Reuters deputy social media editor Matthew Keys already had more than 23,000 Twitter followers, but there’s almost certainly never been more anticipation for one of his tweets. Keys was charged today with conspiring with Anonymous to hack into a Tribune Company server; hackers then defaced the Los Angeles Times website.

Legally speaking, it’s probably best for Keys to hold off on tweeting for a bit, but he did retweet a tweet by @BreakingNews announcing his indictment before posting an update of his own.


Keys has also been favoriting selected tweets about his indictment.

As for Reuters? The company issued its own story at 7:15 p.m., noting that “Keys could not immediately be reached for comment.” Try Twitter?

  • Joseph A White

    Throw the little worm in a cell with Kwamie and da boyz, and throw the key away.

  • L.N. Smithee

    Why hasn’t Reuters fired him yet? Is it because they fear they’ll be the next target?
    If so, and you’re a Reuters executive and are reading this, let me translate it into your native tongue: “Meow.”

  • Stupid Republic

    This kid is going to be really popular in the clink.

  • Prokofy