Salon’s Alex Seitz-Wald might have a point when he accuses Fox News of “pushing bogus story lines on Benghazi.” After all, Fox (and four other networks) did give airtime to Amb. Susan Rice to explain how the terrorist attack in Libya that killed four Americans was actually a spontaneous protest inspired by a YouTube video. There’s no bigger bogus story line than that.

Now, on the eve of testimony from three Benghazi whistleblowers, Salon is concerned that these new witnesses won’t be taken seriously. Why not? Fox News has been so eager to embarrass the Obama administration —which hasn’t seemed to have done anything to help the Benghazi survivors tell their stories — that it has tainted the investigation with bogus reporting. That was news to Fox’s Brit Hume, who called Salon’s analysis “amazing.”

“Unlike the vast majority of the new information brought forward by the conservative media since the attack, the three whistle-blowers seem credible,” writes Seitz-Wald. So, how about that vast amount of information brought forward by the mainstream/liberal media on Benghazi? Was that credible? We don’t remember  — we lost track among all of the coverage of Fast and Furious and the Gosnell trial. That’s not to say liberal outlets ignored the story completely: Salon did pitch in to the investigation with pieces like “Susan Rice’s cowardly critics,” and Slate waded in just deeply enough to claim that “Republican charges of a cover-up are pure fiction.”

Now that Salon has gone on record calling the whistleblowers credible, we’re interested in the direction its coverage will take. Benghazi was a long time ago: is tomorrow the day we begin to get the real story?

  • Clayton Grant

    Salon has NEVER done any credible reporting.

    • Jeremy

      they are a joke no doubt

  • GrindingMills

    I’m preparing myself a big thud tomorrow. I’m not expecting anything near the hype the whistleblowers have gotten over the last few weeks.

    • Ben Bollman

      Why? There is already plenty of evidence suggesting that the Administration knew what was going and did nothing. All this does is confirm it without a shadow of a doubt.

      • GrindingMills

        That’s the thing, how are you a whistleblower when there is plenty of existing evidence?

        Just because the administration did nothing, it doesn’t mean that there’s fault. Look at Somalia. They tried an extraction, and it went horribly wrong. I just have a feeling that the whistleblowers wont be saying anything that hasnt already been said and the administration will be able to weasel out of it.

        • Ben Bollman

          What I am saying is that the whistle blowers are not going to just magically refute everything we already know although everything we know the Administration has been able to spin it or bury it. Eyewitness testimony is irrefutable proof that will be public and the Administration won’t be able to spin.

        • TocksNedlog

          “Just because the administration did nothing, it doesn’t mean that there’s fault.”
          — Read that over and over to yourself.

    • detroit19

      I pray that you are wrong…

    • BAW

      I don’t expect it to go much further than proving that the “video” lie was an intentional, willful, political lie and a diplomatic disaster (Rice – contradicting what the Libyan President had just said, basically calling him a liar or a fool in front of the whole world). Maybe more confirmation of the failure to provide proper security prior to the attack. But only a start to the failure to respond, with more allegations about “stand down” orders. But you have to start somewhere, especially when there’s so much to still be answered.

  • CherDash

    My tweet to Davie Weigel @Slate:
    [email protected]:disqus

    @daveweigel Who is full of pure fiction? … Oops, looks like it’s you.

  • Jeremy

    Salon is another branch of the Obama News Network

  • Marty Luther

    also true that Fox ruined it for Global Warming.

  • Osumashi Kinyobe

    These guys have backed themselves into a corner. What exactly about actually reporting on this was “bogus”?


  • I M Free

    another irrelevant liberal speaks.

  • oljw

    This isn’t ANYWHERE near over.

  • Brian Cates

    Yes, this is going to be the Lefty media’s new spin to ‘explain’ why they ignored important stories like Benghazi and Pigford.

    “You Conservative New Media types got in the way, so you ‘owned’ that issue so we stayed off of it.”