Did Media Research Center president Brent Bozell take it too far in his speech at CPAC today? Bozell called out a number of elected officials from the GOP by name, but perhaps his strongest rebuke was against the House leadership for not defunding Obamacare (along with the “utterly useless agencies” NPR, PBS and the NEA, not to mention the “evil” Planned Parenthood).

Perhaps the only Republican of note to escape Bozell’s criticism was Ronald Reagan, and Bozell encouraged Jeb Bush to “be the first Bush to go Reagan – and watch what happens.”

Quite a few remembered that even Reagan would have trouble meeting the “true conservative” test these days.



Would we trade just about any of our current “establishment” conservatives for another Reagan, though?

  • leybaterry

    Obamacare: job ,health destroyer , Gov assisted abortion. Gov assisted propaganda media! Why do our leaders need to be called out because they are not doing their jobs! Brent Bozell is spot on

    • michael s

      if Obamacare is a job and health destroyer,why are more republican governors.going on board for it? the latest rick scott of florida

  • kch50428

    Bozell is conservative – the Republicans he criticized were rightfully chastised for espousing ideals that are something other than conservative. He’s right. And correct.

    • $36103485

      L Brent Bozo.

      • Silenttype78

        You come up with that one all by yourself? Aw,bless your heart.

        • E Quilibrate

          No kudos please, he will just keep it up.

  • Scott Carroll

    Yeah, go Reagan and see what happens in a country that elected Barack Obama not once but twice. Yeppers, that’s a country crying out for true conservatism.

    I just finished reading Amity Schlaes great new book, Coolidge. I highly recommend it and I would like nothing better than a modern day Coolidge to grab the bridle of the Federal leviathan and pull for all he’s worth, but this notion that our path to electoral victory is paved with being more conservative is the height of absurdity.

    Modern America is a center-left country, perhaps irrevocably so. We don’t have to like it, we don’t have to assist it, but I think we at least have to acknowledge it.

    • kch50428

      >>>Modern America is a center-left country<<< Time to invoke the Harkin Barnyard Epithet. That's a media meme. Don't fall for it.

      • Scott Carroll

        Look I was willing to give the country a pass when it elected Obama the first time. He ran as a moderate, there was incumbent fatigue from 8 years of Bush, McCain was a terrible candidate, Obama gave good speech, and the economy crashed on a Republican’s watch.

        But the second time around? After nationalizing health care, adding $6 trillion to the debt, the numerous scandals, raising taxes, high unemployment, and assuming a supine foreign policy he still cruises to victory by a comfortable margin? Come on man, wake up and smell the Maxwell House. You can be an optimist or you can be a realist, but when your country re-elects Barack Obama you can’t possibly be both.

        • Michael Rice

          Liberals are stupid…..that expalins their voting for him. a lot of true conservatives didn’t vote, because they refuse to vote for a dem light…

    • http://twitter.com/MaxmillionZ Max

      You’re saying GOP should continue choosing RINO candidates like McCain, or in-your-face rich ones like Mid Romney? Umm.. it hasn’t worked. Go real, go Conservative.

      • Scott Carroll

        No I’m not. Be as conservative as you want, just don’t delude yourself like Bozell has and think that it’s going to lead to victory.

        To you and me and the average commenter on Twitchy both McCain and Romney were RINO squishes but to the average voter they were right-wing extremists because that’s how they were characterized by the Leftstream Media. Now according to Bozell’s logic that should’ve helped them cruise to victory but instead they got beat by the most left-wing President in our history.

    • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

      This is coming from someone who is not conservative and is buying the crap the MSM is selling. Go back to Goldwater’s loss…the media had the same narrative, conservatism is over. We already know that voter fraud took place and one day we’ll find out to what extent, but for now, don’t give away your values because of leftwing propaganda. Conservatism will prevail.

      • Scott Carroll

        Goldwater won 6 states. I wouldn’t point to that election as a ringing endorsement of electoral viability. More to your point after Goldwater conservatism was dead for over 16 years. Over the past hundred years there have been exactly two conservative Presidents, Reagan and Coolidge. 2 out of 18 is not a great batting average.

        I can see you’re a frauder (similar to a truther or a birther). Someone who believes voter fraud handed the election to the Democrats. Why do you think the Democrats didn’t do the same thing in 2000 or 2004? If Democrats have the infrastructure in place to steal elections why do they ever lose? Why did they get their ass handed to them in 2010? Just to make it look good? Why aren’t Hannity and Limbaugh and Levin howling from the rooftops about this Grand Theft Electo?

        You believe this because it helps you sleep at night. Knowing you live in a center-left country is scary, I know. It scares the Hell out of me. The difference between us is I choose to live in a place called reality. This nation is filled to the brim with people who suckle at the government teat instead of helping milk it. When you reach the makers vs takers critical mass like we have, the most profligate candidate wins. Unbelievably sad, but true.

      • Judy B

        Absolutely, voter fraud is indeed what “won” the day.

    • Judy B

      Not so, the left has captured the schools & media, hence they frame the narrative. They’re wrong & most Americans agree they’re wrong, when confronted with truth.

  • Craig

    Bozell is right in a lot of ways. These programs need to be defunded. I understand why Ryan hasn’t done it but in the confines of a Conservative convention it doesn’t hurt to point out the ideal that we are fighting for.

  • $36103485

    Romney did go Reagan. He had political alzheimer’s and couldn’t remember what he did support, didn’t support, did at one time but doesn’t now and never did but does now.

    • Silenttype78

      Reminds me Obama ”
      Evolving ” on issues.

  • Maxx

    Bozell would have a point if the landscape of the nation mirrored 1980. The truth is…It does not. In fact, it’s not even close. Every month for the next 20 years, 50,000 US Hispanics will turn 18 years-old. In 2008, 98.6M whites voted. In 2012, that figure dropped dramatically to 91.9M. One demographic is increasing, the other DECREASING.

    The sooner we accept this and deal with the changing populace and increasing impact of Hispanic voters on elections, the better our odds are that we can overcome the false narrative assigned to us by the left.

    The truth is, while we wax nostalgic about Reagan, he would have a difficult time winning the his own party’s nomination if alive today. Why? Because he raised the debt ceiling 18 times in eight years, was quite socially liberal on many issues, did raise taxes a few times (once in a major way) and also, due to tax reform in 1986, took a boatload of citizenry OFF the tax rolls.

    I love me some Ronaldus Magnus but this isn’t 1980 and we’re not going to win a national election pining for the past. We have to deal with the reality of a changing electorate. That doesn’t mean we become something we’re not. We just have to do a better job of defining what true conservatism is and more importantly, what it is not.

    With that in mind, perhaps Bozell IS on the something. Remembering Reagan as he actually was. Someone not afraid to raise taxes when absolutely necessary, a socially moderate Republican and someone who understood the impact of Hispanics on the electorate.

    An “our way or the highway” candidacy is not going to win much of anything. The numbers just aren’t there folks. Reagan understood this. The sooner we nominate a candidate who can appeal to center-rights and bring back the Blue Dogs, we’ll be back in the White House.

    We don’t have to sell our souls…we just have to sell conservatism. TRUE conservatism.

    • Scott Carroll

      Thank you Maxx, I prefer not to have my head in the sand like Bozell. After his speech he probably climbed into his Delorean and went home and watched the VHS recording he made of last week’s episode of Dallas. Because in his world, it’s still 1984.

    • Michael Rice

      So, in other word….as soon as we bow down to teh elft and adopt more of their policies, instead of sticking to what is right, we might win..

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    If any conservative was as strong and convicted as Ronald Reagan, we would be putting the U.S. back on course. Why no one has learned anything from Reagan is beyond me. We don’t care if Democrats, liberal media or Rino’s like you, you shouldn’t either.

  • justlittlolme

    Anyone engouraging Jeb Bush just walked OVER the line marked *conservative*.