Republicans are eagerly pointing the way to the exit for GOP Rep. Don Young, who “meant no disrespect” when referring to his father’s ranch hands as “wetbacks.” You can expect to hear Young’s name come up any time the GOP mentions Hispanic outreach efforts, but will Democrat Rep. Bruce Braley prove to be an albatross for the ever-so-sensitive Left? Politwoops captured his tweet before it disappeared.


Braley raised more than a few eyebrows yesterday by referring to the Iowa State Cyclones’ loss to Ohio State as the Trail of Tears, the government’s forced relocation which killed tens of thousands of Native Americans. Braley deleted the tweet after facing a backlash from followers. He also apologized to anyone who was offended — a move which handily makes any scandal go away if there’s a (D) after your name.

No word yet from Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz if she’s equally #Disappointed with her Democratic colleague, but we’ll check back.

  • Steve_J

    Did Fauxcahontaus take him to the woodshed?

  • Love of Country

    But it’s still okay for high ranking democrats to go on TV just to demagogue and fearmonger about putting black people back in chains?

    I have my own ideas about this epic hypocrisy but would some liberal like to please make sense of this for the rest of us from your own dysfunctional POV?

  • Anderson

    Bless his heart. Let these progressives keep running their mouths. They just keep illustrating what a bunch of bigoted, racist, misogynist, hatemongers they are. Capture and retweet with appropriate label. The MSM might ignore it, but twitter is becoming more effective anyway.

  • KansasGirl

    @stafanielaine, why do extreme leftist whites insist on being ashamed of their skin color?
    I cannot even comprehend this at all…lol

  • Hiraghm

    The Trail of Tears did NOT kill thousands of “Native Americans”. It killed thousands of Cherokee. It’s like saying the Holocaust killed thousands of East Europeans (rather than Jews), or that Desert Storm killed thousands of Persians (rather than Iraqis).

    • Stone Bryson

      East Europeans? You mean like Poles and Slavs and Romanies? Yeah, Hitler did not kill those off in the millions, as part of his holoc— oh wait…

      That noted, you are right about the specificity regarding the Cherokee.

  • Ken

    Oh, get a life. THAT is insensitive? It was an ANALOGY, you morons. My grandmother was 1/2 Cherokee, & her reaction would be to wonder what HAPPENED to the people who conquered hers.

  • Stone Bryson

    What difference does it make? The football team for the nation’s capital is a racial slur, yet no one says ‘boo’ about that… a city run on a local level by liberals. Seriously, can you image the outcry if a new NFL team in Southern California was being named the ‘Los Angeles N-word?’

    Furthermore, the progressive Congressional Black Caucus threatened to renege on the federal treaty with the Cherokee Nation (again) just 5 years ago, over their desire to name as citizens whom they choose. So some Dem being insensitive to the Cherokee?

    Yeah, par for the course…

  • Joseph A White

    Jeepers…don’t let Elizabeth (Liawatha) Warren learn of this.

  • sqeptiq

    Awful tweet, but the GOP can’t really make hay of it because most Republicans condone the injustices against Native Americans.

    • Stone Bryson

      Really? Care to elaborate? As a Cherokee libertarian, I look forward to your examples… this should be fascinating.

      Oh, BTW – do you know why Amerindians are legal citizens in this country? Yep, one of them evil Republicans, President Calvin Coolidge, fostered and eventually signed the bill finally granting that basic right. Guess who stood against him? It was not Republicans, so…………

      Go ahead… I’ll wait.

      • Richard Jefferies

        He has no examples, he epitomizes the low-information, illogical, shoot-your-mouth-off without evidence, mouth breathing liberal.

        • Mike G.

          You sure he’s breathing through his mouth? IYKWIM

    • DrEviler

      Elizabeth “Fauxahontas” Warren doesn’t count. She only pretended to be native American, while refusing to meet with leaders from the tribe she claimed to be a descendant of.

    • David

      I have many Indian friends. I tell ’em you lost, we won. They get a kick out of it, but I have paid them back at their casinos. It’s like them now having a money tree.

    • NRPax

      Names. Quotes. Links. Evidence.

      What are four things that sqeptiq is lacking in the latest tirade against Republicans?

      • Jay Stevens

        Correct spelling?

      • sharinite

        Truth, brains, intelligence and smarts!

    • Cuz Grandma Says

      Yeah, that was conducted by Democrats. You might want to learn true history. Democratic (1828–1845) He also owned slaves, about 300. So tell me again how Republicans are responsible for the “Trail of Tears”. Jackson was a racist, just like his party is today.

    • sharinite

      Lord I didn’t think you could be worse, but you truly are slime!

  • kim

    no, Fauxcahontas is still searching through phone books for John Smith

  • Richard Jefferies

    Everyone needs to grow the hell up. This a non-story. I’m sick and tired of political correctness on both sides of the isle. Yes, if it was a Republican it would get more press, but that doesn’t make it “racist”. It wasn’t even that funny so ignore it.

  • michael s

    Well I’m disgusted at this racially insensitive remark. No surprise here

  • socalcon

    In a related item: Florida Gulf Coast met their “Little Big Horn”…

    • Jay Stevens

      That is OK. After all, the white guys lost at Little Big Horn.

  • Cuz Grandma Says

    I certainly didn’t take offense. It was in reference to a sport not a
    group of Indians. I can hear the cringing of all those political correct
    nincompoops now, because I said Indians. Oops I said it again. For
    heaven sakes get over yourselves Democrats and for heaven sakes
    Republicans stop apologizing. If someone takes offense that is their
    right. You are not in control if they take offense. That is their
    choice. Don’t like anything I say – Well to FN bad. If I had a dime
    every time a Democrat offended me, I’d be a millionaire.

    • sharinite

      It is one of their saviour’s, Alinsky’s, rules…I just forget which of the 12 rules to make hate it is….they can’t use anything else, Alinsky is all they have been taught!

  • NRPax

    People are offended by something someone said. And in other news, scientists predict that the sun will indeed set in the west.

  • sqeptiq

    Lotta people have asked me for evidence that Republicans don’t care about Braley’s nasty tweet. So here it is. Congressional Republicans and the RNC have let Braley’s tweet slide. This shows first that they don’t care and second that they know their target voters don’t care — otherwise they’d make a political stink about, if not sincerely, then at least to win votes.

    Contrast this with how Democrats have been all over Don Young’s “wetbacks” remark like white on rice. You can say Democrats don’t really care and are just pandering for votes… but in the case of Braley’s remarks, national Republicans don’t even pretend to care. What does that tell you?

    • NRPax

      That you can’t come up with one specific example of Republicans condoning what happened to Native Americans, so you had to deflect it to Braley’s statement.

      • sqeptiq

        Congressional Republicans’ silence over Braley’s nasty tweet indicates that they think abuses against Amerindians were A-OK.

        • sharinite

          Truly, stupid is as stupid does and sqeptiq does it best of all!!!

    • sharinite

      …”white on rice…”? You’re being racist and ugly too! You have no clue what Congressional Republicans or the RNC think, but, since whites and the right don’t have free speech we can’t be as ugly as the progs!!

  • Cherokee Man

    BruceBraley Not your fault, it’s the romance of the catch phrase. When the US Govt does it to a bunch of filthy Indians the spin of some cool buzz words makes it seem OK. Funny thing though, when those evil foreigners do the same thing to us the catch phrase we assign to that inhumane event event makes it off limits. Maybe we should have called it the “Oklahoma Death March”. Then no one would dare to use it to get a laugh.

  • BK

    You know how this happens? Ignorance, that’s how. People have ‘heard’ expressions but have no clue as to the history and context behind the words. I’d say it was innocent, except that for me, there is NO excuse for not knowing our country’s history. That fact is pitiful. And this guy is a congresscritter? Even more inexcusable. What the hell are we teaching our kids in school?