Former South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford has won the special election for South Carolina’s 1st District House seat in what Matt Drudge is hoping is a bellwether of 2014. Sanford defeated — well, is it OK now if we just call her Stephen Colbert’s sister?

Let’s check in with the Left to see how heads and headlines are spinning.

Um, when did you ever stop?

That’s looking on the bright side.

Update: It appears the spin has settled on a direction; the Sanford victory gives Democrats a renewed license to campaign on the GOP’s “war on women.”

Sanford won far more than a House seat tonight.

  • Spatial Awareness

    #FamilyValues ==> **ehm**cough** BILL CLINTON **cough**
    JOHN EDWARDS ** ehm** .@markos

    • illegaloperation

      Sanford voted to impeach Clinton.

      • Spatial Awareness


      • Mary Kilbride

        Right choice. Clinton deserved to be impeached after his lying under oath, and abusing the Oval Office, and his power as President. It was an ABUSE of power

      • ValueEngring

        Clinton used his position of power to coerce a subordinate to blow him under the desk while making phone calls to foreign dignitaries, then lied under oath and to every man woman and child in the country in a national address, not the same.

        • Jim Denney

          Slick Willie literally left a stain on the Presidency.
          Unfortunately, Obama is busily disgracing the entire executive branch with his unique brand of Chicago cesspool politics.

    • 3seven77

      Let us not forget those paragons of “family values”, the Kennedy Brothers.

    • Dapandico

      Ted Kennedy

  • Squirrel!

    My take…. that’s how bad it’s going to be for Dems in 2014. I know the guy did some bad things going to S. America unbeknownst to anyone to carry on an affair but he’s actually engaged to the woman and it’s not like she was an underage Dominican prostitute…. what is happening in that investigation involving Mr. Menendez anyway? Seems no one has mentioned it in quite a while.

  • thetreyman

    i said it a while back. a dem hasnt one that seat since the 70’s. i now believe that he will have a primary fight to hold it in 2014 and many elections after if he keeps it. i dont blame the people of SC-01 one bit. just next time get behind a single challenger.

  • capisce

    Family values? When a serial sex abuser is the elder statesman of your party, I don’t think you want to go there. Let’s get some input from Monica Lewinsky & Rielle Hunter.

    • jb

      I thought Bill was Monica’s input?

      • Jd1367

        I believe that was a Cohiba

    • $4356589

      You just don’t get it, do you? Democrats DON’T campaign on a platform of family values. It doesn’t make their sinful behavior right, but it also doesn’t make it hypocritical. Republicans, on the other hand, claim to be the party of moral values in this country (thus luring in gullible Christians who prefer to have others tell them what to think), so when they don’t practice what they preach, they deserve to get called on it. Funny how the only response conservatards have to being called on it is “B-b-b-ut Clinton!!” when perhaps they should be looking at cleaning their own house and working toward being credible.

      • Rodney S. Freeman

        So, what do you call it when all the Democrats want to call 2 men getting “married” and adopting a little boy. Several liberal news papers said that was a family also. Sounds like child abuse to me.

  • Booker

    Don’t pontificate when you folks have Slick Willie on your side. Monica could have been a mole you know.

  • nc

    Dems can make fun all they want, but the only standards they have are double standards.

    He may not have been my first choice, but I’m glad Sanford won this contest. Congratulations!

  • CR

    Here is the big thing dems don’t understand. Dems have no effective good IDEAS so they trade on personality (and giving away free stuff). Republicans make voting decisions based on ideals. If someone votes the right way, it is better to choose that person over a candidate who will vote the wrong way, even if you don’t like the person personally or if the person made some mistakes in the past.

    Sorry I don’t choose my political candidates based on some cult of personality and vague promises of “hope” and “change” but instead on how they are going to actually vote while in office representing me.

  • Joseph Burgess

    Well with the asshole Liberals we lose our gun rights and we lose our freedom. I’m from Michigan and I guess I must be a redneck. but I will keep my freedom and guns, and that means I won’t have to kiss Obama’s ass! I say impeach Obama!!

  • jb

    Donna brazile: where are your tweets defending Haley in s.c.?

  • SJ’s Dad

    Psssst . . . Ms. Brazile . . .
    your bias is showing!

  • gracepmc

    John Edwards — Democrats and Family Values and Respect for Women.

    • Dapandico

      The Enquirer scooped the LSM on the Edwards story.

  • greenLibertarian

    No one is perfect, let’s give the man a chance. Everyone deserves a chance to redeem themselves.

  • Murphy Linn Spears

    A moment of sanity and hope…

  • lillymckim

    @markos .
    A wins a win! Thank You! Spiking the proverbial football?
    Oh yes I’am!

  • I M Free

    Bill Clinton and John Edwards = Anthony Wiener

  • forgetyoutooo

    The party of Weiner and Edwards crying (literally) about family values :)

    • ValueEngring

      Family values only matters when you can get Republicans to eat their own. For Democrats it’s a resume enhancement.

      • Jim Denney

        “Eating their own” sounds like a lifelong dream for Barney Frank.

  • Mary Kilbride

    You all didn’t feel like it was a “war on women” with Bill Clinton, did you? Or John Edwards? Stop the nonsense!

  • lainer51

    Funny how worried the libs are about Sanford cheating on his wife but have no qualms about Gosnell killing innocent babies…

  • RememberSekhmet

    What this means is that South Carolinans would rather vote for a sketchy adulterer, swim in a pool of sewage, get boiled in oil, and eat live toads than vote for a bunch of power-grabbing wannabee tyrants like the modern Democrat Party. THAT is what this election means. South Carolinians don’t. Like. Democrats. Look THAT up in your Funk and Wagnall’s

    • mickeyco

      Very nicely stated.

    • Dale Hanna

      I concur! That and we just wanted to piss off a bunch of libtards.

    • wwbdinct

      That made me laugh! I haven’t heard that expression in a LONG time!

    • Rodney S. Freeman

      The LAST Democrat we loved was Strom Thurmond. And he switched to the Republican party.

  • BeccaLeigh

    the dems are just butt hurt because Sanford made his campaign into a referendum on Nancy Piglosi and the Dem Party in general

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Excellent. Squirm DNC biatches!!!! 2014 is getting closer and closer…….

    And very interesting that Sanford won by 9% even though Colbert-Busch was on the ballot twice and her two party votes were combined. Curious as to what her dis-aggregated % of the vote was as an outright Democrat?

  • Finrod Felagund

    The party of Teddy Kennedy and Barney Frank has no right to criticize Mark Sanford.

  • Eastwood Ravine

    I’m calling it first. Sanford wins in November of ’14, and then is a favorite for the Veep slot on the 2016 GOP ticket.

    • wwbdinct

      Your sarcasm not withstanding, the whole point is that someone with the last name of COLBERT got beat – big time! Bwaaaahahahahaha!

      • Dapandico

        Two years ago she was Just Liz Busch.

    • NCRelite

      the election turnout was around 30%

  • Brian Dani

    What is all the fuss ragging on Sanford. He aligns with the meme of the left very well, you know sex and abortions on demand, paid for by the tax payers. So for the libs to demean him is no different than the positions they promote. It is so fun to watch idiots in action.

    • Rodney S. Freeman

      Actually, he’s Pro-Life. I’m a South Carolinian and remember his run for Governor. The sex part, all I can say is, the divorce rate is over 60% in the US, it sucks to be a Public Figure and have an affair. If he was a co-worker we all might talk about him, but we wouldn’t vilify him like the Left is doing.

  • Infinite_Indeterminism

    I’m actually more intrigued with a comment quoted above, and which I’ll repeat here:

    “Mark Sanford. Proof that the sequester has effected quality control in South Carolina.”

    Note: “has effected QC”…

    In other words, the commentator thinks that the tiny sequester has been instrumental in creating quality control in SC.

    Somehow, I find that thought intriguing…

    (Alternatively, the commentator may have meant to write “affected” – without specifying whether that change is for the better or the worse…)

    • Paladin

      If I could figure out what your talking about, than I might agree with what youre saying their.

    • Rodney S. Freeman

      This was incorrect. We have Boeing, GE, BMW, ZF, RexRoth, Baldor, Honeywell. ICAR and a slew of other internationally known companies in SC. We know all about Quality Control, Six Sigma, AS9100, ISO 9000, ISO 14000 and many other types of Quality Systems that the “Blue” state this person is from would never be exposed to.
      Mark Sanford did a great job as the Rep from SC01, He did a great job as Governor, He messed up in his personal life and it cost him. But that won’t affect the fact that he was the better candidate.

  • Dapandico

    Is Donna aware SC has a female Governor?

    • Rodney S. Freeman

      Uh, obsessively NO! LOL!