happen,, and blame the GOP for not stopping them. Ever notice the Democrats, who have the majority,,( control ) of the Senate and the White House,,, have nothing to do with very disaster,,, attack,,, or screw up?,,,they have no knowledge,, no up front info,, they either knew nothing, or don’t remember, so it’s all the GOP’s fault.

  • Steve

    Hate to burst all your lib’s bloodthirsty bubble, but no deaths are reported in bridge collapse, thank God. Now would someone show me how the sequester was responsible???

  • Margaret Klemm

    Well, why didn’t bho spend the stimulus $ to fix this bridge instead of blowing it all on Solyndra and other money pits? He’s blown so much stimulus money that it’s a crime!

    • Jaybird7

      Campaign donor payback + theft of funds. Needs to be impeached and stand trial for theft and abuse of office.

  • Terry

    Hoping everyone got out ok. Was in Seattle back in 1991. Was traveling on a major floating bridge that spanned the Puget Sound (I think that was the body of water). The east bound lanes had previously sunk. The west bound lanes were converted to both directions. Strong winds, waves splashing up over the side, knocked a light post over which blocked all east bound lanes. We were traveling west bound, happened to snap a picture with my Kodak 110 throwaway, captured it perfect. Scared the piss outta me, My friend drove like hell to get us off that dam bridge. They’ve had bridge problems for long long time.

    • DSmith6605

      Every one made it out OK and the floating bridge you are talking about is the Lake Washington floating bridge. Spans Lake Washington.

  • jram511

    Wait whaaa? For 897 billion we should have rebuilt almost every bridge in America. I think I see what should have been a shovel ready job.

  • DJ

    last I checked, Democrats control WA state, so how come they couldn’t fix the bridge?

  • Jeremy

    The fact that Washington state named after the great american Patriot George Washington is run by such morons like Patty Murray,Jim “Baghdad” McDermott just disgusts me.

  • rivers

    Every last one of those stupid tweeters is a lying shill.

    • Jeremy

      Obama’s Twitter ready jobs at work.

    • Jeremy

      Maybe Obama has interns make tweet accounts to do his bidding.

  • Terry

    Did bridge collapse at the same time as earthquake in Sacremento?

    • DSmith6605


    • MSM

      Earthquake was caused by GOP too because they allow fracking in Texas.

      — Leftist’s belief.

  • mommaofthree

    They have a truck in question for hitting part of the bridge. That is what seems to be the reason for the collapse. There were no fatalities.
    This had nothing to do with the GOP.

  • AnnieO

    You know… I don’t pretend to know everything, so I don’t know how things are usually done…. But why do WE have to pay for a bridge in WA?? Why doesn’t WA build their own bridge??

    And to all those blaming Repubs for this: you better step back and take a look at WHO got the majority of the $5T+ that O has spent since he came to power! I guarandamntee you that it’s not us!

  • Driver_S

    It never fails to amaze me the Libs want to blame every tragedy that happens on the GOP. The state of Washington has a huge percentage of their bridges in dire need of repair or replaced. Obama would rather give money to failing green companies then to what actually needs done, infrastructure being just one. As far as creating jobs, he gives them to the Chinese instead of US companies. He gave huge bridge/road projects to them and gave them the drilling rights in the Gulf of Mexico while he’s still blocking the Keystone XL pipeline. China will get that oil too if he keeps dragging his feet long enough on the pipeline.

  • Ben Fletcher

    Do these people realize that Obama signed off on the sequester?

    • Jeremy Buchanan

      doubtful they aren’t very bright.

  • Karl Winrich

    Libs don’t realize that this ‘continuing resolution’ excuse for a budget that we have had for the last 5 years is a direct result of the Democrat majority in the Senate!! The Republicans in the House have passed a budget every year, so where is the real problem? They need to quit drinking that kool-aid, open their eyes, and actually engage is some critical thinking for the 1st time in their pathetic lives.

  • $17227379

    I am hearing now that it was a oversized truck that hit it. So, blaming it on anyone but that truck driver is absurd.

  • demoivre

    Is there any tragedy that the liberals won’t politicize?

  • George Williams

    It was inspected last November and was found to be sound. How would the feds providing a slush fund for state infrastructure construction save a bridge from destruction that Washington State engineers thought was fine? The Democratic critics make fools of themselves in their criticisms.

  • DSmith6605

    I love how the stupid libs blame every thing on the GOP it was an oversized truck that hit the overhead girters I know that for fact I live here in Washington State so how about I say it was probably a Demorat that was driving the truck that would be just about as stupid get a life dems.

  • MSM

    It’s true states get federal money for spending, but infrastructure needs are decided by their state legislature. Dare they talk to their Washington state leaders?

    If they want to see a bridge collapse, wait until the Bay Bridge in California gets opened. They’re literally using duck tape now to stop it from prematurely rusting.

    Wasn’t in Bush who tried to fund upgrades to the NE infrastructure, but that go blocked?

    Besides is Washington state so poor it can’t inspect or repair its own bridges?

  • Ken Christensen

    The bridge was hit by a semi with an oversized load… nothing to do with politics. These ignorant comments from people blaming the GOP are hilarious.

  • Tarantula2

    They’re all idiots. A wide load truck went out of control and struck a support which took out the bridge. Nobody died. Only had to wait a few hours to get the truth. Had NOTHING with inspections, maintenance, funding, stimulus, whatever….

  • Guest

    It really is at the point that its getting annoying. Its not even offensive anymore and its starting to just be an old joke that no longer matters. West Texas explosion, GOP’s fault, Tornado’s in Oklahoma, GOP’s Fault now this.. STFU you record repeating idiots

    • Chris Chambers

      It’s the Communist game plan…deflect, deflect, deflect!

  • brewerandpatriot

    This has everything to do with the GOP-the truck driver was a tea party member who hit the bridge while listening to Glenn Beck!

    • SweetMarmot

      How do you know the truck driver’s politics, or what he was listening to when he had his accident? I don’t think a truck accident had anything to do with politics. Although they do have their priorities screwed up in Washington state.

      • Robert Russ

        Turn up your sarcasm detector 😉

      • Jaybird7

        I think he is making a point of how stupid democRATS are as this is the type of things they would say. Illustrating absurdity by being absurd.

    • therantinggeek

      Wow, speculate much?

    • brewerandpatriot

      I had no idea my sarcasm was that hard to detect.

  • SweetMarmot

    I moved out of Washington state a little over a year and a half ago. It’s a state run by the Democrats. So how do you blame the GOP for the bridge collapse? Plus I read that, thankfully, there were no deaths in that bridge collapse.
    But I can tell you that they have one bit of waste that I’ve NEVER seen anywhere else. Some of the freeway onramps have stoplights on them that only let one car through at a time, to regulate the traffic they say. No other place where I’ve been (and I’ve been a lot of places) have I seen this. Every other place seems to have it’s traffic flow just fine, even during rush hour. But at rush hour in Washington state it slows and clogs the traffic so much more than needs to be because of these stupid lights.
    When I first moved to Washington state, only some freeway onramps had these dang things. The longer I lived there, the more they popped up on more freeway onramps.
    When the recession hit and there was a deficit in the state budget, they still kept adding these lights to more and more freeway onramps. They couldn’t find money in the state budget for human services to keep the elderly in their homes, but they still had money to waste on adding more of this kind of nonsense.
    Maybe if the state would get a clue of what’s important, they would fix their bridges and stop blaming someone else for their screwed up priorities.

    • Clorinda Madsen

      Those traffic flow lights were in Phoenix decades ago. They are now in Utah as well. Just depends on where they have been hiring their road planners from.

      • Paula Noakes

        I admittedly don’t drive in high-traffic areas very often (thank goodness), but when we’ve been in Utah recently I thought the traffic flow lights were pretty helpful. We drove through SLC to South Jordan and then to Provo to get our daughter from college, right at rush hour. (Probably not the best planning!) Everything seemed to flow pretty smoothly, much better than Seattle-area traffic (we are exposed to that when visiting family pretty regularly).

  • SweetMarmot

    P.S. I’m glad I live in Texas now.

  • Christopher Moser

    There sure are some fools in this country! It’s not the Conservatives or Libertarians, so the fools must be others.

  • Cory

    Maybe if we weren’t in two stupid wars where our beautiful young men and women are getting sent out to get slaughtered, we’d have the money to build here. Why are rebuilding the Middle East?

    • HWarrior13

      Ask obama

      • Cory

        He gets asked that all the time. We need to cut these wars and defense projects, and bring that money along with our troops home.

        • HWarrior13

          Don’t know what to tell you, Cory, I didn’t vote for him, but he’s the “man” in charge now…take it up with him.

  • Jim

    Always blaming the Republicans for what you guys have no answer for. Monies were allocated for bridges to be built and repairs. The Chinese were given the contracts. All the demise of America’s downfall started with the peanut man himself, Jimmy Carter and has needled it’s way through time and government through the Democratic Presidents. Look at Willy Billy Clinton; sold our textile industries, along with quite a few of others, over to NAFTA. If you need to blame Republicans for something then, blame them for the thriving, prosperous days that you HAD!

  • Bemani Dog

    One word: Stimulus. Where did all the money go?

  • bluefighter

    It was a democrat governor that runs state of Washington. He is waiting for bridge to collapse to place blame on GOP as ordered by President Obama.

  • Bemani Dog

    The money spent on Solyndra could’ve replaced that bridge.

    • IceColdTroll

      If I had a bridge, it would look just like the Skagit River Bridge.

  • Eric Johnson

    unbelievable, how can they type all that on twitter? an old bridge damaged by a semi and the GOP did it?

  • spepper

    Oh the libtards are as predictable as the odiferous vapors from hot steamy defecation of an ursine creature in an arboreal area

  • rennyangel2

    The stimulus was nearly a TRILLION DOLLARS THAT THE GOP DID NOT STOP.

    It was the Dems. and the ozero who did not rebuild that bridge but sent the money to Solyndra (bankrupt), Evergreen (bankrupt), the unions (leeches), and states like CA and IL that are solid blue and bankrupt. Dems. JUST THREW THE MONEY AWAY.

    And they will do more throwing away of your money when the “immig reform” krap becomes laws. SO KILL THE BILL: 202-224-3121 and join for free Numbers USA and send free faxes that say VOTE NO.

  • thetawake

    “Yo, I been tryin to help you out, but my stimilis is busted! Damn publicans!” – Every Prog Democrat

  • Bonzer Wolf™

    How can anyone take Progressives seriously anymore? The Nanny State of America, built on with IOU’s on a foundation of tyranny is their dream.

  • William Buckley

    It has come to my attention that the oh, so tolerant left is screaming hatred and loathing at the Republicans, in a manner that makes Bush Derangement Syndrome appear benign. I don’t see this rage reflected on the part of the Republicans. So, Do I want to do anything that will make the left so much as dislike me less? Oh, wait. There is Nothing I can do to appease the left, except die. Washington State is responsible for maintaining the bridges in Wash., not the Nation as a whole. The state was given a whopping amount of stimulus funds, and chose to spend it on other things. It may be in part because the Wash. Highway Dept. didn’t tag the bridge as needing repair. Yell at them, leave me (us) out of it.

  • ernst1776

    It’s frightful how stupid and predictable these people are.

  • SaveOurFreedoms

    Christ! These comments are ridiculous. Blame the GOP. Blame this blame that. Why not be real about it and blame the rickety f’n bridge.

    • therantinggeek

      Ah, but according to the Left, it isn’t the bridge’s fault. It’s Bush’s fault. #mytwocents

  • PatSisler

    I wouldn’t hold in My hand what these left wing People have in their Mouths. PIGS PEOPLE, “PEOPLE IN THE GUTTER SYNDROME” Their all sick in the Head with it. They live in the Toilet, So you can’t expect too much More. A product of the great education System. Their all mooncalf’s but their too stupid to know what that means!!!!!!

  • PatSisler

    The left hires a man that is a thug and then want to blame the GOP. What a Bunch of Crap. You Elected the man, he Lie’s, he cheats, And he’s a Thug. And he is a Community Organizer that spend other peoples money, and he has done that. The pigs got what they wanted, but still aren’t happy. Toilet People”” OH OH that is the Left wing Progressives Toilet people. I can’t believe what comes out of the mouths of uneducated PIG People.

  • Texan357

    Liberals. Low on facts… high on hatred.

  • GibbyD

    so egg on the faces of all you haters . It was caused by a truck, not republicans you liberal smucks.

  • Jaybird7

    All these people Tweeting this are uninformed and stupid. The stimulus was funded and controlled by Obama and a super majority of democrats during the 1st two years of his reign of terror over the U.S. Amazing how ignorant they are not to know these simple facts. In addition reports this AM state a tractor trailer hit the bridge causing the collapse. They can run their mouths with no information.

  • moddly

    so what the LIBS on Twitter are really saying is ” liberal politicians in WA allowed motorists to drive over a bridge that was unsafe”

  • C.r. Childers

    These are the times and types of stories that makes me wish Twitter was never invented….it is now much, much to easy for morans to spew their stupitity and be validated by other weak thinkers. I regard most of the above posters as nonsense people, also known as the “47%”

  • George Murrey

    Yikes, looks like the BLAME GAME is not dead after all. It’s so much easier to blame others than to take full responsibility.

  • Junie3

    Ah those shovel ready jobs that weren’t shovel ready.

  • Guest

    The collapse of a bridge in Washington should remind us that President Obama proposed an infrastructure bill in 2011, to repair our bridges and highways, that Republicans filibustered. The attached article, dated November 2011, accurately describes this action as “sabotage.”

    • marcellucci

      An oversized truck caused the collapse of the bridge.
      You’re an idiot…..

    • Abiss

      Shouldn’t it also remind us that Obama proposed the sequester?

    • P.O.ed

      There weren’t any budget Cuts!!!!! What happened to the 1 TRILLION stimulus. It’s amazing you twits can muster enough brain power to breathe.

    • Abiss

      Oh, and ‘accurate’ in reference to anything from dailykos should never – I repeat NEVER – go together in any sentence. There’s your personally tailored PSA and my good deed for the day. You’re welcome.

    • IceColdTroll

      You pathetic lackwit. Do you even understand what happened to the bridge?
      “Dar dar dar! Bridge fall down, bad ‘publicans, harr darr!”

  • Wiki David

    Lib’s, hey there. Thank you for that fine insight to water span construction and maintenance, state & county budgeting processes, metal & concrete fatigue, weight & load distribution as well as weather pattern & impact issues, because you took that into consideration right? I now know who made that bridge go “boom”. Could you let us know who was responsible for the Minneapolis bridge collapse in Aug. 2007? Asking for a friend.

  • alanstorm

    Infrastructure on the federal highway system is government’s job, and always has been.

    Maybe if they’d concentrate on what they’re supposed to do, and stop trying to solve every problem imaginable with a new law and/or bureaucracy, we wouldn’t have infrastructure problems.

  • Guest

    If only Obama’s “shovel ready” projects had actually been ready;
    the millions of dollars worth of signs were impressive though…
    meaningless but impressive.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      el SOOPer? Is that you? *giggle*

  • © Sponge

    Flounder was the “fat, drunk and stupid” guy in Animal House, right?

    Sad to see that character was a role model for someone……

  • ObamaFail

    This shows how stupid the average liberal is. They want to blame this on the GOP? I saw a mention of the stimulus that the GOP fought against. How did that cause the bridge collapse? Considering how the stimulus was just Obama’s way of bailing out rich people. And the sequester wasn’t even a real freaking cut. Obama and the Democrats are still spending more now than they were this time last year. Libs just use anything they can to blame Republicans. Because they hope that they can distract people from that failure that’s sitting in the Oval Office planning his next Muslim Brotherhood apology tour.

  • cjinva

    Um, how about this: if the people of Washington want their %^&* bridge fixed, they can spend their own %^&* money. And then those of us in other states will have money left to take care of OUR bridges.

    See how that works? So simple, even a liberal could figure it out — if he put down the profanity long enough to try.

  • Jack Deth

    Uhhhhh…. The “Stimuli” went through! And straight into union pockets, pension funds and political coffers.

    And “Sequestration” is Federal money. Not state.

    If Washington state is so worried about their bridges. Shut them down (Yeah. That’s going to work!) and fix them your own damn selves!

  • GaylePutt

    No one died…What difference does it make? It came down because an over-sized truck crashed into an overhead support. And do you know for sure this bridge would have been replaced with stimulus funds? Check the didn’t just “collapse”. it had help.

  • GTeye

    Anyone living in WA who is going to start screaming how we need more taxes to pay maintenance for bridges and roads, take a moment to look at a few facts (you can go check them yourself):

    1) Only 3% of daily commutes in WA state occur using Mass Transit. (Buses, Light Rail, etc)

    2) Even though only 3% of commutes are mass transit, we spend over 50% of our transportation budget on mass transit projects.

    3) We also spend a ridiculous amount of our transportation budget on walking paths, bicycle lanes and many things totally unrelated to transportation in any way.

    4) We already spent billions of dollars to build a light rail system that is barely used, will never be profitable and is basically a mobile homeless shelter and yet we are being told we need to build more light rail.. that no one will use.. that costs millions of dollars per yard.


    The problem is that liberal dumb ass politicians aren’t spending OUR MONEY on roads and bridges!

    Ultimately the people of WA are to blame because they keep re-electing these liberal MORONS to office…..

    We don’t need another DIME in taxes to fund transportation…. spend the money the right way, stop the corruption that goes on with the bloated contracts to build these things and maybe do something about the ridiculous salaries and pensions and benefits which I am sure those employed at the transportation department get.

    … and also keep in mind that the fact that the bridge collapse was caused by an oversized truck slamming into it and not just a collapse caused by maintenance/repairs that it won’t stop them from screaming for more money!

  • oneword

    Maybe Al Gore can give up some of his 200 million wealth to help fix the Bridges.

  • Geary Marks

    Why is it that these guys jump all over something before waiting for the facts to come out? Where do they get their misinformation?

    • IceColdTroll

      Not being snarky– it really is like a mental illness or form of Tourette’s Syndrome, something like that, I swear it.

  • TocksNedlog

    (AP) – A truck hauling an oversized load struck an overhead bridge girder on the major interstate between Seattle and Canada, sending a section of the span and two vehicles into the Skagit River below. All three occupants suffered only minor injuries.
    — Infrastructure this ^^^ left-wing a-holes!


  • carlberlin

    These leftwing IDIOTS are really SICK in the head. SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 1digger

    Liberals are an invasive species and their mental disorder must be dealt with to save the planet.

  • Melvin Bruenger

    I guess no one remembers the $700 billion in shovel ready stimulus the Dems passed.

  • Steven Messer

    so easy for you liberals to blame conservatives but the 800 billion stimulas was not enough? and why did not washington state repair their own liberals need put down whatever your drinking. oh yea the sequester started with the President and oh yea when the republicans tried to give him the power to move money around he said no he would veto the bill that would give him that power.

  • Jack

    wonder what that fat bitch Christie will do when the Pulaski Skyway falls into the river….that thing is ready to go!! Blame Bush!!

  • IceColdTroll

    My goodness. I had no idea we were so evil and powerful. Maybe The Smart People should make us all start wearing little yellow elephant badges on our clothes as a warning.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Love all the liberal blame on GOP for bridge accident. Now we know a large semi truck with an oversized load hit the bridge span and caused it to collapse.

    Open mouth, insert foot.

    Dumbass liberals.

  • Gary Stuttle

    I thought the stimulus money was doled out in 2009. So how could the sequester in 2013 affect that?

  • Dane Gunderson

    Stimulus BigLies by Democrats on “ShovelReady” Jobs betrayed by I-5 Bridge falling as Dems blame GOP for Democrat negligence in a Blue State

  • DiscontentWithLiars

    Washington received $1.8 Billion specifically for infrastructure. What did they do with it? I guess Washington doesn’t think infrastructure is worth the time. Good opportunity to blame someone else.

  • JH

    Maybe it’s just me, but when I see the amount of swearing in the Dems tweets and comments, I automatically lower their IQ score based on the number of curse words.

  • Mini14’sBlkStrat

    They’re delirious! Don’t they understand that a Truck with an Oversized load, hit, and compromised the structural integrity. They all Bat S**t Crazy!

  • Indynana

    Hey Liberals – pool YOUR money and fix some bridges, OH WAIT -The Only money you have you took from THE REPUBLICANS!

  • lcky9

    Maybe OBAMA should have given the MONEY he gave to all those solar companies who went bankrupt to FIXING the infrastructure… SCREW the liberal whiners most of them don’t pay taxes anyway.. THANK GOD the people are all right, BTW maybe the STATE should come up with some $$$ to repair their state I am SURE they get enough in taxes..

  • $1014973

    Let’s see. Only a small percentage of stimulus money went to infrastructure instead of things like propping up public sector unions.

  • JustChuck57

    Now that we know the collapse was actually triggered by a truck with an oversize load, we should assume the driver was a conservative and there’s no need for our liberal friends to modify their narrative.

    • JM LaRue

      Actually, that truck might very well have been driven by a Sikh from Canada. I-5 is literally crowded with them and their driving leaves a lot to be desired.

  • jb

    I think that Wash State should get all the inmates in their prisons to fix this bridge and shore up all the others. It’s the least they can do given that they for vote — illegally — for Dems in elections. Oh yes they do.

  • Rick Matson

    They can believe lies about the GOP in an instant, yet facts of corruption about the Dems isn’t believable? Must be spiked cool-aid.

    • Chris Allyn

      This are the same brains who say the 19 year old bomber can’t be guilty cause he’s too cute.

  • Torqued

    We need to start locking all these insane people up instead of letting them cheat their way to power.

  • Gary Payne

    Does anyone remember when the democrats voted for stimulus
    s money to take care of the roads & bridges in 2009 where did the money go oh yea to the unions to keep them getting their benefits and jobs and other pork democratic and Rino pet projects no money was spent hiring and fixing any thing except their friends wallets and now they blame the GOP

  • Chicken Sock Puppet

    Holy crap! Those comments left by liberals prove that they are incapable of rendering a single coherent intelligent thought…

  • Roda11

    When the bridge collapsed in Minn several years ago, there was an immediate call for higher taxes for infrastructure. Then it came out that the democrat calling for higher taxes had gotten money from the transportation funding to have a snowmobile trail built.

    Stimulus is similar – there is money but it is never spent on high priority items, just high political priority items. Money gone, nothing accomplished, blame those that think we spend enough already.

    • in_awe

      Of course the Minneapolis bridge failed for two reasons:
      (1) the design was flawed by using metal plates only about half the needed thickness
      (2) the contractor doing the bridge renovation decide to store the heavy materials on the bridge which seriously overloaded the bridge.

      I’m still waiting for the apologies from the left wing nuts…

  • sodakhic

    Washington, $8.5 billion in stimulus, for roads, bridges and schools.What did they do with the money?

  • WutDixLibsR

    Stupid liberals, it was a truck that hit a beam, nothing to do with funding or the GOP.

    Damn stupid liberals need to be removed from this country. They are just too damn dumb to be part of our society.

    Bridge falls and the damn libs blame the republicans, I’ve never in my life seen such stupidity.

  • in_awe

    The state of WA issued a permit to the truck carrying a 15′ high load to use that route. Unfortunately, the cross beam on the bridge is 14.6′ in the right lane and 17′ in the left lane (it curves upward) and the height restrictions were not posted on the permit nor on road signs. The driver who has 10 years hauling oversized loads and has received numerous safety awards was poorly served by the bureaucrats and transportation department of the famously liberal state of WA. The Dems who run that state can choke on that.

  • rustydude

    It was hit by a truck! WTF are you people talking about! Uninformed people are dangerous… Just like who they vote for!

  • Raina

    1 I am a Democrat 2 I do not like uniform people. 3 Overloaded and Overweight Truck hit the bridge Washington..4 whatever happen to the stimulus money,turtle crossing in Fla, catfish DA studies in Miss, horseflies studies in Montana, tattoo remover in Calif.etc etc etc now what about Solar Trust of America: FAIL! Bright Source: FAIL! Solyndra: FAIL! LSP Energy: FAIL Energy Conversion Devices: FAIL! Abound Solar: FAIL! sequester was Obama baby ….

  • rant stocks

    Filthy blame game liberals…. what about shovel ready program from Obama that never happened,that was when he had the house and senate. FILTHY LIBERALS I HATET THEM !

  • jb

    Now Wash Dem official comes out and says bridge was fixed and Ok-ed last year.
    Stooooopid Dem tweets above. Next thing you know they’ll claim a middle -aged mother of 2 Tea Partier was part of the Boston Marathon bomber gang.