Add Connecticut and Maryland to the list of states beating the federal government in the rush to pass gun control legislation. An assault weapon ban and a 10-round magazine limit are headed to Gov. Martin O’Malley’s desk for his signature after the Maryland Senate passed the bill earlier today. The legislation also requires gun owners to be fingerprinted and licensed — one of the major sticking points with opponents.

Maryland closely follows Connecticut, where Gov. Dan Malloy today signed similar restrictions into law.

Vice President Joe “Buy a Shotgun” Biden might have shared his appreciation, but not everyone was so thankful for the government’s “protection.”

Firearms manufacturer Beretta says it’s waiting to see the final, signed legislation before commenting on its future in Maryland.

  • NotaLemming

    I think @GovernorOMalley should now move onto limiting the size of gas tanks on Automobiles to half a gallon. Just think of all the police chases this would help end. “If It can save Just ONE LIFE”!

    • Jim Denney

      Please don’t give that a$$hole any stupid ideas, he comes up with plenty of his own.

      • AaronHarrisinAlaska

        Never thought of that. You have a hard to argue point.

    • V the K

      Soon as my son graduates high school next year, I am outta this state. Not only will neighboring states respect my right to self-defense, but just moving across the Potomac is a $3,000 a year raise in lower taxes alone.

      • angeleyez

        Do you support Beretta relocating out of hitleresque Maryland ?
        ▲ Y E S
        ▼ N O

        • Rulz


      • therantinggeek

        As much as I’d love to follow suit and move my family (yes, I’m also in the same state as you), I’ll be hard-pressed to convince my wife that we really need to get out. She’s originally from here, and her family is here.

        • TugboatPhil

          My brother in law grew up in Olney and lives in Mt Airy. He’s got the house on the market and my sister is already in West Virginia.

          • V the K

            I’m just east of Frederick. It’s sad. I actually like Frederick, which is an oasis of sanity. In fact, it’s really just three counties… Baltimore, Prince Georges, and Montgomery… that make this state a Democrat sh-thole.

          • TugboatPhil

            I used to like going to Wonder Books in Frederick. Nice country in Maryland. It’s like you say, the moonbat and leeches in those counties make the state what it is. I’m surprised that Garrett County hasn’t seceded to West Virginia.

          • Suzanne Olden

            Or Carroll to Southern PA! I love my home state, but I hate what O’Malley and his co-horts have done to it.

    • Rulz

      I hope he’s the democrat nominee in 2016.

  • Bullrhider

    Exactly how many gun-owning criminals do they think are going to show up to be fingerprinted and be registered? Disarm the law-abiding so that the criminals can use their guns with impunity… on what level does that make sense?

    • Christopher Hayes

      disarm the law abiding citizen so they can de-privilege them in suit. The only amendment holding a government back from destroying all rights is the second.

    • bigkahuna9

      Liberals don’t care about making sense they care about control and power to enact their sick ideology.

  • bigkahuna9

    I hope many more companies follow beretta out the door. Screw these assholes. Hit them in the pocketbook

    • OwnItObama

      Colt is located in CT. Hope they get the hell outta there and flip Malloy the bird. States that go down this road will rue the day.

    • AaronHarrisinAlaska

      I desperately hope such never happens, but in the event it does I have to agree that the state should be held liable for any damages.

  • Scott Carroll

    I think the reason why the NRA fights like a cornered wolverine anytime gun control measures come up is because they know this stuff is going to lead them into a blind alley where they’re going to get mugged. The slippery slope is all fun and games till you’re the one sliding down the hill.

    Adam Carolla made this point once by using a cigarette analogy. Back in the day smokers could light up anywhere in the restaurant, then they were asked to sit in special “smoking sections”, then they were asked to only smoke at the bar, now we’ve progressed to the point where the entire restaurant is a no smoking section and smokers are forced outside.

    The NRA and most gun owners understand that Rosebud was a sled, Old Yeller dies at the end, Bruce Willis was a ghost the whole time, and the Maltese Falcon was a fake; in other words, they know how this movie ends.

    • TugboatPhil

      Scott, the smoking deal began on airplanes. The cry was for just a separate section on the plane for smokers. Then it went through all the stages to some cities banning it in your own house.

      “But because I wasn’t a smoker I said nothing….then they came for the trans-fats.”

    • Anderson

      In some places you cant even smoke outside in a public place. But the nitwits can light up a doobie anywhere.

  • Spatial Awareness

    @GovernorOMalley <==The ONLY people you make safer are CRIMINALS. #DOUCHEBAG

    • TomJB

      Nice to see the man who disrespected veterans by lying for years about his “service” in Vietnam, Dick Blumenthal, giving his $0.02


      • Rulz

        What? Another democrat ginning up phoney service records?

  • Maxx

    What is it about bullets 11 through 18 that scare the brains away from these reactionary fools?

    No amount of time I have left on this earth would allow me to understand the logic of a liberal when it comes to firearms.

    • V the K

      What’s hard to understand? They hate guns, so they don’t want *you* to have any. (They’re just taking them away a little bit at a time.)

  • Roto

    Hopefully Joe Biden fired his shotgun off the back porch to celebrate and got arrested.

  • AaronHarrisinAlaska

    As I’ve said many times. All these laws do is lead to greater tragedies through false security.

    But that’s how the manifesto works. Blame a scape goat. Remove the scape goat. When the scape goats gone you tell them they have to ban more. You keep at it, little by little. It’s not about safety, it’s about being right at any cost.

    • bigkahuna9

      Liberals never run out of goats…and they are never responsible

  • AZWarrior

    Beretta USA must take a stand. They can not be a party to this madness, or they will simply be part of the assult on the Constitution. Beretta provides the 9mm handguns for the US military. Perhaps Congress should second source the contract to another US manufacturer who doesn’t reside in an infringing state such as Strum Ruger.

  • rogueco

    Beretta, Colt, Remington, and Ruger – 4 large manufacturers with operations in CT or MD. A month ago, they began receiving thousands upon thousands of calls, emails, letters and faxes asking if they would stop selling banned items to Law Enforcement and Government agencies where those items were illegal for the common citizens of those states. (see “”) Their collective response? SILENCE.

    Not so much as a single response to any of the thousands of gun owners who asked them to publicly state their policies on selling banned items to Law enforcement in ban states. They are all completely fine with two distinct sets of rights. If you work for the government, you are exempt from the laws.

    I honestly don’t expect any of these companies to move, much less stand up for the 2nd Amendment rights of the average citizen. They have proven they are more interested in Government contracts and profits than they are in rights.

    • bigkahuna9

      The NRA and alternative media need to make it loudly know which ones operate in the Natzi states and let the members decide if they want to call, email and stop buying from them for taking it sitting down.

  • Christopher Hayes

    what chapter of ‘Atlas Shrugged’ are we in right now?

  • NRPax

    It would be amusing if someone who was a victim of gun violence after this law went into effect sued Maryland. After all, they want to make the claim that this will make us safer, they should be liable when they are proven wrong.

  • Tequila

    Ya’ll come on down to Georgia for some southern hospitality. Glock just
    recently expanded their manufacturing plant to something like 90K sq ft
    and one of the few gun shop owners, Adventure Outdoors, who so far has
    been able to stick a finger in the eye of Nanny Bloomberg when he sent
    his state storm troopers down here a few years ago to make illegal gun
    purchases and then prosecute the store owners, has also expanded and is
    going strong. My favorite gun store is Wild West Traders. Both those gun
    shops have indoor ranges, offer classes, and have knowledgeable staff
    on hand and all are in Smyrna, Georgia. Granted deep pockets Bloomberg
    managed to run some out of business just because they didn’t have the
    money to fight him and we still can’t figure out how he got by with
    making illegal purchases and didn’t get prosecuted himself.

    Finally we now have 2 cities which require the head of household to
    own a gun for self defense. There is no penalty for not owning a gun,
    but the crime rate in both towns is remarkably lower then that of
    similar sized towns.

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      I was going to school in Kennesaw in 1982, when they passed their gun law…And I felt MUCH safer! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Marty Luther

    Frenetic, panicked and anxiety disordered government passes common sense approach to abridging Constitutional Rights.

  • agroulx

    It is disturbing how the legislators in this country -federal or state refuse the People their rights to read legislation for a period of time before it is signed.. They just want to ram everything down our throats. How totalitarian is that? In all honesty, is it going to take us people with our guns to stop this? Because it has happened before and it shall happen again.. Sooner or later it will be time to take this country back in ways that we never expected.

  • Suzanne Olden

    The fight in Maryland isn’t over. There will be a petition to put it on referendum. It means that the law won’t go into effect until after the election. The people of Maryland WILL BE HEARD!

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      Connecticutt and Maryland… Watch for the Coach buses, full of gun-control supporters… Jawamax 8<{D}

  • alanstorm

    Fingerprinting and licensing to own a gun?

    I don’t want to hear anybodty from this state make a peep about voter ID. They just proved that it’s not an issue.

  • TugboatPhil

    Thank goodness Maryland passed this law! Now Baltimore can enjoy the peace from guns that the drug laws brought to them from outlawing narcotics.

  • JE1

    The stupid people continune to use the words assault weapon when you don’t have them on the market now. Don’t say you know what we mean because you don’t have a clue.

    According to the FBI there were over 8,000 people killed with guns on 2011. That’s less than three percent of the people murdered in 2011. You should look at the other weapons that murdered people like hammers, clubs, knives, and many other weapons less than 3% people you guys are way out in left field.

  • Baba Ghanoush

    Imagine if teens who took over Michigan Ave in Chicago were armed. Would that justify the use of assault weapons and extended magazines?

  • Rulz

    Beretta: PLEASE leave MD!

  • Anderson

    This nonsense is out of control. Two states just made felons out of their own law abiding citizens, while ignoring doing anything about criminals or the mentally ill with guns who actually do kill people. How warm and fuzzy of them.

  • JoeMyGodNYC

    It’s a great day for reason! Thank you Gov. O’Malley!

  • notme

    Did Omalley even read what he signed, I live in Co. and I will never obey anything as stupid as what you poor people have to live with what an idiot he just made every gun illegal I own more guns than my wife thinks I should but I am not giving anything up, I feel sorry for all the people who lost loved ones in the school shootings and the ones here who lost people in columbine and the theater shootings but if people like your OMalley think this will help then they are the idiots the bad guys will never stop but just get worse.I think I will move back to Montana.

  • papagrune123

    Beretta, make the right choice… i have been looking at a New 90-two in .40 cal… Please do not make me buy a Glock, or a Sig…. Come to one of the gun friendly states. Texas would love to have you.

  • Rich

    Now the two safest states in the country. They don’t even need locks on their doors.