Someone needs to reprogram the spambots raving about MSNBC’s “Ed Show” to limit their tweets to weekends. Special White House guest Ed Schultz announced tonight that he’s moving from his prime 8 p.m. slot for weekend afternoons. That’s a good thing, though; Schultz says he lobbied for the gig, as it will give him more time to spend among The People™ where he belongs.

Yeah, “upbeat” is the first word we’d use to describe Ed Schultz.

Who will step in to fight for the common man and demonize those rich white guys with their private jets?

  • Spatial Awareness

    aaahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaahhaha!! XD

    • catb55

      MSNBC .. is still on … who knew?

      • Skipper Martin

        Uh …they beat FOX in the election coverage. Which would be the garbage TV that you obviously tune into.

  • grais

    Oh, hilarious!

  • Oilfart1

    who is Ed Schultz? Is that the guy who worked for Col. Klink on Hogan’s Heros?

    • Mark_in_TX

      No, that was Sergeant Schultz. He had GREAT ratings. Pretty bad when a Nazi prison camp guard has better ratings than Ed Schultz does, eh?

      • RightThinking1

        Yeah, but Sgt. Schultz was comic relief…, wait…, never mind..

        • IceColdTroll

          He was also quite a bit brighter.

          • Rgroce

            Sgt. Schultz was more loved…….

        • IceColdTroll

          He was also quite a bit brighter.

      • reachrenee


      • Skipper Martin

        Still ticked off because Ed’s people (LIBBBBBBBBBERALS) slaughtered your brain dead FOXified lemmings in the election? Choke on it.

    • Don Surber

      Viewers said, “I see no’t’ing, No’t’ing!”

    • Stan

      If Hogan’s Hero’s are on at the same time slot I will have to watch Sgt. Shultz. My DVR is broken, sorry Ed.

  • Becky Borrett

    Will his show before, or after, the “locked Up”/ Life in Prison programs?

    • Jillane Kent

      After Locked Up. The hope is that the lead in will help bolster Ed’s ratings.

  • b_truit

    Dang right your show is a political football, and you just got kicked into Saturday! #schultzSucks

  • Maxx

    “See his ratings tumbling down

    While Arbitron asks ‘why is he still around?’

    Lonely but on the weekends he’ll be found

    Drifting along with the tumbling tumbleweeds.”

  • Jill

    Considering he mocked Beck’s move to leave Fox and start his own network, one wonders if he’ll be innovative and attempt to be the liberal anti-Beck. Why is it that I can imagine him hosting a nightly broadcast with the aid of a cardboard box? His ratings will still suck, but at least he can’t be demoted again.

    • jlfonz1

      He may indeed try to build his own pirate ship but it takes talent to do it, therefore he is destined to live on Gilligans island.

    • jlfonz1

      He may indeed try to build his own pirate ship but it takes talent to do it, therefore he is destined to live on Gilligans island.

  • SpaceRacer423

    I wonder if this will affect how much union leaders are willing to pay him to present their talking points as fact? ->

    • Nomisnala

      Enjoy the world when the unions are gone so you can work in a sweat shop and make far below minumum wage during your 16 hour a day, 7 day a week job, while wearing depends.

      • mike_in_kosovo

        Funny how that isn’t happening in right-to-work states.

        Typical #lowinfolib argument… long on hyperbole, short on fact.

      • trixiewoobeans

        Pffft…silly Wabbit…Unions aren’t allowed in Communist countries, they’re only useful for their temporary political purposes, then Poof! They’re gone!

      • wwbdinct

        “Enjoy the word when the unions are gone”….. I look forward to the day when the thugs and bullies have to live in the real world.

      • Brian James Cannizzaro

        1st 20 years of my adult working life was in UNION job in New Jersey.. last 20yrs has been in non-union job ….in Virginia ” RIGHT TO WORK STATE” has been no difference!!!!!!

      • journogal

        You realize that Henry Ford is the one credited for establishing 40 hour work week.

      • harry

        Lol…Wayne if that were the case everyone would join a union. Why is the trend now for workers to vote OUT unions at a lot of former union shops? A good union helps both the employer and the employe, a bad union hurts only the worker. Unions who fail to move into the 21st century will become things of the past…..BTW Wayne I am a retired trade unionist, you know, a real union unlike the public service “unions” which are little more than a paid voting block.

      • conservativechick

        At least we would get to keep the money we make and not be forced to hand it over to the Democrats.. I mean Union bosses. HAHAHA

      • Jillane Kent

        Ignoring the realities of the free market and existing labor laws, are we?

      • Garth Haycock

        hmmm…. most professionals are conservatives and the boss. But I can understand why an unskilled laborer such as you would have to worry, considering the union hides your incompetence and you’d actually have to perform to get a paycheck.

      • TocksNedlog

        Unions enforce the federal minimum wage law, do they?

      • Christina_bdba

        You must believe that propaganda the union sends you as they raid your pockets? We throw the magazines away because we are not so selfish to think they do anything for us other than steel our money.You’d be wise to educate yourself and realize they use you as a own fool.

    • Elaine

      This is right where Shultzy belongs.. with the Saturday afternoon kids. They’ll love him. HAHAHAHA

      • onesoldiersmom

        Too bad, even the kids will miss him. As I recall, that’s nap time for most. At least he will be with the thumb suckers.

      • tinktipton

        that’s not even funny…thinking about ed shultz indoctrinating children into obamunism…

  • Ted Moss

    I’m all tow’up… bout dat…

  • jim

    Uh huh he volunteered for a downgrade. riiight

  • waltermitty2012

    Maybe Keith Olbermann is coming back.

  • Rob Jones

    Dang, now I’ll have to find something else to not watch in that timeslot.

  • WilliamAmos

    An opening for Shepard Smith ?

    • Jillane Kent

      I doubt MSNBC can afford his pancake makeup/guyliner needs.

      • Spatial Awareness

        And pearls.

    • wwbdinct

      Very funny! We’ll he’s nuts anyway so I think he would fit in nicely.

  • Saddlebum

    Saturday afternoon cartoons with Ed Schultz joining the other cartoon characters.

  • WilliamAmos

    Ed Shultz “I raised my hand for this assignment otherwise I would be unemployed”

  • SansMercy

    He’ll be right after the Bugs Bunny re-run hour.

    • mdtljt

      …and even with an awesome lead-in he’ll tank…karma’s a biotch, ain’t it, Eddie??

  • Chase C.

    I clicked on this because I thought it was about my best friends Dad who is also named Ed Schultz.

    • 19842011


  • Jack Deth

    God does have a sense of humor. He created the Duckbill Platypus.

    He also allowed a bellicose simpleton with very few viewers in a mediocre time slot on a back water station to be moved to a more remote time slot with even fewer viewers!

    My guess is that he’ll be booted soon afterward. And can be seen waving a “Cluck-U Chicken” sign around less than major thoroughfares.

    • 19842011

      Love it,Jack! Simpleton shitz on the way out!

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Wonder if they kept him on just to pay out his contract over time than suffer some penalty for early cancellation. Entertainment contracts can be weird.

    • Jim Palumbo

      How true. Most stations run 10 year old re-runs in the weekend 5-7 time slot. So big Ed might get a 1% audience before he is totaly humiiated and jumps on the private jet for the last flight to Minnesota.The Sharpton simpleton and the Bashir brit are not far behind in getting relocated.

    • Jim Palumbo

      How true. Most stations run 10 year old re-runs in the weekend 5-7 time slot. So big Ed might get a 1% audience before he is totaly humiiated and jumps on the private jet for the last flight to Minnesota.The Sharpton simpleton and the Bashir brit are not far behind in getting relocated.

  • Dave Goush

    next up they should put rachel Maddow in the 8pm slot, if you have every heard her far, far, liberal socialist point of view I’m sure she will fail badly as well against Oreilly

  • SJ’s Dad

    When I was a kid, “Porky Pig” was on TV, Saturdays BEFORE noon.
    (You’ve come a long way baby! . . . oh wait!-)

  • Nomisnala

    I guess I live in a democratic county. as those I know that listen to political talk at the 8PM hour listen to Ed. Nobody listens to O’Reilly. Perhaps in the Red states, and Red counties, the opposite is true. The red head is very popular in the Blue states and the Blue counties. Aren’t there real network shows that dominate in the 8PM time slot? I wonder if the health of Mr. Schultz’s wife has played a role in his decision. Or as some as suggested, is this a time slot change from the top. After all this is the station that got rid of Donohue when he wanted an open discussion about going to war in Iraq.

    • Meech204

      No one watches O’Reilly? Is that why his show has been the highest rated show for over 10 years?

    • Mark_in_TX

      Wayne, come out of the rabbit hole and look around. O’Reilly DWARFS Schultz in the ratings. MSNBC is almost nonexistent in comparison. I thought they had gone off the air until this article.

    • WisconsinPatriot

      Somebody needs to take his/her tinfoil hat off…….there are no radio waves that the right wing meanies beam into your neighborhood to protect yourself from. We know that you project yourself as being from a large “group” of like minded folks. We have just seen FAR too much evidence to the contrary. You live in your elderly mother and fathers basement. You play video games all day, have no job,but you got a really cool degree in 16th century artistic trends among Celtic royalty. Go eat your spagettios and pretend everybody thinks just like you…..its really FUNNY!

    • AimToMisbehave

      If the current Mrs. Schultz is having an experience similar to that claimed by Maureen Zimmerman (the first Mrs. Schultz), any health problems she may (or may not) have might be exacerbated by Ed’s fists…

      • TocksNedlog

        Not to worry. Her health issues are all of the garden-variety.

        • AimToMisbehave

          I’m sure Ed was crucial in the behind the scenes development of the BGVS (Biden Garden-Variety Standard).

  • jim

    None of you guys are funny. You need a humor upgrade to 2.0

    • 19842011

      Jim,you need an upgrade from idiot to loser! How’s that for being funny?!!!!!

    • Jimni27

      You know Jim, someone has to be the serious party. If conservatives were joking all the time, you know- like libs do by making gay priest jokes and calling women c&nts for giggles, we might have voted an assclown in as president. Oh wait….

  • Nomisnala

    Now I hear Ezra Klein might take his place. Talk about boring. Two hours of impossible to listen to Chris Matthews, the second repeat hour followed by Ezra Klein: Are they kidding. someone has to teach them how to align some decent shows. It is good that they will have something other than prison video’s on the weekends after the morning talk shows.

    • wwbdinct

      Psssst…… No one cares!

  • QBallBrazil

    Well at least the 8 people (you know, those same 8 people from Thinkprogress, MoveOn and AdBusters who make 100 different online names and have conversations with themselves inthe commentaries…especially at HuffPo, Daily Beast and Kos) who watch MSNBC will miss MLB games this season.

  • trixiewoobeans

    I don’t see why the mainstream media needs anymore than one “talking head”. They all say the same things, from the same script, in the same way, with the same breathless, (pick one) outrage, shock, indignation, offense, blame, etc., use the same attack, same excuses, justifications and explanations. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Zippy Pinhead could do it!

  • TheGazeAblaze

    GOOD!!!He is a typical big mouth liberal,I bet he doesn’t even know why this happened to him.I’m not talking about ratings.I’m talking about what a doom and gloom liberal he is,everything he talks about is negative!!!Who wants to listen to a sky is falling liberal for an hour each weekday?!?!Liberals are pessimists,they tell you about every thing they think is wrong without one time even offering a solution.This is why liberals can never make it in radio,who wants to listen to somebody bitch about things for 3 hours on the radio???Nobody does,he’s getting what he deserves, and it couldn’t have happened to a better guy then Sgt. Schultz!!!

  • sodakhic

    He needs to be among the people. What a joke. Well, I guess North Dakota is calling.

    • Steve_J

      Much like England doesn’t want Morgan back, North Dakota doesn’t want “Slow” Eddie back/

    • arttie

      They are hiring rough necks in the Bakken oil fields.

  • Adi

    Good Gosh, now Football, Baseball and Hockey will have some SERIOUS competition.

    • arttie

      Don’t forget golf, table tennis, tiddlywinks and jacks. Wrist wrestling in Petaluma, America’s Cup sailing, cross country skiing. Help me out here, there must be many more, fun sports to watch on Saturday afternoon.

      • 77worldchamp

        And to think I was a World Champion from Petaluma, but don’t associate me in any way with Ed Schultz, please

        • arttie

          Well done, I always enjoyed ABC’s Wide World of Sports. Being Norwegian, it was one place you could see ski jumping.

      • Adi

        How about fat lesbians running on shrimp treadmills?

  • OldmanRick

    Does anyone really care? Probably not.

  • 19842011

    Sgt. Shitz is DEMOTED to Private Shitz! Could’nt have happened to a nicer asshole!

  • Paul Citro

    He looks like a giant BLOW FISH!!

  • disqus_FlD2VMR2RJ

    Sent to weekend purgatory. One step closer to being cancelled.

  • chrissypoo6

    Ed, and Chris Matthews should team up for an Obama-loving, slobberfest hour.

  • ShawnLaverty

    Did he say he needs to spend some time with his family?

  • harry

    I am sure that Ed’s people at the “Ramrod” and the “Leather and lace” bars will be happy….

  • moddly

    Ed Putz

  • onesoldiersmom

    Let me guess, he just wants more time with his family.

    • TocksNedlog

      Has anyone consulted THEM?

  • marcellucci

    This just in: MSNBC decides not to give Ed Schultz weekend time slot….
    Opts for Sham-wow info-mercials for more in-depth politcal substance…..

  • Mary Theresa Howell Doheny

    I thought he would be moved out of MSNBC, along with the Rev. Al. How anyone can watch this crap, it really amazes me.

  • $27789750

    Nobody watches Sat. afternoon TV do they? If they do, who are these people?

    • Thomas Collins

      Think Fritos, onion dip and diet(!) soda

  • RightThinking1

    Saturday-morning 60 year-old Tarzan movies have better slot than Schultz. To be fair, Tarzan has co-host Cheeta the chimp, so, a better draw than Schultz.

  • Tantalus XVI

    Strange visions of sausage being made whenever I see his face…

  • Axelgreaser

    ED SCHULTZ’S NEW SATURDAY TIMESLOT IS ‘COVETED?’ Let’s see, at 5pm on Saturday, most people are raking leaves, cleaning the gutter’s, plunging the toilet, bathing the dog, running errands, picking Grandma up from the Saturday beauty parlor visit or getting ready to go out to dinner and a show. LOL! COVETED! Perhaps he’ll pickup the prison audience just back in from the rock pile or the occasional chanel surfer who lands on the Ed Schultz Show just as they’re clipping a big toe nail!

    You know, I’ve just never been able to get past this man calling Laura Ingraham a ‘Talk Slut.’

    • Jeffrey Olah

      maybe Sheriff Joe can add him to the channel lineup in tent city with Disney and the Weather Channel

  • © Sponge

    I thought this was a story about that Rachael Maddow guy from the picture. Oops.

  • Right Wired

    The bay window on my house gets more viewers than Schultz

  • Right Wired

    MSNBC will claim they are “creating jobs’.

  • TocksNedlog

    And here’s the worst part — now that he’s only part-time, NO company health insurance!

  • Jeffrey Olah

    does it really matter who they put up against Mr. Bill

  • tony greene

    good for him…lead in “to catch a predator”

  • Scott

    The funniest part of the whole thing is, when he’s done and tosses it to Rachel Maddow, she offers a convoluted congratulations on his “promotion” while her “protege” Chris Hayes is getting Red Ed’s time slot

    I love liberal logic

  • IceColdTroll

    He’s going to have a hard time in the highly competitive Spongebob Squarepants/Wizards of Waverly Place time slot.

  • IceColdTroll

    He’s going to have a hard time in the highly competitive Spongebob Squarepants/Wizards of Waverly Place time slot.

  • GTFOBigGovt

    Saying Schultz wasn’t a “good fit” for MSNOBAMA now is funny. THEY certainly thought so even running his “every man” commercials constantly. I see no difference between his histrionic rants and Al Sharpton and the unbearable 10:00 guy and Matthews. Matthews just claims a better resume.

  • Derek Penner

    What? Was Wednesday morning already taken?


    Could his ratings have anything to do with his personality, charisma, grasp of ideas or the fact that he is just so damn good looking? This man has face that would make a train take a dirt road…

  • Skipper Martin

    So O’Reilly had more viewers than Ed on a re-run eh? The only thing you forgot to mention was that “Do it LIVE!” O’reilly’s audience demo is Death + 100. Punk.