Liberals finally found a reason to pay close attention to CPAC after an audience member spoke in favor of segregation. While liberals dismissed former congressman and CPAC superstar Allen West as a “token,” outlets like ThinkProgress and Talking Points Memo moved quickly to make Scott Terry, reportedly a member of the White Student Union at Towson University in Maryland, the face of CPAC. The panel was dedicated to minority outreach, but the true minority in the room seemed to be Terry and White Union founder Matthew Heimbach.

ThinkProgress reports, “Several people in the audience cheered and applauded Terry’s outburst” questioning Frederick Douglass’ forgiveness of his former slave master, although video doesn’t seem to bear out that account, despite being embedded within ThinkProgress’ report.

The Guardian, which also embedded video of the incident, reported that the session “almost broke out into a race riot.”

Jason Howerton of The Blaze spoke to Terry and assures readers that Terry is not the face of conservatism, despite what media coverage would like the public to believe.

Real conservatives are familiar enough with this narrative, unfortunately.

In case anyone in the liberal media is interested, K. Carl Smith was the invited presenter and had plenty of interest to say. Anyone?

Editor’s note: Thanks to commenters for pointing out the bad link and typo. Fixed!

  • SpaceRacer423

    so when idiot white troll at CPAC promotes segregation : outrage and all conservatives are racist.
    When Obama tells people to open their hearts and minds to Prof Bell who promotes segregation : yawn?

    • Canadian in USA

      Please, you know how it works: we can’t even eat a vanilla ice cream cone without being called a closet racist.

      • Adam Johnson

        Peanut butter and jelly, actually.


          of course remember kids that racism as it exists today has nothing to do with saying blacks are inferior. in fact if you don’t say they need or deserve special treatment then you are racist. as long as you vote dem, wear saggy pants, add ‘izzle’ and ‘niggah’ after every word and cry victimization every time you want something you are ‘real’ black. if you preach self reliance(without condemming white people) and independence you are ‘token’

          • EndangeredNJRepub

            Hit the nail on the head.

    • aegean1

      Yet they have nothing to say about the segregation that already exists. NAACP, for example.

      • West_Coast

        There are NO white men or women on their segregated board of directors. I wonder if the racist Southern Poverty Law Center will care?

    • TexSizzle

      I’m guessing that said troll was a leftist plant, and the So-Called Unbiased Media (SCUM) was on hand to report what he, their plant, had to say.

      • Luke Givens

        Sorry but your “guessing” would basically amount to you pulling random nonsense out of whatever orifice is the handiest, throwing it around and hoping some of it sticks. Do happen to have any proof for your weaselly little “guess” that he is a plant?

        • TexSizzle

          The fact that it is standard MO for your side. What orifice did you pull your snarky attitude out of?

          • Kevin Boyle

            do you have any evidence this is the “standard MO” for that side? Otherwise Mr Givens is correct, you are just pulling random nonsense out of whatever…

          • TexSizzle

            Upward of 40 years of observation. Bless your heart.

      • EricTheRed

        SCUM – that’s a good one!

    • Ariadnea

      I wouldn’t be surprise knowing there are people in there pretending to be conservatives, who are hired and paid for by Democrats and the Chicago machine, for the purpose of tainting the gathering and conservatives.

    • KahNayNay

      The Ashley Judd campaign sent operatives to tape the reaction to the movie screening of Olympus whatever, where Judd dies, because she plays the first lady…the cameras were rolling and Buzzfeed was told they would get the reaction to use against McConnell…..Ashley Judd’s car goes off a bridge and her body guard cries like a baby….the audience?? crickets….nothing. zero. zilch. nada… poor Judd has nothing to give Buzzfeed, except what really happened….this guy was probably planted there and paid a hefty sum by Think Progress or Media Matters because they make s h i t up all the time!! They are the TMZ of Press.

      • unknown

        That is hilarious! I guess the audience did not have an idea who she was because she is not Morgan Freeman (aka God), Gerard Butler (aka THIS IS SPARTA guy), or Aaron Eckhart (aka Two-Face in The Dark Knight).

        Either that or the audience didn’t care, which is an obvious sign that they are sexist /sarc.

    • KahNayNay

      It’s like Jimmy Carter’s grandson all over again… would think reall journalists would have something to report about oh I don’t know, maybe how North Korea wants to anihilate the US and Obama cancelled the missle program to protect our coastal borders from that very thing!!!??? Whatevs people….

    • anticitizen

      You know that Prof. Bell never promoted segregation right? This is a non-issue drummed up to make Obama look bad by associating him with Bell who’s CRT theory is apparently wildly misunderstood by those who have never read his writings… He did say at one point that compared to what was done after Brown v Board that blacks might have been better off if separate but equal had been fully funded and fully equal – making a statement about the widespread and very apparent inequality that still exists in American society for those outside of the favored class i.e. white males. That statement was in no way promoting segregation, but simply saying that our current situation is quite disappointing.

    • Karl Winrich

      People who don’t indulge in the Obama kool-aid are able to see where the real source of bigotry and racial hatred originate from, and that source just happens to be within the “tolerant” liberal party itself. Oh if I had a dime for every one of them showing their true colors I’d be living in the Bahama’s right now.

  • Rhino

    Think Progress obviously has a very low capacity for empathy. You would have to be a sociopath too look at this video, and reaction of the crowd and NOT see that they were shocked and appalled at Scott Terry’s segregationist statements and defense of slavery.

  • ceyanne

    Just an FYI, it’s Towson not Towsen. Pronounced Tow- to rhyme with bow, as in what Obama did to the Saudi king. I’m a MD-er, can’t help myself, lol.

    • mdtljt

      I caught that too….

    • AronLump

      You’re still going on about when the President showed respect to one of our closest allies in the Near East?

      Where were you when Abdullah was getting all kissy-kissy and walking hand in hand with President Bush?

      Oh that’s right. He’s a white Republican. That makes all the difference.

      • ceyanne

        Yep, it does make a difference, Bush didn’t BOW to the man showing any kind of deference or capitulation. Does that answer your stupid question? How long ago was Bush and yet YOU are still going on about that? And of course throw down the race card. Racist hypocrite!

      • Mike Thompson

        Not much on cultures are ya. It’s customary for Arab males to walk hand in hand with a close friend.

        • AronLump

          Of course I know that. But Bush isn’t an Arab male. And frankly, I didn’t care about the affection between Bush and al-Saud. You people are frankly reading WAAAAAY too far into a rookie faux-pas.

          Somehow, one respectful bow becomes a ‘worldwide apology tour.’

  • 5n4k33y35

    Federal racial preferences are the big story, not some trollish slavery comments.

  • Mike Stein

    You seem to be confused. Your groups continually attract this type of person. He took over the meeting and has indeed become the avatar of the conservative. You are already perceived as bigots. A bigot shows up to your panel about bigotry, takes the spotlight, and becomes friends with the speaker. This may simply be perception, but it is also reality. Own what you are.

    • Maxx

      I was a registered Democrat for nearly three decades before finally leaving the party in 2007. Nobody has less of an opinion about minorities than liberals who use Blacks and Hispanics the way Canadians use winter jackets. Convenient in November, not so much in July. It finally dawned on me that the left had no more interest in seeing the downtrodden become financially successful than a chiropractor has in seeing all of his/her patients doing cartwheels. The party of promises who have been touting the “war on poverty” for decades with nearly zero success. Hispanics and Blacks are slowly waking up to this reality but it will take some time; especially when the mantra of today’s liberal is “whatever and whenever we can take from someone else to give to you, we will.”

      You claim conservatives are bigots and yet when Dr. Ben Carson speaks at CPAC, it will be standing room only and yet liberals will still shill their accusatory labels. In 2008, those not wanting to “be a part of history” were all racist. In 2016, if Hillary runs, we’ll all be sexist. Wrap your head around the following. It’s not YOU we don’t like, it’s your politics. Politics that promise the world but deliver impotent governance at nearly every turn. Politics which promotes the punishment of success with this asinine notion that taxing job creators to the point of exhaustion is somehow a good thing. Oh really? Then let me know the next time you see a poor person hiring.

      Politics that promotes equality yet purposefully celebrates the downtrodden because every patient needs a doctor and while you fancy yourself the fix-it folks, you applied a tourniquet to what essentially was a finger cut problem. “Oh, let’s turn the nation’s health care system upside down for 7% of the people who are uninsured.”

      It’s not a “coincidence” that the House remained solidy conservative and despite a two term, clueless, finger pointer in Chief, 30 out of 50 states still have Republican governors.

      To paraphrase your own thought…bumbling, ineffective governance from liberals isn’t the perception, it’s the reality.

      • Mike Stein

        tl; dr

        • J. Cox

          Shorter you…to lazy,does not fit narrative,won’t look at facts..came to troll.Thanks for proving lowinfovoters come to twitchy to display ignorance.

      • v1cious

        Honest question: do you think as many people vote in local elections as they do in the general election? If so, why did Romney lose in a landslide? Judging by 2010, you guys had an energized base. What happened?

    • TexSizzle

      He was obviously a liberal plant, to help your side drive its agenda. Own it.

      • Mike Stein

        Ah — obvious!

      • Dawn

        Take responsibility for your own conservatwit. I bet he’s the product of your home “school” curriculum that allows parents to opt out of teaching their kids about nasty things like slavery, Japanese internment, massacre of Native Americans, etc etc

        • John (it true me am)

          You mean the thing ended by a Republican founder, the thing that happened under a progressive icon, and the thing that was driven by old school Democrats before modern conservatives and Republicans even existed? Just so were clear.

          Also, you’ve clearly no idea what you are talking about regarding home schooling. 99.9% of home school children use the exact same text books as everyone else. Oh, perhaps you’d like to compare the average intelligence and test scores between home schooled students and public schools? Because there is 10 to 1 odds that more home schoolers are fully aware of all those little tidbits you mentioned than are public schoolers.

        • TexSizzle

          Funny you should bring up things that your precious Democratics are the perpetrators of. The worst president ever in terms of ill-treatment of Native Americans was the founder of the Democrat Party, Andrew Jackson. The perp responsible for internment of Japanese was that heor of liberal Democratics, Franklin Roosevelt. The slave-owners were mostly Democratics, and those who freed the slaves were Republicans. Take responsibility for your Progressitwit.

          If home-schoolers are missing so much in their education, why do they do so much better than those who receive a public school indoctrination on standardized tests?

    • John (it true me am)

      Yeah, okay. They “attracted” a single person who was obviously a plant being he wasn’t even a conservative. As opposed to the primary democrat voting base that took dumps on police cars while squatting on public property, waved around weapons outside of polling places during an election, think that the earth would be better off if humanity were wiped out, promote endless examples of eugenics, and support Muslim radicals around the globe at the expense of our greatest allies.
      Okay then. Just so we’re clear.

      • Dawn

        What have you been smoking?

        • John (it true me am)

          Oh? You dispute my summary of a large swath of the Democratic voting base? Let’s see.

          Group by group in order of what I listed…

          1) OWS.
          2) New Black Panthers.
          3) An assortment of enviromental radicals, take your pick.
          4) Planned Parenthood.
          5) Any of the usual anti-Israeli types. Again, take your pick. Nation of Islam is a pretty good one.

          All organized and significant groups that embody the very core of the Democratic platform, and just the tip of the iceberg.

          So I guess I’ve been smoking truth. Or do you care to attempt to debate even a tiny bit of that?

          On the right, extremist groups are shunned. The KKK(which was founded by Democrats btw) doesn’t have a pulpit at CPAC. On the left, extremist groups are catered to while portrayed as less extreme than they really are. At any liberal gathering you’d be hard pressed to not find people sporting Code Pink buttons.

          • AronLump

            Disregarding your hilarious attempt to link the NBPP with the Democrats, anyone who still pulls out the old ‘the Klan was founded by a Democrat’ canard obviously has no grasp of history.

          • John (it true me am)

            So you’re saying the new black panthers didn’t vote for Obama? They didn’t try to intimidate people to vote for a Democrat? Is that your position?

            As for the Klan issue, I have quite a solid grasp on history thank you very much. Solid enough that I understand the Democratic strategy has always been one of racial politics, and they only changed their tune in order to take advantage of racial politics during the 1900s, often seeking to enact policies that have only served to keep minorities down(check the black unemployment figures lately?). Don’t get me wrong, you and your ilk are often true believers nowadays, but make no mistake you are simply living out the legacy set forth by your forebearers.

          • AronLump

            You seem to be forgetting Nixon’s Southern Strategy.

            And you claim to have a solid grasp of history: HA!

          • John (it true me am)

            How exactly does Nixon never even entering the conversation mean I forgot something? The so called southern strategy is overwhelmingly a creation of liberal rewriting and racist dog whistles. Much of the supposed appeal to racism simply didn’t happen or was never about racism. And while some certainly did, it was of course deplorable but was even then nothing more than a feeble attempt at playing politics to counter the already overwhelming plays at the same by Democrats.

          • v1cious

            There’s that Klan argument again. Care to explain why they all defected to the GOP after the Civil Rights act passed? Logic dictates that they must have saw something in your party that drew them there.

          • Native American Potato

            Just curious but if ALL the KKK democrats defected to the GOP as you claim how do you explain Robert Byrd who was a Democrat his whole career from the 1950s till 2010 and had fought every civil rights act put forward as well as founded a local chapter of the KKK?

            Even with his long history of racism and his consistently being a Democrat his whole career Democrat voters continued to elect him over and over till his death in office in 2010.

          • John (it true me am)

            I love this focus on an offhand jab as if the Klan being founded by Democrats was the sole point of my post and not an arbitrary remark. So I’ll ask the same thing I asked the other guy, want to even attempt to debate anything I was actually arguing?

          • John (it true me am)

            Oh, and as for the supposed defection to the GOP, that is an assumption that simply isn’t true. Many former Klan members did not simply shift over to the GOP but retreated from politics alltogether. And guess what? Not all left the Democrats. Sure they might not have liked the civil rights act, but as often as not these were diehard union thugs and their ilk who stayed Democrats.

            You suffer under a historical assumption, an oft repeated over simplistic view of how people work.

    • Maxwell

      “People percieve what they believe. And they never want to believe in reality.”

      Your perception of the GOP is that their racist bigots, but that doesn’t make it reality. Are there members of the GOP who are racist? Probably. But it doesn’t make them all racist. Of course, if you want to play that game, they can too. All Liberals must hate the military because of the few liberals who spat on servicemen.

      • journogal

        Not to mention how liberals tend to be racists – look how they treat minority conservatives and/or minorities that don’t fall in line with them – most recent case: Dr. Ben Carson.

        And liberals are misogynist as well. Look how they, again, treat women who aren’t dancing around in va-jay-jay costumes screeching about birth control but are more concerned with the economy, ObamaCare and other issues that have nothing to do with lady parts.

        • AronLump

          Ben Carson is a New Earth Creationist. I don’t care the color of his skin. He does not deserve that MD after his name.

          • ceyanne

            BS. If it didn’t bother you, you wouldn’t have felt the need to mention it and say that it didn’t bother you. Why qualify your remarks? Oh right, RACIST!

          • AronLump

            I was responding to charges of racism.

            Nice projection there.

            ‘I’m not the racist, you are!’

        • Susu

          when one person calls another a sellout or traitor, that is not racist when someone calls out another person of the same race or religion. Open up a dictionary and look up sell-out and racist. They are not the same.

          • journogal

            Oh, so it’s okay…learn something new everyday. It’s okay to call people names if you think they are a sellout. Wow, just wow. Damn them for being individuals. Damn them for thinking for themselves. They should all engage in group think, just because…

          • Susu

            Calling somebody a traitor to their race, religion, party, ideology is not racist. Calling somebody out who does not fall in line with a group/race/religion dogma is not racist. By the way, just because they call a person out does not make them right–it definitely does not make them anti- fill in the blank–

          • Susu

            by the way, what makes me so sad is nobody is calling this guy out as a traitor to real conservative values–he is “ok” with blacks being subservient to whites, he believes in segregation. and oh, he is not a plant. He is a contributor to Faith and Heritage, he is from S.Carolina and is a scholar–fits the profile more than a liberal troll from Maryland don’t you think?


          • John (it true me am)

            The assumption there was something to betray or sell out is what is racist. Racism extends beyond what a person can’t do, but fully includes what they “should” do. The idea that a person who is black is supposed to vote a certain way, supposed to support a certain candidate, supposed to think a certain way… That is racist. How is it different to say “All black people should like Obama” than it is to say “All black people should like Watermelon.”

    • Jim Denney

      Another Axelrod smear mission accomplished. This has “Chicago Way” written all over it.

    • Joseph A White

      Shove it, Sonny.

      • Guest

        No, grampamps.

      • Mike Stein

        No, gramps.

  • kim floyd

    I was in there and K. CARL was incredible! Two trolls got in and made fools of themselves …. which wasn’t hard to do!

  • borntodie

    Republicans will never win minority votes until they start rejecting comments like this. You have to start with respect and go from there.

    • rinodino

      How true!!

  • rivers

    LOL – oh yes, there’s a racist behind every haystack, nay – laptop! They’re coming to get you! Those racists, they’ll pervert your children (oops, child) they want to take away your tampons! THEY don’t forget for a whole solid hour like Chris Mathews said he did that Barack Obama is black. They’ll PUT fake black and brown people (who couldn’t possibly get their on their merit!) in positions of power and pretend to be big fans just so you won’t know they’re racist! They are very, very scary, and they are EVERYWHERE! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! THE RACISTS ARE COMING, THE RACISTS ARE COMING!

  • Sons Thunder

    No biggie but if someone reading this comment can fix it, the ‘TPM’ link above actually links to ThinkProgress article.

  • Bryan

    Giving “food and shelter” to blacks would not have been such a bad thing if it hadn’t been enabled by kidnapping and accompanied by forced labor, poor working conditions, no opportunity, regular beatings, and humiliation. I wonder why his reasoning stops at the perceived benefit.

  • TocksNedlog

    Trolling begets trolling

  • john ryan

    haha maybe he wasn’t even an American. Did he have a birth certificate ?

  • Sherri Seiber

    People like Scott Terry are not the voice of the conservative party, no matter how much Think Progress, Huffpo, or Daily Kos wishes they were.

  • KansasGirl

    When the industrial media complex does an expose on La Raza…then I’ll believe they want to uncover true racism.

  • milletime810



    Dr Ben Carson is too dumb to know that his fans like him because he’s a nigger that dislikes the president.

    This struck me as particularly ignorant considering the man is a BRAIN SURGEON

    • Raye09

      Stay classy
      With a name like “turdsamich” I can’t say I was expecting much

  • Raye09

    I say do away with student unions, this sort of crap has no place at a college be it white, black, asian, green, etc. Scott Terry is a troll, he came there to start problems.
    Back on topic: The racist claim is overplayed. I am black, I grew up in small town (population less than 9000) america, it was 91% white majority and guess what? I never experienced any racism. Some people will say I am lying, but I am telling the truth. I also grew up in gun-loving conservative southern colorado with no problems, and no people did not sit on their porches with shotguns and they were not ignorant.
    People that are truly racist are few and far between. The media makes it seem like it is a rampant problem.

    • v1cious

      Colorado is as purple as it gets. I should know, I lived in the springs for 23 years. I challenge you to go down to Mississpi, and make the same observation.

  • $27334126

    His points are solid.

    • Dawn

      Are not.

      • $27334126

        You tell yourself that.

    • rinodino

      Of course right wing world would think so

      • TexSizzle

        Bovinus manurus.

  • labman57

    I don’t dismiss Allen West as “token” — I dismiss him as a raving lunatic.

  • Dawn

    Scott Terry isn’t a troll, he’s just saying what the other Republicans are thinking. As the saying goes, ‘Not all Republicans are racist, but all racists are Republicans”.

    • TexSizzle

      The saying among racist Democratics, who project all their hatred on their opponents.

  • jovan1984

    We can tell you that Scott Terry is NOT a liberal. Because liberals do NOT speak at conservative events. While liberals will heckle at conservative events, they do NOT do any speaking – NOT even asking questions.

    So, before you call Mr. Terry a liberal plant – know that much, buckos.

    • TexSizzle

      Do you really expect us to believe that bovinus manurus? They are not invited speakers, but in discussions where anyone is allowed to speak, there is no way you can reasonably claim that *no* liberal will speak.

  • Jillane Kent

    Read his blog posts where he rails against the GOP, conservatives, Israel, “corporatism”, etc and ask yourself if he really sounds like a typical republican/conservative. Aren’t we too often accused of having an Israel “fetish” and being pro-big business?

  • Tom Piper

    I’m a 59 year old white man who’s lived in Atlanta for the last 15 years. I grew up and lived in Alabama for 44 years.

    That means I’ve seen it all. The old south segregation. Continuous white flight from formerly all white neighborhoods. White flight from the public school system and into segregation academies that they call “christian”.

    You can pooh, pooh all this and claim conservatives aren’t really racist but you’re only lying to yourselves. Oh it’s much less out in the open than it used to be “back in the day” and much more sneaky than subtle but it’s alive and well.

  • KateMullet

    I’ll accept your argument that he is not your definition of a conservative, if you accept that he is not a “liberal plant” but attended CPAC of his own accord.

    The bottom line is why do people like Terry feel affinity to CPAC and the GOP? Doesn’t it bother conservatives that people like him feel more at home in your movement, and feel empowered to speak out b/c they assume at least a modicum of support?

    This is a real question, if anyone wants to actually offer a thoughtful response.

  • anticitizen

    The fact that the GOP needs to be taught how to “court” non-whites is a sign that they ARE harboring racist philosophies. The GOP needs to get their collective head out of their ass and join the rest of us in the 21st century. Whites are slowly becoming a minority. It’s not a plot or anything bad, it’s just demographics and the societal landscape. There are no “white” issues and no whites are being disenfranchised… It’s like when Christians claim to be under attack in this country… paranoid delusions. Eventually everyone will be “mixed race” and if you understand biological science you would understand that is a good thing… Diversity of genetic material breeds strength and greater survivability – look at any group with a small genetic base (those who are inbred) from dogs to people they develop physical and mental disabilities over time. People are people – people aren’t black, white or whatever… Everyone needs to get over this bs.

    • Ben Bollman

      This just shows to ignorance of low information voters. We do not care about your race or ethnicity, we care if you support the Constitution and values of personal responsibility or liberty. People like you are being misled, you really need to know what conservatism is before you criticize it and you need to know that the Republican Party doesn’t always practice it. It is hard to convince people when the other side paints you as the oppressor just because we don’t treat minorities as victims and throw taxpayer money at them in order to buy their vote. Liberals do not want minorities to succeed, they want to keep them happy enough so they will keep voting for them and that is it. Stop being a mindless sheep. I suggest reading this article about race written by Thomas Sowell(a black man) and I encourage you to read his other articles:

  • Susu

    It would help conservatives to simply say he speaks for himself and it is not our idealogy. Instead the comments posted are very sad. Som many people suppport this guy, and then say he is a liberal troll. He is not a troll, or a plant, he is one of you. Own it, and within a larger construct- do something about it.

  • v1cious

    The article was made to disavow this guy, and yet there are people in the thread agreeing with him… I think it’s pretty clear now that he’s not a plant.

  • Ethel Arauz

    Ah, of course the slavery defender had to be from NC! What is truly sad is that the ONE person who argued against the guy defending slavery was BOOED!
    This is the Republican Party of today!

  • Celestial Time

    The toe touchers from the Left and Right are both equally spineless and transparent when you start speaking to them factually and truthfully about race.