One day after pledging his allegiance to Planned Parenthood at a fundraising speech, President Obama took the stage at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner to deliver some gags and ensure the press continued to pledge its allegiance to him. But there was another, alternative “nerd prom” going on in town, and no, it wasn’t Buzzfeed’s party, which for some reason was covered by C-SPAN.

The real alternative event was the Wilberforce Weekend Conference at the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview, at which Cardinal Timothy Dolan was honored. Kathryn Jean Lopez was in attendance and live-tweeted the event, which was about as far from the president’s Planned Parenthood tribute as ideologically possible.

  • nc

    Wow! Just beautiful! Thank you, Twitchy, for bringing this to us. How else would we ever know about it?

    • J. Cox

      Breakpoint. Good Radio program.Love Colson’s story,and his legacy.

      (I think his daughter took his place on the radio,but not sure)

  • FreedomFighter


  • Harry A

    unrelated to main story; but whyyyyyyyyy was the buzzfeed party covered by CSPAN?

    • $30423294

      Because we are dominated by a ruling class in which there is no distinction whatsoever between government, entertainment, and media.

      It is intentional what they are doing to this country. The rotting baby boom generation has dreamed of this moment for decades. They are living their college fantasy. They are so morally and intellectually stunted that they can’t grasp the magnitude of pain they have inflicted on the next few generations.

      Who is going to expose them?

      Nobody. They own all the channels of communication. That was the plan.

      • Luke Givens

        Sounds like someone needs a box of his or her favorite cookies and a day at the spa. Yeesh.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    Thank you, sincerely, Cardinal Dolan, for standing up for LIFE and THE TRUTH! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • $30423294

    It’s sinister that the pagan culture pushes a narrative that religious believers are shaming you and judging you if you get unexpectedly pregnant, presumably on the theory that sex is bad or something.

    On the contrary, it is the pagans who shame and guilt you into thinking pregnancy is a punishment, a terrifying thing that will destroy both you and the planet.

    Christians, and certainly Catholics, believe life is inherently sacred, and being pregnant is a dignified and beautiful thing. If you’re feeling “guilt” over sex or being pregnant, that’s not coming from the Church. That’s coming either from some very confused Christian, or more likely from the pagan styles of thought that dominate this culture.

    And here’s the dirty secret about the pagans. They are afraid of pregnancy because they are afraid to grow up. They are the disordered ones. If you welcome pregnancy and the profound honor of bringing life into the world, you have your head on straight.

    Don’t let this pagan culture ridicule you to assuage its self-loathing.

  • mickeyco

    If I’d been invited to the nerd prom and to to this (fat chance, I know), I’d have chosen this in a New York minute. The choice of meeting Cardinal Dolan or Prez. Dumbo is a non-choice: good or evil, selfless or narcissistic, etc. Bless you, Cardinal Dolan.