Tom Menino has served as Boston’s mayor for nearly two decades, so it’s only natural that news of his retirement after five terms in office would be met with plaudits from the usual suspects. We have our doubts that Boston is indeed the greatest city on earth; Merino’s thuggish claim that “Chick-fil-A doesn’t belong” there suggests there’s plenty of room for improvement. President Obama didn’t hold back on the praise for Menino, though.

Other politicians were quick to gush as well, with Elizabeth Warren declaring Menino “the best mayor in America” (sorry, Cory Booker).

Even New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was willing to overlook Mayors Against Illegal Guns co-chair Menino’s turning a blind eye to those killer 17 oz. sodas.

The fact that the U.S. Senate will hold a vote next month on the first major gun safely legislation in more than a decade is a testament to Tom’s determined leadership. As his partner in the coalition, I want to thank Mayor Menino for all his extraordinary work in the fight to make our communities – and our country – safer.

Menino might not be running again, but he still has the rest of his current term to fill.

  • Gloves Donahue, Jr.

    So Mumbles Menino thinks Chik-fil-A doesn’t belong, but a 75 million dollar shrine to Ted Kennedy, the Hero of Chappaquiddick, does.

  • stellatruman

    Aside from the overwhelming number of liberals there, Boston IS my favorite American city

    • $46661540

      I have a similar problem with DC. If it weren’t for all of the politicians, consultants, lawyers and swamp-like humidity in the summer, it would be #1 by far in my book.

      • stellatruman

        I love DC too, on the map , geographically , historically…great bike paths and monuments..more than a few of the residents should vacate to make it even better, but it is a great city despite some of the occupants

      • Ken Alan Draper

        Swamp-like humidity, of course you know that D.C. was built on a swamp.

  • Patrick Dennehy

    Worst Mayor we’ve ever had…but I’m gonna miss him. Listening to his attempts at trying to complete a simple sentence is SO entertaining

    • Patrick Dennehy

      Just like my ability to write one apparently. I really need to start proof reading ahaha

    • Spatial Awareness

      WTH???? Is he drunk?

      • Jerome Goolsby

        No…that’s normal for Mayor Mumbles Menino

      • Robert Hoover

        No, just stupid. He literally cannot speak. Even reading it off a sheet of paper, he still cannot get it correct. A very very stupid person.

  • CatHerder

    “You’re a legend in your own mind.” ~Clint Eastwood

  • TheOriginalDonald

    John Dennis-Gerry, Obama has said Tom Menino is the best mayor in America

    Gerry Callahan-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Who’d he said was the best senator Dino, Fauxcahontas Talking Bull?

  • Jerome Goolsby

    Mumbles Menino will be missed most for his speaking ability which is so good it makes George W. Bush sound like Laurence Olivier.

  • Guest

    When Obama’s’ bar is Chicago, Boston is a step up I suppose.

  • Timmmmm

    He is the Martha Luther King of Mayors (Mayahs)

  • Paul Citro

    We know him as “Minnie ME” another moron.

  • $29561723

    Congrats to the city of Bawff-uh-stun for electing Mumbles to 56 terms. At present they’re preparing a hermetically sealed glass mausoleum for the Boston proletariat to view his corpse once he finally goes to that great big collectivized farm in the sky.

  • Rulz

    My first reaction was to laugh.

    Is that bad?


    Translation; He is helping turn Boston into another 3rd world crap hole like Detroit.

  • Jon

    I love Schumer’s tweet — “Kudos to an urban legend”. Makes Menino sound like he belongs with those stories about alligators in the sewers.

  • ceemack

    Holy cow…he’s been applauded by one of the worst mayors in America, one of the worst legislators in the Senate, and the worst president in American history.

    Just how bad was this guy?

  • GaryTheBrave

    The photo Twitchy uses makes him look like a white Colin Powell, but a bit heavier.

  • bo1921

    And I thought he was just another union owned Boss Tweed. My bad. I do wonder how much he and his buds made off the “Big Dig”? I guess we’ll never know, will we?