Remember the lonely guy with the big stick who wanted nothing but to put on a fake mustache and slip unnoticed through Tel Aviv to mingle with the college kids in bars? Yeah, that same guy is somewhere in this motorcade (we think). He might even be wearing the mustache.

We’re glad to know “the beast” is feeling better after breaking down yesterday. How soon until reporters reach out for comment from Al Gore about the global footprint of this rolling monster?

  • DeafRanger

    Sequester that

  • Phoelix

    Emperor Narcissus II

    • BlueGood

      Emperor Narcissus II of ONE WORLD GOV’T……

      Coming SOON…to a Planet near YOU!

      Agenda 21….

      Hitler, Goebbels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, all spinning in their graves because B.Hussain O’bama will achieve world domination with fewer bullets….

      Calling Rosa Koire!

      Calling Rosa….

      Elizabeth Nickson…..yeps she can help you learn too…..ECO~FACISTS

      Don’t believe me, or Rosa or Elizabeth…”Believe your lying eyes”….

    • Carole Naro

      too funny Hero.

  • $19701396

    You do know the Secret Service is in charge of arranging the motorcades, yes?

    • LuCha

      You do know that the President of the United States is more powerful than the secret service, yes? There’s nothing discreet about this inept civil servant.

  • Carla Vergamini

    Hes a legend in his own mind! The Chicken LittleTour ! Heading to a Country near you! What Ever!!

  • Walt

    How many people did he take with him? I didn’t think had had that many close advisers and secret service combined. Do they all get to ride in their own vehicle? And to think they can’t find a single place to cut expenses other than teachers and White House tours.

    • CherDash

      Bo gets his own motorcade still. His is probably in there somewhere.

      • stellatruman

        Bo and his walker are there , but Bo is being held in quarantine while his walker is probably dining in the finest establishments and staying at a 5 star hotel while he waits for the pooch to be cleared . Once the dog passes quarantine, it will be time to return to DC . Total bill for Bo and his handler will probably be close to $1,000,000 , courtesy US taxpayer

    • LuCha

      I think Beyonce and Jay Z are in the last car…

  • Joseph A White

    Jesus didn’t have this long a procession during His Triumphal Entry on the 1st day of Passover Week, when he rode his Barack into Jerusalem on the palm leaf covered streets either. This jack-ass must really be the Messiah, no??

    • Michael R Bardsley

      Why do you think Obama is IN the Holy Land at THIS particular season all of a sudden? It’s not an accident.

    • bigkahuna9

      In his mind he is god…not jesus

    • Just Me

      Nah! Only in his own eyes!! :(

  • LuCha

    He needs all that to haul all the shit he brings with him….

  • LuCha

    He needs all that to haul all the crap he brings to everyone….

    • Joseph A White

      Jay Z & Beyonce got lots of stuff to bring along with them, too.

    • Alice Clemons

      Yes, loads of cash!

  • Alice Clemons

    All the cars are shipped over from US, along with the fuel and entourage…

    • PatriotLady77

      I’d LOVE to see the bill on that!!!!!!!!!

  • Alice Clemons

    I just realized the U.S. is ‘us’!

  • Jeff Brown

    meanwhile hundreds of palestenians, threw shoes at ohama pictures, spit on them and broke every single one

  • Ron Rynhard

    it’s all about intimidation from mudslums

  • Tony Aiello

    Do they play golf there?

  • William

    ObamaNation and it’s minions are toxic to this country and our society.

  • $23629333

    “Obama’s big stick”? If that’s what he had, would Michelle look as miserable as she often does?

    • IceColdTroll


  • $16179444

    and the green scam loons are oddly silent about his carbon emissions.

  • brewerandpatriot

    I can not wait to see the first motorcade comprised of armor-plated Chevy Volts.

  • Stan

    The Great and Powerful Leader needs as much protection as he can get, but this as is most of his excursions, are a waste of taxpayer money. People here are jobless and scared of the future, Instead of trying to help America, he is trying to help his stature in the world. LOST Cause.

  • JoeMammy

    While Rome Burns