Crowdsourcing is at work in the Boston Marathon bombing case and quickly making progress. Following the FBI’s release this afternoon of pictures of the two bombing suspects, the public is scouring photos and videos from the scene and has tracked down “Suspect 2” apparently leaving the scene of the blast.

Soon after tweeting that photo, CNN’s Jake Tapper added a caveat — probably not such a bad idea considering CNN’s performance this week.

As Twitchy reported, ghouls had  set up fake Boston Marathon fundraising accounts just an hour after the explosion and began circulating bogus photos of the child killed in the blast soon after that.

Tapper’s having second thoughts.

So, it’s fake after all?

If someone’s faking photos of the suspect, that’s just sick. Still, it’s encouraging to see so many people coming together to do what they can.

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Update: That backward cap is turning out to be not so difficult to spot. Sadly, 8-year-old Martin Richard is also clearly visible.

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New York Times reporter Ravi Somaiya spoke to the photographer, David Green. Green told Somaiya the photo is legit:

In an interview late Thursday, Mr. Green, who runs a sportswear company in Florida, confirmed that the picture was genuine, and that the F.B.I. had contacted him and requested a copy. “I have spoken to several agents,” Mr. Green said, “and they have got the photos, they are picking up material from me, and I don’t think there’s any doubt.”

Agents had told him, he said, that his picture was the best they had, because it was taken from a better camera than the others that were posted.

Here’s a note Green posted on his Facebook page:

I have been feeling down since the Boston Marathon bombing because I couldn’t do anything to help the injured victims…until now. Thanks to my friend Jason who pointed out to me that the photo I took right after the second bomb and posted on FB has suspect #2 in the left hand corner of the photo. White baseball cap turned backwards, black sweatshirt, NO BACKPACK right after the bomb went off. Compare to the ones posted by CNN, it is unmistakable. I spoke to the FBI and it is may be the best photo they have at current time!!! One step closer to taking these @!#?#’s down…share as much as you can so that if someone knows this person they can turn them in.

  • Guest

    Interesting that no one seemed to notice suspect #1 as well. Look to the right by the woman in pink. I am pretty sure that is the other guy with the dark blue hat…perhaps.

    • b_truit

      His shirt in this picture is dark, the fbi photos it’s white under the jacket, everything is close those

    • Peyton

      Touche. And in that picture he looks more asian. Just an observation.

    • sarainitaly

      I noticed him, the hat and pants seem to match, but suspect #1 has a white tshirt. The guy next to the woman looks like he has a turtleneck or dark shirt..? He also looks like he is sportin a stache, but that might be shadow. And he looks heavier. Could all be angles and shadows, though.

    • Tom Anderson

      Cant tell.

    • ImTheNana

      The Asian man pulling the stroller next to the Asian woman in pink?

  • TJ

    If it was shopped what was the original. How did they get a photo that looks like suspect #2 that clear when full shot and in full run.

    And second when you zoom all the people have distorted pixels around them.


    Yesterday & today’s pics needn’t be mutually exclusive.
    Could have been 2 teams of 2 men each, setting 2 bombs. Or, recall,initial reports were of additional bombs found, so it could even have been 4 bombs.
    Also, Glenn Beck & TheBlaze reports a Saudi national being deported for terrorism, & that he is connected to at least 2 to 3 additional men.

    This is going to be HUGE.

  • sarainitaly

    It doesn’t seem photoshopped… the “dark shadow” looks like his elbow, and zooming in they all become pixelated. What direction did the fbi said he walked? West? Is that west?

  • Peyton

    Wish Google would put something together to submit pics, so then people could assist in the crowdsourced search for additional, better shots.

  • Peyton

    Let’s assume that they bought the pressure cooker. Between make and model of the cooker, and someone possibly purchasing two, couldn’t we triangulate to track them down? Not too many pressure cookers purchased on any given day I would bet. Especially not ones that can fit in a backpack.

    • fivegreatkids

      great idea except that its really easy to buy a pressure cooker at a garage sale or at a thrift store. STILL I bet you are correct -somebody who sold one might remember something

  • Tom Anderson

    The FBI can tell if its photo shopped in about 10 seconds.

    I am LOLing at the new meme at CNN tho;
    Breaking news!
    Breaking News with caveat!
    Well maybe not see the caveat.
    OK, we got duped again, see caveat.

  • mike_in_kosovo

    Photoshopped? Maybe they should have Reuters check that out… /sarc

    • Right Wired

      Or North Korea!

  • Guest


  • Matthew James

    Last pic of Suspect 2 behind the boy that passed… Is that his bag on the ground behind the three girls between the first and second girls legs?

    • Peyton

      On here or on the FBI official photos?

    • audieho

      Nice catch. It also appears as if the guy in the white shirt is looking at the dude in the white hat as if he’s noticed the bag was left behind.

  • alohasteve
  • PatriotGlory

    That does not look like a dark skinned man to me. Are we still sure he isn’t carrying Ayn Rand or a member of multiple tea party groups?

    Seriously though, someone’s personal photos posted on Twitter/Reddit/whatever are going to lead to catching these guys, and that’s an amazing to me. Totally impossible 5-10 years ago.

    • MovingToNevada


      • PatriotGlory

        Loosen up. I was being sarcastic.

  • Guest
  • Right Wired

    Correction: The photo was taken from this facebook page, posted on Monday:

    The picture is not photoshopped.


    It is the tea parties fault

  • PhilDirt

    Why are the shadows of the two women in the crosswalk so much shorter than the shadow of the woman running down the street on the right?

    • Bob Truthteller

      I noticed that too, but I don’t know that it is proof of the image being Photoshopped……I have worked with Photoshop nearly daily for years. I don’t believe the image has been shopped. There are people near the curb who do not have longer shadows either. There might have been a secondary light source like a photo flash lighting the person in the street.

  • Kathy Nutter

    Excuse me, but I would be getting my ass out of there too, before another bomb with off. How about the person running down the middle of the street and running away from it?How about the people in the crosswalk leaving the scene? How doe this make this person a suspect? I would like to know how they came to this conclusion????

    • pinkelephant22

      There are other pictures/video of the 2 guys — backpack, then no backpack. Footage of him “dropping the bag”, running while everyone else was cowering, etc

      • Opticonica

        And the kid with the white hat has a white/crème colored bag…..FBI photos of bomb remnants show a BLACK bag blown up……where is the “footage” of this guy dropping a bag, let alone EXACTLY where the detonation was….

  • Judy

    I wondered about the photo shop aspect as well. Also, some people, including myself are trying to picture how the pack packs even look like they could be carrying something as large as a pressure cooker in them unless there was someone else with a larger back pack with them.

  • Larry Braid

    Looks like the second guy with the black hat in the back by the girl in pink. Anyone else see that too?

  • Roy

    So he photo bombed the photo bomb

  • Kimberly
  • Guest

    “I spoke to the FBI and it is may be the best photo they have at current time!” —- not saying anyone’s lying but that’s a puzzling statement in addition to other factors.

    Photos of the 2 perps were out yesterday. Not only are there better images than this newly discovered one, most of them are higher quality. Why did the FBI release only blurry/poor quality ones?


  • Sean Stepehens

    why does the old dude in the sunglasses and long sleeve boston sweater in the bottom of the photo look like hes smiling/laughing as he watches everyone flee?

    • Bob Truthteller

      I noticed the same thing……….his demeanor is completely different than everyone else around him, except you can’t see the face of the guy he is talking to. It must be coincidence, but he seems to be looking right at suspect #2. I don’t believe the Asian man is suspect #1 though.

    • Jillane Kent

      Laughing or smiling can actually be a psychological response to trauma and stress.

  • Jose Santoyo

    The question now is, where are they? Are they in American or did they leave the country?

  • kim

    excellent job

  • Eclectic Art

    Has anyone else mentioned that the number on the side of the white hat in the new clear photo doesn’t match the hat in the FBI photos?

    • Opticonica

      Thank you…!!!!!!!!

  • Caves45

    I’ll bet he’s feeling real uncomfortable right about now ….Good !

  • Pouta

    there is pixelation in other areas of the pic as well — the MIT logo on the one guy’s hoodie, the red on the post mounted mailbox…

  • Ken

    If you look at the original image, it certainly appears genuine. I regularly use Photoshop and it looks like it was not doctored.

    • Bob Truthteller

      I agree……I am looking at the full size image on a large monitor…….I also use Photoshop almost daily and have for many years…….looks legit to me.

  • Mandy Morello

    Has anyone else paid attention to anyone else in that photo, let alone paid attention to what is happening in the news right now? Do you see the guy leaving from the same direction as the “suspects” wearing an MIT sweatshirt? Isn’t there a big shootout and possible explosives happening right now at MIT?

    • Brian

      MIT is right there, and they have 10,000 students

  • Bob Truthteller

    Here’s my observation…….the taller African-American man appears to be taking either photo’s or video as he and the woman next to him stand with their backs to the wall. If he is taking video, wouldn’t suspect #2 have just passed in front of him a second before? That could be the closest image yet.

  • Samuel Joe

    Notice he’s NOT wearing a backpack…. Chills.

  • jvee

    Does no one see the second suspect behind the lady in the pink jacket to the right of the picture??