Remember when GQ magazine exposed Sen. Marco Rubio as just another anti-science fundamentalist whackjob Republican who doesn’t know how old the universe is? Well, the White House wants you to know that you can trust Rubio when it comes to his and the Gang of Eight’s immigration reform plan. After all, America is a nation of immigrants, and the White House issued a reminder today that unless you’re a Native American like Elizabeth Warren, you’re not from here yourself — so how could you even think of denying other immigrants the same welcome you received?

The thing is, didn’t even the Native Americans come here from somewhere else? We’re never sure until a noted scientist like Al Gore confirms, but we have our suspicions.

You immigrated legally? Get to the back of the line, you!

Tammy Bruce proudly embraces her status as a Native American.

  • Steve_J

    Twitchy “The thing is, didn’t even the Native Americans come here from somewhere else? We’re never sure until a noted scientist like Al Gore confirms, but we have our suspicions.”
    If you believe that I have a land bridge to sell you.

    • rippersnort

      Yes and it’s a bridge to nowhere…

      • Sinjun

        which fits since it was likely a bridge to Siberia >.> heh

    • Kele Johnson

      Any first year Anthro major knows that there are no people indigenous to any land outside of Africa. That’s where homo sapien sapien emerged and that is where all human migration began. Obviously, whoever tweeted that nonsense has never picked up a social science book.

      • TracyJean

        Actually, I learned that in high school World Civilization class (a required class at my high school, BTW)

      • Guest

        erm…………I hate to do this…….this is all a theory, yes I know, it is the accepted theory, but again, it is just a theory!

        I know, the Obama Admin is a POS admin and they deserve to be scorned, but do they deserve to be scorned for this?

        OH! Yes they do! Thanks you guys, using science to scorn an idiot, that will be appreciated for years to come.

    • bonnieblue2A

      You didn’t build that.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      Yes! Lol…. Well, it’s not land anymore…

      Sorry, I didn’t read your post before posting mine.

    • bluewaternavy

      Algore will confirm as soon as he finished digging himself out of a snowdrift.

    • SJ’s Dad

      . . . all of them except Fauxcahontis!!!!

      • SJ’s Dad

        . . . and Cher!

  • Murphy Linn Spears

    Will he stop at nothing?

    • TocksNedlog

      He stoops to everything.

      • BristolGOP Backup

        Especially other world leaders.

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    Actual immigrants come here legally, are prepared to take care of themselves, bring some benefit to the country and assimilate.

    Illegal aliens sneak in, use our services, drive drunk, commit crimes and are bankrupting our states. We have our own criminals. Don’t need more.

    No other country on Earth has open borders, but the Obama gang want the votes and damn the cost.

    • Canadian in USA

      And damn those who try to do it legally.

    • DavidKramer

      Hey GD, I had a thought. Since illegal invaders cannot legally acquire goods, services or jobs legally, anything they have in their possession are therefore assets acquired through illegal means. Therefore to pay for their deportation, anytime an illegal invader is arrested, anything of theirs can be seized and sold to pay for it. Give them a 6 month leeway to self deport and then implement the law. Problem solved. What do you think?

      • CatHerder

        Sounds like a plan to me.

    • LinTaylor

      I love the liberal assumption that all foreigners support amnesty, because it’s so easy to destroy. My sister-in-law is a LEGAL immigrant (came over from Vietnam when she was a child), is every bit as Libertarian as the rest of our family, and thinks blanket amnesty is BS and insulting to people like her who did things the correct way.

      • DelPasso

        My Korean aunt is exactly the same way.

      • Lady 12

        My future roommate is from Vietnam, and she is insulted by amnesty because she’s in the process of becoming a citizen legally.

      • Canadian in USA

        That’s because those who come here legally work to come to America and work when they’re in America, so they will normally have Libertarian values due to their work ethic.

        Basically: we built that for ourselves and for America.

        • Doug King

          there are two types of people in America today;
          moral and immoral

    • GoneFishing

      While it’s true, somewhere along the lines, that my forefathers came(legally) to the U.S. from somewhere else, that has absolutely NOTHING to do with granting amnesty to those millions who cheated and violated our laws to come illegally to the U.S.

    • camnpat

      Open borders and a welfare state. I don’t like either, but combined they are the downfall of a country.

  • twinx

    Sorry, tool. My parents came here LEGALLY, were never on welfare, and worked hard. They never considered themselves as hyphenates, but as Americans. Proud Americans. Eat it, jerkwad.

  • E L Frederick

    Family came over in 1790s… been here ever since…

    • thetreyman

      traced mine to the mid 1600’s. now get out ya bunch of interlopers. ; )

      • 1SkepticalChick

        Mine, too. That means we were here before there was a USA.

        • thetreyman

          well then, you might say, our families did build this.

  • Michelle

    Quite possibly one of the most ignorant tweets from the White House. As many intelligent tweeters pointed out, even the folks commonly referred to as “Native Americans” came from…someplace else! They descend from the Paleo-Indians who migrated over the Bering Strait. Seriously, how can the folks who speak on behalf of the White House not know BASIC HISTORY?

    I did not come here from somewhere else. I was born here. “Native” means where something or someone is created or comes into existence. I was created and came into existence in the US, so by the accurate definition of the term, “Native American” I am one.

    My maternal great-grandparents and paternal grandparents did come here from somewhere else, but they came here legally. I know this for fact because I have copies of their entry forms and originals of their Citizenship papers. They were LEGAL immigrants. They NEVER used welfare. They learned to speak ENGLISH. They supported THEMSELVES. They respected their new home.

    • MarcusFenix

      Because like Benghazi, all that happened “a long time ago”….and its not history they wrote, so…who cares? :)

      This administration doesn’t care about legal immigrants, the truth, or anything else that they can’t revise. They want the ones that can buy a vote from, via this shamnesty garbage and free handouts, when elections come around.

    • alanstorm

      “Quite possibly one of the most ignorant tweets from the White House.”

      And the competition is TOUGH.

    • SpinMeNot

      Basic history no, made up history, yes. After all, what does it matter?

      Logic will get you nowhere with the vast majority of the left … ridicule is much more satisfying.

    • trixiewoobeans

      They’re just trying to prepare us for the news that (GASP), Obama IS from somewhere else! Lol!

  • Peyton

    I came from someplace else, and that place is called Texas.

  • Julie the Jarhead

    I came from Somerville, Massachusetts. While is it a pretty scary place, I believe it is still in the United States of America.

    Great grandparents came from Ireland. One great great grandmother was an American Indian.

    • Michelle

      Julie – seeing that Somerville is pretty small, I’m betting your family knows my family. My folks were born/raised in Somerville, my family still owns the same house it’s owned for over 60 yrs. near Teele Square.

      • Julie the Jarhead

        We sold our family’s house on Willow Ave a few years ago. I still have two sisters who live there.

    • TugboatPhil

      Even if she wasn’t really an American Indian, as long one of her ancestors told her she had high cheekbones, she’d qualify as 1/32nd with blonde hair and blue eyes.


    We are Natural Born Americans! We were physically born by our Mother and raised by our Mother and Father.
    We have travelled into other countries legally. We travelled out of other countries legally.
    We have never entered or left another country illegally.
    You come to America legally or illegally.
    Enforce the Immigration Laws that are on the books, Period!

  • Peyton

    #ImFromHere Since I’m now technically a native American, does that mean I can start a casino in my backyard?

  • Spatial Awareness

    .@whitehouse <== GOD, you are STUPID.


    We Ask For Your Resignation, Now.


    My great grandparents came over in the early 1900s through Ellis Island legally.

  • Fire and Adjust!

    Seeing as how 90% of my ancestry settled within the borders of what is now the United States in the mid 1600’s through the early 1700’s, ALL BEFORE the United States even existed, not to mention the not so insignificant fact that I was born in this country……….I’m pretty sure I didn’t come from somewhere else…….

    • TracyJean

      Yeah, our ancestors made this country into the United States. I’d say that gives us some kind of “native” status.

    • Ardell Simon

      My ancestors also came in the early 1700 and fought in Revolutionary war and the Civil war, so I know I didn’t come from somewhere else.

      • ceyanne

        Ditto. My family came here in the mid-1700’s (they were in Switzerland in the 1500’s and then into Germany in the 1600’s before emigrating here in the 1700’s) settling in PA & MD and fought in the Amer. Rev & the Civil War. I am most definitely native to the US.

  • grais

    Wrong. I didn’t come from “someplace else.”
    Who’s the clown in charge of that Twitter account?

  • HannahJK

    Are they suggesting that we should have NO immigration policy? Anything less than that makes this statement inane. We have an immigration policy that provides a path to citizenship it’s just not enforced. Replacing it with another policy that isn’t enforced will solve nothing.

  • Clayton Grant

    Is the WH finally admitting that President Obama came from someplace else?

    • bonnieblue2A


    • BlahBlah

      Are you calling Ken… I mean Hawaii “someplace else”??

      • David Raineri-Maldonado

        I’ll bet he is…Hawaii IS part of Asia, after all.

  • Canadian in USA

    OK, I may not be “Native”, but even I see that this smacks the face of every American born in this country. Even I am offended at the sheer audacity and stupidity of that tweet.

    • Michelle

      It also smacks the face of every legal immigrant such as yourself.

      • Corey Dennison


    • Lady 12

      It’s disrespectful to you as well.


    Just because Obummer had to lie about his origins to get to the White House doesn’t mean we all did.

  • Jack Deth

    I was born at Providence Hospital in Washington, DC. I don’t know how much more “here” I can possibly be!!!

  • TracyJean

    Let’s see….Dad’s family is Irish. Most of them came over during the famine, although one branch was already here (since the 1720s) and one branch, for some unknown reason, went to England first after the famine and then came to the US in the 1870s. Mom’s family is a bit of a hodgepodge, but her most recent immigrant ancestors came from Belgium in the 1850s and Quebec in the 1870s. Most of the rest of her ancestors were here before there was a United States – some ancestors were among the second wave of immigrants to Massachusetts in the 1630s. And one branch was in Virginia during the same time period, with one ancestor marrying a cousin of Pocahontas, giving me a very small, microscopic drop of Native American blood. And except for the Quebecois, who more or less walked across the border and eventually settled in Wisconsin, there is documentation for all of the ancestors that I have knowledge of ( is wonderful). Even the ones who showed up in the 1630s are on some kind of records, which is more than some people have (*cough*PresObama*cough*).

    • TracyJean

      Oh, yeah, and I’m a DAR on my mother’s side, so there would be no United States if not for the actions of some of my ancestors. As one of my cousins put it when I was researching for my DAR application, it was thanks to my 5x great grandfather’s regiment that there was not a third Battle of Saratoga during the Revolution. Plus, two cousins signed the Declaration of Independence and two were Presidents of the United States….don’t think you can get much more American than Samuel, John and John Quincey Adams (one of Mom’s ancestors was an Adams and was third cousin to Samuel and John).

      Unfortunately, I’m also distantly related to that person currently in the White House, so family history ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

      • yestradamous

        Yeah, we got the DAR thing as well on one side of the family, a colonel in the Revolution, and we’re also relatives of Pocahantas’ husband on the other side of the family. Both sides migrated from Virginia to Tennessee to Texas, then New Mexico. We don’t have any immigration stories because that’s getting to be close to 400 years now we’ve been here. I think that makes us fairly “native”, LOL.

        • TracyJean

          Yeah, after 400 years, kind of hard to get a hold of those stories. LOL

  • DavidKramer

    Well, being a natural born and native born American I can say this with all alacrity, GO F YOURSELF you………….get the picture.

  • Renny

    My Grandparents came from several somewhere elses. But they came legally.

  • DavidKramer

    Since the Native American had no law against illegal immigration, everyone that came to the continent known as North America before our laws were adopted came here legally.

    Geez, whoever wrote that is a frelling moron!

  • BlahBlah

    I was born in Kenya and Hawaii, depends on who’s asking. I had a boyfriend that is several boyfriends morphed into one perfect imaginary boyfriend. I went to 3 different imaginary schools but no one ever saw me there.

    Now I’m your imaginary president and you can only ever see me golfing with my imaginary friends.

    This is my family story and I’m sticking to it!

    • Lisa Dean

      If I could vote it up higher I would! Nice job!

  • ceemack

    Dude…I was, like, totally born in Newport Beach.

    How much more “native” can one get?

  • Jason Call

    Whitehouse solicits ReTweets. After 5-1/2 hours, 269 RT’s total. Barry is a loser. He should cease with speechifying and commence organizing. OFA is an embarrassment. Whitehouse press office is moronic and ineffective. Until you can put a rat cage over my head and have my face chewed off, Hussein, YOU can chew on my shorts. Honeymoon’s over. Lame duck failure. Like, go pound sand.

    • R0nin

      Love the “1984” reference!

      • Jason Call

        In a recent thread someone observed that some pigs are more equal than others. Now I’ve got to read Animal Farm again, since it’s been 20-plus years. George Orwell is a prophet.

  • Jillane Kent

    The difference being that my family has their immigration papers….

  • Garth Haycock

    I was born in the United States. So were my parents, as were their parents and their parents.

    I also built my business.

    Piss off, White House.

  • Junie3

    These people are to incompetent to tweet. Geeze, the idiocy of this admin.

  • DelPasso

    My 4 grandparents immigrated from Scotland and Italy in the 1930s and 40s. They came her legally, worked hard and never used welfare, assimilated into American society, and never cried racism when things didn’t go their way (because Scottish and Italians weren’t considered white back then).

    • TracyJean

      My Irish ancestors weren’t treated any better in the last half of the 19th century. That’s why my ancestors worked either in the coal mines or on the railroad – it’s the only place they were welcome, more or less.

      • DelPasso

        Yup. My grandfather and his brother both worked in coal mines when they were children.

  • TocksNedlog


  • LinTaylor

    @whitehouse: Born in Alabama, parents born in Alabama, and we can trace our ancestry back to people like both Lewis AND Clark. So you can take your “We’re all immigrants!” bull and shove it.

    • LinTaylor

      Allow me to correct myself: I’m a 13th generation American whose ancestors came over on literally the first and second boats to bring European settlers to the New World. So Obama better not dare insinuate that I’m anything BUT a “native American”.

  • Clayton B

    . . . “you didn’t build that” . . . ‘you came from someplace else’ . . .
    This dolt, and the people that pull his strings . . .

  • camnpat

    Good Lord…

    If you were born here you are an American. A native American at that. You are not an African- American, Italian-American, Greek – American, Japanese- American, etc, etc, etc. Period. This constant effort to keep everyone in separate boxes as if the color of your skin or facial complexion defines you differently than someone else is not only sickening but also degrading to the same people minority activists pretend to “fight for”.

    I am an immigrant. I came here as an adult legally and on my own dime, which is sad those of us who have done it this way must clarify this nowadays (or you your grand-folks). In a few years, God willing, I’ll become a citizen and maybe then I will be able to call myself non- native American. But to equate my origin to being pro- immigration reform (at least to the amnesty aspect of a reform) is incorrect.

    I want immigration reform because it is insane that people keep coming/staying illegally in the country willy-nilly . Because you can’t have a massive welfare state with open borders and pretend everything will be ok financially, culturally, and security-wise. I want reform since I want enforcement of the laws in the books because it is frustrating to have gone through the legal process as stipulated and almost having to leave the country I had dreamed of coming to since childhood (not just because of a job but because of the lifestyle, freedom, and the people) because I wasn’t meeting all the requirements (did in the last second) while people who have broken the law for years are not only given a free pass but celebrated. I want immigration reform to enforce the laws in the books because I am seeing the American culture diluted; because you can drive through sections of LA or Miami that makes you think you are in a South American country and where you don’t even need to learn English to communicate. And I want enforcement because there are no defined standards for immigration and you can’t say that because we are a “melting pot” you can just into the country and continue living just as if you were still in your former one. If you go to your neighbor’s house you don’t ask the neighbor to adapt to you; it is you who adapts to your neighbor. Same when you are an immigrant: if you have an interest in moving your life to another country then you must have an interest and intent in assimilating the culture.

    I know that the tweet from the WH is aimed at the pro-illegal immigrant crowd that believes citizenship is a right for people not born here, but it is still sickening and condescending that so transparently pushes its agenda.

    • Squirrel!

      So I can quit calling myself a Swiss-American? LOL!! Good post. Thanks!

      • Squirrel!

        Sounds like a cheese combination anyway.

        • camnpat

          Ha ha ha!!! 😉

  • mdtljt

    This clusterf*ck of an administration is dumber than a sack of hair…first we didn’t build it…now we’re all from the magical land of Somewhere Else…the stoopid…it HURTS!!!!!

  • Squirrel!

    Last time I checked I was born after the Louisiana Purchase was made. That’s never mind the relatives who were in the Revolutionary War. If you’re genuinely a native of this piece of land we call the United States, then you’re the descendant of dinosaurs…. literally.

  • Tugger – not quite dead yet

    And look what happened to the ‘Native Americans’ when they let the illegals in :-) Maybe we should learn from history.

    • Squirrel!

      And that there is the truth!

  • Rodney S. Freeman

    I can go back to an ancestor’s grave that was buried in 1740’s. Another one in a different state around 1725. Before I cross over to Ireland. And that’s without counting Cherokee and Creek. So, my family was here BEFORE there was a United States of America and you can just kiss my Southern Redneck Ass.

  • Sam

    I lived in New Mexico for six years, and most liberals ask me if you need a passport to go there, so I guess I did come from somewhere else (in their mind).

    • yestradamous

      I hear ya. Most think Albuquerque is full of palm trees and its really hot year round. It’s hilarious. And kinda sad, really!

  • Red Fred

    I’m Native American and we don’t enjoy your ideas and games when the economy is falling on our heads due to your failure to reduce spending.

  • tops116

    No, I was born in America. My parents were born in America, as were theirs and theirs. In fact, my mother is very certain that we have some Native American ancestry. I’m not so sure, but I’ll give a ring to If it pans out, I’ll demand Obama get off my property.

  • GTJessop

    If I came from Benghazi would you reeeaaallly still care about my story?!?

  • Gary Freeman

    I was born and raised in America. My family lineage dates back to the 1700’s in America. So White House douchenozzle, I AM FROM HERE.


    In 1638 my ancestors were avoiding corrupt politicians like you Obama

  • Lisa Dean

    Me – born at Martin Army Hospital, Ft. Benning Ga. My sister’s – born at Ft. Campbell Hospital, Ft. Campbell, Ky. Mom – Bosier City, LA. Dad – Granberry, TX. Mom’s Mom – Bosier City, LA. Mom’s Dad – Herkimer, NY. Mom’s Maternal Grandparent’s – Ireland and Louisiana My Mom’s Paternal Grandparent’s – NY Dad’s Mom and Dad – TX. My Dad’s Paternal Grandmother – OKC, OK. My Dad’s Paternal Grandfather – England (still researching that where)….so go lay an egg WH joke.

  • Lady 12

    Bering-frickin-Strait, you fool! Gosh, I learned that in high school!

  • Jd1367

    So, if the Libs think that Benghazi was “a long time ago”, what relevance does anything that happened generations ago have on anything going on today with immigration?

  • Richard Jefferies

    So does that mean we can stop referring to the anchor babies of Mexican border jumpers as American Citizens?

  • digitalPimple

    So I guess this is just another ignorant attempt at attacking the American people yet again. Now Americans all hate immigrants I guess. Nice attitude. That should really win people over.

    What absolute dumb f*cks.

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    .@whitehouse Newsflash, morons! Even Native Americans came from somewhere else. You never learned about the land bridge, I assume.

    And I’m talking about the land bridge that once existed between Alaska and Siberia. Wow, our public school systems SUCK!

    • white native american

      it wasnt even called america until 1512 after americus vespucia and italian explorer

      the white house is ignorant of true history.

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)


    .@whitehouse My family were better presidents than you will EVER be. My family signed the founding documents.

    • patriot fan


  • nc

    Gee, our President sure is talented! Time after time he can tee off a huge swath of law abiding citizens, and not even break a sweat!

  • bluewaternavy

    My late father, a 7/8th Northern Cheyenne who called himself an “American”, often had a good comeback to those said “we all came from somewhere else” :
    “I’m born in Montana, that makes me a native”

  • Tessa I.

    Yes, we came from somewhere else. LEGALLY. We have copies of my great-grandmother’s Ellis Island papers, among other things, and my great-great grandfather served the Union in the Civil War. I know where my roots are, and they’re planted solidly in America.

    If nobody counts except the first-ever people to set foot on a piece of land, then three-quarters of the countries currently operating are illegitimate. Arabs, get the hell out of Egypt, you heard the man–the native populace had it first! Kemet for the Kemetians!

  • BorderLine Guy

    Make sure you use their website form to share your “immigration” story! I immigrated to MN from WI, then returned to my homeland (WI) about 15 years later.

  • I M Free

    they came here LEGALLY on boats and planes. they DID NOT JUMP OVER THE FENCE, CRAWL UNDERGROUND, CROSS THE RIVER.

  • patteel

    “Native Americans came across the land bridge from Asia. So they have no more rights to America than we do. My ancestors came to the US about 1625 and some fought in the Revolutionary War to free us and build this country. I think that is long enough to have an opinion on the subject

  • ML

    Wow. What is this admin. trying to accomplish with this post? I’m all for immigrants coming over, but do it legally. My ancestors who had my surname came over in the early 1600s. So when people ask me what my heritage is, I just say I’m American. We’ve certainly been here long enough.

  • u_scruffy_nerf_herder

    Uh, I was born in the US, my parents were born in the US, and my grandparents were born in the US. My most recent immigrant ancestors were the parents of my mother’s father. They were LEGAL immigrants from Czechoslovakia, and they learned English and stuck to English. My mom never heard them use their native language.

  • David

    The White House Twitter feed acted stupidly. I mean, at some point, you’ve made enough….of an ass of yourself.

  • jebjr

    As usual Obama is clueless. The issue isn’t where we came from. While not “Native American”, as of last October my family is now into our 12th generation here and pre-dates the Revolutionary War by just over 100 years. A damned proud American. The fact is that the vast majority of us came here LEGALLY and obeyed the law!! That’s a distinction to pay attention to.

  • Jack Deth

    So, Kenya is the 57th state?

  • Kathleen

    The words “speak for yourself” seem particularly appropriate when Obama talks about being an immigrant.

  • Justin Mars

    Here is a little fact. Mexicans are actually Spaniards who raped and pillaged the Aztec Indians of their land. So maybe pot should meet kettle. Just saying.

  • Expat61

    Hate to tell you this, but everybody came from somewhere else, all over the world. And if native Americans had guns and big boats, they would have conquered Europe. No ethnic group is innocent. Every ethnic group killed people, owned slaves, practiced cannabilism, rape, murder, and drove people off of their lands. It was survival of the fittest. And, I say ethnic group, because there is only one race, the Human Race (we can all interbreed, so, sorry you pure-race, racist morons (la Raza, Black Muslims, and White supremists)). The Olmecs, the Toltecs, the Incas, the Mayans, the Aztecs, were all empires, and conquered the tribes around them. Indians in North America stole, killed, and captured women from each other. It was the stone age in the Americas when the Europeans came, and it was messy and brutal. And yes, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Zorastrians, Animists, and Pagans (and others I may have missed such as Daoists) all killed in the name of religion. How about we just get over it and move on?
    How about we focus on preserving the United States, the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and keep the USA strong to preserve the rest of the world from barbarism? Because if we go, the rest of the world is screwed.

  • neoface

    Yes, Obama came from Kenya, therefore he is not qualified to be POTUS!!!

    • Roto

      yea, except Kenya didn’t exist until 3 years AFTER he was born…

      • neoface

        When he became a senator that was part of his dossier, a senator native of Kenya, they only removed that when someone pointed out while running for president that he might not be qualified. Was he lying to get elected? Tell me it ain’t so!!! LOL!!!

  • yourmamatoo

    No wonder the low info Obama voters voted for for him.
    Good grief.

  • KhadijahMuhammad

    Let’s call this an “Appeal to Tradition” or an “Appeal to our History.”

    Well, we all come from ancestors who would have believed that same sex marriage is an abomination.

    I bet Obama doesn’t want us to think that way about THAT, now, does he?

  • Jim Chandler

    Just how many generations does it take to be “native?”

  • Bill Board

    My ancestors immigrated to Ellis Island LEGALLY and they assimilated to AMERICA’S ways. They learned English, got jobs, took care of themselves and became proud, productive, patriotic American citizens.

  • fivegreatkids

    Most of my ancestors came to this land in the early to mid 1600s. Native Americans came here from somewhere else too. Exactly how long does one’s family have to be here before one is considered American?

  • dkhilly

    My family story: they were the first citizens of the U.S. fighting in the revolutionary war….so, yeah, this is where I’m from.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Uhm, nope. I came from the faraway and exotic land known as Maryland. The White House should know this we’re right next door!

  • Kyle Schroeck

    My family has been here since before the American Revolution. Born in Pennsylvania. I am an American. My son is American. We are at the point where I don’t want my son to have to say he is a quarter German, Quarter Brazilian, Quarter Italian, an eighth Polish, and an eighth Welch… All that makes him American.

  • patriot fan

    Yes, my grandfather came here from Ireland LEGALLY. Expected nothing but an opportunity to make a better life. He worked hard and so did my dad. No food stamps, free health care, welfare, zip. They worked hard and made a good life for themselves and families. Dad was a proud WWII vet that liberated Jews from concentration camps. Never looking for a hand out. I am all for LEGAL immigration. Might I remind you “No Irish need apply” that is what they faced and overcame.

  • bo1921

    How typical. Remember the ridicule when people said the phony in the WH was from “someplace else”?

  • radicallyalyssa

    I came from ‘Merica and Italy. My mom actually became a citizen LEGALLY. Cool, huh? People actually followed the rules.

  • nc

    Tammy Bruce @HeyTammyBruce

    I now request to be called “Fights w Liberal Jackwagons”

    Tammy’s tweet reminds me that the libbies are constantly insisting that people have the right to define themselves – even sexually. However this right is void when you disagree with them.

  • Linda http://omega57.wordpress

    All Americans have immigrant origins in their history; so the point is what??? This undisputed point has no bearing on immigration reform and how to approach it or solve it.

  • Beth Lott

    I can trace a branch of my family tree back to people who came to the Americas in the 1620s. After 400 years, I’m pretty sure I’m allowed to be natively American at this point.

  • Marcy Cook

    Hey Obama just because you weren’t born here and you came from somewhere else don’t try to lump us in to your illegality.

  • BAW

    I don’t even know. All of my ancestors I know of (back 150+ years) were American born but I never really cared. I don’t understand people who think people or events that happened more than 100 years ago, much less 100s of years ago, somehow defines them. That’s not what defines me. American by birth, Texan by choice.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    @whitehouse That’s a pretty stupid, uninformed, sweeping statement to make. Of course, we’ve come to expect nothing less from you.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    @whitehouse But at least they came here LEGALLY. Not that you understand the difference.

  • marcellucci

    I think the White House is going to have to rethink their lax enforcement of their “No masterbating while Tweeting” rule…….

  • Sheerie Knoll

    Sorry WH~California native. born & bred. I guess that does make me a native American. (my parents & grandparents & great grandparents were born here ((except paternal great grandfather he was born in Germany))

  • muslim president

    Archeologists have long proven “indians” all came from Asia of the mongoloid race crossing the Bering Strait 1500 yrs ago and never were “native” Americans as the western hemisphere was never named America until 1512 after Italian European caucasoid race Americus Vespucia who was the first European to figure out it was not India but a new hemisphere discovered by white Europeans originally with the white hispanics in 1492.

  • muslim president

    “Indians” of the mongoloid Asian race are not native Americans and came from Asia 1500 yrs ago over the Bering land bridge.
    America was not named America until 1512 after European Italian Americus Vespucia.

  • white native american

    Sorry to advise you but history proves all the so called indians in the western hemisphere originated from Asia and came over on the Bering ice bridge.
    The name America was in honor of Italian European explorer Americus Vespucia in 1512 so it was not even called America until then.

    He figured out it was not India as was first thought. The real native Americans are the white caucasoid Europeans only. Everybody came from someplace including European native Americans and the mongoloid Asians who were here.

  • Tucker Latham

    Irrelevant, and BS. Response should be “And?” Might as well say “You’re a biped, too.”

  • white native american

    Had white Europeans landed and settled in Asia then they would have come from some place else and thus could not claim it as their own even if they conquered it.

    Had Asian indian migrants already here traveled to Europe then they likewise would not not be real natives either.

    Even the name “indian” is a mistake as they were not from India but from northeastern Asia although real Indians from Asia are of the Asian red yellow mongoloid race. Its a matter of semantics.

    Factually the western hemisphere was “neutral” and gives the original European caucasoid white hispanic latinos official ownership along with the white anglicans since they conquered the migrant mongoloid pagan Asians and taught them European languages such as Spanish or English plus taught them christianity.

    There is a difference between the real white caucasoid European hispanic latino and the red yellow mongoloid race Asian migrants.

    Both came from some place else. Neither owned the western hemisphere but winner takes all. Winner was the white European native American.

  • Stephanie Warren

    Maybe if your name is Barack Hussein Obama.

  • James

    I was born in New Mexico and my parents immigrated to Colorado in a 1974 Chevy Caprice station wagon. We could only speak New Mexican and didn’t know a lick of Coloradish. My father toiled away in the dusty fields of telecommunications. My Dad considered himself lucky. Back then you couldn’t feed your family if you didn’t have a job. Me and my brother slowly learned the language and worked our way through school. Back then you actually had to learn real things about the world. Like being born in America meant you were an American. I also remember, vaguely, something about a land bridge that people before me came over on. And I remember something, again vaguely, about America being the best country on earth, ever, and we should celebrate being Americans, not feel guilty about it. I would sit on my grandpappy;s knee in Denver drinking an ice-cold Coca-Cola thinking to myself “they have coke here, just like they do back in New Mexico. How crazy is that? We really are all the same.”

  • DearLeaderObamba

    Considering we all came from Adam and Eve in Africa, is the Whitehouse suggesting we get rid of pesky things called “borders” and ” embassies” and “visa” etc? At what point do people start dragging these ivory-tower morons into the streets

  • DurkaDurka

    Every day is another fking Commi headline from those foreign born sacks of [email protected]

  • ToyZebra

    I was born in this country. I’m as “native American” as anyone, except maybe Barry.

  • J_Kowalski

    I’m 3rd generation Polish-American, I don’t mind hyphenating because I’m proud of my heritage, but that doesn’t make me any less proud to be American. My great-grandparents came to America in the early 1900’s, and I know they came here legally because if they hadn’t, they would’ve never been allowed off the boat and sent straight back to Europe. Poland doesn’t share a border with the US, so it’s not like they could’ve snuck in.

  • Wayne Swanson

    I emigrated from Detroit.

    And “Native Americans” are “Pedestrian Americans” who walked across from Asia during an ice age. Science and all. If they didn’t, they’re not homo sapiens, but another species sharing a common ancestor with primates.

    Or so I read in Scientific American.

  • cscape

    My “ancestors” immigrated to America just over 100 years ago (from Eastern Europe in the years leading up to World War 1, to escape Pogroms)…. anyone who’s ever seen “The Godfather” knows what these immigrants went through to become Americans…. i am a 3rd generation American…. For those “in charge” of this government to suggest that my family is NO DIFFERENT than people who came here ILLEGALLY (without documentation, and without respect for our borders or laws) is a disgusting slap in the face! The moral relativism just doesn’t work!