Among the saddest stories surrounding the rescue of Amanda Berry and two other women in Cleveland, Ohio, is the fact that Berry’s mother passed away without knowing that her daughter was still alive. During a TV appearance in 2004, psychic Sylvia Browne told Louwana Miller that her daughter was “in heaven and on the other side.” Miller died a year later of heart failure, though relatives say she died from a broken heart.

Our prediction? Browne won’t have a lot to say until comments like these blow over — and these are the nicer ones.

  • Lady 12

    Psychics are con artists preying off scared people. Sick vultures, this “lady” especially.

    • Jeremy

      yeah agreed they are just con artists

    • Garth Haycock

      If you substitute the word “psychics” with the word “progressives” you make an even more accurate statement.

  • Ben Bollman

    So people are surprised that psychics are frauds? The people who listened to her should have known better in the first place.

    • Jimni27

      Some grieving families will grasp on to anything for hope. But this lady was worse than Miss Cleo. Everybody was dead in the water, and Montel never did follow ups on anything- that should have been a clue, lol. Or as Charles would say DEAD GIVEAWAY.

      • Ben Bollman

        I know, I’m sure having a missing daughter will probably drive you to something like this also. I guess I just don’t understand putting so much faith in a psychic that one would give up hope based on a reading.

        • mickeyco

          I can understand the mother giving up hope after being told by this person that her daughter was dead. What I simply can’t understand is this woman telling the mother that her daughter was dead. A fraud is a fraud, but since your’re lying anyway, lie on the side of helping someone, not destroying them.

          • Ben Bollman

            All I am saying is there is a difference between being shown actual proof someone is dead and a psychic telling you the same thing. People should know better. And Sylvia Browne is still a slug.

        • Jimni27

          Probably because the not knowing is painful. No closure and maybe thinking a psychic has some type of answer will give them that, but I agree with mickey below- if you’re gonna lie, lie on the side that’s gonna help someone. BTW, I don’t think all psychics are frauds. Ones like Brown certainly are though.

          • Ben Bollman

            Honestly, I think they are all frauds and I think what they do even if they are correct is speculation. Even if you did believe them it should take some actual proof beyond a reasonable doubt to back it up, in that case you can never be too skeptical.

    • Travis Wolfeil

      Not only is it obvious that trusting a “psychic” would be foolish in the first place, but there’s a whole laundry list of examples where Browne’s “psychic powers” led her to make claims that were proven to be ridiculous. Such is the case with the abduction of six-year-old girl Opal Jo Jennings, whom she claimed was taken to a town in Japan called “Kukouro” or “Kukoura” and “forced into slavery.” No such town exists in Japan, and a man named Richard Lee Franks was arrested for and convicted of murdering her. Autopsy reports showed that she’d died from blunt force trauma to the head within hours of her abduction.

  • Spatial Awareness

    @Sylvia_Browne is a HUGE F*CKING FRAUD!!! This isn’t the first time this lying SACK OF SHlT has done this, and the missing person was found ALIVE many years later.

    • Jeremy

      yeah she is no one should believe this evil woman

  • Guest

    Sylvia also told a woman that her husband drowned. In reality he was a firefighter who died on 9/11

  • Jeremy

    This woman is just evil.

  • Jimni27

    Thank God for Charles Ramsey bringing a little light to this situation, because when I heard Sylvia Brown did the old ” your kid is dead in the water” spiel on Berry’s mother, and then she died from a broken heart ( so to speak), it was really so heartbreaking. To think that mom just wanted to hold on to some hope and that fraud ruined it makes me stabby.

  • Steve_J

    Just a grifter.

  • BritMhmkay

    Evil woman. KARMA!

  • Brian Roastbeef

    Disgusting. I doubt Montel gives half a crap either. Loser is probably in Colorado eating Funyuns and laughing at his own feet.

  • JR48

    Really? Spazzing over what Sylvia Browne said nine years ago? Like you expected reality from her in the first place?

    Psst: There are no such things as psychics. Here’s your sign.

  • Jeremy

    I will just leave this here

  • kim

    In 2008 she also said that whoever was elected would die in his first term. Looks like she missed that boat too

    • Bob Galasso

      Maybe she meant to say that the one elected in 2008 would make America die.

  • theslowrider

    I think the lazy dope smoking Montel has a lot of explaining to do. Damn democrats.

  • Stone Bryson

    I was listening live to Coast To Coast AM when the Sago Mine controversy erupted, when she proved to the whole world she was a fraud, yet still… there were people defending her. Sometimes people need something to believe in, I reckon…

    As for the judgmental posts here, there is irony in people here making dismissive, almost arrogant statements about those ‘stupid people’ trusting psychics. The irony is that the same statements found here are the ones Atheists use to demean and ridicule Christians.

    Respect other’s beliefs, no matter how foolish they may seem to you, and you will get respect in return. Criticize Sylvia all you want – she is a monster and deserves it, many times over – but go easy on those who believe.

    After all, what you send out will return to you.

  • John Smith

    Amazing how people fall for this crap called “psychic” even in this day and age.
    If this person or others can tell what no one knows, how come they don’t “have it all” and richer than anyone else?Can’t they predict the winning Lotto number?
    Scam artists, and the people who fall for them. Unfortunately, this time the victim was a brokenhearted mother.

  • agentm0m

    Psychics are nothing more than witchcraft, and both are frauds. ‘Nuff said.

    • Julie the Jarhead

      I think witches are far more reputable than psychics.

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    She’ll probably get fired from California Psychics. According to their commercial, all of THEIR psychics have “REAL” gifts.

    • TocksNedlog

      Apparently, they aren’t the only ones that are ‘gifted’.

  • Marcy Cook

    Sylvia’s hasn’t made sense in decades. And even worse Sylvia charges around $450 an hour for her readings. I know Amanda’s mother didn’t pay that but still….the snake oil salesman would have been cheaper and more accurate.

  • Herman LaClair

    it’s time for Ms Browne to turn in her Magic Eight Ball.

  • Bill Board

    If Browne was truly psychic, she should have ‘seen’ her own exposure coming, right?

    • TocksNedlog

      In the world of celebutards, there is no such thing as bad publicity.

  • John Segundo

    Let’s not let Montel get away unscathed, he’s promoted her for years…

  • vcferlita

    She said the same thing about a young boy that went missing, but was found a few years in a man’s apartment with another child that had been kidnapped. She’s 0 for 2.

    • TocksNedlog

      She’s 0 for a lot more than 2.

  • CrustyB

    When your source of income depends on your talent to bullshit people, it’s time to rethink your life.

    • Clayton B

      . . . or get re-elected . . .

  • Kevin

    Looks like she has deleted or disabled her account.

    • Kevin

      @Sylvia_Browne, that is.

  • Guest

    Don’t blame Sylvia Brown, she never saw it coming. American lefties are so vunerable, once and for all; psychics do not exist, the tooth fairy isn’t real, Clinton did have sex with that woman and Obama was shooting hoops or playing with Reggie Love when Benghazi was falling. The preceding truths are self evident.

  • radicallyalyssa

    Update: She deleted her Twitter!

  • porgiefirefighter

    Go help some Hollywood morons talk to their dead pets. Never met a psychic that wasn’t a disgusting BS-ing parasite.

  • Sua Sponte

    Still find it amazing that people in this day and age still believe these people have some special abilities…I look at it the same way I look a those who call themselves “prophets”, if you are wrong 1 time out of 100, you are not a “prophet”…Same goes for these psychic leeches..

  • Lurker

    Did she shut down her Twitter page?

  • Patrica2000

    She told her you will see her in heven and she was right. The mother died and will see her in heaven.

  • Ronda

    She also told Shawn Hornebeck’s parents he was dead on the Montel Williams Show.