Author Judy Blume had nothing but praise for the police after an intruder broke into her home Sunday night.

Hmm… we can think of something that makes a loud, scary noise, but a lot of people don’t want women to have them. But back to the story.

  • LuvGuvSP

    Maybe her next book will be called:


    • Squirrel!

      LOL!! I LOVE your post!!! Hilarious!

      • LuvGuvSP

        Thanks for ‘getting’ the humor…I couldn’t resist that one! :)

    • Lamontyoubigdummy

      Are You There God?…It’s me Judy…

      …can I borrow your Sig 1911 Fastback for a sec?


      No, no I don’t need dragon’s breath. Hollow points would do just great.

      Thank you God…this a$$hole will see you in just a minute or so.

    • IceColdTroll

      Thread DONE! Bravo!

    • NRPax

      I hang my head in shame and bow to the master.

    • oneword

      very clever

    • LyleLovett666

      You win.

  • PatrioticDissent

    I prefer my Smith &Wesson .357 magnum.

    • Joseph A White

      Mine’s a .357 Magnum Ruger Blackhawk….6 inch barrel, and it beats the hell out of 911 OR ADT….

      • IceColdTroll

        “Something to make loud, scary noise.” Yeah, I was gonna offer a Taurus PT-92.

        • steve harmon

          My Saiga 12 with 00 buck works for me out in the country.

    • origionalwinja

      when i call 911….i put a 1 in the front, 1911 to the rescue!! .45 acp FTW

  • SJ’s Dad

    Hello thug, it’s me Margaret . . . Say hello to my little friend!!!

  • The Klute

    Man, it’s too bad she didn’t take a human life!

    • Jillane Kent

      Too bad? What a churlish, troll like comment you’ve made. Do you feel it is deliciously ironic to marginalize the experiences that some homeowners have had with violent criminals breaking into their home and putting their lives in danger? Few people “want” to end a life.

      • The Klute

        To paraphrase Buffy Summers: Because burglars deserve to die! After all, the mullahs can’t be wrong, amirite?

        In this case, retreat and call the authorities worked. I’m well aware that in other cases it might not and that a homeowner has a right to defend themseves with deadly force – but what’s worse? The braying hordes above suggesting that Judy Blume should have blown the intruder/burglar away (which, knowing Blume’s body of work, would be antithetical to her beliefs) or my fairly innoccuous comment suggesting homicide isn’t always the answer?

        • aegean1

          So you’re saying self defense is homicide?

          • The Klute

            The killing of another human by a human is the exact definition of the word homicide – so yes, if Judy Blume killed an intruder, it would be a homicide, however justifiable.

            “Words mean things!” – Rush Limbaugh

          • steve harmon

            So now you quote Rush? Legally, self defense that results in the death of the perp isn’t homicide. Homicide is a crime.

          • The Klute

            Homicide is not necessarily a crime. Adding the adjective “Justifiable”, for instance, eliminates the penalty we would prescribe in the legal system… And yes, I quote Rush, because he’s absolutely right in that sentence. Words do mean things. And you can make it all politically correct and palatable and call “homicide” something else, but it’s not me saying it – from the dictionary: homicidium, Latin: homo human being + Latin: caedere to cut, kill – homicide means: a human being killing another human being.

          • Jillane Kent

            Taking a life in defense of your own life or that of your loved ones does not merit the charge of homicide in most jurisdictions, no?

          • The Klute

            If you look at the coroner’s reports where a homeowner shoots and kills an intruder, the cause of death will often be listed as homicide. There is no criminal or moral attachment to the word in the definition. Now if you want to find a prettier word for what it is, by all means.

            But it is what it is.

        • Brian Roastbeef

          I would suggest practicing with some of Judy Blume’s body of work as you appear to have reading comprehension problems, and as a children’s author she may write at your level.

          Nobody here is suggesting that the intruder absolutely should have been blown away. Very many are saying that she, and all of us, should be properly equipped for that possibility. The cool thing about guns is that just their presence in the right hands can make even the craziest criminal threat very calm very fast.

          Retreat and call the authorities works often. Yet with a situation as dangerous as this, one should be prepared for the option that it doesn’t. Experienced intruders know how to advance in the face of loud noises and the F word, see? If this one did, or if the police had taken longer, this could have been a far sadder headline.

          • The Klute

            “Nobody here is suggesting that the intruder absolutely should have been blown away.”

            I suggest you re-read the comments up at the top – and perhaps undertake a review of your own reading comprehension.

            Have a swell day.

          • jacksonjay

            I suggest that if she had a gun (sorry shotgun) she could have followed the advice of the VP, Joe Biden! Joe’s advice worked out really well for Oscar the Blade Gunner, huh?

          • Brian Roastbeef

            You obviously did not do so, and continued in your assumption. There is but one tongue-in-cheek mentioning this guy seeing God, bunch of movie and book quotes, note trading about which piece each owns. No, “boy it’s too bad he isn’t dead.”

            You are a troll.

        • grais

          You break into someone’s house, you gotta be prepared for the consequences. It’s a choice.

          • The Klute

            No one’s suggesting otherwise. In fact, I acknowledged that above:

            “I’m well aware that in other cases it might not and that a homeowner has a right to defend themseves with deadly force.”

            And consequences cut both ways. Killing a man, regardless of the situation (and I’d actually say probably moreso in the case of a homeowner rather than a solider at war) is an act that, despite all the cheerleading at the top of this post, has moral repercussions long after the body has been hauled away.

      • IceColdTroll

        “The Klute”? Funny, I’ve never seen “@$$hole” spelled that way before.

        • IceColdTroll

          But I will say, if it HAD come down to one or the other — yes, I DO hope she would have aced him, rather than vice versa.

      • IceColdTroll

        Seems to me I recall some of our resident leftards making big swaggering noise around here about cowardly “teebagrz” “cringing” behind their locks and alarms. Like Judy has?

        • steve harmon

          well put

    • steve harmon

      not human.

      • The Klute

        Let me know if you need someone to catch you when you faint. Grow up.

    • grais

      It’s too bad she didn’t pop an intruder in the kneecap.

      • The Klute

        Because everyone’s Dead-Eye Dick and easily do that. In the gun classes I’ve taken, you’re not taught to shoot to wound.

    • WisconsinPatriot

      Clearly you havn’t EXPERIENCED bad things in the middle of the night. You want to be a victim, you have made your choice. Mock those of us who make better choices in life, and well you might get an education….every time you post.

      • The Klute

        I was mocking those who think that it’s a shame Judy Blume’s first response to the situation was to pull out a gun a kill a man. Nothing more, nothing less. Sorry if that’s disrupted the hivemind.

        • grais

          Who, specifically, said that, besides you?

        • $36544368

          Pulling out a gun doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to use it. Its presence in your hand makes a wonderful deterrent as well.

        • DavidKramer

          Give us a link to the comment libtard.

  • Andy Rigo

    Are you there God? It’s me Judy. I just made Fudgemania in my pants! Glad to hear she’s OK.

  • Jeff

    Sounds as though things turned out well for Judy this time.

  • Ms Anonymous

    I wonder what Judy recommends for people who don’t live in cities? The police aren’t our personal protection force.

    • Brian Roastbeef

      Yeah, I vaguely remember some of her books from when I was a kid. The first couple with Peter and Fudge were okay, then she strayed into lefty messaging IIRC.

      I’m glad all went well for her, but I hope that as she had this scare, maybe she gave thought to those for whom police assistance is 20 minutes away, ‘panic buttons’ aren’t known outside of Staples commercials, and yelling the F word is only effective if they own something to back it up. Loud scary noises are easy for intruders to overcome; lead not so much.

    • steve harmon

      Judy doesn’t think of us that live in the country. Good luck next time, Judy. I say, thin the herd when the opportunity presents itself.

  • ClinkinKY

    Police “respond” to a crime.
    Citizens “stop” a crime.
    Pretty simple really.

  • steve harmon

    Oh, I;m prepared, Judy.

  • origionalwinja

    guns make scary noises

  • $23629333

    Not impressed with Judy. She heads off to bed without setting her alarm. Wonder if she locked her bedroom door before or after she heard the intruder. If she did the latter, she’s lucky she didn’t awaken to discover that that intruder was in her bedroom.

    After she’s had a break-in, she’s finally giving serious thought to what she might do to better prepare for or – better yet – prevent another break-in. Again, she lucky that she’s able to learn from her mistake.

    If she – as a good portsider – cannot bring herself to arm herself, she should – at the very least – have a dog in her home.

  • brewerandpatriot

    Beverly Cleary would have shot the intruder(s)…

    • Brian Roastbeef

      Heh. She’s still alive to do it, too. Almost 97.

    • BlueStateRepub

      Hah! Beverly Cleary rocks! The Mouse and the Motorcycle!

  • WisconsinPatriot

    WTF? This story is lacking at least one key feature. Now, this nutball is still on the loose breaking into and maybe killing others……Gee Judy, glad you are OK,but why are you without basic protection? Wake up!

  • BlueStateRepub

    Are you there, 9-1-1, my name is Judy…

    • Corey Dennison

      That’s funny right there!

  • marcellucci

    So the “one time” she happens to leave the alarm off, someone breaks in…..
    I don’t believe her story for a minute….

  • jacksonjay

    “They will stay on line with you.”

    Great! The police will have an audio record of this poor woman being raped or murdered! Maybe helpful at trial, not so helpful in the moment!

  • DavidKramer

    Hmmmm, if only she followed Biden’s advice, she could be in jail today.