After witnessing his epic evisceration of “odious twerp” and gun rights hypocrite Jim Carrey, we knew we didn’t want to be on Greg Gutfeld’s bad side. It’s a relief, then, to know that Twitchy is on the Fox News host’s good side. We can’t argue with his assertion that Twitter aggregation is one of the most interesting things going.

“The Five’s” Dana Perino has had her fill of “man crush” articles on President Swag, so we hope it’s not too hypocritical of us to declare our own man crush on her co-host, just this once. He has impeccable taste in websites, after all.

  • Patrick Dennehy

    It totally has to do with the awesome staff and community (the comments section). *High Fives* All around! You guys are the best!

    • Miss Clairee

      No PD, YOU’RE the best – your comments are always good! :) (sorry, I can’t do fancy-schmancey emoticons like Jim Carrey)

      • Guest

        That’s so sad Miss Clairee, here is a leftover Easter emoticon bunny just for you.
        ( . )

        or it might be a cat :-)

        • Laconic

          Looks more like how Jim Carrey must have felt after Greg Gutfeld ran over him.

          • Lady 12

            Ha! Zing!

        • Miss Clairee

          Awwwww. Thanks! :)

      • Patrick Dennehy

        Thx Miss :)

        That means a lot, especially coming from a Twitchy All Star, such as yourself

  • ZoriahShepard

    Well thanks to Twitchy I can now appreciate Gutfeld and Red Eye. Two very amusing entertainers.

  • TugboatPhil

    If I had a much shorter, younger brother he’d look just like Greg Gutfeld.

  • Ben Bollman

    Gutfield said he wishes he would have thought of Twitchy first.


    Twitchy is AWESOME!!!

  • Smiley

    Obviously Twitchy is succeeding. You can tell by the whining tweets/comments of liberals everywhere.

    • Loki Owl

      You’ve hit the nail on the head. Some furious lib tried to get a guy I know fired and used his Twitter fandom of Twitchy as evidence he was a hateful bigot.

      • vphilly

        “Some furious lib” Which one of every last one of them are you talking about?

        • Loki Owl

          Lol. Good point. I would hate to draw further attention to him by naming him or his accuser but it’s someone Twitchy has covered and angry letters were sent.

        • E Quilibrate

          That’s a pretty apt observation.

    • Zane Henry

      As the saying goes, “When you’re catching flack, you’re over the target.”

      Congrats Twitchy for reeling in the elf vote! (emoticon winky face!)

  • Anderson

    I love Gutfield. I even LOLd when I read his book The Joy of Hate. He writes just like he speaks, you can almost hear his voice as you read.

  • Laconic

    The thing I admire most about this site is the rapid correction, retraction and apologies of any story that is blatantly false. With an aggregating site that will happen occasionally, how it is dealt with here is impressive.

    That professionalism sets this site apart from the MSM.

    Oh, and the astute and biting contributions from the pithy pundits.

    • LightSabre

      VERY well said, Laconic!

      • Laconic

        Thank you.
        The truth always looks lucid and candid. Lies seem to manifest as convoluted and rambling.
        (see any Obama speech for examples)

  • cam_s

    Love Twitchy, Michelle..and Greg! ;D

  • KansasGirl

    To Moooochelle and all the fawning media, Twitchy is the true definition of swag.

  • CO2 Producer

    This Twitchy is just…so…aggregating!

  • Lurker

    Twitchy is easy to copy, you just need to hire the right person watching Twitter

  • @chris_1791

    Twitchy has the ability to filter all of twitter down to the important stuff in a condense version. Twitchy provides “Twitter CliffsNotes”

    • conservativemomma

      “Twitter CliffsNotes” Exactly…I agree!

  • peteee363

    michelle, if you are looking for an investor, give greg a call! drudge and twitchy are must see internet viewing, even for a non-tweeter like me.

  • Tony253

    Its folks like GG, MM and Andrew Breitbart who have illuminated the dark abyss that is the MSM and given people choice.

  • Renny

    Love Twitchy.

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    Greg and Michelle.
    Two of a kind and two of the finest we have.

  • nc

    Wouldn’t it be fun to see Gutfield comment here?

  • Laurie

    Where is the “favorite” link???

  • WilliamAmos

    Times like this I go from loving my job to really really loving my job.

    • waltzingmtilda

      I bet! Love Twitchy, it’s my first site of the morning and my last at night. I decline to mention how many times I check it during the day.

  • Maxx

    Remember folks, liberals despise that which they fear. In no short order, the army of malcontents will view Twitchy as they do Drudge. In other words, insult the messenger(s) of liberal hypocrisy while “conveniently” ignoring the actual hypocrisy itself.

    It’s no secret from the late 90’s to about 2007, liberals were killing the right in the world of cyber politics. I believe that ship has sailed. It’s conservatives that are defining narratives now and Twitchy is leading the way. The more popular this site becomes, the brighter the spotlight on the folly of liberal governance, hypocrisy and the nanny state….speaking of the nannies…

    I’d love to see a 48-oz mug with a Twitchy logo on it. Would buy that sucker in a heartbeat. :)

    • janerator

      LOVE the mug idea! How about it Twitchy?

      • Lady 12

        I’d buy that faster than I’d buy a Rubio water bottle!

    • arrow2010

      Define conservatives. I prefer to think of myself as a libertarian. I’m an atheist, pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, anti-tax, anti-big government, pro military. Yeah try to pigeon hole me.

  • John Parker

    Latest best resource on the Internet. Bringing calming continuity to the cacophony of Twitter. Thank you. Thank you.

  • Guest

    I like Twitchy, a lot! Y’all seem to be on top of just about everything. I can’t keep up with the 165 people in my twitter timeline, how you keep up with all the nuttiness that’s out there I’ll never know. Big staff (not funny) fast fingers (still not funny) or a combination of both. (STILL not funny, but if that’s the case, intriguing) Call Me Maybe! -See, now THAT’S FUNNY! well it made me laugh, but then, I’m easy.

  • Adam Johnson

    Now that Michelle and Greg have shown a mutual admiration, when is Michelle going to come on Red Eye?

    • Love of Country

      Outstanding observation! And/or she could fill in for one of the girls on The Five. At least for now she frequents Hannity.

    • vino veritas

      Don’t really see her ever doing it. That doesn’t seem like her thing. Probably too busy anyway.

    • Justin Levesque

      Yeah, that would be sweet. She might take over the show. Greg should have her on as a guest host, and he should adopt one of his panel personas.

  • arrow2010

    Does it really matter though? The libs control the schools and they are brainwashing kids.

  • Blake Waymire

    Twitchy’s amazing because it really just lets the left-wing speak for itself, and any stupid comments that they air are put out loud and clear for anyone willing to read. That’s something none of the “real” journalists actually do. Add in the quick corrections when a story is false and the tendency to call out idiot Republicans when deserved, and this is a sweet deal. Half of the reason I’m on Twitter is to get quick updates for the site.

  • Vikki Prince Rosich

    For me, not only are twitchy staff members witty and smart, those posting here are the same. Thanks for keeping me up to date on Twitter – cuz people are a mess out there.

  • Luke Givens

    I’ve stopped going to pretty much every other ridiculous conservative echo chamber/bubble on the net (Townhall, Redstate, Breitbart et al); this is for sure the most addictive. Much like conservatism itself in the US (i.e. the clown car you called a Republican primary last year), Twitchy is an excellent piece of absurdist performance art. Always good for a laugh or a hate read.

    • Justin Levesque

      Ah, I see. You prefer to be spoon-fed information, ‘flavored’ so you can draw the ‘proper’ conclusions.
      Personally, I read both left- and right-wing publication and websites. The truth can usually be found somewhere in the middle.

    • Lady 12

      I think you’re forgetting something. This “excellent piece of absurdist performance art” consists mostly of tweets by foul-mouthed, uneducated liberals. So what does that say about your own clown car, Luke?

  • Libertyworld

    Twitchy is so smart it could be the reason for Donald Trump’s jealousy.

  • Mister A

    Props to Twitchy!

  • radicallyalyssa

    I have to agree. When I first figured out what Twitchy was, I was incredibly impressed. I love it now; it’s part of my “daily news update,” along with Drudge and Mail Online. Love it!

  • Typewriterstreaming

    Twitchy is amazing. And it is one of the few bright spots for people opposed to the hijacking of information that is occurring in this country. It is a strong beginning to counter the absolute crap fest the MSM has been feeding the general public.

  • NixTyranny

    Gotta admit, I love Twitchy, love Michelle Malkin, and love Greg Gutfeld, the most compelling member on The Five.

  • ernst1776

    I don’t tweet but I do twitch.


    Yes and it’s time to put these glib lib in Twitchy Penalty

    We have a new replacement on major Talk in San Diego of the
    former spot of Rodger Hedgecock who moved to new station! Thought they have
    Rush on in Morning in the Drive time they got Host who lambast you if you don’t
    believe in the equality of same sex marriage! He basically called me everything
    in the book including I’m a traitor to the Marine Corps. @Mean_Marine


    How does a guy move into major network Radio and get the
    prime spot with no bio online!

  • BeevaloBill

    No suck up intended, but Twitchy is a brilliant concept in social media execution (yes that was an ironic ambiguity). Most social media is just plain boring. What separates Twitchy is its crowd sourced distillation of liberalism into its most poignant, essential absurdity — caught live and chronicled to its typically ignominious conclusion (see e.g., Jim Carrey)

    I just hope the underlying business model is as potent so that this innovation is adequately rewarded.

  • Billy

    hehehe stupid libs