Granbury, Texas was hit tonight with a monster storm that dropped softball-sized hail.

  • texas_suzie

    Prayers going out to those in Cleburne and Granbury. Prayers for the safety of others in the DFW region, including my sister in Wylie.

  • Joe W.

    I’m lucky so far….it’s all just southeast of us…..Granbury is reporting multiple fatalities due to tornado activity. Please pray for my neighbors here in Texas…..

    • aegean1

      Same here. Glad it seems to have bypassed my area, but it was close enough to make me wish for a basement.

  • Bemani Dog

    I definitely feel for those affected. Although I rue the possibility that Algore will utilize this to push the global warming agenda, ignoring the fact that this is still by far one of the quietest tornado seasons ever.

  • beebop1952

    Granbury, TX is one of the finest small towns on earth. It could be Mayberry. I spent great times there at the Inn on the River and I pray that there is a healing and recovery for all of those impacted. This is heart breaking.

  • Kristine Veenstra

    Praying for everyone in Texas.
    May God be with you all and keep you safe.

  • Rulz

    Those hailstones are amazing!

    Prayers are with you all!

    • 96leroy

      Darn near hail boulders! I’ve never seen any so large.

  • Jessie Holmes

    Tornadoes are one of my worst phobias. My heart goes out to all these poor people; I just could not imagine myself in this situation. On a barely-lighter note, those hailstones are majorly impressive. Almost beautiful, though there is nothing beautiful about the damage they cause.

  • Conny Nichols

    My prayers went out for the people in Granbury I go there all the time my sister lives there I’m from Lancaster Pa it’s just been horrible my sister was ok thank God

  • Elilla Shadowheart

    There used to be a university there in the US-SW that asked for donations of hail when they were over 2″ in size, Wish I could remember, but maybe someone with better google-fu can find it, apparently they use it to figure out how it forms in upper levels of thunderstorms and all that.