Here’s some information that’ll be handy to have the next time someone tries to argue exactly how much ammunition any one person needs. Seven rounds? Ten rounds? Two shotgun shells? Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) has finally received answers to his November letter asking about the Department of Homeland Security’s ammunition purchases, and Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) has posted the DHS’ response to his website.

If true, the numbers aren’t quite as large as the billions of rounds that some have suggested, and they even show that the number of bullets purchased has dropped each year since 2010. Still, DHS says that it plans to purchase $37 million of ammo in fiscal year 2013, which amounts to somewhere above 100 million rounds. Note also that the DHS reports that it currently holds more than 263 million rounds in inventory. That does sound like a lot, considering that citizens have reported trouble finding ammunition on shelves.

Where is all of that ammo going? The DHS reports that most of its component agencies budget 1,000 rounds per firearm each year for training and quarterly qualifications. The number doesn’t sound so extreme in that context, but you know Sen. Dianne Feinstein could make it sound positively evil in the hands of a private, law-abiding citizen. And what did she say about “drying up the supply“? The (belated) response from DHS answers some questions, but plenty remain. has posted its own (April Fools’ Day) explanation.

  • TugboatPhil

    So DHS is buying very large quantities of ammo. ICE is releasing criminal aliens in America. The President and Democrat controlled Senate are trying to push through a people/gun control bill that has “who knows what” in it.

    What could possibly be bad about that?

    • nc

      No dots for an “intellectually curious” media to connect.

      How I hate them.

  • waltermitty2012

    At this rate, DHS will have more than one round per person. Isn’t that odd.

    • JustLikeAnimals

      They already do. Based on the purchase orders they released earlier, they are up to about 4 or 5 rounds for every man, woman, and child in America. Horrifying to contemplate how far this government is willing to go to get its “transformation” of America accomplished.

    • Worship Dancer

      not to worry they won’t need all those rounds. they only need enough for the Vets, Patriots, Christians, Conservatives. the obamabots are already in their pockets with the EBTs, welfare checks, obamaphones, free birth control pills, free abortions, etc. If they get out of line, DHS will just give them more meth and koolaid.

      • SturJen

        Which leads to the question; When they kill all the ‘makers’ and are left with only the ‘takers,’ how are they going to pay for all their freebies? Yeah, I don’t think the Dems are capable of thinking that far ahead….

        • E Quilibrate

          Re: Dems and capable thinking;That logic has already played out in the financially
          crippled (democrat run) cities in the country. Think
          Detroit, Stockton, CA, the list goes on…. and on.

        • Squirrel!

          That’s when they tap all of that oil we have in the ground.

  • TJ

    The reports that the DHS has billions of rounds, enough for 24 years of Iraq war came from the same people who think FEMA camps and 9/11 was an inside job. They have a website where they give this info and war with it.

  • Squirrel!

    I understand it’s all hollow point ammo DHS has been buying…. those aren’t practice/training rounds! Why hasn’t anyone asked about THAT?!?

    • Tabitha Bliss

      Therein lies the crux of the problem. Thanks for saying it… I was thinking the same exact thing.

    • djvexd

      This right here should be enough to raise red flags. YOU DON’T USE HOLLOW FOR TARGET PRACTICE!

      • DavBow

        Well, in fact you are wrong. Quarterly firearms qualification for any federal officer requires that they qualify using the actual ammunition type that they normally carry. This has been the rule for many years. Wadcutters (low powered target ammunition) are used for practice, but actual qualifications are done with hollow point ammunition if that is what the officer is authorized to carry, or required to carry. How do I know? I am a retired federal Special Agent.

        • JR48

          Okay, do all federal agents use hollow points?

          • Zanshi

            Hollow points don’t go through people, so it doesn’t go through the crook and hit someone who’s innocent. On some level, it would make sense if agents WERE required.

            But it could also be overkill, pardon the pun. :

          • sardiverdave

            Wait, but we’ve been told hollow points are extra-lethal terrorist-style cop killers that no sane citizen should want or need.

            I’m so confused! You mean people want them for SAFETY and EFFECTIVENESS? Get outta here.

          • Zanshi

            Sarcasm noted, and thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks! :)

          • $5326605

            With New York cops “achieving” a 18% hit rate in real world usage, 82% of those hollow points are a severe danger to innocent bystanders.

          • Zanshi

            Well, one would have to naturally hope that the cops are taught to be marksmen…

          • Jay Stevens

            It doesn’t work that way. On a range, you are relatively calm and relaxed. When it is for real, you will be frightened, excited, nervous, under stress, with high pulse and respiration rates. A more realistic qualification course would involve a 30 yard dash to the firing line.

            And an 18% hit rate? I am surprised that it is THAT high.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            The only people who don’t are the military, due to the Hague Convention. LE have used HP ammo for a couple decades, at least.

          • RFlanary

            Yes. Hollow point ammunition is used for practice and quarterly qualification. Law enforcement uses hollow point for safety. First, it is less likely to fully penetrate and incur collateral damage (i.e.- civilians), and second, it is more effective in stopping the threat.

          • $5326605

            Please note: With New York cops “achieving” a 18% hit rate in real world usage, 82% of those hollow points are a severe danger to innocent bystanders.

        • John Free

          So, they go through 1000 rounds per candidate, divided by four ‘quarterly’ quals. A qual uses 250 rounds? Just crunching numbers…

          • LibLieExposer

            I don’t know what Obama’s Gestapo uses, but one of our range instructors giving us a tactical shooting class put us through the paces of the NY State Police certification, which included target distances to 75′. We had to put 250 rounds downrange for the day, but only FIFTY were for the NYSP certification. Only a 78% hit rate or 39 good shots were required to “pass”. Here’s some scary info about police “training”


            The average hit rate for NYPD Officers involved in a gunfight between 1998 and 2006 was 18 percent. For every five shots, four bullets missed the intended target and went somewhere else. And that hit rate is consistent with the “normal” hit rate in armed encounters which hasn’t changed much for years and years.

        • ceemack

          Yeah, but how many rounds do they fire during qualification? 250? I don’t buy it.

        • Mapache

          Oh wow, a retired special agent! Ball ammo is just fine for training. You are correct about the ammo for quailfying but how many rounds are needed for that? 50-100 if you get it right the first time. Are you the former FBI Special Agent in Boca?

        • Squirrel!

          That had also occurred to me, but how differently does a hollow point fire than a regular round? It makes sense that they’d practice with the same type of round they’d need to use in the field but we’re talking $1/ round verses 25 cents/ round, and our gov’t is essentially broke. Never mind that they still had over 250,000,000 rounds in inventory after fiscal year 2012. Why don’t they use the inventory instead of ordering more?

        • Charlotte Jividen

          David, how many rounds were you issued?

      • Peyton

        You can use hollowpoint if your a police officer, but not if your in our military, because it’s considered to cause too much harm.

    • Brett

      I’ve been wondering this as well. The most common military ammo for an AR 15 for example is full metal jacket NATO 5.56. Another is the .308 (7.62 NATO). These types of rounds are destructive enough! Hollow points do massive amounts of damage where as I guess a fmj might go thru you. This is all so very eery.

    • David Atherton

      Not sure about Federal agents, but when I was a local LEO, we had to qualify with the same ammo we carried on duty.

    • Jeff in 92833

      Worldwide, hollow-point ammunition has been banned for military usage since the 19th century. Police (at least here in California) are prohibited from using hollow
      point ammunition because it’s designed to cause more damage. Instead,
      they use copper-jacketed rounds that have stopping power, but aren’t as

      The amount of ammunition purchased by the DHS is 10 times what the military used each year of the war in Iraq.

      So, yes… we do have reason to be concerned.

      • JustEric

        Yes, HPs are banned for military use. DHS isn’t the military.

        So, no… you don’t have reason to be concerned.

        • IceColdTroll

          I am sure you are an enthusiastic supporter of law enforcement professionals everywhere who never second-guesses an errant shot and is glad to see cops with better people-killing bullets than soldiers.

          BTW, your statement is a complete non sequiter.

          • JustEric

            Yeah, because that was my point.

            Regardless of whether or not they SHOULD have HPs, they do. And if they’re going to have them, I’m much more comfortable with that knowing that they’re practicing with HPs so they know exactly what’s going to happen when they pull the trigger…especially if I’m in the vicinity when the lead starts flying.

            And “I am” statement is a complete non sequitur…why? Because you said so? That’s not how it works. Sorry.

          • T100C1970

            The statement “so the know exactly what’s going to happen wit they pull the trigger” is absurd unless they are practicing by shooting people (or animals)!! If shooting at a paper target with HP and non-HP bullets of the same weight and load there is no difference. Gun goes BANG, shooter feels recoil, and (possibly) a hole appears in the target.

          • harry

            Well seeing that police shoot more people by accident every year than civilians I do not think HP bullets are not that much help….You are 11 times more likely to get accidenty shot by LE than a civilian…..Yet our state bans us from owning HP bullets… can go to jail for just owning one.

        • towerclimber37

          yes, we DO have a reason to be concerned. smugness aside, as taxpayers, when we hear the president speak of a federal police force that is para military in nature (and illegal via the constitution), when we see the DHS buying MRAP armored vehicles an buying ammo as well as m4 select fire (that’s a machine gun) for “personal protection”, I’d say we’ve got a damned GOOD reason to be concerned and no amount of smarmy replies telling us different is going to help.

        • $5326605

          Please explain the no reason to be concerned. With New York cops “achieving” a 18% hit rate in real world usage, 82% of those hollow points are a severe danger to innocent bystanders.

    • Tango Niner

      I pretty sure they’re for hunting Squirrel! No need to worry… everyone else!

      Okay, I’m kidding! I wish the government would let me keep more of my money so I can practice with defensive rounds. It would be more responsible.

      • Squirrel!

        Well, they can come around hunting Squirrel!, but Squirrel! has a little of what they have & like you, can’t use them to practice with either!

  • TocksNedlog

    Pay no attention to the government agents out-gunning you from behind the curtain of ‘national security’. Just click your heels together three times and repeat “There’s no place like the homeland; there’s no place like the homeland . . .”

    • Grumpa Grumpus

      Das ist good.

  • SunnyJS

    The logic fails me that they need millions of rounds to practice and the ave citizen does not? Do they want safe gun handling or don’t they? If they do, then you need to be able to practice.
    It’s pretty obvious that the goal here is to dry up the supply and price, tax & fee citizens out of protecting themselves. I’m with Chris Loesch. The weapons and ammo manufacturers need to man up and refuse to sell to the govt until they restock shelves for citizens.

  • serfer62

    This is a capitolistic country. There is NO way the Chinese, Russians etc aren’t jacking up ammo production for US sales.
    Expect cigarette style ammo smugling, its the American way. Canada might even sell ammo since they can’t sell us oil.
    Pettiness always loses to Americans

  • Anderson

    1000 round for every gun in the Federal gun system. That breaks down to approximately 83 expended rounds per month, per gun. I was in law enforcement and we only fired 60 rounds every other month. A training day would use the same amount and we had them once a year, twice if the training was mandated by law. Even with this explanation, the numbers don’t even come close to adding up.

    • Squirrel!

      I just read they have 73% of what they bought from fiscal years 2010-2012 but will still spend $37 million for fiscal year 2013 on more ammo. They have over 250,000,000 rounds in inventory & shouldn’t need to purchase any more for 2 years. Also, why hollow points for training? Isn’t that a waste of our tax dollars when you consider the price difference? I still think something is fishy about hollow point rounds for training.

      • DavBow

        The reason that qualification using the ammunition that a person normally carries is required is that using wadcutters, which are low powered target ammunition, don’t have much kick or noise. A person is required to qualify with hollow point ammunition if that is what is normally carried in order to become accustomed to the vastly increased noise, flash, and kick of that ammunition in comparison to wadcutter, which is used for practice only. Having said that, I still wonder about the reason for such stockpiling.

        • Grumpa Grumpus

          When I was doing reloading, I’d use a powder load the same as my “game ammo”, but w/wadcutters (which I’d usually pour myself).

          The noise, kick, and flash were the same but I saved 18%-21.5% on the whole deal — not a lot, I guess, but the Scotsman in me loves thrift and for each batch it meant an additional brick or three of practice rounds.

        • $5326605

          Not many wad cutters going through the normal semi auto pistol carried by homeland security. FMJ yes, wad cutter no.

    • Noelle’s Bootcut Kittenpants

      A friend of mine pointed out that hollow points are not used for training.

      • Derfallbright

        You don’t understand, there is another government contract to fill in the hollow part some of the hollow point bullets so they can use them for target practice.

      • JustEric

        You do when A) you can afford it, and B) shooting is part of your job.

        Whenever practical, you should practice with whatever you plan on using so you know EXACTLY what will happen when you pull the trigger.

        In short: your friend is an idiot.

        I’ve been saying it for months: nothing to see here. I wish people would let this go. You’re making Conservatives sound like crazy conspiracy theorists. You’re hurting; not helping.

    • JustEric

      I went through 200-300 rounds every time I went to the range (2-3 times a month) back in the day, and I was doing it mostly for fun. Only reason I don’t do it now is because a new baby’s cut into the disposable income. Uncle Sam doesn’t have that problem :)

      • harry

        Ah but Eric….I buy that much ammo just for fun at the range my Gov somehow thinks I am a threat…..I already have two strikes against me, white and conservative, so I have to limit my purchases

  • kevin Golike

    and some people say WE THE PEOPLE dont need AR 15? i guess not if your planning on rolling over and allowing a dictator government control!

  • kevin Golike

    ya and hollow points mean they aint looking to take prisoners !

    • DavBow

      No such thing, After 24 years as a federal Special Agent carrying hollow point ammunition I know that using deadly force was always a last resort, and fortunately, despite many arrests of armed subjects I never had to resort to that. When the chips are down, though, believe me, you want and deserve every advantage you can get. Maybe times have changed, but for the average agent on the street I don’t believe so.

  • Daniel Brenek

    I was a trooper for 21 years. We fired 91 rounds twice a year at qualification in the pistol, and 10 shotgun rounds. They used to give us 100 rounds a year for practice. (they stopped that when we switched to the .45 GAP) That’s about 310 rounds, 262 .40 cal. and 20 12 gauge. We also fired some .223 for familiarization, but I don’t remember how many. That’s about 1.3 million rounds for the entire Department for qualification. 4200 guys. Why does DHS need 363 million rounds in inventory again?

  • Miri Cam

    Let’s just produce more ammo. Let’s be capitalists…start-up anyone?

  • Utahlady

    OMG, Nappy is dressed in camo…we are really in trouble now. She is personally coming after us.

    • Squirrel!

      LOL!! That’s funny and scary all at once!

  • sowsear1

    Why are Russian troops training in the US on what are called “World Heritage Sites”?

    • Squirrel!

      Don’t know but if true, that is really frightening…. so add that to all the ammo they have as well as other things going on around this place. It all starts to make one big pretty picture, doesn’t it? Only really not so pretty at all.

  • QBallBrazil

    Why ask the DHS? Ask this man what the hollow points are for.

  • DawnJulio

    I could buy bullets …never had a problem until the Sandy Hook killings….hmmmmmmm

    • FreedomReigns

      Sandy Hook stinks to high heaven…to many loose ends that were never explained.

      • Rulz

        Like the massive gun regulations in CT?

        How about the emergency team response? I’d love to see that.

      • DawnJulio

        With all those loose ends, (and I agree) why is it that no one demands an answer….just shoved under the carpet.

        • FreedomReigns

          I dont know why all this stuff is being ignored. In the past Obama would have already been thrown out of office. They all must be in on it and thats why they are having such a fit about the Tea Party holding offices now. I say get all the life timers out and get some fresh blood in that cant be bought!

  • nc

    Ever since 1/20/09, this administration has been throwing one curve ball after another at us, and when we started questioning the madness, via the Tea Party, we were vilified as racist wackos. So now they feel perfectly comfortable doing whatever outrageous thing they like, because when we squawk they simply point and say, “There go those racist wackos again, getting all riled up over some imagined insult or some lie they’ve been fed by their media.”

    And then they go ahead and do whatever they like, whether it’s covering up Benghazi or buying up an insane number of hollow point rounds. Our voices have been muted.

    • Rulz

      They’ll never stop because it’s all they have.

    • Silenttype78

      You are sooooooo dead on here!!!
      It’s a rather effective technique employed by those seeking to eliminate opposing thoughts, beliefs,and contradicting traditions .
      It has been repeated over and over throughout history.
      Most people are totally clueless
      -which makes us all vulnerable.

    • $5326605

      Or providing assault weapons to Mexican drug cartels, and when caught claiming executive privilege on documents relating to that crime. And NO ONE charged with a felony and in prison for arming Mexican drug cartels.

      • oconnellc


    • oconnellc

      When the men in white coats come for you, just go with them. They are your friends.

  • FreedomReigns

    Still doesn’t explain why the SSA purchased ammo along with other Depts that should not purchase ammo and what about all the Black Hawk trainings over our cities. Also what about all the body bags being pur chased and the tanks? I don’t believe the DHS explanation for a minute.

    • Derfallbright

      The tanks are more like surplus armored cars…..that I suspect were not up to the standards needed by the Army in combat, and some congressman still owed favors to big donors in the town where they were manufactured. The strange part is how many they bought. I think it was way more than the number of DHS offices all over the world.

    • mike_in_kosovo

      You *are* aware that SSA has special agents that are armed, right?

      • FreedomReigns

        Not that many..and you don’t use hollow points for practice!

        • mike_in_kosovo

          As a general rule, no – most people would do a couple hundred rounds as a function/reliability check, then use an equivalent FMJ for practice. However, we’re talking about, who has no reason to save money.

  • Keldog

    And they are buying it all with our money….

  • nickdqwk

    I’ve heard (internet) it said that the purchase is for officer personal defense.
    The DHS only operates within the US borders. Whom do they defense from?

    • DavBow

      In the past they were used against people who were shooting at them (that’s called defense). Maybe things have changed…

    • DeWalt

      Here is the question no one answers. If law enforcement needs a M4 with standard 30 round magazines for personal protection from criminals. Does it not stand to reason that the citizens should be equally armed since we face the same threats long before law enforcement is involved. Think ranchers on the border. If we do not face those threats what is law enforcements purpose.

      • mike_in_kosovo

        Fully agree!

  • James Johnston

    I don’t believe it.

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    I had read that hollow points are too expensive to use in training, so I’m a little confused. Is this just another ruse by the DHS? I really don’t put any trust in what this administration says, or doesn’t say.

    • Clayton Grant

      They are too expensive for practice rounds, but the kicker is, hollow points are outlawed for use in warfare by the Geneva Convention, of which the US is a signatory.

      • DavBow

        Domestic law enforcement is not warfare. What about bullet proof vests? Guess you feel that is an unfair advantage also.

        • Clayton Grant

          DHS is not domestic law enforcement either, but way to miss the point.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            Mr. Bowman is correct.

            GC applies to the *military*, which DHS is not.

            Hollowpoints banned from *INTERNATIONAL* warfare by the Hague Convention, not the GC.

          • Clayton Grant

            Again, way to miss the point. They are so lethal that they aren’t used on the battlefield in war, but for use against citizens, not so much. BTW, they are prohibited by the Geneva Convention as well as the Hague Convention so … there’s that.

          • mike_in_kosovo

            You argue from incorrect data, then tell someone who gives you correct info that they’re missing the point?

            Best repeat that first sentence to your mirror, chief. DHS isn’t the military, neither the Hague NOR the Geneva Conventions apply.

            And you *still* don’t have a point, because law enforcement agencies have been using HP ammo for *DECADES*.

            So much *wrong* information in just two sentences – you have a special knack, don’t you?

            The Hague Convention of 1899, Declaration III, prohibited the use in international warfare of bullets that easily expand or flatten in the body.[3] This is often incorrectly believed to be prohibited in the Geneva Conventions, but it significantly predates those conventions, and is in fact a continuance of the St. Petersburg Declaration of 1868, which banned exploding projectiles of less than 400 grams, as well as weapons designed to aggravate injured soldiers or make their death inevitable. NATO members do not use small arms ammunition that is prohibited by the Hague Convention.

            Despite the ban on military use, hollow-point bullets are one of the most common types of civilian and police [4] due largely to the reduced risk of bystanders being hit by over-penetrating or ricocheted bullets, and the increased speed of incapacitation.

    • DavBow

      You heard wrong.

  • Republicanvet

    If you look at the numbers in what DHS released to Coburn…they don’t make sense. Each component listed has double or triple the number of rounds purchased in previous years already in reserve. Why waste so much money on buying more ammo when each component already has double or triple in reserve from what they might need in a year? Why did the US Coast Guard purchase roughly 16 million rounds over the past 3 years when they have 70 million in reserve? Particularly given their stated reason for needing them?

    • CJeanne

      I agree that they don’t make sense! I hope he and the other Senators don’t just accept the explanations! They have to keep the pressure on for REAL explanations.

  • texan59

    Why can’t we get any ammo out in the real world if this is all they’re buying?

  • gary helm

    Shot gun slugs and 22cal. what the hell are they going to use those in, and for?

  • James G. McMorris

    Request that your Rep defund the DHS. I have already done so, if everyone makes a similar request perhaps we can shut down the DHS.

  • Bud-Kathy Jones

    Are hollow points outlawed according to the Geneva Convention ? If you can’t use them on foregne enemies who do you use them on ? One guess ?

    • AZWarrior

      Hollow point and all non full metal jacketed rounds are outlawed in war by the Hague Accords. .

  • Hastings Lamb

    The DHS is not a military organization so insofar as the types of ammo they use, it is not covered as far as I know under the Geneva Convention. Consequently the purchase of hollow point ammo versus ball or solid ammo which is used by the military. Hollow point ammo damages more tissue and can cause much more severe damage to internal organs e.g Black Talon ammo which was available some years back and the way it functioned garnered much criticism eventually ending its availability. So big sis not only wants to arm her pseudo para-military organization with thousands of new “personal protection weapons” aka assault rifles that can fire in full automatic mode, but also fill them with hollow point ammo that will expand and cause massive wound channels and organ destruction on the US citizens they shoot who do not cooperate or who stand up against her tyranny and Obama’s usurpation of the Constitution and our Republic!

  • Guest

    [1,000 rounds per firearm each year for training and quarterly qualifications]
    That is a LIE and will simply motivate closer scrutiny.
    The goal of the Obama administration is to acquire ALL available ammunition,
    except in the low demand calibers.

    • DeWalt

      Go wild. Like 257 roberts instead of 223. Plenty of that around.

  • CJeanne

    The comparisons with 2010, 2011, and 2012 aren’t appropriate — they’re all obama years! How about comparing to 2006 through 2009? And I agree about the hollow points; they are ONLY used to kill!

  • PatriotInk

    Well, I have been buying 60 rounds each of 357 Magnum 158 Gr. and 38+P 158 Gr. hollow points once a month for 30 years. The first box cost me $5.68. The last box I bought was $24.95. I also bought a Barrett 50 Cal in 2003 and have been buying rounds for it each month since my purchase. It is my intention that my son will have the ability to defend himself and his family should the need ever arise.

    • AZWarrior

      Wow, that 50 Barrett should do the trick in the self defense department. Sweet piece of armament that. The ammo for that has to be about the price of gold right about now eh?

  • OrionElectra

    It’s all spelled out in Pres. Obama’s “The Mein Audacity of Kampf Hope.” Systematically, methodically moving towards a complete marxist takeover of USA.

  • TomJB

    “The DHS reports that most of its component agencies budget 1,000 rounds
    per firearm each year for training and quarterly qualifications. The
    number doesn’t sound so extreme in that context,”

    @Twitchy: That number is still extreme in that context. With over 10 years in the Army, I doubt I have fired 1000 rounds of pistol ammunition *in total* over that time (for the naysayers: yes, I am combat arms, and my assigned weapon for over half that time has been the M9). At any qualification for rifle, I have never shot more than 100 rounds, which is 2 attempts plus a few for zeroing the weapon, less for pistol. Machine guns, yes, I’ve probably fired a couple thousand rounds due to the nature of the weapons systems, but still less than 1000 per year and the ammunition cited in this article is not for automatic weapons.

  • ctmom

    They are buying it all up so WE can’t. Not hard to figure out.

  • Mapache

    How about DHS share with state and local LE. The chances they need the ammo are a lot more than a guard at Social Security, GSA or EPA.

  • John Howard

    It’s really quite simple: If they can’t grab your guns, they’ll just make sure you can’t buy any ammo for them.

  • TJ

    Just because the Democrats don’t like the military does not mean they don’t like military like contacts in their districts that they send government contract to. How much of the bullet buy was kickback or part of the stimulus package. Buying bullets is just another order like GM volts or bridge to nowhere.

    One has to wonder why there is not a government only makers of bullets that do not sell to the public and public maker that do not get government orders. The makers do not care who they sell to as long as the checks clear.

    • TJ

      When the Government is buying 1500 volts are they doing it stop people from buying them or as stimulus to the Unions. Somewhere the same thing could be happening with bullets.

  • Bim Flake

    so why do they need 2.27 years worth of ammo in inventory?

  • redheadwrites

    still does not answer why they are ordering hollow point rounds – dont use those to train. those are used to kill.

  • The Firewall

    Considering the amount of concern that exists with the American Public, that DHS memo is a slap to the face. By releasing the minimum amount of information possible, Napolitano has communicated to Americans that she is not accountable to us.

    The amount of contempt, privilege or both Napolitano has in order to avoid addressing the American People directly on this issue should give you pause.

  • Walt

    Why does TSA need any ammo? Their job is to pat people down and screen luggage. We have airport security to make an armed response if needed. We need the good Senator to do a little follow up on the response.

  • Thomas Collins

    Best Senator of the bunch Tom Coburn, a true citizen legislator.

  • TruDat

    They’re buying up ammo and then Oblamo will sign some presidential decree limiting the manufacture of ammunition and putting a high tax on any available supply.

  • bossmanham

    Leave it to the idiot government to target practice with expensive self defense ammo.

  • Adela Wagner

    I’m not buying any of it…literally, I CAN’T BUY any of it,anywhere. And what about NOAA and the Social Security Admin. and all the ammo they are buying up? And anyone in any state that ignores the safer school recommendations from the NRA report and does not realize that labeling schools “Gun Free Zones” is advertising FOR criminals that the school is a big ol sitting duck, shall have the blood on their hands of anyone hurt or killed in any future incidents…period.

  • Sorrel Jakins

    Come on peeple, this isn’t too hard:

    263 Million rounds – Stockpile

    100 Million rounds – 2013 purchase

    363,000,000 rounds in total.

    315,601,692 people in USA – U.S. Census

  • $35072932

    Another LIE from the Proppressive-Left:

    Schumer Promises Universal Background Checks Won’t Create A Gun Registry… Then Calls It “Universal Registration”…

    So just remember that “Universal Background Checks” are really the precursor to CONFISCATION: Universal Registration

    NRA Stand and Fight: Universal Registration

  • American ex-Pat

    If something looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it sure a ‘H’ isn’t a chicken The DHS & other agencies ammo & related purchases exhibit all of the characteristics of either keeping the consumer supply limited, or they are planning for something that might require a lot of ammo, guns, & ‘special’ vehicles. Just sayin’!

  • maisy

    I don’t believe anything that comes from Homeland Security. Napolitano is treasonous and out to destroy the country.

  • maisy

    Notice how the government Slime wants to disarm Americans before they unleash the third world on the country.

  • fulredy

    Buying all this ammo has only one purpose, it’s a form of gun control.

  • Tango Niner

    With the cost of ammo compared with two years ago, I should be shooting Silver JHPs during practice rounds. Now all I get is crap I’ve never heard of. I mean, come on, when you go online and see Bear ammo is available and say WOW, COOL, something is definitely wrong.

    No offense Bear, but you know where you stand.

    • Squirrel!

      LOL! So true it’s funny!

  • Tango Niner

    At the end of every month and year our corporate office sends accountants out to check/confirm inventory. Can we not take the word of anyone and just send John and a couple trustworthy people out to confirm this? I know we’re in short supply of trustworthy in our government, but even I can come up with a few we can agree on.

    I want the truth, and don’t tell me I can’t handle it!

  • Darla Holt-Szcinski

    What about the bullet proof check points? And the targets of civilians/children in their houses and yards? What about these armored vehicles which they bragged had holes to stick the machine gun through? I am not buying it. Plus the recent purchase orders add up to BILLIONS. Enough to carry on an Iraq war at it’s peak for more than 20 years. No they are definitely planning to fight someone and I would bet my a$$ it isn’t terrorists or drug cartels.

  • rightthink

    I don’t believe anything they say anymore.

  • BuzzyActual

    Police have trained with the hollowpoints they carry for a lot of years now but that still does not explain the huge amount of purchases. I’m sure it has something to do with keeping ammo out of the hands of the voters

  • IrishBoss

    In reading the DHS response one notices each Department has a column for training usages and a column for “operational purposes” What I want to know does this mean these Department personnel are firing in the line of duty 27,887,847 bullets last year. That’s a lot of gun fightin’ Shouldn’t the operational bullets column be kinda low like the Coast Guards numbers. It kinda scares me to see the TSA shoots off the exact same number of operational purpose bullets year after year.

  • Nancy Plunkett

    Look at the Operational #s for the last 3 years! Who in the heck has the TSA, SS and other depts been shooting at?

  • rant stocks

    Simply ask the RIGHT ! question……. THE INTENT of all this ammo. Nuff Said.