Michael A. Smerconish literally wrote the book on the 1981 murder of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner. “Murdered by Mumia,” co-written by Faulkner’s widow, lays out the case against convicted killer Mumia Abu-Jamal, whom Marc Lamont Hill last night in a birthday tweet called “one of the leading intellectuals” of his generation.

Hill took exception to what he took as Smerconish’s implication that he supports cop-killing. We don’t see that in Smerconish’s tweet; Abu-Jamal is a convicted cop killer and he does have a Twitter handle — and he’s had more than three decades of birthdays since Faulkner’s murder.

Can Townhall’s Katie Pavlich get in on this?

Yes, this is the same man who called the Christopher Dorner manhunt a real-life “Django Unchained.”

  • http://apostrophejones.com/ Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    Henry Louis Gates ( Obama’s friend) and Charlie Rangel support Mumia. What the hell?

    Ed Rendell was the DA in Philadelphia at the time and someone needs to interview him about it.

    • Joe W.

      Of course they do. What do Mumia, Hill, Rangel and Gates all have in common??

      • neoface

        They are black like Obama?

        • Harry A

          one hopes that is not what was meant.

          • kobrien674

            Perhaps. But until proved otherwse it’s still a common thread. I suppose a 95% African-American vote for Obama wouldn’t indicate that race was a common thread?

          • Harry A

            well as one of the 5% let me say that comment offended me. many white people support this man as well, do they do it because they desire to be black? since the insinuation is that those three support him do so just because he’s black. do explain the large white support he has as well. for the side the claims to be post racial, there are far too many of us that are too quick to try and root everything back to the lowest common denominator of being black when discussing those we disagree with.

            and you say the 95% statistic like black people suddenly and inexplicably turned out to Obama. 90% voted for Gore. 85% voted for Clinton. 89% voted for Dukakis. 90% of them voted for LBJ. the black support for democrats has been above 80% since 1964, but somehow because 95% vote for obama this is a big surprise and most be due just to everyone’s blackness? not buying it. the vast majority of them didnt vote for Obama because he was black but because he was a democrat. black people do NOT vote for people because they are black, they vote for them because they are liberal, after all you didnt see a lot of black support for Allen West or Hermain Cain do you? if your logic was correct then allen west should have gotten 95% of his black vote too, but he didn’t.

            was Barack Obama’s being black of historic significance?, well yes it was. for a group of people who less than 50 years ago couldnt even vote, to have a black man in the white house was of significance. as a black man i can see that, even though as a conservative i dont support him. it absurd to say all black people voted for him just because he was black. So thanks, Kevin but were going to have to disagree.

          • Joe W.

            Why were you offended, Henry?? You assumed I was referring to your race with nothing at all to substantiate it. You are like your liberal, race baiting brother, my friend. Racist to the core. Get over yourself and join the free people who are unshackled by their race. Just like Allen West, Herman Cain and thousands of other black people have done.

          • Harry A

            actually @josephwhite:disqus when i first read your post i didnt think it was about race. it wasnt until i check back to the article and saw that neoface had replied to your post and said it was about race and got three up votes for it. I’m happy to know that it wasnt about as neoface said it was, that why i asked you.

            but seriously im racist to the core? i asked a question because of a reply from another user with upvotes. all you had to say was that isnt what i meant, i was just curious. but do please share what makes me racist to the core.

          • Joe W.

            YOU are the person who stated that my original post “offended” you because you were one of the 5% of blacks not voting for Barky. If not racist, why were you offended??

          • Harry A

            I DID NOT SAY THAT YOUR POST OFFENDED ME. if you read i said the suggestion that all black people suddenly voted for Obama just because he was black was offensive.

          • Joe W.

            If that is the case, I apologize. It certainly appeared as though you were offended by my initial post.

          • Harry A

            i hope that means you don’t think i am “racist to the core” anymore.

          • Harry A

            further more i dont understand why you have not, as of yet, answered neoface who was the original poster who said that you meant it was about race.

          • Joe W.

            Why would I answer Neoface? He gave an answer and he did not cry racism nor did he insinuate or state that he was “offended”…..You did.

          • jb

            5%? that figure is too high.

          • Cajun

            Just so you won’t think it’s complicated, millions of whites DID vote for Obama, as we all know. For a few cheap toys, (free birth control, $10 a month), public assistance, (which they were already getting), and the big one, Obamacare, (which Democrats are trying to jump ship from as we speak). The most unbelievable part of it all, and this is for white, black, hispanic, whatever, that voted for Obama, is how cheaply they were bought.

          • jetch

            henry, you’re not being honest if you’re gonna say that blacks don’t make decisions based on race. Look at black support for o.j. after his trial, look at the corrupt black dem politicians who constantly get re-elected by black constituents. look at the black support obama gets now, even when black unemployment is so high. look at the support of black convicted criminals many of whom have raped, robbed and murdered other blacks.
            Yes, not all blacks think that way, but the vast majority do, and if you’re truly a conservative and you read twitchy regularly, you KNOW how blacks treat other blacks who stray away from the leftist/democrat philosophy.

          • Harry A

            the support for OJ was definitely race based, i can give you that. but i don’t agree that the support for Obama is race based, black unemployment is always much higher than the average and yet since 1964 Blacks have never voted less than 80% for a democrat. liberalism is what is engrained in the black community, not voting for a race. i ask you this, lets say in 2016 the matchup is Hilary Clinton vs Hermain Cain, do you really think Herman Cain is going to get 90% of the black vote like Obama? if thats what you think, then i will concede that it would have to be race based, but i HIGHLY doubt that Hermain Cain would pull that much black support.

            many seem to view the black support for Obama as something as an irregularity, in my opinion its no different than the support for any other democratic candidate. not even reagan could get over 10% black support, this in my opinion proves that blacks are taught to be liberal.

            I fully agree with your last statement, and trust me its not cause i read twitchy as a black conservative ive lived it lol. but the thing if it was based on race the black vote would follow whatever black candidate ran, the fact that blacks who arent liberal are called out proves its a liberal problem, not a “im voting for him just cause he looks like me” problem.

          • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

            It’s not, guys…In spite of that fact, it’s their similar political thinking that’s drawing most of the criticism. e.g. their belief that guilty Cop killers are “Political Prisoners” being held for no reason except their skin color (In other words, Mumia’s supporters are the ones playing the “Race Card”), religious/political beliefs, and the belief that some of the laws in our country are “Suggestions”, meaning they can Push drugs near Schools, shoot innocent people in gang battles, etc. That’s exactly what it sounds like to me. Jawamax 8<{D}

      • Harry A

        i really hope you aren’t insinuating that it is because they are black as neoface said, instead I’m going to assume that you meant it’s because they are all liberal or all stupid or something else, anything other than because they are black.

        • Joe W.

          This is the problem today, Henry. Y’all IMMEDIATELY assume that race is the operative meme, and you do it in EVERYTHING. These men are all liberals, they are all men, they are all radical, they are all “scholars”, and they are all living off of government largesse. Until you quit using race as your wedge, we will NEVER make any headway in our divisions along these lines. Think on it, my friend…..

          • Harry A

            THATS WHAT I THOUGHT YOU MEANT. it was NOT until i read the reply from @neoface:disqus who said it was about race that i asked, because it got upvotes. so i did NOT immediately jump to race, in fact i upvoted your comment and thought nothing of it until i read that.

        • neoface

          Reference to Neo: That was a question not a statement!!!!
          Most people who voted for Obama are taker of society and as well as low information citizens. JMO! Now that is a statement!!!!

  • Miss Clairee

    I would love to be a fly on the wall if someone broke into Marc Lamont Hill’s home and he needed a cop to come and rescue him. I can see him now cowering in the coat closet , dialing 911 and crying like the little wussie boy he is. “Pllleeaase, p-p-please send a p-p-p-oliceman nnnnoooow. I’m scared and I want my mommy! No, no, n-n-o ma’am. I’m nnnoooot THAT Marc Lamont Hill. I’m the Marc Lamont Hill that loves law enforcement. N-n-n-n-oooow ppppllleeease send someone FAST!””

    • http://extremesplash.wordpress.com/ Ben Bollman

      The police would come anyway because they are good people who are used to having to save the asses of unappreciative douchebags.

    • PatriotRG

      that would be time for coffee and donuts – possibly a latte that took a long time to poor – then maybe roll by Mr Hills house

    • putthehammerdown

      ….but would he still have that insipid, consecending grin on his Fugly Mug while he was ‘gettin’ the business’ ??
      Somehow, MeThinks that feces-eatin’ grin wouldn’y be there for very long.
      Marc Lamont Hill : The Human Answer to the question nobody asked…..

    • http://twitter.com/HotRodFan899 Gary Freeman

      More than likely he’d cheer on the guy who broke into his house once that guy started shooting at the cops.

  • neoface

    Hill is an azz and should be fired from Columbia University. I bet the jerk has Napoleon complex. Not sure why O’Reilly gives this left wing nut a voice on his show.

  • Derelictus

    Even if Mumia was innocent (which he is not), he’s still an America-hating commie S.O.B. End of story.

  • gjsmith_62

    Face it, the left loves anarchists, from OWS, SDS, Weathermen and Black Panthers to cop killers and the party’s complete.

    Then again, Hill seems to believe racism only exists among whites, which oddly enough is quite similar to Cook’s thoughts, go figure.

    So, how many times do you get to shoot at a cop before being considered a cop killer?

    • kobrien674

      “Then again, Hill seems to believe racism only exists among whites….”. Yet another common thread. So much denial and delusion. Doesn’t make for a healthy, well rounded psyche.

  • Vik

    Is this supposed to show Katie winning? She didn’t attack Hill’s points at all. His point was straightforward: he doesn’t believe abu-Jamal did it. It’s the same as any conservative supporting someone they believe whas been wrongfully accused. Lamont hill’s view might be naive, but he nonetheless believes Mumia is innocent. Katie looks pretty dumb with the “I’ll get the popcorn” line.

  • Gringo_Cracker

    Fry Mumia

  • oneword

    When people become Liberals they actually hand over their brian to someone, not sure who, but it must be the case

  • $1014973

    One time, after hearing so much garbage from the celebrity left on this idiot, I decided to get informed and form my own opinion. So I read the transcripts off the trial, all of them. After doing so, I am 100% convinced that he is guilty as hell. His own brother wouldn’t even testify on his behalf.

  • Steve_J

    Liberals always come down on the side of cop killers and anybody who works for the destrudtion of the U S.

  • michael s

    Its time Dr Marc Lamont Hill stop being cordial and put this harpie in her place like Ice T brilliantly did.

    • ceemack

      You must have a very interesting definition of “brilliance”.

      • michael s

        It was brilliant to me. I love it anytime a person practicing racism as pavlich does is handled.

        • jb

          I love it the way I. T. is handled, and handled all the time. put him in a glass and stir him up. oooh, tracy he a rapper too… and i know u luved his lyrics that glamorize cop killing. It’s so germaine to this post. ooh, i’m getting goose bumps. T, T, T

        • Adela Wagner

          And THAT RIGHT THERE is the big problem with this whole raaaacist whine fest. The definition of Racism has indeed been collectively hijacked by the left and molded into a big paintball gun with the only paint color of black, that can be aimed at anyone for any reason of disagreement. HOW is she “practicing racism”?

          Loads of whites didn’t know a thing about Obama, voted for him to SHOW how NOT a racist they are, “see I’m a good person cause I voted for a black man”…..even Biden said “he cleans up real nice”…THAT is racist and sickening. A little bit of ‘white guilt” spreads easily if you know how to package it. Plus, the GREAT ORATOR Obama made lots of promises. The kind that sounded just right after Bush had all but left the building. People did not understand the financial meltdown and they needed to hear a message based on Hope, Change and Transparency. (they were deaf to the “fundamentally” word, and we all see where the transparency went).

          As far as the majority Black vote, yep it is now based in Liberalism. WHY? Well, just listen to a few vocal libs and we can see why. Part of it goes back to my post about keeping people poor if you are counting on votes from that segment of society. Kind of like KEEPING racism ALIVE. And yes it has gone back quite a few decades. However there were indeed Blacks who never voted that saw this as a chance to make history, some who flat really didn’t care about any of it but were promised stuff, and also some who disingenuously came right out and said it WAS because he is black, Samuel Jackson for one. I say disingenuously because I believe Harry is correct when he says they would never vote for a Conservative Black person. They have a beef with what they say is racism and this was a way to “show white America” something along the lines of “righting wrongs”. However no matter what anyone says, I have never wronged anyone and do not intend to, so this kind of goes over my head.

          And we ALL know prisons are chock FULL of innocent people, ask them, they’ll tell ya.

    • golftilidrop

      First off, you are the first person who has accused iced tea of winning that debate. But being illogical is a symptom of the liberal/socialist affliction. And you have done a disservice to society by using ice t and brilliant in the same sentence.

      • michael s

        It works for me.

  • Herman LaClair

    this guy has a PhD and he can’t understand how wishing a CONVICTED cop murderer happy birthday is going to draw fire??

    • $23639361

      in the case of all liberals, PhD is just an acronym to note their brand of Bull$hi# is always P-iled H-igher & D-eeper

  • Cal

    Well I do think Hill thinks he did it and supports him anyway. So there.

  • fuskiegirl21

    Terrorist that kill ppl and blow things up are celebrated and promoted by the left.

    According to Mona Charen
    “Bill Ayers, Bernadine
    Dohrn and Kathy Boudin have become honored members of the faculties at
    leading universities. Ayers is even the friend of the president of the United
    States. Regarding his own record of setting bombs that kill and dismember
    innocent people, Ayers told The New York Times on the ironic date of Sept. 11,
    2001 that “I feel we didn’t do enough … (there’s) a certain eloquence to
    bombs, a poetry and a pattern from a safe distance.” So says a retired
    “distinguished professor” at the University of Illinois at Chicago.”

  • tommcgtx

    Marc Lamont Hill is a fool who thinks he’s too smart by half. Every time I hear him on a radio show putting his 2 cents in, he says outrageous crap, and then tries to parse and nuance it to death to try and say that he didn’t really say what he just said.

  • golftilidrop

    Typical liberal mindset in action, sympathize with the criminal and piss on the victims.

  • jb

    Lamont Hill also hearts OJ Simpson.

  • proudhispanicconservative

    I have always wondered why Bill O’reilly started to turn more left, and I now know that it started when he had Lamont Hill as one of his experts.

    • 912er

      I remember a few years ago,Mr Hill stated on the O’Reilly Factor that Jesus would support abortions and Bill never really challenged him on that.