Just this week the FBI issued surveillance photos of some of the “protesters” outside the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, last Sept. 11. That, of course, was the protest that never was, inspired by that despicable and hateful YouTube video that practically no one had seen. We’ve heard more than a few people say that investigators should just “let it go” — the terrorist attack that killed four Americans “happened a long time ago” and, besides, the election is over and Obama won. What difference, at this point, does it make?

Some of the more curious out there just can’t help but wonder, though, just where all of that YouTube video business came from. Ace of Spades has posted a great analysis of the situation, based on a piece by the Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes, but just in case the State Department misses it there, Ace posted the highlights to Twitter. Who knows? Maybe someone in the news business will chance upon some of these questions and look into them.

Benghazi’s not going away, at least not this weekend.

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        I have no problem with sharing….

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          Oh… OK! ~_^

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            I understand he is recently out of a long-term relationship with Rubio’s garbage. So now is the time to strike, while he’s vulnerable.

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            Those with reasonable minds will let the sunshine in eventually. ~_^

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          If you want to keep up with what is REALLY going on in this country, Twitter is the place to be. SO many good political bloggers and commentors who will link you to the stories that the MSM doesn’t want you to know about. I don’t post a lot on Twitter, but I follow a lot of intelligent, knowledgeable people (Like Michelle M) who keep me well informed.

          • http://extremesplash.wordpress.com/ Ben Bollman

            And Twitter is up to the minute on news, you’ll get news a lot faster than anywhere else by seeing what is trending. Plus you get to interact with like-minded people and even school a liberal or two if you choose.

    • Esau’s Message

      Ace should thank his lucky stars that State and Justice have not found any parole violations on him.

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    If I were Ms. Nuland, I’d stay away from Fort Marcy Park.

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  • Drivingtheview

    Mainstream is pissed about another story they can’t afford to cover with limited mainstream resources. Stephanopoulos is still in LA with Gay Basketball Player. Investigative reporters that covered cost of Ann Romney’s clothing got sequestered. ACE is THE Champ

    • Slapweasel

      It was actually Stephen Hayes from The Weekly Standard that broke the story. Satirist has the link just below.

      • Drivingtheview

        You are correct. Read it & Hayes wrote an amazingly detailed account. Just sayin ACE rocks

        • Slapweasel

          He does, in-DEED.

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    You realize of course, Victoria Nuland WILL be found dead.

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      That would be interesting……..

    • Slapweasel

      “Vince Fostered”.

      …so young.

  • Clayton Grant

    It’s simple. The changes were made because Obama had an election to win, no matter what it took. (or who died)
    If you haven’t read Stephen Hayes’ article at the Weekly Standard, you should. It is by far the best breakdown of the points and timeline I’ve seen.

    • Slapweasel

      Good call. Beat me to it, amigo!

      *high five*

      • Clayton Grant


        • Slapweasel

          He is the one who actually broke it this afternoon; possibly this morning EST. Don’t know where he got the legit paperwork, but he did the legwork….credit due.

          • Clayton Grant

            Hayes is one of the best, if not the top – Fox contributor and panelist. Catherine Herridge has also doggedly followed this story and made major revelations. She’s a great investigative journalist.

          • Slapweasel

            LOVE Catherine Heridge! She’s always dogged and supremely informed!

  • Joe W.

    Someone should begin getting Barky & Shilary’s cells prepared. This is NOT going away, and what they have done is detestable as well as treasonous.

    • Slapweasel

      Slippery is so slippery that it tends to squirm out of trouble.

      …with the aid of The Media Whores, of course.

  • TJ

    The ads against Hillary 2016 should already be made and online with only lack of money is keeping them off the TV.

    • BlahBlah

      She really recovered from that bad concussion and double vision remarkably fast. I mean right after the hearings.

      • http://www.facebook.com/lisa.dean.564 Lisa Dean

        Excellent point @disqus_kB3WIkwPnM:disqus – I’ve been thinking the same thing for quite a while.

  • BlahBlah

    It doesn’t matter what Barry does, it matters what the media says he does. I’ve seen it all once or twice before. Like with Milosevic.

  • EOD

    It’s always the cover-up that trips-up the Government…. take Benghazi for instance, a name of a place in Libya, sure, and an instance in very recent US History where members of US Federal Government involved may have given aid and comfort to the enemy by trying to cover-up direct enemy involvment in the Benghazi Attack on the US Mission in Libya on 9-11-12.

    The people involved in the cover-up of the cover-up should also be looked at for sentences in Federal Prison.

    I fully expect the US Congress to impeach at the very least a few dozen Federal Civil Offiers, to include members of the Cabinet, and perhaps even the President himself.

    • Slapweasel

      These slimy bastards let people DIE. Please allow me to repeat that:

      These slimy bastards LET PEOPLE DIE.

      Barry went to bed and then flew off to Vegas. Media?

      “Why are you politicizing this, Mitt?”

      *shhh* …”I’ll ask him if he’s a douche and you ask him if he’s a big douche”

  • Jeremy

    Victoria Nuland is just another Obama stooge doing the dirty work for him.

  • Bill Board

    Can you say “fall guy”? Or, in this instance, “fall gal”.

    • Slapweasel

      Nuland’s the easiest to hang out to dry. It is, well, cut-and-dried.

  • FrankG

    Never liked her, she’s as bad as her boss, Hillary (2016!). Trouble is, there’s no WH closet to disappear these files, Hill

  • AaronHarrisinAlaska

    …50 years ago the media would have torn this administration apart. Eric Holder would have resigned with in 24 hours of Fast and Furious and Hillary would have fled the country. But today…it’s all really Orwellian

    • Slapweasel

      Ain’t it, though?

      …Some Pigs Are More Equal Than Others.

    • http://extremesplash.wordpress.com/ Ben Bollman

      Even during the Clinton Administration it wasn’t this bad, they still valued ratings above their politics with the Lewinsky scandal. Now they are basically an extension of his PR team, he can do no evil to them.

  • Slapweasel

    You gotta love Jason Chaffetz. He’s hanging out in the background, daggers poised for Fox News Sunday. Get ’em, Jason.

    …Maybe someday that semi-weasel Issa will get his chance with Fast & Furious.


  • http://www.facebook.com/brett.mcmicken Brett McMicken

    Liberal Reaction: RACIST!
    Next Liberal Reaction: BUSH!

  • Slapweasel

    A guy by the Handle – ‘Empire of Jeff’ posts this at AceofSpadesHQ:

    Don’t worry, Hillary told the families of the victims. We got the guy who made that video.

    We sat in a room and watched your sons die half a world away. And then we jailed a YouTuber in Schenectady. You’re welcome.

    • Slapweasel


      -Please tell me that Hillary Clinton will be held as responsible, if not more so than Victoria Nuland.

      -Please tell me that she will be FOREVER known for the phrase: “What Difference Does It Make?!?”

      -Please tell me that your sunlight shines on *some* members of ‘the media’; as it were.

      -Please tell me that I’ll not have to sleep under a Socialist Blanket; Democrat –or– Republican, much longer.

      Please, God. I thank you for all your blessings.

      –P.S.: Please assuage the families their loss of these brave men.


  • giatny

    The American people and the families deserve the truth and
    justice. I think I am the most disappointed that Petraeus lied
    to Congress about the “video”. The rest of the stooges I expected
    to lie. The MSM continues to claim this is just the right wing
    politicizing the issue. Since they never did any research themselves, how would they know what really happened???

    • Slapweasel

      Petraeus made himself a tool.


    • IHC

      I think by that time, petraeus was already blackmailed into silence.

  • Axelgreaser

    Victoria Nutland just does what serial crooks and liars Soros, Hillary, Bill, Jarret, Axelrod and Obama (in new, ever changing order of importance) tell her to do. She’s a mouthpiece.

  • capisce

    The administration and the media have been right all along – Benghazi IS a political issue. They conveniently neglect to mention whose political interests were, and are, being protected.
    Anybody need a hint?
    Anyone besides Juan Williams?

  • BAW

    Okay, the comments convinced me I have to go read the article.

    • BAW

      So, the White House provided the emails to members of the House and Senate intelligence committees “for a limited time and with the stipulation that
      the documents were available for review only and would not be turned
      over to the committees.” Was that intended to give them some sort of deniable or will they attack reports as exposure of classified information or did they provide so much stuff for such a short period of time that they thought the important stuff would be missed?

      I honestly assumed they had just never and would never turn over anything incriminating at least until it really was too late for it to make any real difference to anybody.

      • anjullyn

        It was too late….it was after the election. That’s all they cared about. Remember the way Romney was jumped on every time he tried to bring it up.

      • IHC

        They were forced to make them temporarily available-Brennan’s confirmation was hanging in the balance and, they needed him asap to be director at the CIA to create more mischief.

  • http://youhavetobethistalltogoonthisride.blogspot.com/ keyboard jockey

    So now Victoria Nuland is going under the bus – like the many before her sacrificed on the altar of Clinton political ambition. Victoria Nuland is a familiar face of the State Department on the boob tube. Victoria Nuland isn’t in charge of jack squat.

  • Dutra

    This administration can tell a lie better than they can tell the truth. I had a wife once like that. I divorced her.

  • http://news4themasses.wordpress.com/ News4themasses

    None of this should come as s shock or surprise that the entire intelligence community Led to the US public. Start asking real questions like, What have they not lied about? That last Domestic terrorist act (Boston Bombing) has CIA goon prints all over it. But Joe Public had been conditioned to accept the “Islamic Terrorist” script. God help us when the American ppl realize how corrupt the Govt truly is.

  • tops116

    Hey, this isn’t fair. Yeah, they altered the Benghazi talking points, allowed four people to die and lied to the American people, but it happened like eight months ago. That was a long time ago. We should just let them get back to blaming everything on George Bush, who was president over four years ago. You see how much sense this all makes, right? Right?

    • MyrmidoNOT

      PRE-election jitters…??

  • MyrmidoNOT

    Again (sadly)…
    “The Libyan Ambassador and his three compatriots have no comment.”

    Utterly amazing how “fast” they ‘tried to’ sweep-this-under-the-rug…

  • neoface

    Nuland always looked as she can use some “Redbull”, she definitely can use some uppers for her half dead demeanor. She should take some of whatever that fiery “what does matter Hillary” was taking. LOL!!! I hope they all burn in hell in their own way. Hillary 2016? Not a chance, she might be in jail, or at least take away her pension.

  • Linda http://omega57.wordpress

    Guess they were never taught by their moms not to lie because 1. it is wrong and 2. you will be caught. Once a fellow officer did something a commander insisted on; not illegal but it idid compromise his integrity. His advice to me as a younger officer, “Never ever do that! It will haunt you.” Some of the best advice I ever got. And followed.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/ConcernedONETOO/featured ConcernedOne

    This IS enough evidence for impeachment…so will congress sit this one out too?

  • Notjack

    What difference does it make, Mme. Secretary?

    It’s the difference between life and death.

  • http://drawandstrike.blogspot.com/ Brian Cates

    It has now become abundantly clear why Victoria Nuland was recently yanked as St. Dept. spokesflack and replaced. So she couldn’t be asked the kind of questions Ace is asking in this post.

    I hope she gets dragged out of whatever hole they are hiding her in so she can be confronted with these questions.

    • dabbobean

      I think she’ll soon be leaving State to spend more time with her family.

  • Jason Call

    Read the transcript, Candy.

  • Ray_Van_Dune

    This bumper-sticker needs making! If anyone wants to, I declare it in the public domain.

  • yestradamous

    Are things routinely changed to avoid political pressure?
    Given the fact that the State Dept is acting like this is nothing special, I think we can conclude that the answer is “yes.”

  • dabbobean

    May I remind you that these talking points were changed to protect not only the smartest woman on the planet but also Chicago Jesus…….that’s a double goucher I’m sure if you ask America’s Top Cop Eric Holder he’ll tell you it was OK.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Love that they quietly replaced this lying bitch with another lying little bitch. What’s his name? =)