Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is promising a vote on gun control legislation tomorrow afternoon, including universal background checks, a magazine capacity limit and an assault weapon ban. Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) also promised to offer an amendment permitting concealed weapons to be carried across state lines.

  • Rick Fingers

    I am wondering why Harry Reid Is not telling us How Great the Economy is Going and That we Don’t have any Serious Debt to worry about . And Terrorism is almost non existent For Harry Reid that taking Away Guns from Law Abiding Citizens is the Most important thing to Harry Reid to have the Senate work on .

    • Joe Mama

      Every 3 or 4 months something tragic will happen to deflect away from Obama’s failed policies. Also, he will use those tragedies to push his Marxist agenda.

  • V the K

    Lately, I feel like the main purpose of legislation coming from Obama-Reid-Pelosi is to jam a figure in the eye of conservatives in a series of vulgar displays of power.

    • Andrew

      Exactly. It’s all about “punishing your enemies” as O stated before the election.

      • angeleyez

        With the Left’s obsession of blaming inanimate objects
        instead of addressing the real situation, will Obama push
        for PRESSURE COOKER registration next ?
        ▲ YES
        ▼ NO

  • IceColdTroll

    How bout a vote on high-capacity assault pressure cookers?

    • Clayton Grant

      Pretty sure those are already covered under several codes.

  • jpcrotser

    They can vote all they want. Not gonna change a damn thing I do. I will openly defy any law restricting my 2nd Amendment rights. Bring it on.

  • Nonconformist

    The aim is to incrementally increase people’s dependency on the government and not lose an opportunity to disarm them. Why do you think it is easier for a New Yorker that already has extreme gun control restrictions to give up more of their right to bear arms every time a tragic shooting takes place? They fail to look at the failure to enforce current laws and prosecution of criminals. The ultimate goal is for the power to shift from the people to that of an all powerful government that rules it’s subjects. NY, California, Colorado, Connecticut, NJ and Massachusetts has already subjected themselves to accepting this form of rule. Our founding fathers tried to prevent this by forming our government as a constitutional republic with the 2nd amendment. Where the constitution is the law of the land and can not be voted away. As people become more dependent on government they are more willing to give up their freedoms. In a true democracy the majority can chose to be ruled by a tyrant. Not in a constitutional republic.

  • Ben Bollman

    Yep, jam through gun-control while the nation’s resolve is weakened and no one is paying attention. What a snake.

  • ceemack

    Okay, there’ll be a vote. But will the Senators have had time to actually read the bills?

  • sleazyrider

    Don’t forget…Al Kider is on the run..

  • GoodGrief

    Interesting that this has become such a hot button issue when only 4% of Americans think it is a major issue…. Setting up straw men, so they can look like they are “doing” something? 80% of Americans chose the economy or dissatisfaction with the government as their most important issues! Gun control tied for 7th with four other issues.

    • ceemack

      “Strawman” is the Left’s superhero. He deserves his own comic book.

  • sb36695

    It’s the economy, stupid.

  • Jack Deth

    It’s ten minutes to noon, Wednesday, 17 April.

    I seriously doubt that there is the time or the impetus to create anything other than another embarrassing failure for the Democrats.

  • Jarhead6541

    Criminals beware: Another set of rules for you not to follow.

  • Froehlich

    Wow, Found this place to learn more about Reid’s thinking on the Gun background check legislation. It looks like a conservative echo chamber of fairly extreme views – if you check the current polling on comprehensive gun background checks.. You’ll see a vast majority of Americans like the idea. They’re probably more worried about mentally unstable people – and criminals – getting guns through unregulated channels than they are over anyone’s right to own a gun without a government record/check. And for V the K, if requesting legislation that a large majority of American’s like is a “vulgar display of power,” than democracy in action is vulgar to you.

  • Mike Hess

    Sen REID ! America HAS SPOKEN !!! WE contacted our Senators and let them KNOW HOW WE FEEL !!! We don’t NEED more gun control, we need better law enforcement ! Criminals would LOVE more gun control…We would’nt be able to protect OURSELVES !!!

  • Joe Mama

    Harry, how did this work out for you?