As with just about anything the vice president says, context really isn’t relevant here. It sounds creepy, but what does it mean?


Oh dear: Joe Biden makes mind-blowing sexual gaffe about cheerleaders

Joe Biden waxes poetic about Barack Obama’s ‘big stick’

Pervtastic: Joe Biden tells Sen. Heitkamp’s husband to spread his legs, offers Sen. Scott’s brother help with pecs

TMI: Biden: ‘I’ve known 8 presidents, 3 of them intimately’

  • Brian David Stockman

    Cool! I made Twitchy! Keep up the Fight Twitchy Team!! @MichelleMalkin @Twitchy

    • nc

      Congrats! Like your avatar, too.

  • CombatDiver

    Maybe his daughter needs to buy a double barrel shot gun, pop off a couple shots into the air and then go get a few ” morning after pills.”

    • angeleyez

      Doesn’t a dream about a snake in the bed have some
      kind of a sexual desire meaning ?

  • wrenhal2010

    He’s trying to say that at 15 they then have some snake of a guy in their bed and thus need the plan B pill. Right?

  • Chip

    Just tell Weiner he’s in the wrong room again.

  • Bill Board

    Biden’s lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon rut.

  • Spatial Awareness

    @VP <== No one wants to hear your gross phallic euphemisms. #GoHomeYoureDRUNK

  • Steve_J

    His comment makes him sound kind of pervy.

    • SJ’s Dad

      Nah! . . . ya think?!?!?!?!?!

    • trixiewoobeans

      Kind of??

  • Renny

    He shouldn’t invite Bill Clinton to his parties.

    • June Clinkenbeard

      I’d take Bill Clinton any day over Biden and that’s not an easy thing to admit. Clinton is a politician. Biden is just an embarrassing moron.

  • Rich Cutter Avallone

    Hard to believe this man is one heart beat away from the presidency. total idiot.

    • Ronald Green

      Scary thought, the stuff nightmares are made of.

      • Judy B

        Precisely why one needs to keep brain bleach handy.

    • Juliette Akinyi Ochieng

      Obama’s impeachment insurance.

    • David Johnson

      Which brings up the obvious. The Libtards hounding of Sarah Palin when she was running for VP. She’s the “Valedictorian of a MIT Graduation” next to biden!

      • Judy B

        Palin has more common sense in her little finger than most of the idiots in DC put together.

        • pogo13

          Correction, Judy: “all” of the idiots in Washington DC. If brains was gasoline, you wouldn’t find enough in Congress to power a piss-ant’s motor scooter around the inside of a Cheerio – one time.

    • pogo13

      You have to know the Chinese government is laughing behind their hands at the two classless, clueless bozos we have running things. What a pair of doofs…

  • sardiverdave

    “If I had a snake in the bed, it would look like that.”

    –President Obama

  • Keith Davidson


  • Fritz Erbelding

    Please tell me he isn’t confessing to lusting after his own daughters. Using the snake medifor for the temptation of sin.

    • ForTheRepublic

      I doubt that Uncle Joe is that kind of guy. Foolish? Yes. Peadophilic? Doubtful.

  • Jarhead83

    “There’s a snake in my boot!”…Oh, sorry, wrong Woody…

  • Ronald Green

    And Liberals made fun of G W Bush… SMH

  • Donna W

    I think he’s trying to say something to the effect that girls grow up very fast, and become something not-so-nice. Dad ‘puts her to bed’ as a beautiful little girl, and she grows up almost overnight…he’s definately mocking society and the family unit. It really disgusts me.

  • Terry_Jim

    I can hear Joe Biden saying this

    ” I just shipped my bed! “

  • digitalPimple

    The man needs a full mental workup stat. Seriously.

    • Slapweasel

      I’m afraid an MRI would only reveal a bunny eating a pomegranate.

      • Dutra

        More like that little monkey clapping the cymbals together.

      • June Clinkenbeard

        Yes! That made me laugh so hard! I know I will be thinking about that the rest of the day. I do believe you have made it possible for me to not want to vomit every time I think of our idiot of a VP. You are doing the Lord’s work. Thank you!!

        • Lady 12

          Pardon my ignorance, but I don’t get it.

          • Slapweasel

            While an “X-Ray” would have made a better, real visual, I used MRI instead. If you “photoed” Biden’s head, that would be the “activity” you’d see.

    • Rosewould

      They x-rayed his head one time but they didn’t find anything.

    • Judy B

      I’m seriously pro life, but dang, Biden almost makes me want euthanasia!

  • say what?

    Wow for a second I thought that was a picture of bubba….

  • tops116

    Enough is enough! I have had it with these motherf***ing snakes in this motherf***ing bed!

  • Patrick Orr

    There is a bit of a perferted side to this guy. No way he would ever try and run for President. Too much on him. He would be the Joke. Then we got one now anyway. What the heck, go head.

    • June Clinkenbeard

      Yeah I think he’s a pervert too but he has run for president, twice! I’m reasonably certain he will try it again. Thinks he has the inside track ya know? God help us all…

  • Big Ed

    This guy really believes he will run for President in 2016?

  • Joel A. Edge

    There is something fundamentally wrong with him.

    • Dutra


    • jaydeebee

      It’s called “stupid” and you can’t fix it–not even with duct tape.

  • Junie3

    What is there about this man that would make a woman, a PHD say yes to will you marry me? I’d run away if I were his dog, he’s a friggin ding bat.

    • Jason Call
    • bicentennialguy

      She’s said in the past that she got her doctorate because she was jealous of people addressing her husband as “Senator.” She wanted a title too. I’m not making this up – I need to come up with the link.

  • Hickory Stonewall

    slime/trash, what’s up in 2016, can we survive them?

  • Dutra

    Why is Biden always saying stupid things? OK, I can explain it. He drinks too much. That’s all there is to it. The man has a drinking problem.

  • Lynn

    This was at a benefit dinner for a group that helps domestic violence survivors. Not only did he make the bizarre snake reference but also mentioned the rape in the movie ‘Deliverance’…..I can’t wait for the day this man is no longer our VP. He is way too inappropriate!

  • grais

    Could it be any more clear that those aneurysms did real, serious, and lasting damage?

  • June Clinkenbeard

    Ick! Projection! I can’t take anymore of his nauseatingly bad blatherings and the fact that our POS media fail to report it. Such an embarrassment…

  • righthook38

    What a freakin’ weirdo….

  • John Free

    At LEAST- when she turns 15- Plan B will be available. It’s the ‘NEW’ snake-bite kit…Of course- ‘Tried as an adult’ will NEVER be a Biden problem thankx to Croneyism…

  • Walter Steele

    I think Joe brained his damage with a few shotgun blasts in the rain, so as he had to shoot from inside the porch cover. Clever pick by Barry.

    • ajdecarlo

      I swear Biden is a form of assassination insurance. No one is insane enough to make Biden president.

  • daeghrefn

    Man, I hope the Dems nominate this guy for 2016. It’d be way more entertaining than having to look at that withered old hag Hillary for any length of time.

  • People Corporation

    Maybe we need to talk to the daughter to get her testimony on this incident. When did this happen?

  • mickeyco

    Don’t suppose there’s any chance he was trying to make reference to “How sharper than a serpent’s tooth…”? Nah. Didn’t think so.

  • disqus_eric

    I don’t know. Is he saying one morning, your daughter wakes up a bitch?

    • j p

      That was one of the two interpretations that hit me first. Either she turns into a snake or she is sleeping with a snake. That tells me how much they really know about raising children.

  • Raymond Davis

    This guy needs to go to REHAB!!.

  • jb

    Because of Biden, I think there should now be a mental health test for vetting anyone who runs for VP or POTUS!!!

    • j p

      I second the motion. They are in a position to kill exponentially more people than any gun rampage nut yet. But of course the really desirable puppet politicians have the means to get forged test results, birth certificates or any other form of evidence. Maybe it would have to be a live oral exam. And no, not the Monica Lewinsky variety.

  • Linus Redding

    I thought that was a Quote from Chaz Bono

  • bidentime

    The man is a level 3 creeper combined with weapons grade stupid.

  • Linus Redding

    I think Biden is proof that Washington was invaded by Seed Pods such as the Sci-Fi Movie, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. Only Bidens Seed Pod was half Hemp and half “Loco-Weed”.

  • PopArt

    Really Uncle Joe? Well, per Baby Jane, there’s RATS in the WH basement…and in the attic, and in the kitchen and the Blue Room, Green Room, Red Room, Lincoln bedroom and especially the Oval Office.

    • PopArt

      And would it be asking too much for that “snake in the bed” to eat up all the rates in the White House.

  • Rulz

    Keep on racking em up Joe. I’m sure that Hilary will have a use for ALL of them soon, and your chief executive with you in the White House won’t be able to campaign for you much because it will be like the kiss of death.


  • Arthur E Jackson

    Is he talking about incest?

    • jaydeebee

      I’m not sure. Maybe his daughters dated thugs. Or maybe it’s about an inanimate object? I just cannot think of one connotation that isn’t creepy.

  • capisce

    Relax Joe, that’s a garden snake. If you don’t slap it more than once, it wont rear it’s ugly head.

  • Paul Donovan

    Everywhere there’s one like old Joe. I’m a conservative and think Joe has been the most entertaining person on the news. Even though I disagree with his views , I still love him for the entertainment value. :))) he’s the best person I’ll ever hate.

  • Paul Donovan

    Why does everyone blame Bill Clinton for being in bed with there daughters .

  • $27789750

    What does that mean? Some Delaware insider joke or something?

  • Chuck Reed

    It must be that Jo Biden doesn’t think much of his son-in-laws. If he were my father-in-law I would have a lot to say to this idiot.

  • neoface

    Biden, Pelosi, and Reid all should be in mental ward for advanced stage of dementia.

    • Michelle

      Seriously. And don’t forget Hank “Guam could tip over” Johnson, Feinstein and Boxer.

  • Skinnythia

    He’s the live version of Walter’s dirty old man from Jeff Dunham’s hand puppets… no pun intended.

  • jaydeebee

    Wha….? Huh? /facepalm/ Joe, please just SHUT UP!

  • j p

    So does that mean they will have to lower the “Plan B” age down to 12?

  • BoscoBolt
  • barney59

    I remember when they crucified VP Dan Quayle for a single word, how far we have fallen that these gaffs go un-challenged in the MSM…



  • twinx

    I think that poor kid should drink gallons of beer and some tinned refried beans… just in case of rape, doncha know.

  • pogo13

    Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that Biden is mentally deranged? The question I have is this: will Obama keep him on the ticket in 2016 when he runs for a third term or will he dump him for someone even crazier?

  • Jeremy

    This guy is such a moron and it’s scary too think he is a hertbeat away from the presidency.

  • cscape

    Must be that ANEURISM affecting his frontal lobe again

  • chetnapier

    elect the mentally handicapped they are fun to watch

  • dagnytaggart

    Was he drunk again?