The Twitterverse had some fun with the oh-so-suspenseful announcement of the name of Chris Hayes’ new prime-time show on MSNBC, which premieres tonight and replaces Ed Schultz’s “The Ed Show.” If you thought “All In with Chris Hayes” was worthy of ridicule, just wait until you hear the official hashtag of the show’s followers. If you’re planning on tuning in tonight, you might be an #inner.

Of course, many #inners are rebranded #uppers, holdovers from Hayes’ morning show, “Up with Chris Hayes.” But “inners”?

Yes, the hashtag was chosen via a Twitter poll that attracted more than 100 votes. Here’s a glimpse at what could have been.

Good one! That’s almost as good as Hayes’ disclaimer that he’s a small-D democrat. We all know that MSNBC simply would not tolerate partisan politics to mingle with journalism. But are viewers ready to accept the will of the majority?

  • stillinthe60s

    Navel gazing demands “innies” and/or “outies”.

  • BigRed

    Awesomest? is he hosting a TV show or a rave?

    • Joseph A White

      His 1st guest is gonna be Meggie Mac, fer sure, fer sure….

    • Tango Niner

      It starts out as a belly-button contest and ends with a transvestite gypsy dance-off… I think! That’s what I got out of the article.

  • Steve_J

    #inners the welfare line?

  • Anderson

    Small d Democrat? What the heck is that???

    • Ben Bollman

      Small dick Democrat, which is all of them.

      • rinodino

        Hmmm…,So if I say small dick conservative. I wonder which post gets deleted? lmao… Twitchy you guys are a funny crew, keep it up!!!!

        • Ben Bollman

          You are right: No one here cares what you think.

          • rinodino

            Except you who responded thanks for the love fan boy

          • Ben Bollman

            yet you replied first, hmm….

        • Tango Niner

          So are you a big p or small d Democrat? Hard to tell with your alias.

          • Ben Bollman

            rinodino is a Big V

    • Tango Niner

      He’s got a small pecker. He’s just advertising for those tight a$$ liberals.

  • Bozo Sapien

    Chris Hayes at 8pm on MSNBC vs. The O’Reilly Factor on Fox and Anderson Cooper on CNN. Can’t wait for the ratings on this one. Hope Nielsen’s system is set up for negative digits.

  • MSNBC Hot Tub


  • lessthantolerant

    Who is this faery? What alley in DC does he work?

  • William Bacon

    “But are viewers ready to accept the will of the majority?” With 120 votes, it takes 61 to reach a majority. The plurality was less than 2/3 of that number.

  • socalcon

    “Hayes’ disclaimer that he’s a small-D democrat”
    Is that like how a lib uses the term ‘rape-rape’? How about he’s a small-L lesbian?

  • socalcon

    Hashtag votes: #hayesies:1 #allinners:1
    Hayes voted twice? Voter fraud, go figure.

  • Brent Guthrie

    I believe we shall call them, “#in-tards.”

  • $29561723

    Maddow gets uglier every time I see her (or Chris Hayes) or whoever the f9k that is. I can’t tell anymore. They’re all wankers.

  • OneBigArseTroll

    nerds have to man up and get out of their parents basement sooner or later… his show will flop like all the rest of them on msnbc


    What is so special about Capt. Wimpy. He is another crybaby with a show.

  • Tango Niner

    Oh, my! This guy IS the freaky cannibal from Sin City. I always knew he looked like it, and now I know there was effort involved.

    Oh, and what’s an inner/outer? Sounds fabulously wrong. Which, I guess, fits this guy. Is he inner-sexual or outer?

    I’m lost, but the game continues.

  • Ben Bollman

    Noticed my comment was deleted, thanks for the censorship Twitchy.