George W. Bush and his wife Laura have for the most part managed to stay above the fray since leaving the White House, and tonight’s tweet from the Bush Center was no exception. In case you missed it, CNN’s Erin Burnett managed to throw viewers for a loop by asking the former first lady if the U.S. needs to “accept” the anti-Semitic, anti-American views of Samira Ibrahim, who recently disappeared from the State Department’s “Women of Courage” page.

Newsbusters has the video of the exchange, in which Burnett asks:

An Egyptian woman, her name’s Samira Ibrahim, and she’s done a lot of things, courageous things. She’s also been criticized for sending tweets that are anti-Semitic, anti-American. Does the U.S. need to accept that when we want to make change? You have to support people that do those things – financially in term of awards, in terms of all these things – because it pays off in the end? Is that a trade-off we have to make?

Even the bumblers at our State Department (after sufficient public outcry) refused to accept Ibrahim’s “courageous” stand against the “Zionist lobby.” Kudos to Mrs. Bush for handling the ridiculous question with class.


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  • Jd1367

    Erin, do we have to accept vapid twits posing as “journalists”?

    • Garth Haycock

      Excellent use of vapid.

      • capisce

        excellent use of twit

        • Paladin

          Use of journalists? Well, you did use “quotes”.

          • DavidEKnight

            There are no uses for “journalists”.

        • Garth Haycock


  • Spatial Awareness

    #MORON?==> .@ErinBurnett .@CNN

  • Ben Bollman

    Yes, let’s ask the FORMER First Lady the tough questions instead of the current Administration because we really want to make a difference here.

    • Brett McMicken

      funny how the former first lady gets asked the tough questions while the best the current first lady can do is appear on the academy awards.

      • Ben Bollman

        and do Mom dancing on Jimmy Fallon

  • waltermitty2012

    The real question is why didn’t the State Department know of her views before offering her this award.

    • Dale Patterson


    • Orlando Cee

      This wouldn’t be the SAME State Department that let Americans sacrifice their lives in Benghazi without coming to their aid, would it?

      If it is, then there should be no surprise.

  • SJ’s Dad

    Was that supposed to have been her feeble attempt at “Let’s see if I can put myself on the relevant up & coming jur-no-list map using am-BUSH jur-no-lism ala Katie Couric”?

  • Kevin

    When the adminstration is clearly anti-Israel and pro-Muslim, I’d argue that the answer to that question is unfortunately yes, too bad it was asked of the wrong first lady….I guess Laura needs better bangs if she expects soft questions from CNN.

  • disqus_e2F2oUH6C7

    Laura Bush is a class act. Always was
    as First Lady. Not like what we have now.

  • ceemack

    What are the odds of this twit asking the same question of Michelle Obama?

    • almarquardt

      Greater than being hit by lightning. In the middle of winter. While sleeping in a basement. On a bed made of rubber.

  • Lamontyoubigdummy

    Political media. Fecking retarded short bus children, the lot of them.

    At least on Fox I know what I’m getting and can flesh it out as need be.

    The rest is an Obama zombiesque cattle call, “One of us, one of us, one of us”. It’s gotten friggin’ creepy.

    And lookit, I know we’re not s’possed to use the word “retarded”, but…Jesus wept. It’s more than appropriate here.

    Of course, for Erin, the caveat is the “Middle East”. Where (except for Israel) progressive liberalism and modern day feminism “causes” go to die in silence. And I mean like literally DIE.

    So Erin, by your oh so grown up “fix it” logic, shouldn’t we all embrace tolerance of the Klan, Skin Heads, Stormfront, et al to induce change in America.

    I leave it to you Erin. You go on and take your time. Do some of those Luminosity exercises if you need.

    We’ll wait.

    • annoyinglittletwerp

      I rode the short bus when I was in grade school…and even then I was less asinine and more coherent than Erin Burnett

      • Lamontyoubigdummy

        For that bus ride as a kid you simply have to argue with an old union public school teacher that, no, 2+2 does not just = Jello at lunch.

  • nc

    THIS is CNN.

  • Orlando Cee

    It is rather revealing that she would ask a former first lady whose husband is no longer the president. What a waste of time!

    In addition, is this person implying that the we should accept anti-semitism to accept change??? Why just not ask if we should abandon whatever moral compass we may have because it’s more convenient?

  • rinodino

    How dare you ask questions to the First Lady!!!!! …..Just asking questions. Sound familiar twitchy? Payback is something else lol keep on them Erin ….after all , you are simply asking questions , right?

    • Michael Rice

      You just don’t get it, do you. Does the fact that thsi question would never be asked of Michelle Obama escape you? WHy are these types of questions being asked of a former First Lady and the current one, along wiht ehr husband, get asked the softball ones?

    • NRPax

      You might be a little late in figuring it out, but Michelle Obama is the current First Lady. Laura Bush is a private citizen now.

    • wwbdinct

      This post makes about as much sense as your assertion that it would be preferable for women to be raped rather than to be armed and shoot her potential rapist. When the day comes that you ever have a coherent thought, let us know.

    • journogal

      You do realize Laura Bush isn’t the First Lady, right? Why is she being asked this question, and the current President is asked about his upcoming basketball brackets? Are you so thick to not see the difference here?

    • Lisa Dean

      News flash @disqus_k3C7ehs0tL:disqus . Current FLOTUS is Michelle Obama, has been from January 09 until now. That question would have served better posed to Current FLOTUS Michelle Obama since it’s her husband’s administration dealing with that issue. #NotTheSharpestHornedRinoInTheCrowd are we?

    • TocksNedlog

      Uh, the point is that the question asked was idiotic.

  • Tel-Jonah Stern

    What is she trying to say? State Dept balked on Jew-hating terror-girl so Bush Ins. Women’s Center might want to check her out.

  • Brian Roastbeef

    “Equal time” as viewed by the lamestream media…

    To Laura Bush: So, how about unilaterally selling out our Israeli allies for the sake of ingratiating those who would see destroyed our nation, freedoms, and Christian heritage?

    To Michelle Obama: Nice bangs, and your always displayed toned arms have a wonderful masculine shape reminiscent of a trucker I once met outside of the bathroom at an Arby’s. Do you think you’re as wonderful as we all do?

  • Richard Wayne

    Why did laura bush grant this twit an interview? She mocked her husband frequently. Compared him to a monkey on the Scarborough show.

  • peteee363

    but isn’t it a false premise? isn’t anti-semitism the running policy among muslims, what makes her so different or special? so, no we cannot, or should accept her views!

  • Steve_J

    Wouldn’t it have been more appropriate of Burnett to have asked that question of Michelle Obama?

  • TocksNedlog

    Erin Burnett is absolutely gorgeous. Don’t mind at all staring at her for a few minutes — with the sound muted.

  • TocksNedlog

    Hopefully, what Ms Burnett learned from this exchange is that in order to “make change” the U.S. needs to NOT be accepting or supportive of anyone that makes anti-Semitic anti-American tweets.

    Then again, perhaps Erin is just preparing us for her ramped up efforts to free the jailed producer of that anti-Islam video.

    After all, hateful views are protected by ‘free speech’; therefore, they ALL need to be a part of the conversation, right Ms Erin?

    [On a side note, I’m betting that if you put a million dollars on the table in front of her, Erin Burnett could not specify ONE of the “a lot of things, courageous things” that Ibrahim has allegedly done.]

  • Jim

    Erin Burnett once wrote an article about what men should do if they want to impress her. Her list included a personal chef and yoga instructor. She’s just as much of an elitist as she is unserious about journalism.

  • Brett McMicken

    remember, the people who watch the network that “journalist” is on are the ones who run around patting themselves on the back every time they blurt out the phrase “faux news”