Can’t the press have one night off from asking the tough questions? They’re just trying to have one weekend of fun with the president and some Hollywood celebrities and raise some money for journalism scholarships, but someone has to be a wet blanket, right?

How star-studded is the White House Correspondents’ Dinner? Even “Breitbart is here” — in sign form.

Obama’s Stenographers’ Dinner? What’s that supposed to mean?

Even some Obama supporters aren’t happy with the job the press has been doing and support Tom Brokaw’s decision to stay home this year.

  • Kate

    Obama’s propaganda machine living large tonight with celebrities. When are they going to start doing their jobs? Reporting the news, not Obama’s talking points. Nothing but contempt for all of them. Fast n’ Furious, Benghazi and Gosnell….when will they report on them? Guess that wouldn’t be in the best interests of our commie in chief.

  • kch50428

    Freepers no doubt… :)

    • Steve Evans

      You are correct.

  • NotaLemming

    Misprision! — I can say only one thing to that effect. The journalist of today better PRAY HARD that when the revolution comes it is not a bloody French one but that is (unlikely) … they are on the wrong side of honesty and they record idiotic opininion instead of FACT. There in lies the SHAME Tom.

  • nc

    Can’t wait to see how they cover THESE protesters. (I’m guessing they’re going to deem it “a local event and not worthy of coverage.”)

  • Richard Jefferies

    Dear protesters if you hear something like a low flying propeller aircraft, scatter, a drone might be approaching.

  • michael s

    so a fluke like crowd here is important now? i thought gosnell was a conservative dog whistle,yet 12 people is all you can bring out. eat twinkies.

    • Stephen K

      You’re just mad that the DC police didn’t beat them all to a pulp and then drag them off to jail.

    • Smiley

      The small progressive protests were mocked not because they were small, but because the Main Scheme Media were tripping over themselves to breathlessly report them as if they were huge uprisings. It gets even more comical when you compare them to the actually-huge March for Life rallies which the MSM buries instead, just like they will bury this protest.

      You may go back to lurking and trolling.

    • 3seven77

      Mostly we snark when the press corp outnumbers the protestors by 10-1. You say only 12 people showed up? Well in this case the protestors outnumber the press by 12-1.

    • Sensii Miller

      I counted 30 people whom I knew by name. An additional 10-15 joined us during the event, but they were just people passing by, saw we were having a great time, and decided to join us. The photo you see of the police tape was taken well into the day. Many left by then…it was a long day…and some, like me, just weren’t in that shot.

  • Beth Lott

    You know what? Good on them. There may not have been that many this time, but hopefully they have inspired people.

  • $30756787

    Obama: Bet you thought we’d nail the Marathon Bombers momma, didn’t you. Suckas! We tipped her off she was on our watch list, so now she isn’t coming. Why waste having to give her the Miranda warning?

  • thehappyhedgehog

    What sort of odd black, red, and white flag is it that dude is holding? I’m sure I’ve never seen that one before. Is that a Maltese cross in the center of it?

    • Hiraghm

      Nice try, but the only flag visible appears to be some State flag… nothing associated with the leftist hate filled national socialists.

      • thehappyhedgehog

        That flag looks nothing like any US state flag. And its black-red-white color scheme is concerning.

        • Wonder Pony

          You are concerned about the Office Depot flag? Really. Are you shitting me? Did someone mess up your ink order there?

  • mapache

    It they had been LIberal protesters you can bet there would be more cameras than protesters and they would have filmed it up close to make it look like a massive crowd.

  • PatriotRG

    Obama is a middle aged white liberal journalists wet dream – they can pretend they are at the fore front of civil rights – the era they all missed. It doesn’t matter that he is the most destructive, weak , left wing , narcissistic, inept , anti American , pro Islamic, anti business , overly PC , anti white male , pro abortion , ant Christian , anti family , non transparent , pro cronie , anti gun , Alinsky indoctrinated , did i say inept ? Islamic kowtowing , Islamic apologist ever.

    • Paul J. Citro

      Well put, but you forgot sociopath.

    • michael s

      You forgot the most voted for president in the history of the country.

      • PatriotRG

        sure obama = free stuff = votes , lots of people like free stuff. Only problem is now there is more in the cart using the Obama phones and not so many doing the heavy work pushing the cart.

        I won’t ask what the S stands for.

  • Gary Freeman

    The “Obama Media Fan Club Dinner” sign made me split my sides.

  • Sensii Miller

    I am on TWITCHY! That is SO COOL!