The rush to judgment following the Boston Marathon bombings was yet another reminder to get the facts before jumping to conclusions. But, as Jay Carney might say, Boston was a long time ago. As Guns & Patriots editor Neil McCabe noted, it’s never too soon to blame the NRA whenever there’s a shooting. And with the NRA holding its annual convention in Houston just a day after a shooting at Bush Intercontinental Airport, the urge to connect the dots is just too strong to resist.

Will today’s incident force the NRA to reconsider its support of shootings in airports and other gun-free zones?

Houston’s a pretty small town; the guy has to have been headed to the convention, right?

  • CDUB

    Those comments are sick. As a reminder, the NRA is made up of Americans who support the 2nd Amendment. The NRA teaches many, many gun safety courses etc. on any given day.

    Your liberal attack on the NRA, – ie: the Members – is backfiring.

  • Jimni27

    So is this game sorta like the Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon ?

    • John (it true me am)

      No, because you can actually eventually draw a real connection to Kevin Bacon in that game.

  • TJ

    Will they make note that he only kill himself when he was confronted by a good guy with a gun and not unarmed victims.

  • Tyrconnell

    Makes me doubt that those 20 years were worth it.

  • TJ

    The latest was he wanted suicide by cop. No better place than the airport.

  • Jeremy

    typical Liibtards always want too blame the NRA for everything under the sun

  • Jeremy

    I wonder if any lib has blamed climate change on handguns? it wouldn’t surprise me

    • AaronHarrisinAlaska

      Yes, actually. A few years back when they still called it global warming some university failure tried tying the rise in heat with a rise in violence and gun sales.

      • Jeremy

        let me guess an Ivy league Professor

        • Robby Gregg


  • Clete Torres

    Liberals. A collection of one-note banjoes.

  • Slapweasel

    Let’s hear it for the ass-wipe Media!:

    -Gun Used Near Filling Station, Where They Keep Gasoline
    -Gun Fired In Anger at Local Turkey
    -Shots Fired at Shooting Range; Tea People Live Nearby
    -NRA Connected to Rise in Abortion Rates
    -Bullet Rounds Found in Over-Sized Assault Maga-Clip
    -Shooter Hits Cloud, Damages Environment, NRA Silent
    -Little Jimmy: “Guns Are Loud And Angry”; NRA Denies
    -Democrats/Media What is This “Crazy” You Speak Of?
    -Conceal/Carry Scares Smaller Dogs
    -Assault Weapons Used to Shoot Endangered Trees
    -Airports No Longer Safe From Gun Nuts?
    -Of Course: Texan Shoots Helpless, Brightly-Colored Balloon
    -NRA Holds Meeting Near Lil’ Billy’s Bar Mitzvah; No Comment

    • Slapweasel

      …corrections to all these stories can be found on d-14

    • BigTBoom

      Here’s one probably not getting much coverage…

      -Kid expelled for forgetting riffle in car after hunting trip. Discovered by school when he is over heard calling his mom to come pick it up from his car.

      It’s a felony for the kid, yet an administrator with a gun on campus only gets a misdemeanor…

  • RblDiver

    They claim he’s an NRA convention-goer? I counter that he was trying to offset his future carbon footprint and thus I blame Al Gore!


    Libturds ALWAYS failed to state the obvious. The bombers in the Boston Marathon bombings were Muslim. The guy who shot himself here just shot himself.

  • Steve_J

    If he was going to the NRA convention in Houston why did he go to the Houston airport. Was the convention on the other end of town?

  • Kenai

    More likely that the poor guy was driven to suicide by the TSA.

  • Gary Freeman

    So Muslims commit acts of terrorism and aren’t called killers by the left. Abortion supporters butcher their babies because they are too pathetic to take care of what they brought into the world, but they aren’t called child killers. But they turn around and say that the NRA kills kids because they support the constitution. There is nothing more braindead and evil than a liberal. They hate the truth, they hate the law, they hate anything American (forgetting that they themselves are American), and they hate Christians. But they LOVE Muslims. Especially the ones that kill people.

    • Robby Gregg


    • rusty50

      Love is blind for lefty idiots.

  • JR48

    “If I have biases, is it better to hide them or be honest about them? Serious question.”

    Here’s my answer: You’re supposed to be a journalist not an op ed writer. Two different things. I’m sure that’s confusing for you.

  • CombatDiver

    Rumor has it, lefties are blaming “global warming” on the NRA.


    These Liars, need to produce the Death Certificates stating that NRA killed them and how they killed them, or they need to be sued for defamation of character.

  • gekkobear

    I’m impressed at the number of people still misreporting which weapon he used…

    “In addition to the pistol, Moore had an AR-15 rifle in the suitcase he took to the airport Thursday, but he did not take that weapon out, police said.”

    Yes it makes gun control easier if he used the “scary” assault rifle that was unfired in his suitcase, and not the Glock pistol that he actually fired… but the facts don’t seem to hold up that story.

    Assuming facts matter.

  • Stevon f. Nutt

    This is like saying that the influx of illegals are linked to Obama’s lax welfare assistance programs.
    In all seriousness, It’s more like saying that Mayor Bloomberg is funding an anti-American group that acts like a terrorist group in its attacks on the Second Amendment and the Constitution!
    Oh hell! I just realized both of these examples can be proven!

  • cscape

    while the notion that the “NRA kills our kids” is demonstrably arguable….. there is absolutely NO DOUBT that Planned Parenthood kills our kids – by the millions!!!!

  • Meghan Vice

    The picture for the front of this article nails the attitudes of these brainless morons. “NRA kills our kids.” What about Planned Parenthood? FAR more children are killed in abortions than die by gunshot wounds. Open your f**king eyes america.