Did Donald Trump’s mighty ego get the better of his reading comprehension skills? Or is he subtly trolling the troll? Either way, it makes for a good laugh.

  • Clayton Grant

    That thing living on Donald’s head is frightening! Is that what he meant when he said if Obama won there would be hell toupee?

    • ssj429

      Pretty sure that is not a toupee. Just a terrible combover. In all honesty, I really like Trump. I also really like Malkin as well. Well, I actually like her a bit more.

      • Love of Country

        I like Trump, too ….. but only on Celebrity Apprentice. I cannot stand his shallow, narcissistic, selfish, vindictive, manipulative kind in GOP politics. Michelle Malkin, on the other hand, is truly the cat’s pajamas. An exceptional woman through and through IMO.

        • nc

          That show is a guilty pleasure, isn’t it? And I completely agree with you about Trump. He’s level headed in the boardroom, but too many missteps on the political stage. The attack on MM was horrible.

          • Love of Country

            Yeah …. and he was dead set on taking over Iraq’s oil fields to pay us back for the war we started. Can you imagine how that would have went down? And a nasty trade war with China? That could turn ugly quickly too the way Donald behaves.

            And then there was the whole issue of manipulating GOP candidates to come by his office and ask for his blessings in front of the cameras. And then he said his people had uncovered a bombshell in Hawaii pertaining to the birth certificate but then he never once said what it was (if anything, lol).

            But CA is always good TV and Trump is absolutely perfect for the job.

            And OMG, nc …. Grumpa is still with us ….. spoke to him just yesterday! :))

          • nc

            God bless Grumpa, I saw a post of his just yesterday or maybe the day before. He has fans!

  • CatHerder

    He ain’t bad, he just smells that way.

  • sqeptiq

    Likely Trump knows he’s a bad guy and just acknowledged it. If so, I respect his candor. Republicans loved his birtherism and briefly made him their presidential frontrunner for it — that won’t soon be forgotten.

    • Love of Country

      Barack Owebamao created birthers …. don’t loathe what ye creates!

      Barack Owebamao is a pathological liar who hates telling the truth, capitalism and Middle America …. that won’t soon be forgotten.

      Neither will his obsession to permanently divide this country along race, class, gender and generational lines. He’s a traitor (pinko commie) of the highest order, IMHO.

      • sqeptiq

        ??? ???? ?? ????!