Good news for those four or five people who read the Associated Press’ hand-wringing death notice for the term “illegal immigrant” and wanted more. Salon’s David Sirota applauded  the AP’s move as a “big victory for objectivity and against the propagandistic language of bigotry” — and not just your everyday garden-variety bigotry, but dog-whistle bigotry:

Thus, as any honest person can admit, when Republican politicians and media blowhards decry “illegals,” they are pretending to be for a race-blind enforcement of immigration laws, but they are really signaling their hatred of Latino culture.

Before you xenophobes race to defend yourselves against charges of bigotry, consider this: do you really want to go on record as disagreeing with GOP superstar Gov. Chris Christie?

Why can’t you white people be more like your hero and presidential frontrunner, Chris Christie?

Yeah, how is it, exactly, that “only” white people are complaining? Do white people even read Salon?

  • Miss Clairee

    My only comment on this one is as follows: Pleeeeeease, pleease, pleeeeeeaase don’t let Dickie-do Christie win the ’16 GOP nomination! Pleeeease!

  • Scott Carroll

    Racist. The left has completely robbed that word of any power it once had to shame. They’ve even tarred doctrinaire liberals like Bill Clinton with it just ten short years after he was hailed as “the first black President.”

    Look I expect the left to use it on conservatives and libertarians, it’s a cheap way to rhetorically minimize their opponents and win an argument that they don’t have the intellectual firepower to win on their own. I get it. But when their race card trigger fingers get itchy against one of their own, we’ve officially followed Alice through the looking glass into Wonderland.

    What, now, are we supposed to call David Duke or the KKK or Farrakhan or skinheads? We can’t call them racists because we all know too many good and decent people who have been painted with that toxic brush. This is the kind of destruction leftist ideology hath wrought. It corrodes not only our national fiber, our economy, our inner cities, our ambition, but even our language. This word, that once possessed the power to define and shame bad people now is utterly meaningless. The left may fantasize that it still holds that power, but the clip is empty. We just don’t care anymore.

    • sqeptiq

      On the contrary, the perception that the GOP is racist has cost it mightily of late. In 2012 it got clobbered among Hispanics, blacks and Asians.

      • KJ

        Minorities just haven’t yet awakened to the reality that they are perceived as pawns of dependency for their liberal masters in the Democrat party.

      • TocksNedlog

        Replace “perception” with ‘propoganda’ and you would be a lot closer to telling the truth . . . for once.

      • PennyRobinsonFanClub

        Gee, and whose fault was that? The Collaborationist Media, who suggested that just running against Sock Puppet was racist? The furious and hysterical denunciation of Allen West, Mia Love, and any other black Republican as “Toms” and worse?

    • KJ

      The leftist liberals cry “racism” continually as a defense of their core beliefs. But their core beliefs are this superficial: they are racially motivated to defend what they perceive to be THEIR voting block of minorities. In other words, they will say or do anything that is itself motivated by their own form of racism in order to control the narrative for the minorities they feel entitled to–THEIR blacks and Latinos.

      Many of the nastiest, most self-indulgent racists can be found in the hallowed halls of the white liberal left.

  • PeterP

    All this talk of dog whistles you’d think David Sirota, the serial race baiter who calls EVERYONE a racist), were a Beagle Immigrant.

  • VerminMcCann

    Well, I for one won’t rest until this kind of bigotry is just a figment of liberals’ imaginations. Good night everybody.

  • NCRelite

    Living where I do I encounter illegals quite often. I use the term illegal immigrant, and I have no hate in my heart for these folks. I can’t blame them for wanting a better life but let’s be real we have to enforce the border –i believe we can do a better job despite what McCain says.

  • Maxx

    Now I know why Christie’s ass is so large. Apparently Sirota has buried himself inside of it.

    It’s absolutely adorable when liberals claim to know who our “front runner” is.

    • TomJB

      And by pointing out that the “front runner” of the GOP (the party that we must all belong to because we disagree with him) thinks one way is supposed to make us change our minds. Its the left that walks lock-step, not the right.

  • Michelle

    I’m not a racist or a bigot, I dislike all criminals equally regardless of skin color or ethnic background.

    • conservativechick

      First of all, Salon is supposed to be gone this year. Let’s hope so. Second, why is someone who obeys the law attacked here and those who break the law ignored? If you “JUMPED” our border against the law, you are, by dictionary definition, an ILLEGAL ALIEN in this country. So many immigrants came to this country legally to escape countries where there were no laws to protect them. All Americans should respect the rule of law. Deal with it or change all our immigration laws, not just the vocabulary!

  • arrow2010

    The worst part is when the HR department makes you watch a “diversity” video.


    Wimps shouldn’t have an iota of power. We need to complete defeat the whiny-ass crybabies.

  • TocksNedlog

    Does this idiot not realize that what he is in essence saying is “If you are opposed to people entering this country illegally, you are a racist”?
    Bottom line: this nonstop playing of the race card has become a clear indicator of the left’s inability to debate issues on their merit.
    This is how “Chicago” became a ‘dog-whistle’ word. People on the right accused Obama’s campaign of engaging in ‘Chicago style politics’; anyone who is HONEST will know that this is a reference to Mayor Daley and the Democratic Party’s ‘Chicago machine’ with their union-thug tactics and dirty tricks. The left has no defense for this, other than a weak denial (“Our tricks aren’t dirty!”) so they attempt to deflect by accusing their accusers of engaging in racial bigotry.
    It’s truly pathetic. Chris Matthews goes on national tv the other day (well, it was MSNBC, but close enough) and proclaims that ONLY white people can be racist. What?
    And these leftists are in lockstep on this because when it comes to refuting the arguments against their positions on issues, as a group they’ve got nuthin’.

  • Richard Jefferies

    Orwell wasn’t a satirist he was a gosh-darned prophet. These people are attempting, without irony, to change the language exactly as 1984 warned.

    • PeterP

      Goal of left-wing slander machine, of which Sirota is an integral part, is to make all non-leftist modes of thought impossible.

  • 9-lander

    Jay Leno hit on the head the other night. Yes, we should all support the AP and no longer call these criminals, “illegal immigrants.” Instead, let’s call them for what they are PERCEIVED to be: UNDOCUMENTED DEMOCRATS.

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    Actually, the last tweet above makes a good point: there are no “illegal immigrants.” If you are here illegally, you are NOT even an immigrant. “Illegal alien” is a better term. Of course that’s not the point AP and this halfwit were trying to make!

  • Mister A

    Criminal Immigrant sounds better.

    • Brian H (wackobird)

      Documentationally challenged newcomer of white or non-white complexion…….

  • SineWaveII

    Dog Whistle: What Obama does a couple of hours before dinner.
    (Because dog is Obama’s favorite dish for dinner)

  • Jim Hugo

    Another Heroic Lib-tard to the rescue.

  • Stupid Republic

    Meanwhile, in Sirota’s neighbohood:


    White 80%
    Black 5%
    Hispanic 10%
    Asian 3%
    Multi 2%



  • Jack Deth

    I’m guessing Mr. Sirota doesn’t get laid very often.

    And that anger taints his Tweets. Everything he says and thinks could be considered offensive by his like minded partner.

    David Sirota. Just another ignorant liberal self C*ck Blocker. Who is too stupid to know it!

  • $1014973

    Criminal immigrant? I like the ring to that.

    And isn’t funny that a guy who likely screams Nazi or racist at the first sign of dissent is accusing others of dog whistle terminology?

  • ceemack

    So, not only are not allowed to disagree with this David Sirota person, but we can’t disagree with Chris Christie either?

    Sigh…I remember the days when we were allowed to think freely. It was a lot simpler.

  • TDS

    The logic the AP used there (which apparently David Sirota agrees with) is the same as saying that you can talk about “rape” or “murder” because those are crimes, but you should not call someone that commits one of those acts a “rapist” or a “murderer” because that would imply that they are some kind of criminal. And if that person isn’t white, you calling them that is obviously just you being a racist.


    My point is this: Even if there were several million blond-haired, blue-eyed Swedes that were in the country illegally, I would STILL call them “illegal immigrants”. Committing a crime makes you a criminal, REGARDLESS of race.

    Race plays no part in this besides the FACT that the majority of the people that are committing this particular crime just happen to be of one particular ethnicity. And the reason for that is simply because there is basically a wide open 1,969-mile border that we share with a country whose people prefer the chance at opportunities they will have here (along with plenty of taxpayer-funded handouts, thanks to Liberals) over the lack of opportunity they have in their own country.

    I’m sure if we had a 2000-mile border between us and Sweden, and the Swedish government was as corrupt as the ones south of our border, we’d all be pissed about all the millions of “frost-backs” taking our jobs and sucking on the government teat.

  • QueenB

    I have decided that “@davidsirota” is a bigoted dog whistle against red heads. David Sirota is a bigot and a hater. Because I said so.

  • jody stone

    Biggest take away> Chris Christie is an illegal kiss ass.

  • Anyone00

    It would appear to be a member of the political, academic, and/or journalistic classes of the American Left requires those members to suffer from a very specific and peculiar form of Tinnitus.

  • Eddie Dane

    Does he not know that there are immigrants here who aren’t Latino? I know someone from Eastern Europe who refers to herself as illegal. Is she racist against her own white self? This stuff gets confusing.

  • Steve_J

    Sirota must really hate himself because he’s white.

  • Anderson

    If only he could celebrate a big victory for objectivity and against the propagandistic language of dog-whistle stupidity. I noticed over the last few years that those who scream endlessly about bigotry and racism tend to be the biggest racists.


    Prove the bigotry losers. Illegal alien is a STATUS, not an ethnic group.

  • J.N. Ashby

    No you’re noooot. Nothing liberal about taxes. French revolution and all that. Taxing the crap out of people is about as right-wing as it gets…

  • EastValleyConservative

    Just another liberal trying to shout down and shut down. Too bad it isn’t working as well as it used to.

  • Wiki David

    Fiction writer DSirota hates American culture.

  • gekkobear

    I made an undocumented withdrawal from a bank, and my neighbor is an undocumented pharmacist.

    Calling me a bank robber and him a drug dealer is so cruel and unfair… just because we’re breaking laws doesn’t make us criminals.

    Or something like that… I get confused. What DOES make someone a criminal if it isn’t breaking the law?