CNN is reportedly in talks with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Barack Obama’s deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter to host its reboot of “Crossfire,” which was cancelled in 2005 but is set to return this June. We’ve found at least one person excited to see Cutter on air: fellow Obama for America veteran Lis Smith.

Whether or not Cutter excelled at politics is up for debate, but her on-air meltdowns during the campaign, such as her epic meltdown with Bret Baier over Benghazi, lead us to believe there just might be some entertainment value, especially when you add Newt Gingrich to the mix. The only thing missing is the conservative. Zing!

Is it really going to be that bad?

  • mike_in_kosovo

    Gingrich v. Cutter?

    That’d be good for some lulz…

  • goldwater89

    Say what you want about Newt, but he is a great debater.

    • journogal


    • radicallyalyssa

      I don’t think I enjoy watching anyone debate more than him!

    • pinkelephant22

      He is indeed. I was talking to people back during the primary debates & said he was a master debater. Still embarrassed.

      • ozconservative

        Imagine if Newt had got the GOP nomination. Then it would have been the master debater verses the mass debater.

    • PatriotRG

      stefanie is a great maths debater

  • Stone Bryson

    Gingrich and Cutter on Crossfire… it’s a rerun, starring the same people from the 1980’s. Oh wait, their names were Robert Novak and Michael Kinsley. Hmm… they look and sound the same to me…

  • lainer51

    I hate CNN but it would be fun to watch Newt destroy S. Cut-throat.

  • mickeyco

    There’s nothing on God’s earth that could make me voluntarily watch Cutter.

  • 3seven77

    I’d love to see Newt mash Cutter into worm food.

  • Pat Loudoun

    So. The new guy at CNN is now working hard putting together shows that will repulse the audience.

    Hell of a plan.

  • CatHerder

    Make it Ben Shapiro vs Musket Morgan and I’ll watch. Popcorn, anyone?

    • mickeyco

      Now that would be fun- even throw in Chrissie Matthews.

  • Guest

    It’s easier and cheaper to simply shoot this show at the back stables of Churchill Downs.

    Same piles of horse crap, but you don’t have to look at Stephanie Cutter.

  • SJ’s Dad

    Credit where credit is due:
    @TheAuthorGuy posted;
    MT Breaking: CNN just hired RuPaul & Dame Edna to lift their sagging ratings, watch Cross-Dress Fire on CNN!

    • Flagstaff

      I say Cutter vs. Debbie Wasserman Schulze, sitting by a pool, full sun, discussing hair styling.

      • Billie Slash

        “Dos Yentas”

      • Ron Tanase

        Wasserman has a hair style.. Fright nite at McDonalds.

  • ELC

    Wow!I hate CNN but be more than willing to watch Newt. If anything he knows his facts. Would love to see if she could keep up with him?

    • mickeyco

      I’ll save you the trouble- she couldn’t.

  • radicallyalyssa

    I would love to see Newt rip ANY leftist apart on CNN. It’ll probably boost their ratings, no joke.

  • nibblesyble

    This is one reason I have stayed away from Malkin’s site..her disrespect for Newt, he is a conservative who did more than any other conservative for Welfare reform and entitlement. Grrrr figure it out Michelle and then tell it to your minions here at the site!

    • TocksNedlog

      You’re just mad that he didn’t name you Sheriff of The Moon.


      • nibblesyble

        yah that must be it…

  • rinodino

    Beckel vs newt. Now that’s a crossfire. Or Malkin vs maher. Id watch

    • Joe W.

      I wouldn’t watch Bill Maher slit his own throat…

    • TocksNedlog

      Newt: “President Obama did X, and it was the wrong thing to do.”
      Bob: “What about Bush?”
      Newt: “What about him?”
      Bob: “Bush did X, too!”
      Newt: “We’re talking about what Obama did.”
      Bob: “Yeah, but Bush did it, too.”
      Newt: “Then it was the wrong thing for him to do, as well.”
      Bob: “So you admit that it was wrong when Bush did it?”
      Newt: “Yes. Don’t you think it was wrong?”
      Bob: “Of course!”
      Newt: “So, then it was equally wrong when Obama did it; right?”
      Bob: “Well, I don’t know about that . . .”
      Newt: “In fact, you could say that Obama was WORSE, because he didn’t learn from Bush’s mistake.”
      Bob: “Well — why should we vote for a Republican if he’s just gonna make the same mistakes as the Democrat?”
      Newt: “Because he will make fewer of them.”

  • radjahshelduck

    Well I’ll watch if Newt asks Cutter to pull his finger!

  • Chris Mears

    CNN is gunna need 2 more libs on the set to help Cutter, there’s no way they’d leave her alone with Newt on live TV

  • lillymckim

    Newt will destroy her but thats ONLY IF CNN LETS HIM.

  • Billie Slash

    A political historian and a congenital liar–I can’t wait!!!

  • 1azuce

    Not enough make up in the world to cover up Cutters 2 foot long Pinocchio nose.
    Newt would do to Cutter what Sununu did to Angrier Mitchell. Total destruction.

  • Jim Denney

    I remember my parents telling me liars don’t prosper. Of course, that was before the Democrats ushered in “The Great Society.”
    Speaking of liars, Anthony Weiner is favored to win the race for mayor of New York. The “Eastern Elite” trades a nanny for a pervert, and they still think they know what’s best for the rest of US rubes. God help us….

  • Brian Garmon

    James Carville will die just so he can roll over in his grave

  • Wow.

    Newt was the highlight of every Republican debate, but Cutter will play the misogyny card every time he doesn’t let her speak. I give it a month, tops. (a good run for new CNN shows, as of late!)

  • Gary Jackson

    Two con artists for the price of one. And like most shows on CNN, all liberal hosts!

  • Leo Hawkins

    Now there’s a show I would like to miss #Crossfire

    • daeghrefn

      I hadn’t even thought of that show since Pat Buchanan and that ancient moonbat who looked like he was about 85 were on there.

  • TocksNedlog

    Sparks will fly!

    They’ll probably end up getting married.

  • TocksNedlog

    “Newt, you ignorant sl*t!”