As Twitchy noted earlier, actor and preeminent funny face artiste Jim Carrey decided to take his anti-gun Twitter campaign to the next level, not by bolstering his argument with facts but by shifting into #CarreyCapsLock mode to get through to the “haters” and “intolerent goons” who hear only what they want to hear. Here’s tonight’s example:

Fortunately for us, one of those hateful goons is Fox News host Greg Gutfeld, who has challenged “simpering tool” Carrey to appear on “The Five” to debate his crotch-focused stand on gun control. Perhaps in an attempt to see things from Carrey’s perspective, Gutfeld has been practicing throttling down his own thoughts into #CarreyCapsLock mode, with hilarious results.

It’s true; it’s not an authentic Jim Carrey tweet without the emoticon. Here’s Carrey being sad because of the intolerant goons clinging to their Second Amendment rights: :^(

  • RJ

    Sigh…I used to really like Carrey, too… :-(

  • Tangchung

    Yeah..Greg Gutfeld channels Ralf Kramdon and gets on the bus 5 hours late.

  • Brad

    Greg Gutfeld is a nobody. This is just a desperate attempt to get attention. Even Carrey’s little finger is more famous than Gutfeld.

    • Dale Black

      Yeah, and Snooki is more famous than Jim Carrey.

      • Jay Stevens

        And better looking.

      • lainer51

        and Lassie and Morris are WAYYYY more famous than Snooki and much better looking too, but, of course, they aren’t as good as making faces as Jim Ferry..

    • 3seven77

      So… what’s your excuse?

    • Catchance

      Speaking of desperate attempts to get attention….

      • E Quilibrate

        Brad just does that all the time, can’t figure how
        he keeps getting out of the basement.

    • Jack Deth

      I think Brad is using the same comment here he did Monday evening.

      And it’s still as ineffective and redundant.seeking relevance.

      • SpiffyMclure

        Pssst. ‘member what I said about Carrey Derangement Syndrome in that other thread down the hall? Waddaya think now?

        • Jack Deth

          You’re still a dick head?…. That’s a given.

          • SpiffyMclure

            Oh pops – you and your sassy mouth.

        • TomJB

          “Carrey Derangement Syndrome”? Y’all are trying that with “Obama Derangement Syndrome” but miss one key point of what Bush Derangement Syndrome actually was. It wasn’t just hating the man, it was changing one’s long-held beliefs when they found themselves in the uncomfortable position of actually agreeing with him on the issue; example: feminists saying how great the burkha is.

        • lainer51

          waddaya???? what grade are you in?

          • SpiffyMclure

            You, up-top: “Lassie and Morris are WAYYYY more famous than Snooki.” Uh-huh. You actually spelled “way” with four “Y”s, three minutes after making your comment. Self-awareness. It’s a thing. Cap locks too. Around these parts, apparently a bad thing, at least according to this thread.

    • JR48

      Yes, you’re correct. Carrey’s little finger IS more famous than Gutfeld…

      But it’s not as funny as Gutfeld’s tweets. LOL

      I haven’t laughed at Carrey since Ace Ventura, which was brilliant. One and done, for me. But I’m seriously chuckling over here NOW at Greg.

    • $18912735

      Somebody has a crush on Jim Carrey!

    • beebop1952

      Is “little finger” code for another small thing Jim has? Like a brain or a dick?

      • $36544368


    • Jim

      I’ll take Gutfeld. Considering Carrey’s been divorced twice and dated an uber-skank like Jenny McCarthy, it’s probably better not to think about where that finger’s been.

    • $36544368

      LOL…Brad, seriously…your posts are only good for a laugh…you slam Greg Gutfeld, but Jim Carrey’s ridiculous behavior is ‘not’ a desperate attempt to get attention? A lot of ‘famous’ people are ‘famous’ for negative reasons, and Carrey is fast becoming one of those. All he’s doing is polarizing, not bringing people together. People that try to mess with the constitution are, in my opinion, not worthy of being citizens of this once great (and hopefully great again soon!) nation. Carrey has dual citizenship (Canada/US)…you’d think he’d want to use any popularity he has to make a positive difference…instead, he’s being a total jackwagon…and why? Seriously, is this ‘song’ of his going to change the mind of those of us who support the 2nd amendment? Hardly. Again, I ask you Brad…what have you done today that’s iconic and made a difference in this world? You never answered me the first time I asked you (and do I look surprised? Nope.) At least Greg is standing up for what he believes, and in an intelligent way. Now go take your meds, get your comic books, and go back down to your mom’s basement and play Wii. Grownups are talking here.

    • lainer51

      and that proves that idiots can be famous in the minds of pea brains… His little finger is all he’s got left.

  • disqus_e2F2oUH6C7

    I’m bored and tired of listening from @JimCarrey. Once an eedjit, always an eedjit.

    • Brett McMicken

      at least he’s found a way to make people remember he still exists. his movies sure weren’t doing the trick.

  • Jackalopes

    The best comment by far was Gutfeld nailing Jim Carey’s vaccine panic that killed more children than rifles ever will. Nobody can touch that.

  • Scott Anderson

    This comment is awaiting moderation.

  • K-Dubya

    He was kinda funny on Who’s Line Is It Anyway but he totally ruined The Price Is Right.

    • Lia Markham

      That’s Drew Carey. I like him better on “Price” than I used to. From what I understand, Drew is more of a libertarian, and no relation to Jim.

      • Guest


      • K-Dubya

        :) I was going to use American baseball broadcaster Harry Carey but I thought the reference might be too obscure.

    • Paladin


  • S. Weasel

    Glad to see Jim Carrey is an actual dick. I thought he was the unfunniest sack o’ crap in Hollywood since forever; good to know I haven’t done him wrong as a person.

  • Grunt

    Who is Greg Gutfeld?

    • camnpat

      The host who beats all MSNBC shows in ratings during the day with The Five, and that at 3AM with Red Eye gets more viewers than CNN shows combined.

      • sikupnfed

        Greg is the host with the most on Red Eye. I used to be able to watch it on Fox. Woe is me I can’t afford cable TV anymore.

  • toreilly

    what, is this guy Carrey like 11?

  • rivers

    Hilarious! Look at Jim’s latest hissy fit/attention grab! Glad he sent out his rep’s email and phone number, LOL!
    What a d-bag.