Here’s some news you might have missed this week, but the Washington Times’ resident “bitter clinger” Emily Miller would like you to know. On Tuesday, the Justice Department released a study showing that gun homicides in America have dropped 39 percent from 1993 to 2011, and non-fatal crimes involving firearms declined a whopping 69 percent. There is one gun-related statistic from Pew that is through the roof, however; more than half of Americans believe that gun crime is up sharply.

Miller wrote yesterday:

On the same day that Justice released its report, Pew Research Center released a new poll that found that 56 percent of Americans believe gun crimes is higher now than 20 years ago and 26 percent thought it was the same. Only 12 percent knew that it was lower….  Asked about trends in firearms crimes “in recent years,” 45 percent thought the number had gone up, 39 percent thought it was the same. Just 10 percent were correct that it has gone down 13 percent in the most recent five years.

Those with the AR-15 in their sights might be interested to know that handguns were used in about 7 out of 10 gun homicides in 2011 and 9 out of 10 nonfatal firearm violent crimes.

So gun violence is way down. Good news, right?

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    Wrong story, hold on…

  • Clayton Grant

    Anyone know if OFA is still asking for personal stories of how guns have destroyed your life?


    Nanny and O do Not know the meaning of:
    Evil Prevails When Good Men and Good Women Do Nothing. And we the law abiding citizen will not stand on the side lines and do nothing!

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    It’s Bushes fault . . . Oh? Wait . . .

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      I should have scrolled further, you beat me to it.

  • Gallatin

    Emily Miller
    Why isn’t @BarackObama having Rose Garden celebration on news that nonfatal gun crimes down 69% since 1993?

    Because it is Bush’s fault.

  • CO2 Producer

    According to FBI statistics for 2011:
    Edit: People using handguns killed almost 20 times the amount of Americans as those who used rifles.
    Edit: People using knives killed 5 times more people than those who used rifles.
    Edit: Hands, fists, and feet? Those who used them had more than twice as many homicide victims as those who used rifles. But we can’t really ban body parts, can we?

    Gosh, I hope not.

    A USDOJ report from 2008 stated that homicides involving 3 or more victims consistently make up less than one percent of all homicides. It also stated that the majority of all homicides since 1980 have occurred in large cities, with black male youths disproportionately representing the offenders as well as the victims, with handguns being the weapon of choice.

    In case anyone felt like knowing some further context.

  • TocksNedlog

    Also just revealed: If you ban 24oz sodas, and then someone buys & drinks 2-16oz sodas, all you’ve accomplished is the killing of more trees and a speedier filling of our landfills.


    • Kaya Hund

      We take pride in our large carbon footprint.

  • trixiewoobeans

    You KNOW they’re trying to figure out how to take credit, and sell it that their efforts and “education” in gun control have caused this drop, and they must continue, and double their efforts to eradicate this problem! You KNOW they’re working on that angle right now!

    • stuffitnow

      They have already, one of the left claims that the awb of the 90’s was what made the numbers drop, but any educated American knows better!

      • AMSilver

        They’re also trying to say that requiring background checks caused the drop. Granted, no actual studies back up this claim, but… who needs science?

        • stuffitnow

          It seems the left, bloomie and obozo will spout anything to make their argument sound credible…sad as it is true! And yes those two don’t believe in science unless it furthers their cause!

  • J.N. Ashby

    Just so we establish this correctly. This is both with AND without the semi-auto ban meaning that gun control doesn’t affect crime and that such legislation is like kissing a boo boo. It doesn’t actually help, but it makes a stupid child, or man-child in the case of Democrats, feel better.

    • brewerandpatriot

      Liberal laws are only written to make people FEEL better.

      • TomJB

        One thing I always notice when Napolitano or someone speaks about the TSA is how they make the public “feel” safer about flying. No mention of whether or not the public actually *is* safer. We’re doomed.

        • J.N. Ashby

          I mean really, they should just leave the airlines responsible for their own safety and leave them up for being sued in the event of an incident. After all, if the TSA fails, you can’t sue the government…

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    HERR BLOOMBERG AND HERR REICHFINK OBAMA (SEIG HEIL!) Don’t give a $#!+ about the truth! They just want more Power!

    Maybe they should be more like Tim Allen?….OOPS! UHHHHHHH?!? #ToolTime #HomeImprovement XD LOL Jawamax 8<{D} #RightWard

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    No mystery as to why. Crime rates have gone down because of “shall issue” concealed carry. The people pushing gun-control can’t admit that though, so they say it might be because there “less lead in gasoline” now than before, no joke. A severe disconnect from reality. Or it just gets in the way of their agenda. Either way, should people like this be forming our policy?

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    @michellemalkin Why is Twitchy calling Miller a bitter clinger? I think Miller is awesome.

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      Because, we call ourselves bitter-clingers. They can’t insult you with a phrase if you take it and wear it like a badge of honor.

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    Heh, they are trying to find an “up-side”. I have it! We should ban guns, because criminals aren’t really using them as much anymore, so why should you? /sarc