Don’t take shelter just yet — the Weather Channel has since cleaned up its “Hurricane Central” feed, but a series of alerts had at least a few followers on edge before they realized something wasn’t quite right.

Other cable stations can get away with showing reruns, but the Weather Channel’s retrospective didn’t go over well.

  • RblDiver

    I blame global warming. After all, apparently it can cause both hot weather and cold weather, so why can’t it learn to hack Twitter too?

    • Guest

      Thankfully we have patriots like Al Gore telling us how we can stop this monstrosity. All we have to do is give him millions and he will protect us!

      • Canadian in USA

        After all, he *did* invent the internet.

  • NotaLemming

    This blows… ok that was bad.

    • Canadian in USA

      Da dum bump!

  • JR48

    The Weather Channel isn’t considered weather by those who actually follow weather. They’re model regurgitators, not forecasters.

  • Clete Torres

    John Coleman has got to be bitterly disappointed in what his formerly great product has become.