As Twitchy reported, Colo. Gov. John Hickenlooper is expected to sign into law Wednesday a handful of new gun control regulations, including a bill banning magazines with a capacity of more than 15 rounds. Hickenlooper spokesman Eric Brown had said that “large magazines have the potential to turn killers into killing machines,” but the ban is also bound to turn into a job-killing machine as manufacturer Magpul readies a move out of state.

The full statement as posted to Facebook received more than 10,000 likes within the first two hours.

Apparently Gov Hickenlooper has announced that he will sign HB 1224 on Wednesday. We were asked for our reaction, and here is what we said:

We have said all along that based on the legal problems and uncertainties in the bill, as well as general principle, we will have no choice but to leave if the Governor signs this into law. We will start our transition out of the state almost immediately, and we will prioritize moving magazine manufacturing operations first. We expect the first PMAGs to be made outside CO within 30 days of the signing, with the rest to follow in phases. We will likely become a multi-state operation as a result of this move, and not all locations have been selected. We have made some initial contacts and evaluated a list of new potential locations for additional manufacturing and the new company headquarters, and we will begin talks with various state representatives in earnest if the Governor indeed signs this legislation. Although we are agile for a company of our size, it is still a significant footprint, and we will perform this move in a manner that is best for the company and our employees.

It is disappointing to us that money and a social agenda from outside the state have apparently penetrated the American West to control our legislature and Governor, but we feel confident that Colorado residents can still take the state back through recalls, ballot initiatives, and the 2014 election to undo these wrongs against responsible Citizens.

If Hickenlooper is indeed planning a Wednesday signing ceremony, there’s still time left to lobby for a veto. It’s not likely, of course, but opponents of the legislation aren’t giving up yet — nor are those lobbying to be among that “multi-state operation.”

  • Clark Pettyjohn

    great news! Stand firm!!

  • HuandaRulz

    How many more stories like this we have to read before we all take a stand? We need to unite against the tyranny of a few that blindly have become the useful idiots of the larger scheme: Making America defenseless against an overburdening government.

    • CatHerder

      Amen, and amen. The government it seems wants us reduced to helplessly looking on while our rights are disassembled piece by piece. I will have Rick Perry’s a$$ if he EVER signs anything so ignominious in THIS state.

    • Rob

      Nobody has the scrote to do what needs to be done anymore. This new “enlightenment”, this sentiment that everything has to be done peacefully in spite of it rarely working, is being used against us. We’ve got a job to do, it ain’t gonna do itself.

      • trixiewoobeans

        “Enlightenment” my ass…we’re heading back to the Dark Ages…just watch if they succeed!

      • Sons Thunder

        Where are we all going to meet to begin the violent overthrown of the U.S. Government supported by so many Twitchy users?

    • tredglx

      Isn’t CO also a ‘Sanctuary State’ for illegals?

      • HuandaRulz

        Is is now, the new politicians in the area, many came from California, where that is the normal status.

  • Ardell Simon

    Stand firm #Magpul_HQ Shame on CO! Hoping they lose all their tourist business as well!

    • $45065723

      While I agree with your statement, I don’t think all of the limousine liberals will give up their fancy ski trips to Aspen or Vail. It’s so much harder flying to Lake Tahoe from the east coast.

    • trixiewoobeans

      I won’t be visiting…ever! Always planned on going, but not anymore.

    • Sons Thunder

      When are you beginning your boycott of Colorado-based

      • tredglx

        When they show the same lack of intelligence that the CO Legislature and Governor did by backing the efforts of gun-grabbing anti-2A liberals.

  • TugboatPhil

    If Red Dawn were remade again, the Wolverines would be Quislings.

    • Wolf Moon

      The next Red Dawn is going to be a documentary. Russia still has time to send Obama’s file to the FBI and not end up starring in the exciting final chapter.

      • Eric Hutchison

        Obama is one of those infiltrators that Powers Boothe’s character talked about in the original “Red Dawn.” He’s here ahead of the invasion to weaken us before the main attack. He’s doing a fine job of it, and Americans are actually stupid enough to allow it.

  • MaddMedic
  • Peyton

    #Magpul in Anytown, TX?

    • GRusling

      Right on! I can’t imagine a town in Texas which wouldn’t be happy to welcome Magpul…

      • TexSizzle

        With the exceptions of Austin and maybe Houston and San Antonio.

        • Peyton

          Even those might be ok with it.

  • Randi Starr

    Well CO elected their jackasz, maybe next time they will do their homework pre vote.

    • GaryTheBrave

      No, the CO GOP nominated an unvetted fool to go against Hickenlooper. Former Congress critter Tom Tancredo wanted the nomination but the establishment went for Dan Maes, a guy who had so many financial problems that were not known during the primary but somehow came out very easily by the Dems. I smell collusion.

      Tom ran as an independent and got more votes than Maes. Maes was “encouraged” to leave the campaign. He refused and split the vote. Had he quit and most of his votes went to Tancredo we would have Gov. Tancredo in office and the vetoes would have already been issued.

      This is one case where the GOP stole the election from the independent/third-party candidate.

      • Sherry Shinogle

        Yup! The GOP really screwed up that election — managed to lose the gov’s seat & not take a senate seat (Bennett) that was there for the taking.

    • Saddlebum

      Colorado did do their homework and got exactly what they wanted. Not everyone thinks like we do. And some people don’t think at all!

  • freeinaz

    Magpul has become the magazine choice for liberty freedom loving Americans. Hence forth I will always buy Magpul.

  • TocksNedlog

    Progressive Overregulation results in negative economic consequences. Who’da thunk it?

    • Jazzee

      yepper who’da thunk it??????????????? only those obama zombies were in denial……hey you lefties how do you like things now??? your buddies obama and joe going after YOUR rights…….as a smoker I laugh you all thought it was sooooooooooooo funny now they want ALL OUR GUNS………..should have seen it coming call me after they get yours

      • Harry Bean

        I’m with you on the smoking part. I’m a smoker and tried to warn them when they came after us. That’s what they said then, I’m not a smoker, why should I care. I told them because when they’re done with smokers, someone else will be next. With Liberals, it never ends. I’ll stand up for them and their guns and magazines, even though they never stood for me.

        • TugboatPhil

          Harry, what’s still not obvious to some is that even if all the smokers and fatties were gone tomorrow, the Regressives will find another class of people to attack and go after their chosen vice.

          Obamacare will require eliminating the expenditures of more and more “unhealthy” behaviors. What will really surprise them is when bicycling, rock climbing and other bone breaking activities will be the new danger to society.

          • trixiewoobeans

            Hey! Some quack in Washington State is already after the bicyclists! Something to do with greenhouse gases, I believe. It never ends!

  • gracepmc

    Colorado falls to Calorado.

    • Dave Harbula

      That is it in a nutshell! California libs have taken over. Everybody thought it was good for the economy there when they were spending $ Now you have their ideals for free. Texas beware!

      • GRusling

        No danger in Texas from that sort of creature. Our men and women will simply take up arms and drive them out of the State…

        • trixiewoobeans

          Then you better do something about Austin!

  • proudhispanicconservative

    Ughhhhhh,,,,,,,, these damn liberals…… How the hell do these people get elected? I know pretend you are a conservative, and cheat your way to power.

  • DavidKramer

    Democrat policies, destroying jobs, liberty and freedom wherever they go.

    • trixiewoobeans

      Liberal Locusts…soiling their own nests and poisoning their own wells, then moving on to do the same elsewhere!

  • SJ’s Dad

    Spring break ski trip? . . .
    . . . UTAH, Greatest snow on earth!

    • Richard Jefferies

      It’s very sad. I have family in Denver and Ski resorts are literally minutes away, I used to like to visit regularly, but I think I’m going to choose Montana, Wyoming or Utah for my skiing needs until a new Governor is in place in Colorado.

    • $29561723

      my wife won a raffle allowing us use of a time share for a week at Steamboat. Along with having to pay for airfare, we chose NOT to go because I we don’t want our money to benefit a socialist run state that flouts the Bill of Rights. We’ll save our money and go to Snowbird instead next year. Colorado is dead to me. Colofornia can s()ck it

  • Richard Jefferies

    I’m going to go ahead and buy a couple of MagPul’s magazine. I knew they were the best before, but I had never had the need for more magazines. Thank you Colorado for clearing my vision on the extent in which government will now go to disarm the populace. Any politician who continues the tired refrain of “sensible gun laws” while saying nothing about the Homeland Security Sturmabteilung and their 1.6 billion hollow-points, 7000 AR-15,and 2700 armored vehicles, is demonstrating what side of liberty they are actually on.

  • 2ifbyT

    Colorado elected the fools who came up with this law. As Barbara Boxer said when she defiantly waved that gavel in the face of Jeff Sessions: “Elections have consequences.”

  • $45875941

    Proud of you Magpul! Come on over to Kentucky!


    Texas is looking more and more like the only place to do business is America.

    • ML

      We are still pretty good in Indiana too, that is, until you get to the college campuses. I have to be careful not to cross the Illinois border if I want to go shooting though…

      • King Leer

        ” I have to be careful not to cross the Illinois border…”

        Don’t want to get hit by unfriendly fire coming from the murder capital of the Midwest, Chicago. They have strict gun laws there. Fat lotta good.

        • ML

          That’s the truth! After Illinois, Colorado is now on my list of places I can’t move to if I want to bring my guns. (Although not sure I want to live there….)

          • trixiewoobeans

            Montana and Wyoming are good, but watch out for the Lefty “snowbirds” at the ski resorts and such. They like to lay down the Liberal law to the local “yokels”.

  • DaTechGuy on DaRadio

    The voters of Colorado should be pleased Gov Hickenlooper is signing a jobs bill on Wednesday, Too bad all the jobs it produces will be outside the state.

  • ML

    I pray this doesn’t happen, but what will they all think if there is another shooting? “Oh it didn’t work now we need to ban all guns?” We can see how well the gun laws in Chicago have worked…

  • Annieg

    Hopefully the criminals in my state will now take up residence in Colorado…

  • rennyangel2

    Good. Let the pols. live with the ec. consequences of their actions.

  • bob

    Stand firm Magpul. I will plan on purchasing more of your products as soon as they are available!

    • Ken Walter

      I do not even own an AR but I might have to buy some PMags just on principle.

      • RblDiver

        That’s what I did. Ordered them last week, so I hope they ship before they move.

  • Joseph A White

    The gays are just all squishy over Colorado now. They can get “married”, flop around their love nests smoking pot and playing with their gerbils…all the while not having a care in the world, since there won’t be anymore gun violence or bad dudes to skeer them anymore. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaa….snort..snort…bwahahahahahahahahahha….. You simply cannot make this stuff up, y’all.

    • Sons Thunder

      Squishy Colorado gays get stoned and put gerbils up their rectums because they believe gun violence is cured. This is what Joseph said you cannot make up. Twitchy readers upvoted this idiocy 21 times. Not one downvote.

      Also – you guys need to quit coming to this site. It is based out of Colorado.

      • AimToMisbehave

        You didn’t downvote it, so it has your seal of approval too?

        • Sons Thunder

          I don’t participate in the voting at this site. Still no downvotes though — guess you agree.

          • AimToMisbehave

            I just don’t give a crap, and I’m not the one who got the vapors over it.

  • Walt

    Wyoming is a great place to relocate Magpul. I even have a spot picked out. I-90 runs right past, a regional airport, and vast rail service. and a work force second to none.

  • annoyinglittletwerp

    MagPul: Come to Lubbock. We’ve got lots of room…and lot’s of red-blooded patriots!

  • Jerry L Watts

    Freedom is not a spectator sport!

  • RblDiver

    Wish they’d just move to one of the counties whose sheriffs have said they won’t enforce the new laws. (Think mine is one of ’em, but don’t recall off the top of my head)

  • Saddlebum

    Ta’ heck with Texas! Wyoming is a short distance in geography and a huge leap out of the liberal cesspool of Colorado. If Texas was the bastion of conservatism that they want us to think it is, then lets talk about immigration and wages. Wyoming has already made it plain how we feel about the liberal agenda!

  • JD

    Junction City KS has empty buildings and offers tax assistance. Please come here

  • Maxx

    Magpul flying out of Colorado like Magpies.

    More than 1,000 jobs will be affected.

    Congrats idiot libs.

  • drglide


  • arttie

    The Colorado Rockies are alive with the sound of music, “So long, farewell, auf weidersehen, goodnight….”

  • MirrorKrys

    These states allowed radical leftists to infiltrate them and take over the local and state governments thereby taking over the state. I am sure they had no legal options to stop them from coming in, but how did they reach so many positions of power? Something to be researched for sure. I think raising the voting age to 21 or 22 might stop some of liberal voting. That is one thing Nixon screwed up for sure.

  • tjp77

    Here’s the thing; they don’t care. Liberals see this as progress. They figure a solar panel company or something will immediately replace Magpul and take them one step closer to utopia.

    The difference of course being that a company like Magpul operates based on consumer demand, and their green utopian technologies are dependent on the federal government pumping billions into them to stay afloat (because nobody actually wants them). But even that doesn’t matter, because the way they see it, taking money from the government is morally superior to capitalism.

    There’s really no way to win with these people.

    • Vennoye

      They don’t care is the truth. Also true is the fact that they could care less about the people of Colorado. This is all about power and control. The politicians’ power and control. This is all about their staying in power backed by the WH and Bloomberg’s money for their next election!! They think they are totally immune from the wrath of the citizens of Colorado…outside of Denver and Boulder.

  • Guest

    Magpul would be wise to leave Colorfornia.
    All that state’s products and tourist resorts should be boycotted.
    If the Comrades want a Socialist Utopia in Colorfornia…let ’em have it,
    BUT not with the money of true Americans.

  • AZWarrior

    Oh goodie! Let the black market begin. Pssst. Hey Colorrado, wanta buy some mags? We got the good stuff. 😉 Big business for Arizona. Thanks Hick.

  • trixiewoobeans

    Yes, Governor Chickenchucker and the rest of his coop are busy running employers and taxpayers out of the State! Did you hear that, Chickenchucker? You’ll only have Lefties, deadbeats and another California on your hands! You’re backing the wrong horse! Regroup! Regroup!

  • George Washington Mclintock

    400 full-time jobs, and hundreds more subcontractors gone. Livelihoods lost for nothing at all, as these gun-laws will do exactly nothing to make anyone safer. I’ve never been to CO. and I don’t own any Magpul stuff(though if they leave that’ll change), but I’m furious about what has happened to these workers.

  • lillymckim

    Colorado is fast becoming California Lite the Land of the Loons.

  • Taxpayer1234

    I’m a Coloradan, and I’m glad that Magpul is doing what it can to remain a successful business. The idiots in the CO legislature have NOT thought about what this will do not just to Magpul employees, but to Magpul’s local suppliers, who will also lose revenue and jobs.
    Epic stoopid. That’s the CO legislature.

  • Meir Kahane

    Won’t be going to Colorado any time soon. Hope the citizens resist with all means at their disposal.

  • Albert Motz

    You should be in Texas anyway. Look over your customer list. And there are a lot of reasons all kinds of businesses move here

  • VietVet

    Thank God. Maybe now we won’t have to listen to your incessant childish whining.

  • Will

    Being a Colorado resident I don’t like these gun laws either but a shit ton of you are over reacting. You really choose not to visit a place simply because it has a law restricting magazine size, you have a whole lot of crazy you need to figure out and quick.