Last November, investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson issued a series of tweets in an attempt to untangle the web of Benghazi talking points woven by the CIA, the State Department and the White House. Months later, she’s at it again. Are we any closer to knowing the truth, or is it time to settle for Jay Carney’s “blame Romney” spin?


Which they did.

Are we still in the “early stages” of the investigation?

Here’s a good question: if it was so important not to jump to conclusions, how did the man behind that YouTube video end up in prison so quickly?

  • william seaman

    Your tenacity has been “Woodward-esque”. IMHO, even more so. They had a career making story every journalist would have killed to report. You have a story virtually every “journalist” would kill to keep burried.
    You’ve come a long way from KCRA.

  • Spatial Awareness

    What a tangled web we weave……..

    • Fredddd

      ‘we’ didn’t. Obama and Hillary weaved…

      • Spatial Awareness

        It’s part of a quote. I’m not attributing it to anyone in particular and certainly not “we the people”.

      • algonquinmatt


        Obama was campaigning (as always)… he didn’t have much on the economy to highlight. So his best narrative on the campaign trail was to brag about killing Bin Laden and brag about how “Al Qaeda has been decimated”

        This happened on 9/11. There was no way that Obama was going to let anything get in the way of his narrative.

        Hillary was on board because Obama probably made a deal with her that he will start campaigning for her…maybe next week.

  • Steve_J

    All they had to do was tell the truth. But then they’d have to explain why there was a diplomatic mission in Benghazi without an appropriate level of security. For the Adminisrtation it has to be beginning to seem like a nightmare that just keeps getting worse and worse.

    • Spatial Awareness

      They wouldn’t have told the truth…. State Dept. is negligent for not supplying adequate security when requested, which DIRECTLY lead to Amb. death. There is a long paper-trail detailing this….I assume they believed everyone would be “team players”. That’s the narcissism of this admin. The question really is, WHY, the security wasn’t provided. For “normalization”? I’m not buying that.

    • Clayton Grant

      When has truth ever been an obstacle to this administration’s agenda?

      • IBXNJ

        Obama would LIE even if the TRUTH was easier

  • Jack Deth

    Things are starting to fall apart bit by bit in the White House and State’s convoluted spider’s web of lies.

    Keep hammering the small, forgettable details and larger fissures will occur. Like a sneering meltdown on Meet the Press. Obama and his slimy, arrogant minions have to be lucky every day from this one forward in keeping their lies believable. We only need to be lucky once.

  • TJ

    They whole reason why the US was in Libya with a duty to protect is a lie. They lied about Gaddafi getting ready to attack. They lied when they gave guns to the Libyan rebels to oust him as part of the Arab Spring. They lied to have NATO attack. The lying goes farther back than just Benghazi but to when the first American bomb dropped on Libya.

  • kate_middleton

    Sharyl Attkisson is the real deal.

  • Clayton Grant

    Something was going on that night in Benghazi that is at the core of this coverup. It has to be pretty nefarious / illegal and went terribly wrong for the administration to go to these lengths to build this lie. Security was intentionally kept low for a reason.

    • Spatial Awareness

      If you listen to Hicks testimony, when asked “Why was Amb. Stevens in Benghazi?” Hicks stated, “According to Amb. Stevens…” To me, that was very deliberate wording.

  • Kabong30

    This woman is a true patriot. She needs and deserves our full support. If CBS continues to screw with her we need to make them accountable!

    • Harry A

      how has cbs screwed with her ?

      • wwbdinct

        Use the google.

        • Harry A

          why do you insist on replying rudely to all my posts?

          • Exodus2011


            do you think ‘the google’ is a rude term harry?


          • Harry A

            its not just that on post, i asked a simple question and in the 5 seconds it took him to be sarcastic he could have just answered. im sorry i dont have time to google every single thing im curious about on the internet, sometimes i find it easier to just ask questions.

            but that particular user has been replying sarcastically to my comments on twitchy for about 2weeks now and i really dont understand why.

          • Exodus2011

            maybe you come across as a kind of annoying poster… really harry – write yourself a note, and bing what you wanna know before bed tonight

          • Harry A


          • wwbdinct

            If, as you say, you have been reading Twitchy for the past 2 weeks, you would have already known the answer to your question as it has been covered here. You come here to bait people and it’s obnoxious. You get what you give.

          • Harry A

            im sorry i dont read every single article on twitchy, read a lot of them but not all. i wasnt baiting anyone i was asking a serious question, which @camnpat:disqus was very gracious to answer. i hope you have a good day.

        • camnpat

          In short CBS is ignoring Atkisson’s reporting on their media and apparently neither are they utilizing her for anything else. All because they think she is “almost advocating”.


          • Harry A

            thank you!

      • Sharkteeth

        gave a thumbs down for not knowing

        • Harry A

          haha no problem, somebody attached an article that i was able to read. didnt know that was going on, but im not surprised at all.

          • Sharkteeth

            10-4 harry

      • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

        You may be right, Harry..If she hasn’t been punished for “Leaving the herd” yet, she will be, somewhere… Jawamax 8<{D}

    • Adi

      Just read on Breitbart that CBS president has his brother in The Messiah’s admin.

      Obviously her days at CBS are numbered.

  • CO2 Producer

    The Administration highlighted the stupid YouTube video as triggering a spontaneous protest when they knew that it was an act of terror. They stripped away the terror references but left in (added?) the video remarks. Then they stayed with the video remarks for quite a while.

    On September 13th, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff called some odd pastor down in Florida to get him to denounce the video. Who would order the Chairman to do that to Terry Jones, and why, if the video had nothing to do with it?

    What difference, at that point, did the video make?

    • MyrmidoNOT

      Answer: Lifted the ‘edge of the rug’…
      allowing the ‘sweeping under’ the rug…to begin, in earnest.

      After all, the upcoming election wasn’t gonna be close, or anything…

    • Junie3

      Have you heard, they found this video, changed the title of it the day they used it for the decoy and even the actors in it say they didn’t know it was about Islam? I think someone, 2guys involved wrote a book on this.

  • trixiewoobeans

    I find it interesting that it’s the female journalists who’ve sunk their teeth into two of the biggest, most hushed-up, stories of the past year, and haven’t let go, while their male counterparts have colluded to keep it on the downlow! Thank you ladies, for not joining Barry’s Boys’ Club.

  • tops116

    Something tells me the IRS will soon be getting a phone call about looking into Attkisson.

    • Exodus2011

      maybe not

      they have a nice INVESTIGATION to look forward to after targeting Conservative/Tea Party groups last year

  • waltermitty2012

    On one hand, you have 60 Minutes suppressing video of President Obama, recorded the day after the attack in Benghazi, saying “it’s too early to know exactly how this came about, what group was involved, but obviously it was an attack on Americans.” Which didn’t stop the administration from blaming the video for weeks.

    On the other hand, you have Sharyl Attkisson doing her job and asking tough questions. I like the other hand a whole lot better.

    • camnpat

      That’s why she is on her way out of CBS.

  • Garth Haycock

    Sounds like Obama and Mrs. Clinton need to get their stories straight.

    • beebop1952

      We need TRUTH not more spin.

    • Junie3

      LOL, they can’t do it. Obama thinks he smarter than Hitlery, and she thinks she’s the brilliant one, then you have all the Progressive groups of Soros giving them their input. They all think they are the smartest people in the world, when they are nothing but educated idiots.

  • MyrmidoNOT

    Kudos to Sharyl…in ‘keeping their feet…to the fire’…

    Nice sidebar cartoon/graphic (by Ramirez) follows…(H/T HotAir):

  • Paul C.

    Great reporting from Attkisson her bosses should be fired the liberal pewks.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    Whoever Sheryl works for, TRADE HER TO FOX NEWS for BOB BECKEL, Alan Colmes, and Juan Williams (The “Three Liberal Stooges” XD) #RightWard Jawamax 8<{D}

    • ObamaFail

      Fox News would still owe CBS, because Beckel, Colmes, and Williams are worth one real journalist.

  • Frank Smiles

    Sharyl Attkisson is losing her job at CBS for getting too close to the truth about #Benghazi

    • GaryTheBrave

      I just clicked your link and it’s no good. When I search for Sharyl Attkisson nothing came up.

      • Frank Smiles

        Somebody scrubbed it. Weird

        • GaryTheBrave

          …and the conspiracies just keep piling on…

  • Chevypowered

    I’m reading a lot of comments (not only this particular post but other posts as well) hoping Sharyl Attkisson moves to FOX (whether under her own accord or is conveniently fired) and I’m all for that as well but thinking about it IMHO I hope she retains her position at CBS news.

    Personally this is the only way the low info voters and the “Faux News” whiners who will never tune to FOX will ever hear or read the truth. If Sharyl goes to fox the other outlets will just discredit her as just another FOX news Obama hater.

    I think we should all hope Sharyl Attikisson keep her gig at CBS to reach the folks who still have their heads up their backside.

    • Junie3

      I want her to take O’reilly’s time slot on Fox.

    • jenndee

      Just like saying I saw this story on Drudge, Twitchy, Daily Caller and Breitbart. Low information voters and libs automatically discredit it.The MSM lies and covers for this administration but the 40+ percent of the American voters don’t believe that we are being lied too by the administration and the MSM. We need Attkisson to STAY, and we need to have people like Greg Gutfield and Megan Kelly on ABC or CBS, because where they are now, they are preaching to the choir.

      • ObamaFail

        Gutfeld and Megan Kelly wouldn’t last at CBS and ABC. Attikisson is losing her spot on CBS because she isn’t singing the praise of Obama and helping cover up the facts of Benghazi. Gufeld would get fired day 1 the first time he went off on liberal stupidity.

        • jenndee

          This is so true! I would rather have them on Fox than no where at all. It just seems like a losing battle.

  • AaronHarrisinAlaska

    If they were honestly concerned about maintaining classified information and not jumping to conclusion them why not say “the embassy was attacked. We’re not sure by who or what elements but well keep the public updated as more information becomes readily available” instead of saying “it was a spontaneous protest in opposition to a YouTube video(that hardly any one knew about before) that boiled over into violence?”

  • Herman LaClair

    Ms Attkisson is my new hero. she has single-handedly renewed my faith for a possible resurrection of true journalism in this country.

  • disqus_vBPUouMLaI

    By this time the only thing that is transparent about this administrations response to the attacks is the arrogance shown by the President and the State department, thinking that the American people are stupid enough to believe that everyone else is lying but them.

    • jenndee

      Well, 1/2 of the American people are. The liar and thief is still president!

  • muckraker

    These guys can’t seem to get their lies straight. Outsmarting themselves with their obfuscation. I hope it all bites them in the ass.

  • Kaya Hund

    “I just want my Obamaphone ! !”

  • John Ledo

    General Petraeus spoke up and his award was the unveiling of his sex scandal to embarrass him

    • irishgirl91

      The General learned the hard way that there are things we are embarrassed by and things that we are ashamed of. This admin. will never hesitate to expose it’s enemies. If he had lived every aspect of his life with honor, there would have been nothing for him to be ashamed of, nothing to expose.

      • John Ledo

        i agree

  • Linda http://omega57.wordpress

    Good golly Miss Molly, hwat a tangled web they weave. They were not so smart to think the public is not smart at all. Thanks for the untangling. Honestly I lost trach yesterday while watching.

    • Play Righter

      And Obama blames Republicans for pulling the “okeydoke”…..

      Clearly, the fawning mirror POTUS uses is one way.

  • Junie3

    Why cover for Islamic terrorists? What is to gain from that, they are not going to love us, their whole being is about killing the infidel. Is Obama and Hillary (Soros stooges) trying to bring about the NWO and Global rule? How will they do it with Islamists? Or is the lie, to get rid of Israel and the world will have peace?

    Are they trying to make sure the MBH rules the whole Middle East? These people need to be tried for treason and Soros, his progressive groups need to be lynched with them.

  • Harrison Woodard

    I am so glad there are a few investigators still asking questions and searching for the truth. Anyone that was paying attention at the time knew something was horribly wrong. The incuriousness of the majority of the media on this story is fascinating. I don’t care how much you love or support the administration, if you wanted to be considered a legitimate journalist, you would be all over this.