CPAC 2013 shaped up to be a smack-down between establishment Republicans and grassroots conservatives, with establishment poster boy Karl Rove standing in as the embodiment of all that’s wrong with the GOP these days. reports that the Daily Caller’s Tucker Carlson weighed in on the ongoing Sarah Palin/Karl Rove feud this morning on WMAL, confessing that while he admires her ability as a public speaker, he’s “not clear what Sarah Palin does, actually.” This sounds like a job for a hashtag.

Love or hate her, it’s clear that Palin’s doing something.


Sarah Palin jumps in:

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  • blueniner

    Tucker ” Chatsworth Osborne Jr.” is a sissy boy that was born into wealth and privilege, and after all these years on Tv he still sucks at fill in duties on TV at FOX. He made some misogynist disparging comment about Palin a couple of years ago and had to apologize.

    • atlas007

      A real woose.

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  • mahalo321

    The DC is awful. I only go there for Treacher.

    • SideshowJon36

      I dunno, DC seems to get pretty good stories. Carlson was tainted for years by CNN (I considered him Scarborough before there was a Scarborough), but now that he’s free of his Lib masters I think he does a pretty good job

      • idesign2

        DC sucks, unless you’re a beltway establishment crony..:)

  • Garym

    Treacher will be here to defend Carlson in 5,4,3,2…………………..

  • nc

    The above collection of #SarahPalinDoes tweets is AWESOME! While the RNC is boohooing and navel gazing about their defeats, Palin is upbeat, focused and inspirational. She is modeling The Happy Warrior and if the negative nellies would only look up they would see that we’re all on the same side.

    Why they are so quick to cast aside such a talent and a unique asset like Palin is a mystery to me.

    • Billy Vmax

      It’s simple………THEY CAN’T CONTROL HER…..

    • freeinaz

      She was a RINO threat. What’s wrong with the GOP is simple…Palin said it and Paul did too….Establishment RINO’s with their Rove type buddies.

      • Jillane Kent

        I would add cheerleading interceptors in the media to your last sentence. Otherwise, you are spot on.

      • atlas007

        Do you want to know why else Palin is hatred? Look at the money trail starting from Karl Rove on down.

    • senator20526

      She won’t play their games and put up with their BS

      • Ritchie The Riveter

        She will not let them control her, and make her play the same virtual-reality game that has given us the results of 2008 and 2012.

        That is why they are hell-bent on destroying her … because when it comes to the future of America, she knows that the only way to win, is not to play.

    • Timbet

      Sarah Palin has been attacked and scrutinized like no one else; she’s probably the “cleanest” politician out there.

      There has not been one aspect of Palin’s life and career that has not been chewed over, criticized and lied about by her enemies; she has withstood the slings, barbs, bullets, and arrows that would have fallen a lesser person.

      Soon after Palin entered the national political scene as Arizona Sen. John McCain’s GOP running mate, she was attacked as a diva, a clothes hog, an irresponsible mother and a political mercenary. They dismissed what she achieved as mayor of her hometown, commissioner of the state’s oil and pipeline board and governor of America’s largest state.

      Sarah Palin’s enemies decided that nothing was too personal to attack-including her marriage, her children, her faith, and her wardrobe.

      The media distorted Palin’s positions and beliefs beyond recognition. And almost every word out of her mouth was spun as a “flub”.

      The media hounded her, and her family, on a daily basis, flat out making crap up (like that she, personally, shot wolves from the air). They claimed her baby was not her own; used despicable language to attack her, and her family; sent numerous reporters to Wasilla to dig up dirt on her ; AP reporters “factchecked” her book; accused her of being an accomplice to murder, her email hacked by the son of a Democrat congressman, political operatives filing endless bogus ethic charges designed to bankrupt a working family with a special need toddler and much more.

      The media went through pages and pages of Palin Emails (24,000+ pages of emails from Palin’s term as governor), looking for damning information that could wipe Sarah Palin from America’s political scene.

      What they found was the inner workings of an efficient, informed and very involved governor that mounted an unprecedented 80 plus approval rating while in office. Those emails revealed a hard-working, committed public servant. Even the mainstream media has been forced to concede that Palin was a conscientious, transparent, and effective public servant……..not exactly what the death squads of WaPo, the NYT, and other mainstream outlets had in mind.

      There were no sex scandals, no lewd twitter photos, no misuse of taxpayer dollars, and no malicious behavior, whatsoever. Just a governor doing her job.

      This scenario is in sharp contrast to the manner in which the media handled Barack Obama, whom it woefully failed to properly investigate in 2007-08.

      The media , Hollywood and the REP establishment have done everything they can to vilify Sarah Palin and her family but despite a massive effort to destroy her, she is still on her feet and making a difference in the political world.

      By the way, if Obama received half of the bad press that Sarah Palin does, his favorables would be in the low 30’s

      • $45065723

        Have you ever seen the South Park episode on Britney Spears? That’s how the media treats Palin. It’s as if she’s the chosen one and they need to do everything possible to destroy her

        Before everyone votes me down and thinking comparing Brittney to Sarah, watch the episode.

      • pamdix

        Wow! I’m so glad that you wrote this. The media and our President have tried to label this wonderful woman as a nincompoop and we need to fight back with her strong points. I don’t believe they should write her off. She has so much to offer our country.

        • atlas007

          The only stupid people today are most politicians and the main stream media.

      • atlas007

        Well put and accurate. If we want to clean up the nest of rats in DC, then we had better support the only Conservative, today, that had paid more than her dues. Sarah Palin is just who we need to restore sanity back in DC.

    • Chris Corvasce

      Palin not finishing her first term was a selfless act that every public servant should be willing to do.. She was being harassed constantly and it was starting to burden the Alaskan tax payers; she didn’t want to be a burden so she resigned. How many other public officials would put the welfare of their constituents before their own ego

      • atlas007

        Not one of them including Paul, Rubio and all the other Bushites. Maybe Cruz.

  • AaronBrandt

    But seriously, what does Palin’s LinkedIn say?

    • kate_middleton

      I’m with you. Tucker is right.

      You can’t deny her charisma and personality. But she lost me when she stepped down as governor. And nothing she’s done since then has done anything to show she’s a serious policy maker, potential candidate or thought leader.

      I think she likes being a celebrity, raking in the dough, and then disappearing for a while. Can’t say I blame her.

      She knows how to give a good speech and get a crowd revved up though.

      • Judy B

        Palin stepped down to save AK the exorbitant monies being spent defending against the ridiculous law suits the left kept filing…she put her state first!

        • J. Cox

          Actually,AK didn’t have to pay….it came out of pocket for about half the lawsuits filed….which vanished as fast as water in the desert when she stepped down.They were out to bankrupt her,and if AK got beat up in the process,the progs didn’t care.(but I agree with your point)

        • blueniner

          Right on, she took one for the State of Alaska, her critics think of self, Sarah Palin thinks of the whole, not the part!

      • senator20526

        You lost me when you say you didn’t understand why she stepped down as Gov. Educate yourself on this point, and you will see what a true public servant is like…she served for the right reasons and left when it became impossible to govern…

        • kate_middleton

          I know exactly why she said she stepped down. But I don’t think it was a good idea if she wants to be taken seriously in politics.

          Sheesh, these comments are insane. You Palin fans need to accept that there are plenty of good and loyal Republicans who aren’t fans of Palin. This doesn’t make them wrong or RINOs. Palin will never be president, and I don’t think she wants to be.

          • Sonny Phillips

            Why is it that Obama, Hillary, any liberal politician you can pick – QUIT their political terms, before they were finished them, so that they could run for a new office and that’s OK BUT a conservative is held to a different set of rules. You are as lame as the the media.

          • kate_middleton

            Oh get real. I loathe Obama and Hillary, but if you can’t see the difference between moving onto another office and just quitting, you’re insane.

          • Durenda Wood

            Your two sided on moral activity, it is ok for others to step down for another job, meanwhile Palin should have stayed even though it was costing Alaskans tons of money to fight frivolous law suits. I can hear her now. “Elect me and I will waste all of your money on lawsuits”, and she won the election. She stepped down because she knew that is what is best for the people she was working for. Unlike all the other politicians that only step down voluntarily when they get caught doing something illegal. She did what was best for her state! The lawsuits stopped and she won all of the ones filed. Alaska was able to save money and spend it more wisely. If you can’t understand the meaning of her stepping down then there is no hope for you.

          • Ritchie The Riveter

            If you can’t see the difference between quitting and strategic retreat, your mind is closed. Think outside the box of politics-as-usual.

          • Ritchie The Riveter

            You need to accept the fact that Ms. Palin has earned the respect she gets by standing up to BOTH parties … and by not sticking to the conventional wisdom of politics, which is what makes many uncomfortable with her.

            On the big stuff, she’s been right far more than she’s been wrong … it is the perception, obfuscated by Progressive dishonesty about her, that is the problem. That is what needs to be challenged – not her.

      • Timbet

        After the 2008 election Sarah Palin helped lead Republicans to the greatest congressional victory in several generations during the 2010 election;she has endorsed 73 candidates for the US House of Representatives and Senate; state governors and attorney generals. Her success rate is at 69%.
        18 out of 20 targets in her Take Back the 20 campaign ; this is a 90% success rate!

        Sarah Palin also had a very strong hand in the party’s few successes during this election . Sarah Palin campaigned for constitutional conservatives llike Ted Cruz, Deb Fischer, Jeff Flake, Paul Gosar, resulting in 5 conservatives being elected to the Senate and 32 conservatives to the House.

        Sarah Palin has also penned commentary on such topics as the unrest in Libya, the protests in Wisconsin, Obama’s 2012 budget proposal and State of the Union address, getting tough with Iran and standing with Iranians who seek democracy, challenging the specifics of President Obama’s energy policy, the omnibus spending bill, defeating the New START, opposition to state bailouts, tax policy, a message to Republican freshmen in Congress, opposition to quantitative easing, and more.

        She has repeatedly been a leading voice—via television appearances and speaking engagements—against the dangers of ObamaCare and the risks of President Obama’s approach to energy.

        Sarah Palin worked tirelessly to forward the commonsense conservative agenda she had always articulated and campaigned with and for those she believed best represented the values she believes are needed in government. And she continues her work to help put government back on the side of the people.

      • Timbet

        Sarah Palin served 32 out of 48 months; the same percentage that Obama served of his Senate term (not including the two-year break he spent campaigning) and and accomplished almost everything she set out to do in that time.

        Sarah Palin resigned because she recognized the cost that the frivolous ethics complaints were having on her state , and she saw how much of her staff’s time and her own time were forced to deal with those issues.

        That entire campaign of BS lawsuits was meant to do nothing but hamstring the governor’s office and bankrupt Sarah Palin.

        She saw that if she stayed on as Governor it would continue to cost the state millions of dollars in wasted time and resources to defend against false and maliciously ethics complaints and doom it to gridlock.

        Those frivolous lawsuits had already cost the state of AK close to $2 million; Sarah Palin had over $500,000 dollars in legal fees.

        Sarah Palin knew that for the sake of her state, her country, her family, and her political voice, it would be best if she stepped aside from the governorship.

        In an article Sarah Palin said:

        “I said, ‘Enough. Political adversaries and their political friends in the media will not destroy my State, my administration, nor my family. Enough.’ I knew if I didn’t play their game any longer, they could not win. I would not retreat, I would instead reload, and I would fight for what is right from a different plane.”

        She promised to keep the frivolous anti-Palin law suits away from the Alaskan people and to be more effective on the stump ( supporting candidates , fundraising, etc)

        Sarah Palin was truthful on both accounts!

      • blueniner

        Sounds like someone needs to get over their sour grapes and get out there do something positive like Sarah refered to, how about it?

        • kate_middleton

          Well, you are rude. How about practicing what you preach?

          You Palin fans need to accept that there are plenty of good and loyal Republicans who aren’t fans of Palin. This doesn’t make them wrong or RINOs. Why attack someone who nicely said they aren’t a fan of here? There are many republicans/conservatives who agree with me.

          • Sonny Phillips

            if they are not fans of Palin then they disagree with what she has to SAY. They are RINOS..

          • kate_middleton

            Wrong again Sonny.

            You can agree with some of her points but not be a fan of hers. The describes me. I am indifferent to her.

            I don’t understand the love for her after all this time. She isn’t running for anything and she barely speaks anymore. If you actually read what I said, you’d see that I have given her plenty of compliments. But she’s not a serious option for the future, she clearly doesn’t want to be.

          • Brian H (wackobird)

            You are CLEARLY not indifferent.

          • kate_middleton

            If you actually read my first post, it’s easy to tell that I am indifferent to her. I don’t blame her for wanting to make money and not have the responsibility of holding elective office now. If I had a big family like hers, I’d want to spend as much time as possible with them too.

            I don’t understand why so many people still love her and obsess over her. I was on her side in 08, but now there are so many better standard-bearers. Marco, Rand Paul, Cruz.

          • hrh40

            Better standard bearers?

            How so?

            Have any of those people you listed ever held an executive public sector position?

            In which they had to administer budgets?

            And make final decisions?

            And take sole responsibility?


            Have they been mayors?

            Have they been governors?

            Have they been the head of important commissions?

          • BlueStateRepub

            Oh Yeah? I am as conservative as it gets and I am no fan of Palin or her wacky cult.

          • bucky321

            you lie

          • Brian H (wackobird)

            Not being a fan is fine, actively attacking ANYTIME she opens her mouth is plain and simple PATHETIC. And for you to describe anyone who defends her as “a Palin Fan” is just bizarre. I openly defend MAY that I do not like or agree with. It is an American thing, we have freedoms of speech and association here. The KKK is a bunch of loser democrats,but you know what, I signed on to the whole package here in America,let them speak. There ARE of course consequences to free speech, I think Sarah is a big girl and you disliking her, is really OK.

          • kate_middleton

            I’ve never attacked her. Please read before you post. I said what was my opinion of her, and I said it nicely. And I got flamed for it. Fine, whatever. Don’t lie and say I attacked her and “attack her anytime she opens her mouth.”

          • KayGee

            The KKK is a bunch of loser democrats the same way the Westboro Baptist Church are a bunch of pro-gay liberals.

          • TexSizzle

            You mean anti-gay liberals.

          • KayGee

            It’s a well known fact that they are quite liberal down at the WBC, and they support all the liberal platforms that go with it. Good ol’ Fred Phelps and phriends totally voted for O’bummer after they heard he supported marriage equality.

          • Cory

            I thought the GOP was the big tent and had diverse ideas. But anytime someone dare challenges Palin, they get shut down. That’s why I’m a Libertarian because GOPers and Dems do the exact same thing. Palin isn’t perfect, and it’s okay for people to point out certain flaws in her record. That doesn’t mean you hate small government. It just means you don’t like her as a spokesperson.

      • Greg

        Sarah Palin resigned for the good of the people of Alaska. The money needed for running the State wouldn’t be wasted and used to fight frivolous law suits against Sarah. She was more concerned about the citizens than her own political future…….an unselfish act.

    • Timbet

      Sarah Palin has many years (successful) executive management experience at local, regional and state levels including command of the Alaska National Guard and has a history of being a reformer and taking on powerful interests for the benefit of ordinary people.

      She has always been a tough-as-nails executive who understood her role as a servant for the people during her time as Mayor of Wasilla and as Governor; she took on the Republican establishment, big oil, corruption, ethics reform, and tax reform.

      In Alaska, Sarah Palin’s top priorities included fiscal restraint, limiting the size of government, resource development, education, equitable oil valuation as well as transportation and infrastructure development. Sarah Palin fought for ethics reform and transparency in government.

      She has cut spending, forward-funded education, and paved the way for job growth in her hometown.
      Sarah Palin has fought to reduce spending and to enforce fiscal discipline as governor of Alaska. She has drastically reduced the growth of the state budget, which has helped to produce a record budget surplus.

      She cut spending and vetoed hundreds of millions of dollars in spending, not because times were tough, but because she wanted to keep government small and solvent.
      She reformed Alaska’s pension system and used surplus dollars to help pay down underfunded pensions, which reduced Alaska’s liabilities by 34.6 % to help provide analysts at Moody’s with enough confidence to later upgrade Alaska’s credit rating to AAA.
      She also reduced earmark requests for the state of Alaska by 80% during her administration.

      Sarah Palin succeeded to a remarkable extent in settling what had seemed insoluble problems, in the process putting Alaska on a trajectory to financial well-being.

      This is strong financial management.

      Under her leadership, Alaska has invested $5 billion in state savings, reformed education funding, and implemented the Senior Benefits Program, which provides support for low-income Alaskan seniors. She’s also established Alaska’s Petroleum Systems Integrity Office to provide oversight and maintenance of oil and gas equipment, facilities, and infrastructure.

      During Sarah Palin’s first year in office, three of her administrations major proposed pieces of legislation passed—an overhaul of the state’s ethics laws, a competitive process to construct a natural gas pipeline and a restructuring of Alaska’s oil valuation formula.

      Sarah Palin’s “business experience” comes with the negotiations and dealings she has had with one of the most powerful industries in the world: the energy industry. Sarah Palin has successfully negotiated new tax structures, lease deals and other issues that arise in the Alaska energy industry.
      At the end of the day, Sarah Palin negotiated billion dollar deals with one of the toughest industries in the world.

      Taking on corruption and crony capitalism has always been a cornerstone of Sarah Palin’s agenda; in Alaska she did take on the old-boy network — the oil companies and her own party .
      As oil and gas commissioner, Sarah Palin called out the unethical practices of members of her own party.
      As Governor, she sought to end the back room deals and improper relationships between oil companies and politicians.

      Sarah Palin is past chair of the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission, a multistate government agency that promotes the conservation and efficient recovery of domestic oil and natural gas resources while protecting health, safety and the environment.

      She also served as chair of the National Governors Association (NGA) Natural Resources Committee, which was charged with pursuing legislation to ensure state needs are considered as federal policy is formulated in the areas of agriculture, energy, environmental protection and natural resource management.

      After poring over thousands of emails (24,000+ pages of emails) from Palin’s term as governor, even the mainstream media has been forced to concede that Palin was a conscientious, transparent, and effective public servant.

      The Palin Emails (24,000+ pages of emails) show that Sarah Palin conducted the business of her state in a transparent, bi-partisan, and responsible manner. She worked long, hard hours and treated everyone with respect.

      After the 2008 election Sarah Palin helped lead Republicans to the greatest congressional victory in several generations during the 2010 election;she has endorsed 73 candidates for the US House of Representatives and Senate; state governors and attorney generals. Her success rate is at 69%.
      18 out of 20 targets in her Take Back the 20 campaign ; this is a 90% success rate!

      Sarah Palin also had a very strong hand in the party’s few successes during this election . Sarah Palin campaigned for constitutional conservatives llike Ted Cruz, Deb Fischer, Jeff Flake, Paul Gosar, resulting in 5 conservatives being elected to the Senate and 32 conservatives to the House.

  • Mark Brockman

    I love it.

  • Caral Freeman

    What Sarah Palin Does….She gets it. She understands what the founding fathers intended us to have in our nation. She understands that life begins at conception and abortion is murder, plain and simple. She understands that our current govt is full of fraud, crony capitalism, and go along to get along lifetime politicians that do not care about the average citizen. She knows how to make our govt work again. If all the lamestream media and moss covered aging dinosaurs in the rino party would get the hell out of the way!

  • Jillane Kent

    Still lacking a cogent point, I see, only now you are using sexual references to demean her. Do you believe it is acceptable, especially whilst we are still in the era of the “War on Women”, to display such misogyny?

    • sqeptiq

      I see Twitchy has deleted my retweet of Mr Carlson. So much for belief in open discussion!

      • $23629333

        Have you given any thought to what your next clever handle will be?

        I guess it might be difficult to improve on “sqeptiq,” a too-clever re-spelling of “sceptic.” Methinks you must have been mommy’s clever boy as a tot.

      • wwbdinct

        Ha freakin Ha!

  • idesign2

    You’re about as articulate as @TuckerCarlson..:)

    • sqeptiq

      Sarah Palin has chosen to sexualize her image as a politician with such lines as (referring to Todd), “He’s got the rifle; I got the rack.” If she just wants to be a dopey political sexpot (rather than a politician who’s both smart and good-looking), that’s her choice, and people have a First Amendment right to mock her for it, too.

      • blueniner

        Hey septic-tank get your head out of the toilet, a lack of a sense of humor, will be your downfall lighten up!

      • bucky321

        can’t fix stupid

      • Ritchie The Riveter

        Ever consider that such statements actually connect with some people, because such statements give the lie to the notion that conservatives are blue-haired prudes?

        • sqeptiq

          Yep! Lots of conservatives like sex and just condemn others, particularly liberals, who do the same things. Ann Coulter is a great example. Never been married, good number of boyfriends, but she loves to lecture other women to save it for marriage.

          • Ritchie The Riveter

            How do you KNOW Ms. Coulter slept with those boyfriends? If she didn’t, you have no cause to imply hypocrisy on her part.

            Sarah’s comment here is in the context of her relationship with her husband … which is far different from the anything-goes/what-me-worry? paradigm liberals promote.

            It is NOT the same, no matter how much you would like it to be to justify liberals’ lifestyle choices.

          • sqeptiq

            Conservatives have sex before and outside marriage, indulge in gay sex, like others. Conservatives preach their values; they don’t live them. Just ask every family values conservative who’s ever been caught in a sex scandal, from Larry Craig to John Ensign to Ted Haggard and on and on.

            Also it’s hilarious that you believe in the virginity of Ann C… at her age! No… I’m sure you don’t believe it… you just give it lip service… conservatives believe little if any of their social precepts. They’re mostly just for show and to try and acquire social prestige, much like loud public prayer, which Jesus wisely criticized.

          • Ritchie The Riveter

            For every one of the people you list, I can show you ten thousand who live like they believe.

            Just because someone who advocates a certain standard fails to live up to it, does NOT mean that the standard has been rendered invalid. And the standard being promoted by conservatives sure beats what you get with the alternative … from the struggle of single parenthood, which is the source of a lot of the intergenerational poverty out there, to the value of life being greatly cheapened by treating sex as a softball game, not to mention the support for abortion-on-demand as the convenient “fix”.

            You had better hope that the utilitarian view of life that drives the demand for that “fix”, is not extended outside the womb, in ways that could put you on the wrong side of that line.

            All you want to do, is suppress the ability of others to criticize your own lifestyle choices, so your mellow is never harshed … even when the criticism is based upon sound principle, and is a warning of trouble ahead.

            BTW, by your standard, Warren Buffet should never be demanding that others pay more taxes … while he fights with the IRS over his own tax bill.

            Hypocrisy … it’s not just about sex, these days …

          • sqeptiq

            You’re missing the point. Conservatives only preach “family values” so as to gain social prestige, win political power, and make money (cf the never-married Ann Coulter, who ludicrously rants that women need to save it for marriage). They have no intention of living the values they preach. That’d harsh their mellow!

            As for abortions, conservative women also have them and conservative doctors perform them. They just don’t go public about it. Conservative wives sure would be in a pickle if abortion were banned: what would they do when they got pregnant to men who looked nothing like their husbands?!!

      • michael s

        maybe she and todd are trying to be the next cory and erika?

  • AaronBrandt

    I feel like Tucker Carlson should be the least of our worries as conservatives. Him and Josh Groban. The Republican party is a mess with Rove vs. Palin and all the other reasons the GOP is crumbling, yet we are choosing to make a big deal about a snippet of a radio interview from a pretty sharp guy. We are targeting the wrong people here.

    • kate_middleton

      Amen. This sort of stuff makes us look like the thought police on the intolerant left. Tucker hardly attacked her. Why are people on the internet getting so worked up?

      • bucky321

        because we don’t need comments from a$$holes

      • Ritchie The Riveter

        Because what is at work here is the GOP Establishment trying to continue their virtual-reality game of politics vs. Sarah Palin, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and others standing up and declaring that the only way to win, is not to play … and to get back to sound principles instead of counting noses as a path forward.

      • Cory

        I said this a few days ago and people attacked me for it. That wasn’t a insult, it was simply a question. Too much unnecessary outrage over minor things like this. Bigger fish to fry in the country.

        • Ritchie The Riveter

          Those like Rove ARE a MAJOR problem with the GOP … the whole virtual-reality, we-just-need-to-focus-on-three-precincts-in-Ohio, we-don’t-need-no-steenkin-principles way of thinking has led to the Progressives’ recent ascendancy.

        • kate_middleton

          You’re exactly right. How can we get a Republican elected in 2016 if Republicans attack a fellow over something as unimportant as an opinion in Sarah Palin? She won’t run for Pres, so people need to relax. I am tired if getting flamed.

          Gotta be the big tent.

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    Sarah Palin reminds me of Reagan much more than any conservative male. She speaks her mind, honestly and intelligently, without wavering. I respect that.

    • reneehaigh

      …..still she should have continued her elected duty as gov! think about it! if she would have finished that she could have become a powerhouse in the GOP: but a lot of people lost respect for her. she should have stayed……

      • Christopher H Fromme

        First the cost of defending the ethics charges cost her family about $500,000. Second once she was free to do what #sarahpalindoes and that was spearhead the landslide election of 2010. And then the GOP has squandered that gift ever since.

        • cmorplante

          She resigned because of the mounting cost of those frivolous charges to the taxpayers. As Governor, those suits had to be answered by the Attorney General’s office and that cost came out of State funds which Sarah, unlike most in office, rightly understood was the people’s money.

      • Ritchie The Riveter

        Nope … she was smart in resigning. The MSM would have turned the rest of her term into a contrived “Moosegate”, and she’d be spending all her time dealing with the poo being flung at her by the chimps of the Fourth Estate.

        She has become stronger than they imagined.

      • atlas007

        She would have gone bankrupt and she was unable to govern with the Dem operatives bringing 20 frivolous lawsuits against her at a personal cost to her of a half million dollars. She was only earning $125,000 a year with a large family to feed and no help from Republicans. Anyone care to go through what she and her family went through?

    • Diane Pinion

      She seems like the Mother of America who keeps things in check and reminds us who we really are and we have the voice, the know how to make the change we need and no fear to work hard to do it. Just do it!

  • Voting Female

    Tucker Carlson isn’t fit to lick the caribou crap off Sarah’s hunting boots.

  • Voting Female

    And that fat bald little weasel, Ka-Ka-Ka-Karl Rove has architected himself into hole he can never climb out of. Shove off, Bozo. You have done enough damage to the country for one life time.

    • catdoc

      Obama and the socialists do what we expect them to do. What we can’t tolerate is the dreaded RINO response crafted by the likes of the flawed RINO beltway insiders. Just when you think Rove and company have hit bottom and could not be more stupid they break new ground and set a new record.

      • Mike Brandenburg

        what I need (and probably hundreds of thousands like me) is to have someone name these so-called RINOS, POINT THEM OUT! put them on the “National List of Endangered Species” as re-rino-crats-dumb-masses, soon to be out of existence in the 2014 vote.

  • Timbet

    What Sarah does……..after the 2008 election Sarah Palin helped lead Republicans to the greatest congressional victory in several generations during the 2010 election;she has endorsed 73 candidates for the US House of Representatives and Senate; state governors and attorney generals. Her success rate is at 69%.
    18 out of 20 targets in her Take Back the 20 campaign ; this is a 90% success rate!

    Sarah Palin also had a very strong hand in the party’s few successes during this election . Sarah Palin campaigned for constitutional conservatives llike Ted Cruz, Deb Fischer, Jeff Flake, Paul Gosar, resulting in 5 conservatives being elected to the Senate and 32 conservatives to the House.

    Sarah Palin has also penned commentary on such topics as the unrest in Libya, the protests in Wisconsin, Obama’s 2012 budget proposal and State of the Union address, getting tough with Iran and standing with Iranians who seek democracy, challenging the specifics of President Obama’s energy policy, the omnibus spending bill, defeating the New START, opposition to state bailouts, tax policy, a message to Republican freshmen in Congress, opposition to quantitative easing, and more.

    She has repeatedly been a leading voice—via television appearances and speaking engagements—against the dangers of ObamaCare and the risks of President Obama’s approach to energy.

    Sarah Palin worked tirelessly to forward the commonsense conservative agenda she had always articulated and campaigned with and for those she believed best represented the values she believes are needed in government. And she continues her work to help put government back on the side of the people.

  • blueniner

    Todd Palin took little Tucker”Chatsworth Osborne Jr” hunting in the forests of Alaska……uh oh, something happened, Tucker “Chatsworth” dissapeared, Todd you were supposed to keep an eye on wittle Tucker “Chatsworth”… oh well, too bad just another hunting casualty in the wilds of Alaska…..

    • Luke Givens

      First Dick Cheney and now this? Wow true conservatives sure like to randomly shoot people, don’t they? I am shocked.

      • BobDD

        . . . that didn’t sound all that random to me

  • $3838536

    Super Sarah Palin does outshine dimwit nerds like Tucker Carlson.

  • $23629333

    “balls”? Please, Oenone, the polite and preferred term is “cojones.”

    (* not to be confused with term “cajones” used here at Twitchy by Kathleen Parker)

  • Americangypsy

    Please oh please put her on 24/7. Please let her keep speaking, The right is making this easier then it should be. Republican Ice Age cometh.

    • journogal

      I assume this means something…Why are you afraid of a small, effective government? Do you think the government should be bigger and more control over your life? Should the government be larger than the private sector, which funds the government. Without a healthy, producing, grown, thriving private sector, there’s no money for those who want to sit around at home, sneering that taxpayers aren’t paying their “fair share.” I would be very careful thinking that liberals are on top of the world, untouchable and unstoppable, because history has proven the higher you think you are, the harder the fall.

      • Brian H (wackobird)

        Mental disorder revolving around a masochistic desire to be victimized by an oppressor so large and powerful, everyone must submit. In exchange they feel comfort “knowing” their every need is taken care of. It kind of resembles Stockholm syndrome……but maybe that is a stretch.

      • Cory

        Just because someone doesn’t like Palin means they want big government lol. She’s not the only person in the US that advocates for smaller government. There are plenty of other better spokesmen for that.

        • Ritchie The Riveter

          If there are … why haven’t they delivered by now?

          Maybe it’s time for a totally different approach … like, say simple common sense and an understanding of one’s limits when it comes to running other people’s lives with other people’s money?

    • $23629333

      Folks, you’ll notice that trolls specialize in very short posts. That suggests that they’re pressed for time on the library computer. Doesn’t it warm your heart to think that your tax dollars make it possible for these people to prowl the Internet?

    • Ritchie The Riveter

      So you like community organizers making your decisions FOR you, even though they don’t know YOU from a statistical average?

  • Americangypsy

    Republican Ice Age Cometh. Please let her continue speaking. Republicans are making this easier then it should be.

    • Lady 12


    • TexSizzle

      Repeat yourself much? Bless your heart.

    • Ritchie The Riveter

      Actually, the more your 2012 victory becomes Pyrrhic for all to see, the easier CONSERVATIVES (as opposed to Dem Lites) will have it.

  • Steve_J

    She works to elect conservatives. Unlike Carlson, Rove and others who will turn on a canidate they didn’t support or who receives too much critizism from the left.

  • notenoughtime

    Palin has the kahunas to stick to her values and message even when being attacked from all corners. Her enemies are one thing but the GOP should embrace her since she seems to articulate the message and support candidates that are not afraid to take on the establishment along with Pres. O and his minions. Love ya, Sarah!

  • conservativemama

    It matters that Palin’s been in public service. She’s left her mark and will continue to do so. If we’d never heard of Tucker Carlson, we wouldn’t have missed a thing.

    Palin matters. Tucker, not so much.

  • Kristy Patullo

    #SarahPalinDoes inspire millions of Americans to make their voices heard.

  • JackHSells

    Sarah works for the true conservative ? You need a job Tucker, not a hand out

  • disqus_eric

    It just occurred to me, it’s a good thing Alaska was our 49th state, not the 47th. Otherwise, it’d be noted as AK-47, which of course would make it illegal.

    Yeah, I’m bored.

    • BobDD

      thanks for not copyrighting that cuz I’ll be using it all day now

  • reneehaigh

    the GOP needs to grow up and out: there is a lot of young blood in the party and what it needs is the old fogy ways of thinking shooed away like flies and filled in the with freshness like Ted Cruz and less Murdoch ways of thinking! the seats were there for the taking until they him and the other bozo became the laughing stock: i hope they tucked their tails and crawled back into the wormhole they came from because i think worms have more intelligence. they spewed stupidity and hurt the party more than they realized> then it seemed to become the party’s issue and if they would have kept their stupidity in their pants i think the outcome may have impacted the election. they need to reach out without damaging their principles: it can be done with just a bit of modernization of the party and their format get out and talk to people in impoverished areas and all citizens: not just minorities. the party needs a face-lift and the older members need to look at the times: it isn’t 1970 anymore: were into a new century with fingerprint entry and drones! gimme a break! get with the times and smooth the image over with more younger representatives and less offensive language that leads to damage that will get another democrat in and we don;t want that now do we? !!

  • Luke Givens

    Sarah Palin does inspire me to never quit and never give up, especially when others have put their faith in me to accomplish a certain task.

    LOL. I just couldn’t keep a straight face on that one.

  • DurkaDurka

    Sarah’s best work is when she is out in the ice cold rain, surrounded, and being threatened with murder by union degenerate’s. A place TuckerNuts would never be on any day, much less when a State needs a CONSERVATIVE most.

    Tucker, I would say eat a dick, but I get the feeling it’s already on the menu for you. Enjoy extinction mini-RINO.

    • blueniner

      Little Tucker “Chatsworth Osborn Jr.” son of the Swanson Food chain,and Father a Big shot at PBS has never got his hands dirty, a life of privilige

  • ernst1776

    Sarah Palin stands up!!!! Because of Sarah Palin I now proudly stand up.

  • zbobby5

    We could leave it with the GOP is just too stupid, which they are. But no, it goes much deeper. They know if they ever supported Sarah it would end their relevancy forever and RINO’s would become like dinosaurs…extinct. Karl Rove would be playing Mr. Peanut on the boardwalk in Atlantic City…if there was still a Mr. Peanut on Atlantic City’s boardwalk.

  • ceemack

    How can a political party whose leadership doesn’t really like its base ever hope to be successful at the polls?

    Establishment Republicans need to try to get a little more comfortable with the conservative base, and with the political figures they admire.

    Like Sarah Palin.

    • nc

      Yes! +1000

  • False Benjamin

    Do you use your disabled child as a political prop? #SarahPalinDoes!

    • TexSizzle

      False Benjamin spreading false statements. Bless your heart.

      • DisqusTRS

        So it’s not just a clever name?

    • APW

      Do you have a disabled child? If not, don’t you dare mention hers. I have a disabled brother. What you see as a prop, I understand is treating him like a member of the family, due the same recognition and love as any other member of the family. False Benjamin, you’re a pig for slamming a woman does not hide her disabled child from view. Screw you, pig! Get off this site, you pig.

  • DisqusTRS

    I love how fast the libs go nuts over Sarah Palin. I hope to one day incite the same. Here are some of the naysayers… Check em out.

  • DisqusTRS

    Supporters took it to the Twitter Streets. I love watching the reaction from liberals too, nothing gets their blood pressure up faster than seeing the HUGE support and love that she gets. Here’s some lib trash talking, GOP better get their heads out of their a**es before we conservatives replace them.

  • darkeyes226

    #SarahPalinDoes show me what a real public servant should be…willing to resign a job she loved and was good at because she would not allow detractors to make her a lame duck governor, waste her beloved state’s time and money, and bankrupt her family. That, I believe, took courage and integrity.

    • bucky321

      you got it right–most will never know

  • sharon

    Sarah Palin is one of few politicians who retains her integrity. That’s something democrats know nothing about, nor care to.

  • $23089169

    Fox needs to ditch the bow ties like Tucker Carlson and the rest of the establishment who consider themselves clever and intelligent like Bill Kristol, Karl Rove, etc. They go out of their way to help the Democrats destroy our best and brightest candidates like Sarah, Michelle Bachmann, Herman Cain, and others who haven’t passed the hazing in their sad little fraternity.

    • Cory

      Palin, Bachmann, and Cain are not the GOPs best and brightest. If that was the case, we’d have one party rule for a long time. Rand Paul and Rubio are way better choices than those three you mentioned. If those three ran, you might as well get ready for another Clinton presidency.

  • kim

    Go Sarah

  • JustMyOpinion

    Better question what does tucker carlson do???


  • Brad Brown

    Tells the Truth about Obama.. He Lies… she does not allow herself to be talked in being in the chains of PC like the rest of the GOP.

  • jthibault

    They are all very jealous of her intelligence and beauty…they cannot comprehend that both can come from a woman!

  • Jim4146

    Sarah Palin is a no nonsense lady…What exactly can the left criticize her on save the fact that she speaks “Folksy”…me thinks its pretty charming, either way who cares, she calls it like it is and in ways never to be misunderstood. She seems to have more “nads” than most of her male colleagues within the Republican political party. Love her.

  • Ray O’Rourke

    I love her and her positions. Stay the course Sarah!

  • tp517

    Sarah Palin does more to inspire us just by showing up than a country full of Washington establishment leaders selling their latest snake oil.

  • johnpaul

    Now do you see why the state run media and Hollywood types sought to destroy her.
    She matters people. Like any other successful conservative they fear her and must discredit her at every turn. They made a huge mistake for letting Reagan getting as far as he did in 1980! They will not make that mistake again. Not with Palin and as you can see not with Paul and Rubio. It’s like Rush, Hannity, Levin and the rest say when the state run media goes after these conservatives it usually indicates they are terrified. This is a truth you can take to the bank.
    Romney was Rove’s pick and we all saw how that worked out. Rove is a loser. I find it incredible that a radio talk show host(Levin) can get more conservative candidates elected than Rove and all his millions. That is exactly what it’s all about. Rove and his money. Who he’s going to shovel it to and who is going to keep him rolling in millions.
    Bottom line: Rove has got to go! We have to marginalize this man and his PAC. It’s head down and plow ahead for conservative candidates. We MUST keep the house to keep Obama in check. If we don’t it is not only over for American’s and our liberty but the end of the republican party. We will become a one party government. We will become California…….SAD!

  • Fred Hoagland

    Sarah Palin is a THREAT to the old Establishment, Democrat or Republican, because she is one of us . . .

  • blueniner

    Sarah Palin does side with The American people, and she does side for America!

  • Cheesy

    RINO’s are the problem, not the solution.

  • MovingToNevada

    #SarahPalinDoes know how to shoot firearms!

  • BearNJ

    For those who haven’t seen it , this article is the real Palin record as Governor. A tremendous record of economic growth, smaller more efficient government and smashing the ethically challenged old boy network. She took on Exxon and made then drill on oil leases they were sitting on for 30 years. She took them to court and made them drill and distributed the profits to the people of Alaska. I wish more people knew the real Palin record not the caricature of the Left and the Inside the beltway establishment Republicans who both hate and feared her.

  • ProudAmerican247

    “…he’s “not clear what Sarah Palin does, actually.” ”
    You will Carlson, WHEN Sarah Palin is elected President of the United States.

  • Versie Pate

    As for me !!! I do not think we true AMERICANs should wait for year 2016 for SARAH PALIN. We need her now. Why not run for the senate in 2014. We need more like her to help pass good laws. This way people who do not yet know SARAH PALIN will see and hear her and will learn for themselves that SARAH PALIN is a lady that LOVES this country, that she is HONEST, her e=mail proved that. It has been proved she is a very SMART Lady. SARAH PALIN is a most of all SARAH is a CHRISTIAN. WE are not promised year 2016. Lets put SARAH in OFFICE in year 2014. MAY GOD Bless our country and the AMERICA people.

  • Ritchie The Riveter

    #SarahPalinDoes give a public voice to what MILLIONS have ALREADY figured out for themselves to be true, before she even says it … yet is missed by our so-called Best and Brightest on both sides of the aisle in DC.

  • kansascan

    Who is Sarah Palin? I keep seeing tweets and posts of a woman with a big gulp. I don’t get it…is she a politician? What office does she hold?

    • Ritchie The Riveter

      She is a leader … not a politician, for she is beyond the control of the professional/political complex.

      They want to denigrate and destroy her, because she refuses to play their little virtual-reality game that is the only reality they know and accept.

      She realizes that the only way WE win … is not to play.

  • Mark Lake

    #SarahPalinDoes look far better in stockings and high heels than does @TuckerCarlson … just saying!

  • Stan

    She say’s what real Americans want to be said, unlike Rino politicians. She also backs people who will stand up in Congress and say what needs to be said. I hope she can help in making a change in DC that will bring back some sanity.

  • DefCon99

    I like Palin, but I would never vote for her.

  • Mike Cullen

    Sarah Palin is Clint Eastwood, distaff division. I’m
    talking Rawhide, not Dirty Harry. Gov. Palin is the
    ramrod trying to keep the cattle on the Right trail.

  • atlas007

    If anyone wants to know what Sarah has done, is doing and will do in the future as POTUS, all one has to do is click onto and then click onto her accomplishments as an elected official. No wonder Liberals and Rinos alike are scared of her. She will clean house in DC as she did in Alaska. Good bye fat cats in both parties.

  • Sarita Perl

    Next hashtag: #WhatRoveDoes? besides make me ashamed to be a republican.

  • paulhobbs

    If she doesn’t get the GOP nomination in 2016, it’s a crying shame.