Yes, it is now racist to talk about President Obama and the umbrella. In fact, let’s just add “umbrella” to the Big Book of Racial Code Words. It was bad enough when rank-and-file right wingers (like Howard Kurtz) noted the unbelievably bad optics of President Obama summoning a pair of Marines to hold umbrellas over him and the Turkish prime minister. “They’re gonna look good next to us,” he improvised.

We know that conservatives don’t understand metaphor, but even Sarah Palin couldn’t overlook the timing of the president calling in the Marines for shelter following a week of scandals, including testimony from Benghazi whistleblowers who testified to being abandoned while under attack. Wrote Palin, “glad you finally called in the Marines … shame it was just to hold your umbrella.” Did Palin know her criticism was necessarily driven by racism? Because there’s no other explanation.

MSNBC hasn’t been very quick about getting to the bottom of those other pseudo-scandals but managed to put up a photo montage of white Republican presidents beneath umbrellas held by others. The Huffington Post also managed to dig up a photo of — wait for it — Palin herself being escorted underneath an umbrella. And the Washington Post is on it. Now that’s investigative journalism.


  • Chris Mears

    Who else noticed for the first time reading this that the Marine was white?

    • TugboatPhil

      I noticed that the President is half-white, although he’s ashamed of it.

      • Cool_Arrow

        And somebody complained Sarah Palin was also treated like a lady?

        I’m shocked!

        • Worship Dancer

          big issue – was NOT a Marine carrying that umbrella for HER

          • rinodino

            You forgot to notice the “other” presidents with marines but carry on with blinders

          • ImTheNana

            None of the others were with Marines. Look again.

          • rinodino

            Ok service men rangers army soldiers, happy now?

          • ImTheNana

            The first was not military at all.

          • LadaMokusa

            So apparently people in uniform all look alike to you. Sort of like how a racist the views the world.

          • Gregg Hammerquist

            Also ignoring the fact that the point was how he treats the military in general. They’re there for him but not the other way around.

          • Gregg Hammerquist

            Also ignoring the fact that the point was how he treats the military in general. They’re there for him but not the other way around.

          • Corey Dennison

            That shows that you have no idea what you’re talking about, and you don’t give the first $hit about those in uniform.

            We must all look the same to you, huh?

          • Dawn Crawford

            It was not racist it is called irony…it is ironic that he expects to be “covered” “protected” by the Marine, however Ambassador Stevens was not offered the same sorts of protection. A Marine is soldier not an umbrella holder, he should use Valarie Jarrett for that.

          • David Atherton

            None of the othe presidents had Marines holdng their umbrellas, they were soldiers. Get a clue before showing off your ignorance.

    • bkeyser

      He looked light green to me.

      • $11439057

        Just looked like anyother talking head to me. And was the Marine white? I didn’t even know.

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        Indeed, he looked as if he couldn’t believe the crap that was spewing out of the pResident’s pie-hole.

        • Kimihiro Watanuki

          Nobody can.

        • Mark Shells

          With that said, it just shows the honor of the Marines, He might have wanted to personally whack the smile off his face, but hie duty and honor came first. Proud of him.

    • TocksNedlog

      I didn’t notice. I was too busy observing the content of his character — disregarding ceremonial protocol in deference to a directive from his Commander-in-Chief.

      Marines are like that. For instance, if on 9/11/12 the president had said “The consulate in Benghazi is under attack; American lives are at risk!” the ONLY question the Marines would have asked is “How soon can we get there?”

      • Falsepostulate

        They asked. The answer, unfortunately, was not soon enough. Shit happens.

        • Ronald Green

          No brilliance, the answer was ‘Stand down, we’re not going to try.’

        • CAmom760

          because, obviously, they KNEW at that time how long the attack was going to last. They KNEW it was going to take 7 hours and 4 people would die before they could get there. Oh wait…….

          • Humbrol2

            attack duration matters not , the marines shoulda have gone in to secure the compound and ensure future attacks were deflected and personel were protected in a know security risk environment

    • Seriously?

      OMG, I had to go find a picture of it. You know what? Yeah, I wouldn’t have liked it if a black Marine had held the umbrella either.

      And to the person above who called a Marine a “service person.” Wow, really?

  • Daniel Gilfillan

    What if I also think Bush could have held his own umbrella too? Do I hate all the races?! BAWWW I’M JUST SO RACIST

    • rinodino

      But the fact is you never opened your pie hole then, sort of like the tea party showing up loud and clear when Obama was elected

      • journogal

        So in your world, just because we voice a difference of opinion and disagree with the President, we are racists? Then what do you call those that vocally disagreed with Bush, called him Hitler, wished death upon him, etc.? I guess that was acceptable to you, because all you care about is that Obama is a Democrat (accepted party.) By the way, you DO realize that he is half-white, as in his mom was white.

        You want to see/read real racism? check out what your liberal brethen has tweeted/said about any minority that DARES gets off the liberal plantation; such love for the likes of Dr. Ben Carson, Mia Love, Stacy Dash and countless others. I know, that type of talk toward them is acceptable and approvable by you, because those people DARE to think for themselves and have a difference of opinion, which as seen by your statements, is not allowed. We are all supposed to march in lock step. Dissent is patriotic only when it’s against a Republican, right?

        • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

          journo… you’re wasting your time. There’s nothing upstairs for any new ideas to take root. It’s an exercise in futility. Just smile and nod, then shun them.

          • journogal

            I know…I know…but I just can’t help myself sometimes.

      • Daniel Gilfillan

        “You never opened your pie hole then”
        Ahhh… it’s funny how liberalism would fall apart without people who pretend to know things they couldn’t possibly know. And Bush hatred.

      • ObamaFail

        You pathetic liberals can’t fathom how anyone could have any criticisms of your GOD Barack Obama. You all assume that we’re racist. But the only racist comments I’ve seen are when I see racial slurs being thrown at any black people who come out against Obama. As Jounogal already mentioned, Stacey Dash was threatened and called racist names by liberals who didn’t like that she didn’t worship Obama. Ben Carson was called every racist name in the book for coming out against Obama. You libs whine about the false racism you fabricate in your minds, but then ignore or applaud the real racism. And you want to talk about the tea party? They’ve never had a violent demonstration. They have never broken any laws. They didn’t riot like the worthless libs who rioted during the socialist May day march this month. And liberals constantly talked about how Bush was a war criminal for sending troops to Iraq or for torturing terrorists. But then you libs applaud like mindless circus seals when Obama let 4 men die in Benghazi purely for political reasons.
        You libs don’t understand where the outrage over the Marine holding the umbrella is coming from. Obama ordered all of the men who could have saved the 4 guys in Benghazi to stand down and not go in to try to save them. But Obama didn’t hesitate to call in the Marines to protect his overpriced suit from a little rain. You libs can bash Bush all you want, but Obama is the man doing all he can to destroy America. You libs worship him, and you refuse to pay attention to what he is doing. All you racist liberals see is that he’s a black man. You don’t care how bad things in this country get, as long as you can brag about helping the first black man be President. And since you guys only voted for him because he’s black, it shows that the liberals are the only racists living in this country. Let’s not forget which party was against the Civil Rights Act and FOR slavery in the 1800’s. Since you are too mindless to figure it out, it was the Democrats who fought against the Civil Rights Act in 1964, and they were the ones against Republican Abe Lincoln’s plan to abolish slavery.

      • Ronald Green

        Dude, when are you going to learn?. You come on here with your best BS and you get your backside handed to you every time. But the fact here is, you liberals are the only ones throwing out true racism.

  • Roger Taylor

    This “crisis” shows justy how empty and desperate the Left has become.

    They would rather address ANYTHING other than the substance of Richard Milhouse Obama’s character and conduct.

    • michael s

      You’re side started this. Once again you got spanked,just like the Obamacare in three words. People have a right to defend themselves ,or have others defend them when they’re attacked for dubious reasons.

      • journogal

        First of all it’s “your” side. You want to see/read true racism, check out what has been said about independent/conservative minorities. But then again, you probably approve of that, because in your very small world, they aren’t real people to you. They aren’t real because they DARE go against the liberal plantation.

        By the way, no one has gotten spanked; what an immature statement. No one is going to come out winners, you realize that, right? You aren’t part of the protected class – Obama isn’t going to protect you. He doesn’t care about you, you’ve served your purpose, he has no use for it. Pity you don’t realize that.

        • michael s

          i’m against independent/minority conservatives being called vile and racist names.

          • ObamaFail

            No you’re not. I’ve seen the racist remarks that liberals were throwing at Stacey Dash when she came out in favor of Mitt Romney. You liberals say you’re tolerant and that it’s everyone else who is intolerant, but you are only tolerant of others if they bow to your way of thinking.
            You guys applaud Obama over his stance on gay marriage, forgetting that he was against it his entire career until he was scared of not winning the election last year. You guys whine about Republicans holding down gay people from getting married, all while ignoring that Bill Clinton was the one who first put DOMA in place, with Hillary supporting him 100%.
            So Democrats are only tolerant when it suits them politically. And liberals who bow to them like they are kings are only tolerant when it suits the agenda. If a white man criticizes Obama, you libs call him a racist, even if that white man said nothing racial about Obama. But let some mindless liberal drone start spewing the n word at every Conservative African American, and you guys don’t say a word. Because you guys approve of real racism when it’s being used against Conservatives, and you cry out in mock outrage when you fabricate racism as a cheap attempt to defend Obama’s stupidity.

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        Oh, so you aren’t an American citizen?

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        Oh, so you aren’t an American citizen?

      • Corey Dennison

        You keep telling yourself that, sparky.

      • ObamaFail

        You libs are the dumbest people in this country. You all think that Obama is going to protect you and make sure that the bad stuff he is causing won’t effect you. But you guys will suffer like the rest of us once Obamacare kicks in. You libs will suffer like the rest of us if Obama doesn’t balance the budget.

      • Roger Taylor

        “You’re” is a contraction of “you are”. “Your” is the possessive form indicating ownership or allegiance.

        In addition to lacking the grammar skills common to any third grader, you are also factually incorrect.

        It was Hillary Clinton and Harry Reid who first made an issue of Obama’s ethnicity on the national stage.

        While Republicans focus on his conduct and the content of Obama’s character, it is Leftists such as yourself who focus on the color of his skin.

        It is you and your fellow Kool-aid drinkers who have denied and destroyed MLK’s dream.

        It is you and your fellow Democrats who are the racists.

        Obama’s excuses and evasions have been factually demonstrated to be transparent lies uttered out of political calculation rather than principle.

        All of your name-calling and psychological projection cannot alter that one simple fact.

  • tjp77

    Umm… there are plenty of black Marines, and I would have been just as disgusted to see one of them holding His Majesty’s umbrella for him.

    Does Obama not have any sycophantic interns or teenage speechwriters to take a few minutes out of their busy shrine-building schedules to hold an umbrella for their demigod? He had to use a Marine?

    I don’t know, maybe I’m overreacting. But everything this guy does is utterly disgusting to me, and this otherwise benign misstep just fits into his imperial ‘let them eat cake’ image a little too perfectly for comfort.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      And did he just HAVE to say… “They will look good, next to us”… as if they didn’t look good already, and had no need of the PompousJackass-in-Chief’s endorsement….

      Barack, my dog’s piles look good next to you.

      • TexSizzle

        I prefer to infer from that statement that he was saying he and the Turkish prime minister would look bad by comparison to the Marines. /snark

        • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

          I keep trying, but he didn’t say, “We look good, next to them.” He was just a douchebag. Probably why that Marine wanted to puke. There are few finer things than a Marine in dress-blues. And “that guy” (h/t Glenn Beck) certainly isn’t one of them.

        • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

          I keep trying, but he didn’t say, “We look good, next to them.” He was just a douchebag. Probably why that Marine wanted to puke. There are few finer things than a Marine in dress-blues. And “that guy” (h/t Glenn Beck) certainly isn’t one of them.

  • bobbymike34

    I really can’t take it anymore the left is completely unhinged.
    Message to Republicans THERE IS NO MIDDLE GROUND with these lunatics they must be defeated.

  • TugboatPhil

    OK. Let me start the conspiracy ball rolling here. The Officer appearing to hold the umbrella for GHW Bush is wearing a black beret. I am pretty sure the black beret was not standard issue then, but only worn by Rangers. I could be wrong.

    The beret flash is not clear, but it looks like the basic, white stars on blue background of the issue beret of recent years. I can’t see if he’s wearing Ranger tabs, but the manner in which he’s wearing the beret is not the style that you see Rangers wear theirs.

    How about it, Eagle-Eyed Army guys? Is this a Photoshop? Click on the picture for a larger version.

    EDIT*** I just looked at how old GHW Bush looked in that picture and am pretty certain he was not President when the picture was taken, so the beret issue may not apply.

    • Rodney S. Freeman

      In that pic you have 1 civilian aide, doing his job, 2 US Army Soldiers Non-Rangers, officers/enlisted doesn’t matter, holding umbrellas
      and 1 Marine. The UCMJ does not prohibit Army personnel from holding an
      umbrella. It only states that “when in a group, the ranking soldier
      shall not impede their right hand in order to take and receive salutes” This is why the senior officer takes and receives
      salutes. i.e. POTUS would be senior. BUT, the Marines have their own set
      of regs that prohibit a male Marine from carrying/holding an umbrella.
      Obama basically issued an order for these 2 Marines to violate
      regulations. This is beyond disgusting, this is like ordering your 6
      year old daughter to undress for daddy and dance on top of the table.
      It’s a violation of every Veteran’s Oath and specifically a degradation
      of the Marines. I’m a US Army Veteran and I’m ashamed of POTUS for doing
      this. I would have volunteered to hold that damn umbrella to preserve
      the Marines Honor instead of asking that young Marine to do it.

    • Worship Dancer

      a WORLD of difference MALE MARINES ARE PROHIBITED from carrying an umbrella while in uniform. PERIOD. each service has it’s own rules about umbrellas. Army personnel may be and probably ARE allowed when in their dress uniforms.

      • Harry A

        the Army Uniform regulation says that:

        27–27. Umbrella
        a. Type. The umbrella is an optional purchase item.
        b. Description. The umbrella is black, plain, with no logos or designs, and is of a commercial design.
        c. How worn. Females may carry and use an umbrella, only during inclement weather, when wearing the service(class A and B), dress, and mess uniforms. Umbrellas are not authorized in formations or when wearing field or utility uniforms.

        So i believe that means that male members of the army are also prohibited from carrying an umbrella since it only mentions females may carry an umbrella. My interpretation could be wrong though.

  • trixiewoobeans

    I’ve got news for everyone tweeting the uproar is all about racism…THEY’RE the racists, because that’s the first thing they noticed! Racist racist Liberacists!

  • IronButterfly

    It’s not racism. It’s the juxtaposition between a strong sharp Marine and a weasel.

    • cscape

      wait….. according to renowned NY Times Conservative columnist David Brooks, President Obama has an EQUALLY SHARP crease in his trousers

      • Garth Haycock

        Yeah, but those creases are on the sides, not the front and back. Even the royal laundry unit is incompetent.

  • Ntr

    It’s funny seeing these idiots pull the race card yet again. Even funnier, a good portion of them are your typical “i’ve got a black friend” white liberal trying to play the savior of blacks.

  • Slapweasel

    The Prime Minister from Turkey was there. That’s the bigger story.


  • dmbatten

    Marine protocol w/respect to umbrellas and other things:

    Other branches of the military have other rules…

    • GaryTheBrave

      I’m trying to get the link you posted to load but it’s taking its sweet time. Could there be an exception if the Marine is NOT using an umbrella for his own use, but for safety reasons? The Prez is speaking into an electronic device so it could be to prevent electrical shock.

      What really bugs me about this is the Prezzy insisted on having the presser in the Rose Garden while it is raining rather than in the Press Room. That truly shows how inconsiderate he really is.

      BTW, it finally loaded. It’s nearly 250 pages long. I’m not wasting my time to read your “proof.”

  • kim

    well I did see white gloves…

  • TJ

    Criticizing the criticism of others to be nothing but race based criticism is a wasteful way to live.

    Quick find a picture of Bush and make fun of his umbrella problems.

    • ObamaFail

      At least he had the mental fortitude to at least try to hold his own umbrella.

    • BlahBlah

      Eh barack would just stop global warming that causes wind during a storm and he would never have this happen. This is cuz…

      He’s Barack Obama

      • Cool_Arrow

        Where’s Tinkie Winkie’s Triangle?

        • BlahBlah

          Po stoleded it. :/

          • TocksNedlog

            Po Biden?

          • BlahBlah

            No, Po is Barry the red Teletubbie, see pic above.

    • aegean1

      Heh, who hasn’t been there before? Damn things..

  • ObamaFail

    Liberals are the dumbest people in our country. They just don’t get what the outrage is about. They want to believe it’s racism, because their pathetically tiny brains can’t fathom how anything about their perfect leader could raise well-deserved criticism. They don’t realize that the reason we are outraged by him calling in the Marines to hold an umbrella over his head is because this is the man who issued a stand down order and let 4 of our men die. He refused to call in the marines or anyone else for that matter when 4 of our brave men needed back-up. But let a few drops of rain threaten his overpriced suit, and suddenly he has no hesitation to send in the marines. Seriously, Obama is defended by the left no matter what he does. And those morons invent whatever fake outrage they can to demonize whoever is criticizing Obama.

  • CR

    My problem is a dishonorable lying as*hat asked a noble marine to hold an umbrella for him. This “president” is not fit to shine the shoes of a Marine, and that fact has NOTHING to do with Obama’s race.

    • oconnellc

      So really, there is nothing here that you have a problem with. You just don’t like Obama and this is an excuse to complain about him?

      • ObamaFail

        The problem libbie is that Obama refused to send in the marines or anyone and let 4 men die in Benghazi and then covered it up. But let his overpriced suit be threatened by a little water and he calls in the marines to protect his suit. That is what the outrage is about. I’m sorry if you guys are so blinded by Obama’s skin color to see anything that he does as wrong. But the outrage is because of his refusal to let anyone save the guys in Benghazi, but will call in the marines for rain protection.

        • oconnellc

          Wow, that is pathetic. Of all the things you could complain about him doing, this is what you come up with.

        • oconnellc

          “libbie”. Wow, you’re stupid.

          Feel free to be offended by Benghazi. Feel free to get your congressman to ask questions, whenever actions demand them. By conflating this with Benghazi is insulting to everyone involved, from the Marine to the President to everyone who is accidentally exposed to your stupidity. If you don’t like Obama, you are better off doing it silently. Remember what Twain said about opening your mouth and removing all doubt…

    • rinodino

      Hey I got a bridge in Brooklyn , you want to buy it? I can get you a real sweet deal

      • Ronald Green

        Still trolling along!

  • BlahBlah

    In case no one mentioned it:

    But anyway. Who had that song Umbrella? Wasn’t it some rap or some such? Well Barry must know it.

    • waltzingmtilda

      Rhianna. Good song.

    • Worship Dancer

      and in TWO of the pictures THEY posted it was ARMY personnel holding the umbrellas NOT Marines. in the pic with Reagan it was a – wait for it – wait for it – a CIVILIAN.

      • oconnellc

        Seriously, why the anger at a Marine holding an umbrella and not someone in the Army holding an umbrella?

        • rinodino

          Chris we know why it’s just sad they won’t admit it

          • journogal

            He is half-white…are you so stubborn and ignorant to not realize this?

            It is sad that liberals won’t realize how racist they are. No one cares about the President’s color except for liberals. It doesn’t give him a pass for anything that happens under his administration (or in your world “rule.”) Like I said, see/read what vitriol has seeped from the left when a minority doesn’t follow lock step. What is the excuse for that? Tell me…

          • oconnellc

            No. Seriously. Why the anger at a Marine holding an umbrella and no anger at someone in the Army holding an umbrella? I have relatives who served in Army and I’m a bit annoyed at the implication that Marines are better or something. Can someone please explain?

          • Justin Jurek

            Because Marine Corps regulations PROHIBIT male Marines from carrying an umbrella while in uniform. Obama basically ordered the marine to violate regulations so he wouldn’t get wet. It’s an obvious display of disrespect for the armed forces of which he is commander-in-chief, kinda like his gross disrespect for the Constitution.

          • oconnellc

            I’m willing to bet you have absolutely no idea what the Army regulations for carrying an umbrella at the time that photo was taken were. But, you read on a conservative discussion that the Marine regs prohibited it. You aren’t really interested in anyone breaking regs or not. You just don’t like Obama. And you don’t have to. But don’t make yourself look stupid while doing it. And, don’t reply, but think to yourself why there was so much bitching about a president having a Marine do something against the regs now, and compare that to the bitching in the past. Why do you suppose it varies so much?

          • Corey Dennison

            Read. The Whole. Thread. And. Comments.

          • oconnellc

            Are you six? The stupid periods. in. the. wrong. place. thing. It doesn’t make you look any more intelligent. It kinda makes you look like a jagoff. If you are incapable of explaining your point a little more succinctly than in the entire list of comments here, you should rethink if you really have one or not.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            It’s evident you really don’t know.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            It’s evident you really don’t know.

          • Corey Dennison

            And race-baiter rinodumbass plays the race-card again.

          • Ronald Green

            No, you don’t know shat, You just think you do. Silly libtard, go drink some more koolaid.

        • Corey Dennison

          You should probably read this thread and comments a little closer the.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      You’re thinking of the song “Bus Stop” (1967) #TheHollies #MusicTriviaTime Jawamax 8<{D} #RightWard

  • Marvin Nelson

    I have had it with these left-wing race-baiting wingnuts. They absolutely don’t have an atom of logic in their entire little brain. We are upset because of the fact that the umbrella holders were Marines; I didn’t even notice their race, since that isn’t important to me. It really chaps my a$$ that Obummer used more Marines in the Rose Garden than he did in Benghazi. Can you understand that, you libtard loonies?

  • cscape

    i was equally pissed off when Bill and Hill (mainly, Hill) used the Marines as their personal BUTLERS and FOOD SERVERS at the White House….. the RACISTS are those elites who are endlessly obsessed by skin color

  • cscape

    did you folks know that TWO of the soldiers depicted raising our “umbrella” on Mount Suribachi (Iwo Jima) were NOT Marines…. but were actually NAVY CORPSMEN (pronounced KOR-MEN)…. oops, was that RACIST of me to point out the pronunciation?

  • monique

    “hey, folks who don’t think the Commander in Chief should have a service
    person hold an umbrella for him? we get it, you’re racist.”

    She can’t even bring herself to say “service man”…even though the Marine is CLEARLY a man. That is so sad and typical of a “GOP wages war on women wah wah wah” liberal.

  • cscape

    The UMBRELLA was “black”…. did anyone else notice that?…. must be some nefarious hidden meaning there, huh?

  • Slapweasel


    When I read this guy’s post, I imagined myself, drunk-as-a-decade -allowance, writing some ‘Jack Daniel’s fueled, Merriam-Webster soliloquy.’

    He ‘asserts’, within his eloquent prose:

    “umbrella-gate is nothing other than racist cognitive dissonance — an
    ugly reaction to the reversal of a conditioned power dichotomy.”


    Here’s my pretentious response:

    …Perhaps when one hoists ones-self upon a petard of his personal choice, his talented, ambient “glow” concedes the darkness.

    One who chooses movies as a hobby would simply afford themselves a line-or-two from any given dialogue to sublimate your scattered, unscientific ‘point’.

    While we’ll pray for you and your family, we simply cannot be implicated as being “raised that way”. –Perhaps this is a question that liberals ask perchance the race be ‘colored’.

    …Far be it from me to comprehend the former, nor the latter.

    If one were able to copulate with one’s self, I’d wish it upon you!

    …Enjoy Your Weekend!


    • Garth Haycock

      You forgot to burp after your comments.

    • Akira Bear

      And what, pray tell, is yours?

  • cscape

    I should think that the LIBS are missing the real story here…… The idea of a RAIN SHOWER in Washington DC in the month of May is highly extraordinary, and is yet another prime example of out-of-control GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE!

  • rivers

    One of the great things about twitchy is that it increases the exposure of the Obama voter and allows for a broader swath of people to experience their glorious stupidity.

    Obama loves you and is counting on you, to say the things you say, Obamabot. He and his cronies know exactly how dumb you are, don’t ever doubt that for a second.

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    Jacksonian March
    @cnvii77 How pathetically racist do you have to be to be upset by a white man holding an umbrella for a black man?! Dear God.

    (This guy has “Feeling a little light-headed, I think you should drive” in his bio….

    .@cnvii77 “Feeling a little light-headed”? I think your brain has vacated your skull. That might be what you’re feeling. #tcot

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    I personally think it’s HYSTERICAL that the left is jumping the shark on this one. When I first came across the story, the whole ‘white man holding an umbrella for a black man’ NEVER even crossed my mind.

    I think it’s reached the point in this president’s tenure that his douchebaggery has far surpassed his race, as if that was ever any issue to begin with. Which is something the racist left hasn’t seemed to grasped the concept of. They don’t like him because he’s black, so therefore WE must not like him because he’s black. I love how the left likes to assume we’re as shallow and self-absorbed as they are.

    Look, dumbass libs… we’re not like you, we never WILL be like you, and we certainly don’t EVER WANT TO BE LIKE YOU.

  • michael s

    Brought it on yourselves, you and you queen Sarah. No sympathy here.

    • J. Cox

      Lets see….nope…no one asking for your sympathy,nor do we want it if offered.Please keep your white woman hating racist arse on topic….which isn’t about us genius.

    • TocksNedlog

      And the thing she ACTUALLY said that is ‘racist’ is WHAT?

      • NRPax

        It’s michael. We’re all racists according to him. Don’t worry about it.

    • journogal

      There you go, folks…the tolerant liberal lecturing us, but look at how accepting he is.

    • Corey Dennison

      Ummm, brought what on, exactly?

      You realize you morons look stupid flopping the reace card down on this one don’t you? You also realize your boy is still in deep shite over these scandals, right?

      Oh, and Sarah is not our “Queen.” Only Prog-tards like you think of political leaders as royalty.

    • ObamaFail

      So when a liberal calls Ben Carson a n****r because he is Conservative, you don’t mind. But let someone openly criticize Obama, not on the color of his skin, but on his policies, or his disregard for the Constitution or the safety of our men overseas, and then you cry about racism? Shows how close-minded you libs are.

  • daPenguin

    The point that is missed here is the job of the Marine is to protect the president and even die for him if necessary but not to hold an umbrella. This is true disdain for the military. If only the Marine would have been black, then they would have had to reach even farther into the bag of dog whistles to try and obfuscate the obvious.

  • Bill Board

    So, are we racist against Obama’s black half or his white half? Obama should have held the umbrella for the Marines.

  • TocksNedlog

    Remember, it’s pretty much a given these days that ANY TIME a liberal plays the race card the reason behind it is their complete and utter inability to justify whatever stupid actions their side has taken.

  • Shawn McCoy Everhart

    You all really messed up giving these lib’s some REAL stuff to cry about “racism”!!! On… no… my hand is over my mouth =)

  • $7610427

    Umm…no. Those Marines could have been the deepest, darkest shades of black…or the brownist of browns…or whatever…I would still be pis sed!

    • $7610427

      It’s the man in the UNIFORM…you dip sh its! What the f*** ever…I don’t care anymore… I am so over your racist BS. Call me whatever you want…I don’t give a shiite anymore!!!

  • Sonya A. Willis

    The Proggy Hobgoblins are just the scum of the earth. What disgusts me the most is that they don’t see the Marine they just see a white guy, all I saw was a wonderful Marine.

  • umad80

    So I was curious as to where these two photos of both President Bush’s came from. It turns out? This video: Here’s the hilarious part though. If you go into about an hour and 36 minutes in you’ll first see President Bush #1 holding his own umbrella. He then goes in for a speech and the military man who is holding his umbrella isn’t asked to. He just comes up behind him and holds the umbrella. About an hour and 41 minutes in you’ll see the exact same thing happen with President Bush #2. In fact, about an hour and 30 minutes in you’ll see the exact same thing happen with President Carter. You even see him purposely open the umbrella and walk over to him as he does it. You know what that tells me? That was his job! He also does it for Hilary and President Clinton.

  • Sharkteeth

    I saw it live and the first thing that came to mind is the 2 marines looked out of place standing next to the coward. That’s it. I think Palin is once again targeted by LSM. The want the focus off their man while they are sucking on his pecker.

    • rinodino

      Says the person named shark teeth

      • Ronald Green

        stilll trollling along!!!

  • Sarah

    The Obama worshippers are like a woman in a bad relationship, trying so hard to prove their worth because that will make Him love them finally.

  • sarainitaly

    I knew this would happen as soon as people said anything… I agree it was bad optics in a week that Obama is under scrutiny for Benghazi – which is missed on Liberals. And that it was a Marine… I wasn’t outraged, but I did see the bad optics.

    That said, none of the Liberal provided photos I have seen of other Presidents show a Marine holding an umbrella, except Obama. An Aid is not a Marine. A spouse is not a Marine (in these examples). And John Travolta is certainly not a Marine.

    This guy is whack—>
    Those are not Marines. Not even US Military…

    And the Bush & Bush Sr. umbrella photos are from the William J Clinton Library Grand Opening…which suggests to me this was orchestrated by whomever organized the event. And isn’t that a National Guard, not a Marine? The National Guard was called in for the event.

    • ImTheNana

      And all the living Presidents there held their own umbrellas before they came up to talk. They weren’t ordered over with the hubris of how the Marines would look good next to them, as they were with Obama.

  • 24fan

    like i’m gonna obey that! not on your life, I aim to misbehave (civilly of course)

  • waterytart

    In all fairness…………knowing how adept Jug Ears is at holding an umbrella, it was probably safest for all if someone else held it for him. Just didn’t need to be a Marine. Isn’t that what the Secret Service is for?

  • disqus_zlsCix3Idd

    The picture of the soldier holding the umbrella for George H.W. Bush is a photoshop. The only soldiers who wore black berets under his presidency were the Rangers. That, is no Ranger.

    • ImTheNana

      It’s not Photoshop; it’s a screenie from the 2004 Clinton Library opening, where all the past Presidents held their own umbrellas, until it was time for them to speak.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Interesting that there’s no mention of the “cover” of prime ministers that Obamuh used twice this week in press conferences to attempt to shield himself from harsh questioning.

  • rinodino

    Truth. Hurts.

    • journogal

      It does…liberals are racists. Liberals are the only one bringing up his color. Liberals don’t realize that he is half-white. Liberals excuse everything he does on his color, as if that automatically gives him a pass. Liberals HATE with a true vengeance minorities that don’t follow lock-step in liberal thought.

    • Corey Dennison

      I’m sure it does cause you pain.

  • APW

    How does anyone miss the point that Palin was making? She was complaining that the marines were used for holding umbrellas instead of coming to the aide of of Ambassador Stevens? There was no racism, only a good opportunity to twist her words and divert attention from the colossal screw ups under BO.

  • midwestconservative

    I didn’t even know anything about “Umbrellagate” until the Left decided to call me racist for it.

  • Kristy Patullo

    The difference is that this President uses the military as a prop. RE: Sarah Palin. An umbrella should always be held for a lady.

    • Jennifer

      And he so much as acknowledged them as props: “They’re gonna look good next to us”. That’s what I found most offensive.

  • Don Hignite

    Again, Progressive
    Parasites have yet to provide an original document without some noted falsification,
    use of the now famous race-card,Photoshop or the carnival worker mentality and pull the lever mentality over at MS-LSD symbolizes something daunting to dark age views. At MS-LSD, were ex-carnival workers who received some dental work (for camouflage), actually read a comic book (without guessing what the pictures meant), fluent at grabbing a lever and pulling it to make something spin and actually believing
    they are Journalist in doing so.
    The worst of which is the benign watcher and
    follower of this group of used car salesmen who accept this motley crew as
    something remotely real and cling to everything said at MS-LSD as the Gospel.

  • MelPax

    Conservatives, it is helpful for our cause if we do not accuse but are yet guilty of the same thing. I am asking, please, let’s refrain from hypocrisy. The racist comment on their part is common, they can’t help themselves. Let them drown in their own vomit. But, we don’t need to point out an act that has been repeated by even Palin herself. No denying, pictures do not lie. And neither should we.

    • Cindy Nowicki

      Photos can be cropped. I’m not saying these are, but they can easily be photo-shopped.

    • Steve_J

      Did you read her post? It’s not about his having a Marine hold an umbrella for him. It was about Obama’s total avoidance of responsiblity.

      • MelPax

        I am pretty sure the point should be that cons calling “foul” is fodder for the libbies who THEN take images like Pailn getting off a plane, Marine or not, with someone, ANYONE, holding an umbrella over her head. It is called “deflection”. The neener neener tweets by the socialist left is adding dung to the heap and detracting from the REAL point here … scandal, scandal, scandal! Screw the photo op with a Marine who was obviously volunteering to break protocol and refusing to honor his own uniform! Zero is a worthless puppet and we are all about to send him on another fabulously paid vacation to somewhere we can never afford to go!

        • Corey Dennison

          ANYONE, holding an umbrella over her head.

          Then you miss the point.

        • Steve_J

          The Marine’s volunteered? You really need to watch the video with the audio on.

    • Corey Dennison

      You really need to read up on this a little bit. Palin did not have White House Marines act as props for her.

      Save your sermons for church, and your condescension for your children.

      • MelPax

        Corey, you have an ugly attitude. You aren’t clever or witty. You didn’t read what I wrote but went straight for the throat because you want some sort of acknowledgment for only God knows WHO. Shame on Conservatives who eat their own. You are a disgrace.

        I am a Gold Star Mother (Google that) and I DO understand why we need to defend our military so do NOT lecture me. My POINT is that all of the finger pointing has drawn out every possible photo, Marine or NOT, for the left to use to slander, accuse and attack Conservatives. Sort of the way you are attacking me here.

        You’re not fit to comment if you cannot restrain your lack of respect for your fellow team players.

        • Corey Dennison

          I’m very sorry for your loss.

          HOWEVER, being a veteran myself, I take VERY personally stories like this. And I don’t like people telling what I think or feel about it. By the way I DID read everything you wrote. But your effete/superior attitude turned me off from the start.

          Don’t lecture me. Especially when you miss the whole point of this story.

          • MelPax

            I understood the story quite well. In fact, all of the photos being dragged out of the archives in an attempt to defame Conservatives was MY point.

            Don’t you have a puppy to kick? Stop harassing me for my right to comment. Do you want control of that too? YOU are the reason why libs win. Contribute something constructive or attack a liberal!

          • Corey Dennison

            I’ve never attacked your right to comment. I simply asked that you reign in your self-righteousness. So get off your high-horse. No one is oppressing you. And I’m not asking for control of ANYTHING–not sure where you get that.

            And this is a comment section on the internet. A political blog where opposing viewpoints are discussed very heatedly sometimes. Deal with it.

          • MelPax

            Oh, you mean all comments that agree with you won’t result in a snarky comeback from a bully like you? Yeah ok, I get it. Actually, you need to check your ego. Now you are simply an annoying wannabe. Get the last word then STFU. You are out of control, which I am sure you have been told on many occasions.

          • Corey Dennison

            Oh, I’m sorry. you mean you expect everyone to stand by meekly in front of you while you wag your finger at them? Because that’s exactly how you introduced yourself to this thread.

            If you can’t handle the back and forth, maybe you ought not get so personal and self-righteous, huh?

            By the way, I’m not the one getting upset; hence I’m not the one getting ‘out of control.’

          • riverlifecallie

            Corey, MelPax is a liberal troll. We really shouldn’t feed him.

          • Corey Dennison

            Thanks for the heads-up, river.

            And if it’s true that MelPax is a troll, then it’s really low to pose as a Gold Star Mother. Even for a troll.

  • Steve_J

    Apparently they had no backup plan if the weather didn’t cooperate. That seems to be a major propblem with the current adminisrtion, they never have a contingency plan. This time reporters got wet, on another occssion four Americans were murdered.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    Bush 41 and 43 had their Umbrellas held by ARMY SOLDIERS, probably doing Security detail; Regan’s was held by an aide. and Palin’s Husband held her umbrella. But these men didn’t feed their egos by acting like an EMPEROR, Like KING FINK OBAMA does! #RightWard Jawamax 8<{D}

    • Harry A

      Army soldiers are also not allowed to hold umbrellas unless they are female. Army uniform regulation says that.

      27–27. Umbrella
      a. Type. The umbrella is an optional purchase item.
      b. Description. The umbrella is black, plain, with no logos or designs, and is of a commercial design.
      c. How worn. Females may carry and use an umbrella, only during inclement weather, when wearing the service(class A and B), dress, and mess uniforms. Umbrellas are not authorized in formations or when wearing field or utility uniforms.

      i think its stupid for any president to have a uniformed person hold an umbrella in the rain, republican or democrat. but i dont understand this thinking that Obama’s worse because the gentlemen is a marine. Marine, Army, Navy, Seal, Ranger none of them should be holding umbrellas over people.

  • Smokey Behr

    Only those that are racist will use the race card. Looks like there’s a lot of racists on the Left, speaking of Cognitive Dissonance…

  • radjahshelduck

    I don’t care whether the President is named Reagan or Obama, I don’t think it’s appropriate to have a Marine holding an umbrella over his head. I’d prefer an intern be assigned the task. Just think how much trouble it would have saved this country if an intern had kept Clinton’s upper head dry instead of keeping his lower head moist!

  • Axelgreaser

    Queen Elizabeth II: “Phillip dear. (Crickets) Do you have the hearing aid turned up!?PHILLIP DEAR!! The Prince: “Yes, lovey?” The Queen: “Oh,do come look. This photo of that person, oh (tapping at her temple)…what WAS his name? He made a complete tragedy of my ‘Queens Anthem’ when he was here with that awful tall woman woman that hunched herself over and ‘touched me.’ And she jawed on and on during the Anthem! O’Leary? No. O’Shaunnesey? No…’O’, something, ‘O’…Oh! And he gave me those boring speeches on tape,remember dear. And in the wrong format for Europe, too. ‘O’, ‘Ob’…OBAMA! Yes, dear, Obama from across the pond. Look at this photo of him under the Umbrella! It looks like Colonial India, doesn’t it dear, in the good old days! Indeed, Gentried Obama perched under that Umbrella as though he was suffering the blistering heat of India! (They both chortle). “What a rube. He apparently doesn’t even understand his OWN protocol! That military person should have been a woman, NOT a man. Oh and Phillip!” The Prince (Bee-line for the chamber pot): “Yes my love?” Elizabeth: “Please call me ‘Queen Mum’ or ‘Ma’am’, how many times must I tell you (eye’s crinkling with a smile, whispering) “Unless it’s ‘date night.’ (They chortle). “Anyway, the American’s are in such a mess, tsk, we are too for that matter, castles cathing fire and no money for repairs.

    Phillip…did you ever stop to think, my initials are “QE II?” How dreadful for the American’s and their dollar! Pass me the marmalade dear.”

  • Jason Evan Mihalko

    Well look where I found myself today…

    • Corey Dennison

      Yeah…and it’s not good for you.

  • keyboard jockey

    Is it now the requirement to be a classless asshat to be a member of the democrat party? No wonder the party brand is on the decline. No one wants to be associated with the classless that can’t figure out how to treat an American in uniform. Of course they don’t respect the uniform in the first place – that marine could have been wearing a door man’s uniform it makes no difference to them and apparently it makes no difference to the commander and chief.

  • Beth Larsen

    The left is so delusional. I guarantee if it were a black marine holding an umbrella over a white president I would be equally, if not more, annoyed.

  • Thomas Collins

    The point is that he DIDN’T call in the Marines for those in Benghazi.

  • TDS

    “It would b much easier if the GOP simply writes down what is acceptable to them for a black president to do.”
    It’s already written down.
    It’s called the Constitution.
    He should read it sometime.

    • riverlifecallie

      Boom! Excellent, Bill.

  • JR48

    Actually I’ve never understood why it’s allowable to have the POTUS speak at a podium completely unprotected by the elements considering all of that AV technology is powered by ELECTRICITY. Electricity and water doesn’t mix. But then again, I’m thinking more about the guy’s safety while the left yammers about nothing.

    • oconnellc

      Good thinking. I wonder if anyone has ever thought to hire an electrician to get involved in setting up all that complicated electrical equipment…

  • darleenclick

    The tell is that when Leftists yell “RACISM” you know you’ve won the argument. It’s their “SHUT UP” yell. And the juxtaposition has never been Obama v past presidents but Obama’s own idea of what is the proper use of a Marine in his administration … Umbrella? Stand up! Benghazi? Stand down!

  • BadGirloftheNorth

    Last check, Sarah Palin was/is a private citizen. She is NOT violating the Marine dress code by having someone hold an umbrella for her.

    • oconnellc

      So, the Marine is violating the dress code?

  • Amy

    The left are so enthralled by a white person serving a black person they can’t focus on the real issue. Someone needs to tell them it isn’t the 1960’s any longer. Normal people see the uniform not the skin color. If skin color is all they see then they are the ones clinging to their racism, the rest of us couldn’t care less about skin color.

  • Plains of Kansas

    Any president that has a member of the armed forces hold his umbrella looks silly. Nothing racist just bad optics.

  • Ginger Whetstine

    O ordered the marine to break regs to hold that umbrella over O and his Turkish gun running partner. These 2 run guns thru Turkey into Syria, but can’t get a little rain on them? Solution is to have another Marine break regulations. So, that’s 2……. Don’t help in Benghazi and hold my umbrella since I won’t let you act like a Marine.
    If a Marine broke regs to hold an umbrella over Mother Teresa or someone of that quality, fine, but a gun running POTUS and his partner in supplying guns to the al Queda rebels in Syria? I’m disgusted.

  • Ginger Whetstine

    O ordered the marine to break regs to hold that umbrella over O and his Turkish gun running partner. These 2 run guns thru Turkey into Syria, but can’t get a little rain on them? Solution is to have another Marine break regulations. So, that’s 2……. Don’t help in Benghazi and hold my umbrella since I won’t let you act like a Marine.
    If a Marine broke regs to hold an umbrella over Mother Teresa or someone of that quality, fine, but a gun running POTUS and his partner in supplying guns to the al Queda rebels in Syria? I’m disgusted.

  • JoeMyGodNYC

    After one million accusations of racism, you’d *think* the Tea People would realize that the rest of America sees directly to the core of their *real* issue with our president.

    • Corey Dennison

      Oh great…this moron again.

      First off, dummy: where in the opriginal story do you hear ANYONE make a big deal over the color of the Marines?

      The only party that drops the race card into ANY issue/story with this president is YOUR side of the aisle.

      Or can’t you get that through your thick east coast skull? Are all New Yorkers as dense and racist as you?

      • JoeMyGodNYC

        Denying the inherent racism of the Tea Party does not alter the fact that millions and millions and millions of Americans believe it to be true. I can understand how upsetting that must be.

        • Corey Dennison

          Sorry to burst your bubble…but there is no inherent racism in the TEA Party, no matter how much you need there to be.

          There are also millions and millions and millions of Americans that believe that the Jews were behind 9/11.

          There are also millions and millions and millions of Americans that protested at Occupy rallies blaming Jewish bankers for the financial situation they are in.

          Guess who THEY tend to vote for?

        • Ronald Green

          It’s racism… it’s racism… is that all you’ve got? You libtards are truly pathetic. You’ve got nothing, so you cry ‘racism, racism..’ Please, just shut up.

          • JoeMyGodNYC

            I can see that you are upset. That must be hard for you.

          • Ntr

            Keep deeply breathing in that NYC air. Your brain isn’t completely fried yet. Anyways…. Do you realize that ‘liberally’ throwing around the racist label towards conservatives speaks more about you than them?

            You’re just another bobbleheaded, low-intelligence, easily manipulated (by the latest cultural/political issue) white liberal who, i wouldn’t doubt, throws around racial epithets when you find a minority that is right-wing.

            What’s evident is that you’re the racist, like most white lefties, who throw around the label at others so much as to cover your own self and how you view minorities in private. You can visit a shrink for that. They may help you get to the root of why you drink that kool-aid so willingly too. 😀 😀

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            Yep. That’s all they’ve got. One-trick ponies.

    • mike_in_kosovo

      The only *issue* here is the (constant) projection from idiot Liberals like yourself.

  • Kaya Hund

    The larger scandal: No one in the White House watches the Weather Channel? The press conference could not be moved inside? Geez! Obama’s not a victim of racism, just a victim of his own stupidity and the stupidity and incompetence of his staff.

  • Kendall Garmon

    Marines are neither white nor black they are GREEN!

  • AZfederalist

    I am sick and tired of being called racist every time we debate or disagree with this president. We are Americans and it is our right to disagree and debate with this president or any president!

    /Seems I’ve heard words to that effect somewhere

  • Kathy Fugitt Price Skaggs

    Liberal really are that stupid. They can’t see past their own pathetic racist hate toward the white man so they claim that anything negative said about Obama is racism even when they know that has nothing to do with it. The think that if they start screaming about racism that conservative will stop saying anything just to prove their not racist. No. 1 there is nothing the conservative can or do say or not say or do that would matter to liberals they say this when they know it’s not true.

  • jetch

    the 4 presidents, 4 umbrellas is misleading. the first pic of Reagan shows a guy behind him who may or may not be holding the umbrella for Reagan. pics two and three are for the same event and it’s the same guy holding the umbrella. so it looks like that guy was holding the umbrella for all speakers.
    this is very different than asking a marine to come protect you from the rain. none of those repub presidents appears to be asking for protection from rain. that’s the difference. I doubt anyone on the left would consider those three repub presidents to be wimps, if anything they were considered militaristic. Obama on the other hand, wears a helmet and mom jeans on vacation and is considered by many to be a wimp. him asking for someone to hold an umbrella for him just reeks of wimpiness.