Actor John Cusack has been a consistent critic of unmanned drones no matter who occupies the Oval Office, and while thousands are tweeting today that they #StandWithRand as the senator demands answers on the Obama administration’s drone policy, Cusack is wondering where the progressive Democrats are standing.

This tweet is much, much longer than 140 characters, but Cusack wraps it up like this:

AG say its ok to kill us citizens–and other bad guys- but trust us we’re the good guys..
how’d that play out through history mr holder…
pay no attention to the man behind that curtain
the great and powerful O has spoken…

So, where are the Dems?

Update: Cusack praises Sen. Wyden as the only “principled Democrat’ to stand with Rand Paul.

  • Steve_J

    Don’t know why he’s surprised.

  • nc

    Cusack appears to be experiencing cognitive dissonance. A good first step to independent thought if he follows through.

    • Saar

      Ive always liked cusack – but i didnt care for him being a democrat. That said, I think one can be an “okay” democrat. the problem is the democratic party is now being transformed into progressive socialist’s. a far cry from what it should be. -So hopefully he is waking up.

      That said (i am conservative).

      • Ben Bollman

        Many Democrats are starting to realize what their party is really about.

        • nc

          Waaaay to slowly…

        • tjp77

          Sigh. If only that were true. An occasional spark of rationality is not going to overpower decades of brainwashing.

          • Ben Bollman

            The so-called “old” Democrats are, I know a few. We’ve never had a President this far towards Marxism and Big Govt before. Also the ones like Cusack who were against the Patriot Act during Bush are realizing Obama is ten times worse. Remember that Obama still portrays himself as a moderate, people are disappointed when they realize he is not.

          • BS61

            Me too – I used to be a Dem, but saw that they were not Dems anymore. I actually loved the founding fathers and capitalism!

          • Sam Dennis

            BS61 … the Dems are still Dems …it’s just that their real agenda – previously mired among the disparate agendas of the various leftist factions, has now coalesced with the Obamites. You on the other hand probably have simply increased your own knowledge base and arrived at the conclusion that Marxist philosophy was proven to reward the few (party members) while imposing burdens and suffering on the many, and is simply NOT viable without totalitarian or authoritative principles; and it only remains viable with those principles in operation until the wealth runs dry.

          • BS61

            Sam Dennis – I guess this is true. I used to be a conservative Dem, but surely misinformed. I have read tons to bring me up-to-date. I have a long way to go.

          • BS61

            Sam Dennis – I guess this is true. I used to be a conservative Dem, but surely misinformed. I have read tons to bring me up-to-date. I have a long way to go.

          • Peter

            I used to be a Dem but Carter cured me.

          • usaneedshelp

            I thought the last old time Democrat died when Scoop Jackson passed away.

          • Ben Bollman

            Nah, Obama still projects himself as a moderate to the low-info voter and they would not vote for him if he was thought to be progressive. That is why libs will vehemently tells you the are not Marxist, they wouldn’t get votes if everyone thought that.

          • usaneedshelp

            So true.

        • Yaspar

          Name three.

          • LisaT

            They’re over on Yahoo like crazy. Many ARE saying that even though they voted for O they rigorously disagree that ANY POTUS has the power or authority to kill Americans on US soil with no due process.

          • Ben Bollman

            Kirsty Alley, Jon Lovitz, and John Cusack

        • Syn Holliday

          I wish I could agree with your mention of “many”. I don’t see it. It seems “liberal” to them is defined as whatever their “liberal” president says. No real principles really, just follow.

          • Ben Bollman

            I live in the Mid-West and a lot of the Democrats who voted for Clinton are realizing that Obama isn’t working and what he wants isn’t American. Even the ones who voted for him this past election see what Obamacare is doing to insurance and business now, all the things we have been telling them are becoming a reality. Regular people can only believe political rhetoric so much before reality slaps them in the face.

      • DJH78745

        Most of my friends typically vote dem – they ALL however feel the party has left them with no where to go and obama is everything they disdain in a politician.
        Funny, the unethical media and the dems keep trying to convince Americans that the R’s are the extremists but their positions really haven’t changed much in a decade – dems on the other hand completely threw moderates under the bus and went as far left as they could then pointed their crooked finger at middle America and screamed ‘racist’. Amazing. Can’t wait until the American people go after the msm and the activist pretending to be journalists.

      • Sam Dennis

        Democrat Woodrow Wilson, President from 1913 to 1921, during whose Administration We the People were burdened with the so-called ‘progressive’ Federal Income Tax, the nation’s first War on Drugs legislation, inexplicable participation in World War I, and the most inane of them all, Prohibition!

        That was the beginning of the imposition of the Progressive’s Agenda for the USA.

        • Peter

          Teddy R was borderline progressive. Wilson was your typical uberlib Princeton Professor. BTW, how’d that ‘League of Nations’ work for you?

        • SpinMeNot

          @Peter — You are indeed correct, Wilson was the first POTUS that was out in the open about being a progressive. You can see his progressive nature reaching a well-formed system of beliefs during his tenure at Princeton. Reading a biography of Wilson and Dewey is time well spent to get a solid understanding of the early days of the movement that has created the country we live in today.

    • usaneedshelp

      Let us hope more will follow.

  • rivers

    So according to these twits tweeting back at Cusack, a true liberal supports the killing of American citizens on American soil without any process, due or not, at the President’s discretion so long as that President is Obama. Or someone else they worship. Glad they were able to make that manifestly clear…

    • TugboatPhil

      Yes. Everything is dependent upon the President’s political party.

      • buffonelder101

        there are no parties anymore… just the two sides of the Hegelian dialectic

    • me

      Well, yes. If this was a Republican president a true liberal would be against the killing of Americans on American soil without due process. But since it is a Democrat president, he can do whatever he wants. And if you’re a true liberal and you stray from that rigor of thought like Cusack apparently has, you’re no longer allowed to be a liberal. Turn in your liberal card, John. On the bright side you can join us on the right. We still drink 32 oz sodas if we want to and we won’t regulate your headphones.

      • sharla

        Same thing happens to Republicans who call out Republican hypocrisy…either you have principles or you don’t. I would say John is showing that he does indeed have principles. I am a conservative who was not welcomed into the Republican party with open arms because I supported Ron Paul. I’m happy to say we are changing things slowly but surely locally here in my county. Get out and do something join the parties both left and right and FIX THEM yourselves.

        • Bob Jones

          Liberals hating on liberals. Thanks for the early Christmas present, Santa.

          • Bob Jones

            But you know they will never vote for anyone other than a fellow incompetent liberal. Then they scratch their heads and wring their hands and wonder what went wrong. Hmmmm….

          • buffonelder101

            i saw many conservatives do the same with bush.

          • Yaspar

            Cons supported Bush ‘cuz he was fighting nation’s enemies. 9/11, remember? Libs support O ‘cuz they think he will kill the “teabaggers.” Big difference.

          • ShadowGovernmentSeenHere

            Can someone help translate this for me?

          • squarebird

            get lost spammer

          • William David Garrett

            spot on! becareful going into the mind of nutjob liberal progressives

          • Sick an Tired

            Yea, there is a lot of open space in there, you will get lost!!!

          • 1CatEye

            Yuck! Nasty overflowing septic tank.

          • MikeyDe

            Yaspar…………..Just wait the tea party is going to clean Obama’s clock again. 2010 was only a warm up.

          • John Boyd

            Iraq had zero to do with 9/11….in case you forgot.

          • Syn Holliday

            Yes, not everyone who opposes Obama on warmongering supported Bush. Some of us were vehemently opposed to Bush, same as we’re opposed to Obama for the same things. Bringing up Bush is just beating around the Bush with irrelevance.

          • hwobstj

            Yes, our alternatives were the massive hypocrite Al Gore and then the 3 Purple Heart winner John Kerry. Sometimes we just have to vote for the lesser of two evils. Libs, on the other hand, look for the most polarizing and progressive (progressive does not mean the same thing in politics as it does in technology I’m sorry to say) figure they can find.

          • Sha’ul Kramer

            and they shouldnt have…

          • Syn Holliday

            I don’t see many conservatives opposing Obama’s even further reaching NDAA (more than Bush’s), his extending Bush’s Patriot Act, his defending warrantless wiretapping, drones, and perpetual wars. You would think they would oppose those things just for the sake of opposing Obama, but I don’t see any doing that. McCain even applauds Obama on those things.

          • Rick in Casablanca

            Welcome back to the fight Cusack.

          • ShadowGovernmentSeenHere

            It’s political theater at all expense to us.

          • Tigre57

            You actually got something right there, Tinfoil Hat Dude. It is ALL political theater.

          • squarebird


          • Syn Holliday

            At least defense contractors have something to celebrate. Perpetual wars, horray! They would have won either way, Romney or Obama.

          • buffonelder101

            you miss the point… the right does this to their own as well…. maybe we need to ask why this mob mentality has such sway…

          • SHREDIT

            Nothing could be further from the truth, oldbuffoon. When Republicans don’t like what their party is doing, they’re the 1st to either change it or vote another way. It’s hurt them in the past, but their intellectual honesty could not be compromised. Now take the democrats…

        • Thomas Jefferson

          Ron Paul and now seemingly Rand are two politicians that actually have standards, principles and tell the truth…there may be more, but not many.

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            Rand, perhaps; Ron, most definitely not.

          • $4077546

            You are a moron. Karl Rove is calling…

          • Jillane Kent

            Can one not admire the son, but not the father?

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            NE is a devout worshipper, no different than an Obamabot.

          • lcky9

            yes ,, Rand is a lot like his father in GOOD AREA’S but NOT so far gone on others.. besides this is NOT a RIGHT or LEFT issue it’s an AMERICAN issue..

          • 1SkepticalChick

            Admiring the son, not the father. I live in the fathers district, no love here.

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            ad hominems – the last refuge of a man without an argument.

            ho hum.

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            You just cannot seem to shy away from ad hominems. But then again, I wouldn’t expect anything less from a low-brow, anti-intellectual Paul supporter. You people are no different than the Obamabots – just the opposite side of the same coin.

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            You just cannot seem to shy away from ad hominems. But then again, I wouldn’t expect anything less from a low-brow, anti-intellectual Paul supporter. You people are no different than the Obamabots – just the opposite side of the same coin.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            Why most definitely? Surely you agree with some of Ron Paul’s stances on some subjects. Smaller government, not being the policemen of the world? That’s the beauty of our republic. You can agree or disagree, albeit respectfully, and be able to voice your opinion. Dr. Paul is a very frank person, yet he doesn’t resort to name-calling or degrading his opponents. Dr. Ben Carson is just as frank, yet he is more eloquent than Dr. Paul. A stiletto compared to a sledgehammer, but they both tell the truth.

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            Ron Paul is, quite often, neither truthful, nor an advocate of his own beliefs.

          • Syn Holliday

            Actually, whether you disagree with his principles or not, Ron has proven to stick to his principles much more strongly than Rand. Ron is a rock, consistent with his principles even when it is politically incorrect. Rand seems to be taking a different approach, giving in at times. It could prove to be more successful, sort of easing himself in, avoiding the shock approach. Ron Paul is a bit too much of a real change for many, as he is way more fiscally conservative than Republicans and way more socially liberal than Democrats.

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            …if you disregard the fact that Paul originally ran as a pro-term limit candidate, and now is one of the longest serving politicians of all time, and consistently receives more pork money than almost any other state rep (in fact he was #1 in 2011) :/

          • Syn Holliday

            “The principle of the earmark is our responsibility. We’re supposed to — it’s like a — a tax credit. And I vote for all tax credits, no matter how silly they might seem. If I can give any of you your money back, I vote for it. So, if I can give my district any money back, I encourage that.”
            -Ron Paul

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            earmarks are for spending projects – he is not “giving people their money back”

            like I said: he’s a hypocrite

          • Bullet Tooth Tony

            …if you disregard the fact that Paul originally ran as a pro-term limit candidate, and now is one of the longest serving politicians of all time, and consistently receives more pork money than almost any other state rep (in fact he was #1 in 2011) :/

          • Joseph Alexander

            He isn’t too much of a real change. He would have been the right kind of change. It’s just that Ron Paul got marginalized and cheated by the Right Wing Circus because he threatened the establishment.

          • lainer51

            a true anomaly – starting with the chief.

        • Sam Dennis

          Which Republicans refused to accept you with open arms? And Ron Paul is a Libertarian, not a conservative. And a far-out one at that ..He was trying to operate a huge nation as if it were the 18th Century.

          • everreadyII

            there are liberals and conservatives in all three parties..Ron Paul is a
            conservative libertarian…seek the truth…it’ll do wonders for you..i
            recommend the Glen Beck program as a great source of truth

          • Daniel Cameron

            American thrived more in the 1800’s than any civilization in the history of the world. Also we still lived under a nation of constitutional law back then. You keep the modern technology and advances but you do away with the over sized government and constitution killing psychopaths in office who are only PR or front men for the banks and corporations. We have rights no government can take away and if you think that is antiquidated thinking or something akin to the 1800’s then I can only laugh honestly.

          • ShadowGovernmentSeenHere

            now tell everyone why Washington is spamming propaganda to every story. Break your code of silence and tell everyone the truth about Obama already.

          • squarebird

            get lost spammer

          • Meaner


          • William David Garrett

            and how is romney operating the country ? ohh yeah …hes at home stfu

          • Jillane Kent

            In part, thanks to people such as yourself.

          • Lola Guin

            Oh yeah. It’s libertarians fault that Mitt couldn’t cut it. The guy is a liberal. I lived under his governorship in Massachusetts. He implemented socialized health care here and now my husband spends 5x as much as he used to on his health insurance. Why would a libertarian vote for Mitt? His views are not in line with Libertarian views. HALF OF ELIGIBLE VOTERS didn’t vote in the election, why not blame them? It’s not the fault of the 3rd party that you keep voting for the same type of politicians and expecting different results.

          • James Fuller

            Additionally if you voted in a non-swing state pat yourself on the back for jerking it in public no matter who you voted for. Swing states are what decide elections now.

          • lainer51

            he is the lucky one

          • Peter

            Ron is a kook on many issues but he is consistent over the decades. Rand is more conventional TeaParty and much better suited to higher office. I think he would not make the obvious lethal mistakes Romney made. Either Rubio, Cruz or Dr. Carson would be obvious VP choices and would draw in enough votes. Romney chose a clone.

          • Lola Guin

            The old “Ron Paul is a kook” excuse. It’s a bit overused. Ron Paul is a beacon of freedom and a true conservative, a man who served his country in Vietnam, who has been a doctor for a half a century. He’s 100x the politician and patriot any member of Congress is. You should show this vet more respect. He truly served his country. If that makes one a “kook” then I must be a kook too. I’ll gladly be a kook, thank you very much.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)


          • Meaner

            I know that’s right! I’d think kook would be more reserved for blood thirsty President, one who tramples the Constitution, the very thing that makes this Country great, one who thinks you don’t have right to due process, or like Bush even, who thinks he can wiretap you illegally and deny your 4 amendment rights. Kook is such a strong word, lets save it for those it really applies to, shall we?

          • Meaner

            Hardly a kook. You are just believing the bs rumours you hear about him instead of looking it up from the horses mouth. And I don’t mean what the media edited him to say but what he really has to say on something.

          • OneMadMom

            Ron Paul is a two-time loser. Let’s move on already and find Conservative candidates who can WIN.

          • Meaner

            He could have one if it weren’t for all the bs propaganda spread against him.

          • Syn Holliday

            Conservative candidates??? Hahahahah!!!!! Where? Name one.

          • Syn Holliday

            Hahahah, not a conservative! He is FAR more fiscally conservative than any of the other Republican candidates, in both economics and government. Show me the numbers, please! I want to see this. Please tell me the specifics of where he falls short on conservatism. Since when did conservatism not apply to Libertarians? Or better yet, what is your definition of “conservative”?

        • John Williams

          Nothing at all wrong with supporting Ron Paul. Haven’t yet found a perfect candidate. Just hope you don’t buy his ridiculously simplistic and naive foreign affairs agenda. We’d end up in WWIII quicker than you could say “Ron.”

          • Tax&Spend

            but if we are nice to our enemies, they will like us. barry told us that

          • William David Garrett

            the constitution is not ridiculous

          • John Williams

            No, but Ron Paul’s foreign affairs agenda is, ESPECIALLY when he tries to contort the Constitution to fit his anti-war agenda. Look–I like Paul. I think his domestic policy makes a lot of sense. But he’s a 24k nutjob when discussing foreign issues, and, as I said above, his ideas are an express ticket to WWIII.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            You know, there’s nothing wrong with Dr. Paul’s foreign affairs ideas. After all, the Founders didn’t try to impose their idea of freedom and democracy on King George, to change the way of life and governance of the British. I don’t see why we should today.

          • John Williams

            There’s plenty wrong with Dr. Paul’s foreign policy ideas. He’s an isolationist and thinks that the world will mind its own business if we mind ours. That “If America behaved, the rest of the world would” idiocy is Pollyannish on an incredibly dangerous level for a grown-up who has any idea of human nature. We would be forced to war–with far more powerful and far more dangerous enemies than we have today–within a decade if we implemented his ideas. Even Rand doesn’t buy his dad’s lunacy on foreign policy.

          • Meaner

            Bullshit! He is not an isolationist he believes in non-interventionism. Big difference. Non-interventionism believes in trading with other countries for the good of all involved, it believes in staying out of people’s business, if you haven’t noticed most countries hate us because of our current policy, BUT it believes in defending ourselves with military,, if threatened, or if an ally is under attack, through Congress, as it should be! As opposed to what? The bullshit the current regime as well as Bush are proponents of, let’s see, we police the world, over throw governments with ones of our own choosing, so we can have life and liberty and freedom for only ourselves.

          • Syn Holliday

            If you’re not at war, you’re an isolationist. Strange logic. I would bet it makes a lot of sense to the thriving defense contractors though.

          • PinkPanther1225

            What is your problem with the defense contractors? SOMEBODY has to make our weapons. Shall we hire the 5th graders at Willow Elem Sch in Idaho? Or a Chinese outfit so they can steal our tech? Or perhaps someone who will sell our tech to our enemies? Contracts provide for the development & protection of our technology, and it requires engineers, not laborers. If the contractor is changed all the time to ‘share the wealth’ they would have to learn the previous technology to expand on it, which would endlessly delay progress, then our tech would be in too many hands. Wake up Syn!

          • John Williams

            It’s obvious you have never followed Dr. Paul’s policy to its logical end. In his world, no action by an enemy is worthy of a response absent a direct attack on the United States. In that world, a despot would be free to ramble about, take over countries right and left, threaten the rest of the world into cowering and if not cooperating, at least not confronting him. And Dr. Paul would sit and say “It doesn’t concern us.” And when we were the last country standing, with no friends left because they had all been either destroyed or forced into capitulation, we would have to face a despot unlike any this country has ever had to face before. And we would lose. Because we would have been so weakened by our isolation that we wouldn’t have any resources–debt or otherwise–that we could use to mount any kind of defense. Paul’s philosophy is that naive and that dangerous in today’s world. And if it were ever implemented, we’d stand all alone in short order.

          • Meaner

            He is not anti-war. He’s anti illegal wars. He believes it should go through Congress, first, as it should. Wow, a lot of disinformation on here.

          • Syn Holliday

            He actually voted in favor of going into Afghanistan to get Bin Laden. He opposes continuing to occupy after the mission has been complete.

          • John Williams

            And again, the simplistic idea that war has to be declared in order to defend the country is ridiculous in today’s world. You want a real war? Declare war on anybody. There is such a web of mutual defense treaties, that anyone declaring war today would, by treaty, create a worldwide conflagration unlike we’ve ever seen (even World War II wouldn’t come close). Declaring war is an outdated and useless concept in today’s world (unless you WANT a world war). Dr. Paul knows this, but people glommed onto this idea with so little question, that he’s loathe to admit it because it would disillusion so many of his sycophants.

          • Joseph Alexander

            There is nothing stopping us from defending ourselves if the country is attacked. Being that it is the Department of Defense, and NOT the Department of Offense, we don’t need our military anywhere else but at home in our own country. Nor do we need to invade sovereign nations for any reason.

          • John Williams

            So in your mind, the only way the country can be attacked is by armed forces attacking our borders? Like I said–simplistic and naive.

        • ZombieProcesses

          The kind actor is showing that he may be a doofus, but at least he has his principles.

          • lainer51

            as you are with your comments.

          • ZombieProcesses

            I think you missed my point. I rephrased for your enjoyment.

        • imotley

          Not a Ron Paul supporter at all…. but I do like Rand Paul… he’s got more on the ball than his Daddy ever has or will!

        • 1CatEye

          Ron Paul is NOT a Republican. He’s looney tunes, besides. Libertarians proved in the last election they care more for their “principles” than the good of the country, but either sitting it out or splitting the conservative vote. Whiney little babies.

          • Lola Guin

            It’s a bad thing to care about one’s principles? I voted for the only man with honor. The only man who has ACTUALLY been to war and served his country. The only man who was a true conservative. You need to show some more respect to a man that has served his country far more than you probably have.

          • Syn Holliday

            I hear “looney tunes” but never hear the evidence that supports such a label.

      • Pamela Hickey

        Any you will be able to shoot back. Come on over, we love our country.

      • Chris G

        “We still drink 32 oz sodas if we want to and we won’t regulate your headphones.”

        Don’t regulate our marijuana, either. Now THAT would be a sign of being a TRUE BELIEVER in limited , Constitutional government!

        • William David Garrett

          are 40 oz malt liquors still legal in the bronx and brookyland?

        • truthm0ng3r

          32 oz sodas don’t kill brain cells

          • DCO
          • truthm0ng3r

            ,pro-pot propaganda

          • AaronHarrisinAlaska

            Why? How? Prove him wrong. Back your claims up. Post links supporting your claims. Drop names of individuals or groups in an area if related research to further the point. Do t dismiss him just because he cornered you with scientific data. Take it a step further. Engage him. Make a rebuttal.

          • truthm0ng3r

            technically you are correct – it’s more a figure of speech – one you probably don’t appreciate I’m sure. I assert that pot significantly impairs a person’s ability to function, which can be a danger to public safety. But it’s not as bad as alcohol – which is legal – and also a danger to public safety – that’s why we have legal limits for drinking and driving.

            I trust this is a good take on your viewpoint:


            Here is a study that indicates heavy use and adolescent use should be discouraged:


            The larger question is what we as a society decide to make illegal for the good of the community. We know there is a rapid change taking place regarding many traditional attitudes – gay marriage being another example.

            I don’t think alcohol or pot – or gay marriage – is healthy for the community and so in good conscience I can’t tolerate it.

          • AaronHarrisinAlaska

            What a person does with their money and their body is their own choice. Disliking something is fine and dandy. Trying to force your views through law- forcing others to comply with your sense of right and wrong so you can feel happy is not. That includes gay marriage. A harmless act between two consenting individuals that does nothing to harm the existence of heterosexual relationships.

          • Meaner

            Exactly! I do believe in God and what the bible says, too. But I don’t believe I have a Constitutional right to enforce my view on others and take away their liberties. Be careful because the same reasons you come up with to take away someone’s liberties, could be the very same “thinking” they can come and take away yours.

          • truthm0ng3r

            Of course one has a right as to what they want to do with their money or their body. You must approve then of legalizing all drugs otherwise you are forcing your views upon others. And before you tell me that hard drugs are not the same as gay marriage the point is that all of us force our views upon others in the community to some extent otherwise we would have total anarchy.

            Gay relationships are not healthy for the community according to the standards of some of our citizens including me. We also frown upon incest, beastiality, necrophilia, pedophilia and other sexual deviance from that which our bodies are designed to do. And if its bad physically then it is also bad emotionally, and what’s bad for one person affects the whole community. And what’s bad for many people REALLY affects the community.

            Incidentally a “civil union” would accomplish the same legalities that marriage enjoys. There is no need for gay marriage.

          • Meaner

            Alcohol abused is bad. Alcohol in moderation is really good for you. Wow, America is still propagating false information because of some faulty science back in the day. Alcohol in moderation, depending on your choice of drink, has wonderful benefits for the body. Just off the top of my head, if you get a hops beer, then you have a lot of skin benefits in that, and it’s good for connective tissue. If you consume dark beer, like Guinness, you have iron and a rich supply of b vitamins. Red wine is good for the heart, white wine for the lungs. That’s just a very short version of it.

          • Ellie_Light

            So what. If I want to kill my brain cells, how is it any of your business. And BTW, it is alcohol that kills brain cells not marijuana. Obviously a lot of yours have already died.

          • joesweetpea

            Maybe not, but it definitely has an effect on concentration, ability to focus, and memory. Research backs this. But go ahead. Who needs to concentrate on anything today? We’re raising a bunch of brain-dead individuals who live to play with their smart phones, iPads…. no thinking involved! Go ahead and smoke your pot!!!

          • Meaner

            Fine then make it illegal to eat anything because everything in the supermarket is bad for you. Really it is. GMO’s are in everything we eat even though most other countries have laws against it. It gives cancer. Artificial sweeteners destroy the immune system, but they are in most things these days, too. In fact, the dairy board or whatever it is called, is trying to get a law passed to redefine the definition of milk, so that they can put aspartame in all milk and not have to label it. They link soda consumption as well as deli meats with pancreatic cancer. I could go on all day.

          • truthm0ng3r

            when your almost dead brain cells get you into a car that you drive and then hit me with at a cross walk then it becomes my business

          • Meaner

            There is a difference between driving under the influence and it being legal to smoke weed. Prohibition never works.

          • truthm0ng3r

            All kinds of prohibition works such as smoking bans and displays of pornography at certain facilities such as libraries and schools, gun bans in buildings just to name a few

          • truthm0ng3r

            All kinds of prohibition works such as smoking bans and displays of pornography at certain facilities such as libraries and schools, gun bans in buildings just to name a few

          • Meaner

            Anti-depressants cause people to feel apathetic and suicidal, depending on the person and the drug. You may as well prohibit them, too.

          • Meaner

            They do kill the thymus gland if they have artificial sweetners, like aspartame. Ooops there goes your immune system. Regular sugar lowers the immunity and Americans consume tons of it every year. Everything can be bad for you, that doesn’t mean we need Big Daddy Government coming in and making everything illegal. Limited government actually works, but people would rather have peace and safety as opposed to liberty.

        • Peter

          Wouldn’t bother me a bit; just smoke it somewhere else and don’t drive.

          • Syn Holliday

            Actually, the evidence so far, both accident statistics and controlled tests, has suggested drivers on pot are no more a danger than sober drivers.

        • squarebird

          Republicans do not want marijuana to be regulated at the federal level, if at all, CG .. that would be the Democrats.

      • patriot6280

        Just like the feminists who constantly impugned conservatives for their “abusive stance on women’s issues”, but bowed down before Bill Clinton in spite of his abuse of an 18 year old intern. The secret is the big D that accompanies the name. As Jesse Jackson would say “If there’s a D before your eyes, you shall not criticize”.

      • BlogMagog

        Cusack is about to Woodwarded. Just saying.

      • Mark Traeger

        I believe it was actor Ron Silverman (b4 he had his eyes opened to the lying gutless ideology that is liberalism) who said to a lib standing next to him at Clinton’s first inaugural when the F16’s flew over:

        “Those are our planes now.”

        That about sums up obamabots.

        • TexSizzle

          Ron Silver, and he was angry about them until he remembered that BeelzeBubba was then pResident.

      • yep2

        Yeah John, THINK ABOUT THIS,.. you can ENJOY a real burger now, with cheese FOR A CHANGE,.. no more that soy-protein crap, EAT the real deal,..WITH,..GOLDEN BROWN FRIES, you could even drink a big gulp!


      • $4119491

        And some of us smoke, shoot guns, read Bibles, maybe drink something we shouldn’t, etc. (not that I’m doing ALL of those). The point is, I’m not a “libertarian” nearly as much as a strict Constitutional Conservative. If you cannot find a power spelled out to government in the Constitution, according to that great document, that power or right belongs either to the states or TO US who happen to be citizens. I may not like all you do but, I’ll leave you alone if you’re only hurting yourself of the process of what you’re up to. This government “this caused this caused this caused this” linking of “cause and effect” is rediculous. Yes, drinking sodas that are too big ALL of the time could be a health hazard. That might cause INSURANCE RATES to go up (lions and tigers and bears, OH MY). That could cause someone else to have to “pay more”. This, while POSSIBLY true in some cases is still rediculous logic. EVERY TIME I BREATHE I can point to that hurting someone. So, by that logic, we should all do ourselves in. The rules need limitations to immediate cause and effect issues and NOT be dragged down to the umpteenth level.

        • Meaner

          Thank you! Someone that gets it! More people need to hear this.

    • Beth Larsen

      They’re just for blind allegiance… follow, worship, obey…

      • usaneedshelp

        Sieg Heil.

    • Sonus

      And the really ironic part is, most of the supporters of no due process drone strikes, are, mostly, adamantly opposed to the death penalty ~after~ due process.

      • Sam Dennis

        Frankly speaking, the death penalty punishment for intentionally killing another person is quite dissimilar as an issue from the use of drones based on a dubious due process argument.

        • Peter

          There is NO due process argument, dubious or otherwise. It’s a matter of who does the ‘deeming.’

        • p3orion

          You don’t like that comparison? OK how about this one:

          Waterboarding THREE known terrorists, yielding valuable intel and leaving them COMPLETELY unharmed, is bad (because it ocurred under Bush) but obama using a drone to kill them (along with any relatives who might happen to be standing nearby) is somehow good?

          Explain that one for me…

          • DrEvil007

            President Bush had an (R) next to his name. President Obm has a (D) next to his name. (R) = bad, always. (D) = good always. They may try to dress it up a little bit but that is what it comes down to.

          • Meaner

            Hahaha! Exactly!

        • William David Garrett

          please elaborate bc right now you seem very wrong

        • Sonus

          Please explain what you consider to be dissimilar.
          And isn’t a “dubious” due process better than no due process at all?

      • RK1975

        They also approve of killing innocent babies in their mothers wombs.

      • Meaner

        I wish they had like buttons on this thread.

        • Sonus

          The ^ above

    • GoneApe

      It is obvious isn’t it. Stupid cows on the left.

    • Nick099

      Actually I read it the opposite. He is questioning why the Democrats are not supporting Rand Paul. He is just too dumb to realize that the Dem party represents the forces he is against. It’s that simple. He actually sounds more Libertarian than anything….he’s just incapable of seeing who the real enemy is: the Democrat party and Oblozo and to a lesser extent..establishment types from both sides.

      • usaneedshelp

        What he does not know this is not the same Democratic party that we had in the sixties, now they are anti American .

        • Lee Purintun

          These people were the counter-culture in the 60’s, and now they are implementing the little Utopian dream they hashed up when experimenting with mind altering drugs. I’m all for experimenting with irresponsible behavior when you are a kid, but at some point you must return to reality. This administration and those who support it just refused to grow up. I never thought it would come to this, but I find myself scolding my parent’s generation and telling them to grow the F up!

          • Nick099

            Very good points. i agree.

          • SamIamTwo

            Wait now, some of us who majored in Sociology did take an ethics class and vow of non involvement. I am a conservative. NOT ALL.

          • Peter

            There is Music and there is Music Appreciation. Not the same thing. There is also ethics and ‘ethics appreciation,’ not the same thing. I assert one cannot be truely educated without a working knowledge of ethics, logic and statistics; not just an appreciation of them.

          • gtwreck

            Have you not heard: “Growing up is Mandatory–Maturing into a grown up is optional.”.

        • stopthemooching

          Democrats of the 60’s – “Let every nation know… that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and the success of liberty.”;
          “…the belief that the rights of man come not from the generosity of the state, but from the hand of God.”;
          “ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”
          Dem-tards of today – don’t worry about what you can do for your country, we’ll do everything for you, we’ll give the welfare trash free money, free health care, free phones – just give us your vote so we can completely control your lives, because we know you’re too stupid to do it yourself.

          • usaneedshelp

            A lot of this comes from the education that they received in todays public schools that no longer teach American values.

          • stopthemooching

            You are exactly correctly, but the it goes further than lack of values. It’s also because the lib-tards have completely taken over public schools & have rewritten history books to fit their jaded, lying views. They’re attempting to ingrain communist views in our children. They devalue any form of competition or attempts to improve yourself – preferring to give pass/fail instead of actual grades, so as not to damage a child’s confidence. They’re attempting to perpetuate the myth in our children, that one doesn’t have to actually work for what one wants out of life, you deserve it just because you’re you. So take what you want from whomever you want, just because you want it. All you have to do is believe in the lord & savior, obuttma, and everything will be provided for you – because we’ll steal it from those who earned it by actually doing something to improve themselves.

          • SamIamTwo

            Dems were overthrown by the liberal dems when Bush took power.

            Now we may see the same thing as Rand just put a wedge in the GOP. The RINOs are blasting Rand as hard as the progressive liberals. L. Graham just slapped Paul.

          • Peter

            Lindsay can slap whoever he wants; the GOP isn’t monolithic, and I’d prefer to have him in the Senate where he can FRY O and Reid and Holder.

          • Tigre57

            L. Graham can go to Hell. People of his state, please stop putting him back in office!

          • stopthemooching

            The liberal dem-tard attitude actually started with Carter’s administration, and they’ve been running to embrace communism ever since.

          • Tax&Spend

            can i have my obamaphone now?

        • Nick099


        • Peter

          Which is why I rate LBJ higher than Clinton or Carter on my list of worst Presidents ever; just below the incumbant.

      • RK1975

        He does not see because he has been brainwashed by the media. Like many others. Maybe people will start to wake up and finally think for themselves. I pray.

      • ceemack

        Very few of today’s “liberals” realize that they’re actually on the side of history’s worst tyrants.

        • William David Garrett


    • Pamela Hickey

      I’m not surprised by this. Libs have NO problem being a burden on fellow Americans and society at large. I’m not shocked that they don’t have a problem with killing Americans on American soil. No moral compass.

    • Constitution First

      What part of ’empty suit’ did my Liberals friends miss? Oh, yeah, that blind ideological love fest stampeded logic and reason; “no need to vet him, he’s one of us”

    • Tax&Spend

      kill those you disagree with without due process, when and where you decide? abort from 0-9 months…..its a womans reproductive right? just dont use the death penalty on a murderer though

    • William David Garrett

      because hes a liberal (obama) its ok bc he cares he will kill ppl w drones in a caring and thoughtful way not like evil repubs

    • Tigre57

      Not quite. A true liberal supports Obama NO MATTER WHAT he does.

      • Ed Thesled

        In other words, a true liberal believes in NOTHING except staying in power, correct?

    • sidray

      I’d like to point out that there is a difference between liberals and bolshevicks like Obama. Just as there is a difference between conservatives and evangelicals.

      • Syn Holliday

        Yes, that bothers me that people use the term “conservative” without being specific of whether they mean fiscal or social. Huckabee, a social conservative, fiscally liberal. Ron Paul, fiscally conservative yet socially liberal (more so than even Obama).

    • SOMFOM

      It has nothing to do with due process. It has everything to do with their ideology and whether YOU happen to also subscribe to it. If you don’t you’d better keep an eye to the sky.

    • Verbena Street

      Phil Collins and Cyndi Lauper sang a song about what his happening with these Demwit tyrants… We see their true colors shining through!

    • McSorley

      According to the twits you have to support Obama no matter what he does. Negative descriptive labels are reserved for the Republicans. When you label the President and name him as the responsible party it makes it harder to re-write history 3 years from now and claim that Republicans were responsible because of some irrelevant funding bill they voted for which happened to include a few mil for the drone program in the appendix.

    • yep2


    • Paleo-Con

      Actually, that is correct. The un-Consitutional or novel use of state power is true liberalism. Conservatism is the intent to “conserve” the protections that have come before. These things would not have been dreamed of before 1990.

    • Syn Holliday

      A true liberal simply agrees with whatever the “liberal” president says…apparently. Weird thing though is you would think that a lot of Republicans would disagree with Obama just for the sake of disagreeing with a Democrat, yet they’re not. They’re supporting him on drones, the extending of Bush’s version of the NDAA (it used to be indefinite detention of non-U.S. citizens without hearing or trial, Obama demanded that the non-citizens part be removed before he sign the extension), perpetual war, the Patriot Act, etc. They even defend his kill list which includes U.S. citizens. McCain applaudes him.

  • tjp77

    Oh lordy this is priceless.

    Personally I think that drones are a major national asset when it comes to warfighting, but last I checked the government wasn’t at war with it’s own citizens — especially within its own borders. Not yet, anyway. The fact that Holder couldn’t unequivocally rule out the use of a drone strike on an American citizen on American soil tells you all you need to know about where the administration thinks this country is headed.

    I mean, why limit it to drones? Can Holder guarantee that he will not use any other military asset against American citizens? Apache gunships? Abrams tanks? I mean, where is the line drawn?

    And keep in mind that this is an administration that flatly refuses to use lethal force against the murderous drug cartels who cross our border illegally on a daily basis and kill American citizens and law enforcement agents with impunity. And yet he can’t rule out the possibility of lethal military action against an American citizen? What a joke.

    • Sonus

      I mean, why limit it to drones? Can Holder guarantee that he will not
      use any other military asset against American citizens? Apache gunships?
      Abrams tanks? I mean, where is the line drawn?

      I asked an Obama supporting Facebook friend of a friend, if assassination by sniper would be acceptable.

      He blithely waved away my concerns by telling me that he was sure all those questions had been asked and answered. By the Administration.

    • Testicules

      “last I checked the government wasn’t at war with it’s own citizens”

      Where have you been the past six years?

      • 1rad4x4

        Looking back, it has been since the Clinton Administration.

    • Lincoln Stern

      Not at war with its own citizens? The preparations are well underway.with various fed agencies arming themselves heavily in advance of the inevitable collapse of the US monetary system. DHS purchasing 2 billion rounds of ammo, 2700 light armor tanks, a vast fleet of drones. Make no mistake, the government wants what you think you own, including your paycheck. The writing’s on the wall.

    • Peter

      Even flying the damn things violates Posse Comitatus, especially if they’re armed or recon. That’s a military usage if they are under Executive Branch control whether they are DHS, DOJ or DOD. States can fly their own drones.

  • Jack Deth

    Looks like a blind squirrel found a nut.

    Good points for Mr. Cusack.

  • JR48

    Uh, because he said whatever he had to in order to get the job? That it’s all about power and not about whatever BS he spewed to get elected. That a lot of us saw this coming and oh wait, we’re racist/homophobe/backwarrds/whatever perjorative the left could think up, for not wanting this guy in the White House.

    LMBO @ John. Welcome to the real world. Now go call your friends and start paying attention.

    • yep2

      Great Post,…Reality!!!!

  • louisiana_mom

    Where were the Dems? Blocking a vote to denounce drone use…

    Dems Block Vote To Denounce Drone-Killing Of U.S. Citizens On American Soil…
    So, apparently, the Democrat Senators have no qualms about Americans being killed on American soil by an American president….

    • Tabitha Bliss

      Yes well it’s time Cusak learned the progressives are nothing more than regressive communists.. Or this variation we call Obamunists. Commies lie, commies kill & they do it all “for the good of the people”. Too much power concentrated in the hands of the state = never a good thing.

      • yep2

        Right on….never better stated!

    • allah_speaking

      Then it should come as no surprise to Democratic Senators being killed on American soil by American citizens… (not that I am advocating violence, but if the Federal government is going to use it against it’s own citizens, then turnabout is fair play…)

      • yep2

        IN ALL REALITY,…That could well,..happen. TRAGIC to even contemplate.

        But,..I mean, imagine,..what might happen if the Obama agendas, of borrow, give away and tax, tax, tax and regulate, regulate, regulate,..while he consolidated more & more power at the federal level and what if he imposes then enforces gun control,..what happens if QE2-3-4-5 whatever,.. which is now greatly,..propping up our stock markets,..eventually leads to a collapse of our dollar,..therefore,..our economy?

        Now I ask,..why do you think it is, that,..many,..federal agencies, including Homeland Security,.. appear to be purchasing,.. lots of ammo, more than they will ever need, in a normal running,..America,…why? Better still, what purpose?

        What might they see in the future,..that the average US citizen can not see, or even,..think,… might be coming,…I’m Just asking.

    • sailfishman

      No, no, no…the Senators have no qualms about Americans being killed by Obama…if Bush, Clinton or Regan tried this, it would be wrong. BTW…if Obama were to kill a White, Hispanic or Asian person…would that be a hate crime? I know if a White, Hispanic or Asian President killed a black person…Al & Jesse along with Louis Farrakan would be screaming race killings…just a thought.

    • Syn Holliday

      What the heck!? Can we still blame this on Bush?

  • Miss Clairee

    Amazing how when you use something other than YAHOO as your news source and get your pompous head out of your pa-toot, the very interesting things you can find out about this great country of ours!

  • journogal

    I don’t understand liberal speak, so for those who do, what in the heck is a “regressive corp overload”? Is that a new reference to Bush?

  • Lord Foggybottom

    The Dems are now commies, John. They’re into this kind of thing.

  • goldwater89

    Ron Wyden (D-OR) did join Paul’s filibuster. He did say he’s voting for Brennan though.

  • Scott Carroll

    “For gods sake where are democrats ??” I think they’re all in mourning. What with Chavez and all

    • yep2

      Yep,..I noticed all the lefts usual Holly Weird 5th graders, who in this circumstance, appear to most thinking human beings to be somewhat,.. morally & mentally challenged,.. in praising that old lying Marxist Dick-tator Hugo the murdering Dick-tator,..Chavez.

      Now,..try to Imagine,..the mad dick-tator Chavez,..{ so it has been reported },..died with a personal wealth of over $two billion dollars, oh s, that amount was discovered,.. in his private bank accounts,..that kind of theft,..while the majority his people,… remain near starvation levels. Great man huh???????

      Oh,..but he talked nicely..CONVINCINGLY,.. how he was going to take from the rich, and convinced many of his countrymen, he was going to give it ALL to the truly poor and starving voters,..WHY,..some imply that he was a GOD, reincarnated,..and since he came to power,..they believed it,…that takes faith in Marxism, to believe whatever any leader says, accepting on faith alone.

      imagine, THEY BELIEVED,..THAT he was there, unselfishly helping them,. Old Dick-tator Hugo, reality,..was a conniving,.. but very convincing, ordinary ..far left,..lying,..murdering, politician. However,..he was a GOD in his voters eyes who could do no wrong,..the reality was of course, quite different,.., it appears now,.. he was padding his own nest,..stealing to enrich himself,..and giving away $billions,.. to spread HIS BRAND OF Marxism and extend his power reach, politically speaking,….sound familiar?

  • cgraham77

    Wow, he is just NOW realizing what the Democratic Party is all about?? This is what we’ve all been talking about since before this bonehead was even elected for his 1st term! The writing has been on the wall this whole time. Wake the eff up!

  • digitalPimple

    The dems must seek approval to speak or make a move. There was once a time not too long ago when people like Alan Colmes would say things on his radio show like, “I don’t agree or support everything Obama does or says then discuss topics openly.” Those days are long gone. They all tow the Obama line just like the brain dead little whining bitches they all are.

  • Beth Larsen

    I love seeing liberals finally questioning Obama. Pity most of them still voted for him despite the many, many red flags.

    • Patrick Dennehy

      Seriously, I can forgive someone for voting for him in 2008. To vote for him 2ce is a complete and utter disgrace. I lost friends over this last election and I say good riddance. I have drawn my line in the sand.

      • Beth Larsen

        My thoughts exactly, Patrick. I lost friends too, but I also won friends over to the side of sanity. I don’t regret a thing.

    • allah_speaking

      You have to wonder what sort of drugs many liberals are on to slow their synaptic response time down to longer than 4 years…

      • Jeff-Bob

        Medical marijuana?

  • Neil Leininger

    Finally someone from the left admits that Obama took most of Bush’s policies and expanded them.

    • yep2

      Yep,…and I do believe he is the FIRST, make such an Admission …that is sad!

  • disqus_lLUSGwbabb

    A Hollywood liberal……with a brain?! What?!

    • Hiraghm

      Nope. A hollywood liberal sentient enough to detect a disturbance in the farce, is all.

  • AlmaAlma

    It could never happen in America. They pinky promise.

  • Floyd Alsbach

    At least one noted Liberal understands.

  • Wag_a_Muffin (D)

    Where is the press? Where are all the liberals who had HEARTBURN over
    abu grahib? I remember reading how INHUMANE it was to take a photo of a
    prisoner wearing a dog’s leash or with underpants on his head.

    Where is the OUTRAGE over an unmanned drone blowing up a non-combatant while he’s eating dinner?

    Oh, that’s right, Leftists. My bad. This is OBAMA’s world now. There’s no hypocrisy.

  • Codewizard

    Like the Media, the Democrats, are living in fear of drone strikes for speaking out against Obama.

  • Marshall Keith

    John Sounds more like a Libertarian then a liberal. I mean that as a compliment. George Orwell was a socialist who was against totalitarianism. What he forgot is that in order for socialism to work the people must submit all liberty to the state. Socialism cannot exist without Totalitarianism.

    • Heartland Patriot

      George Orwell had a lot of conflicting ideas which is why he is worth reading versus so many other left-wingers. At least he could admit that, despite his true beliefs, that there were inherent problems.

  • Johnie C

    The MSM. Political Apparatchiks of the American Communist Party. aka. Democrats.

  • Tyler Elliott

    I give John Cusack much respect… most hollyood people seem to shush up on issues they care about when a Democrat betrays them but go full-steam when a Republican does… Cusack is consistent.. He is anti drones no matter who is in office and I agree w that…

  • William

    Anyone paying attention to this level of discourse is a fool.

    • Heartland Patriot

      Aw, what’s the matter? Did John Cusack make fun of precious BHO?

  • $4186999

    I am curious…. Dems are against the death penalty after a person has gone through the legal system and had been found guilty after multiple appeals. I can understand that.

    But gunning down an American with a drone without due process is OK?

    Does this make a damned bit of sense to anyone??

    • GregLBS

      it’s not suppose to make sense, they’re liberals

  • Mike Gilmer

    According to the vast majority of liberals, Obama is an infallible god whose every policy and action is ok no matter what it is. Sounds like the followers of Chavez.

  • Heartland Patriot

    Mr. Cusack is what is known as a true-believer. He’s a liberal-progressive because he thinks that stuff actually works, versus people like BHO and his cronies who use liberal-progressivism to further their own power like Stalin or Mao or Hugo Chavez. BTW, I’m no fan of drone strikes outside of a theater of war, either.

  • Gary McCauley

    2 words come to mind, Obama sucks PERIOD

  • MNbobster

    Where are the Dems? They are in the White House where you elected them dumbass. You fell for their B.S. again.

  • Arch Deacon

    Dear John,

    Liberals were for Clvil Liberties… before they were against them…

  • Dwayne Keith

    Don’t worry John…they’ll all come running the moment a Republican is elected president.

  • Savonarola

    Few people want to remember that democrat murderer Harry Truman who ordered woman, children, and US POWs to die in a nuclear fireball. That was needless butchery. When a president is above the law bad things can, and will, happen.

  • feellikeastranger

    helll the ACA could be used to force people buy drones … idiot progressives

  • Thomas Jefferson

    hEY John, just because you were fooled, twice…doesn’t mean the rest of us were. He is who he always was, you people just refuse to see it, that is what has changed. You know see him for what he is…a tyrannt in the making (well not in the making, he’s there…just pay attention for the next 4 years).

  • borntobePolitical

    Obama and the Democrat party are carbon copies of the Deutsches Reich and the National Fascist Party in Italy. Everybody is calling O a Communist, he is not. He is a Corporatist Fascist after Italy and Germany in the 30’s.

    We had all better listen to Mr. Paul and head what he is saying, if not, we will lose our republic.

    • R. Groven

      Spot on – correct. I wish others would see thru this mess as have you.

  • ricsands

    Apparently Mr. Cusack didn’t get the memo from Valerie Jarret.

  • dontcare4uatall

    My grandpa phrased it it quite well “F*** ’em(dems)!!!”

  • MikkiDean

    So… Torture is out, but raining down death is in? Must Be the NEW progressive compassion.

  • Texas Bluebonnet

    I may not agree with Mr. Cusack on his liberal views, but I respect him for staying true to what he believes and calling the President out when required. I would hope those on the right would do the same if/when the situation were reversed.

  • wfwilson6

    I have been asking this question for some time now. Where are the democratic statesmen of old?? How can you stand silent while this administration says it is OK to use drones to kill AMERICAN citizens because they believe in God, country and the constitution??

  • cindy

    finally someone in follywood that I can like again.

  • Nick099

    It really is amazing…so many of these wannabe Lib intellectuals have no concept of what is actually going on…the realities of today. By Cusack’s comments he actually thinks the Democrat leadership of today is about personal liberties, and a check over the power of the state. That might have been the case at one time…decades ago. But since the 1970’s the Democrat Party began to be infiltrated by the 1960’s Marxist radical in substantial numbers. There had been a few closet commies but nothing of any significance before that. Today those same radicals, wearing suits and skirts with well-quaffed hair..are the Democrat Leadership. They do not have the interests of the little guy at heart…or the rights of the individual. They are Marxists…or as Levin calls them “Statists.” They believe in an all-powerful aristocracy of political elites controlling an all-encompassing centralized government. Freakin Libs….they really are developmentally stunted at the child level.

    No wonder the Commies first germinated in academia and Hollywood. Fertile ground to grow and spread unchecked.

  • EnoughAlready911

    The left have become so committed to party and so thouroughly sold onthe idea that anyone opposing an Obama position is a racist that they no longer have a moral or ethical compass. The fight against the opposition and casting them as evil has so clouded their perspective that they have lost all principles. I can applaude a liberal like Cusack because he stands for a consistent liberal principle even though I am very conservative. Obama admins version of Democrats is the Chicago way…win by any means necessary…truth and integrity be damned.

    • feellikeastranger

      cusak will regret posting that … in a nonthreatening way of course…

      • R. Groven

        Good one…Woodward, Fournier and Davis (among others) would agree.

  • Diane H

    Cusack – time to catch up on some reading: ‘Death of the Liberal Class’ by Chris Hedges

  • Vicki Jo Jonz

    Where are the democrats??? Don’t be so stupid! They’re waiting for their talking points from the WH on this issue…and, now that the principle of drones killing Americans has been introduced, the WH is counting on the liberal media and Hollywood to mainstream the idea….it’s called brainwashing the low information voters. The last 6 words of the pledge of allegiance are “with liberty and justice for all.” Drones won’t give us our justice now will they? Your choices are liberty or tyranny. You decide…
    Rand Paul showed us and this failing administration that we can fight back against policies which are destroying our country and our economy and our families. He showed us that there is more than one way to skin a cat….

    • Peter

      Holder just blew it. Now Obama personally is going to have to answer the damn question. And he’s not going to like it; stand by for personal, racial, fictional attacks on Rand Paul, IRS investigations, anonymous phone calls, you name it.

  • Lykeuhfox

    John, good on you for using actual thought and not being a sheep. Forget terms like liberal and conservative – Don’t we all want our rights in the Bill of Rights protected? I know I want every one of them protected!

  • skswig

    So a true liberal supports the MAN not the ideas or actions? It has become the party of Demi Gods ? is that it ?

  • 2ndprotectsall

    Mr. Cusack, your party has been hijacked by LibMarxists, the Republican party is being hijacked by LibMarxists.
    Until the American people collectively wake up we’re screwed.
    Hope for the best prepare for the worst.

  • PowerB77

    This whole Democrat-Republican, Conservatard-Libtard thing is as stupid as a high school food fight. It’s called divide and conquer. Keep the people who care fighting amongst themselves and when they finally run out of mashed potatoes both sides look up and see that they’ve been played.

  • Geoff Ebling

    Obama worship is a suicide cult. He isn’t telling anybody to drink the poisoned Kool-Aid now. He is just saying the President of the United States has the Constitutional authority to murder you at some point in the future for reasons that are ambiguous. Self-preservation only trumps partisan politics in a sane mind.

  • Joel A. Edge

    Ha! You’re not going to get any Dems to break lock-step.

  • bisquitbrain

    “Progressives” who grow brains are in real danger of becoming a truly open-minded thinker. That will make you a non-person in HWood and DC, John. Welcome to world of the sane. No turning back now. To do so would turn your mirror into your worst enemy.

  • Joe Davis

    What’s the difference between being killed with a drone and being killed with a pistol shot to the back of the neck? Uncle Joe’s gotta be proud of this Man of the People we have in the White House. Masterful. It’s getting harder for Democrats to say “If only Obama knew what was being done he’d put a stop to it”.

  • PainInMyASS

    I spent some time over at HuffyPost last night to watch the comments. My first time doing that. I think what ALL establishment types dont understand, the Libertarian philosophy is the answer for finding the middle ground where most Americans can agree. Or, they do understand and thats why both sides of the hyperpartisan media and establishment organizations constantly spread the “Radical Anarchist Kook” lies about Libertarians. There were Libs last night on Huffy who were flabergasted that they themselves were siding with that evil Tea Party Conservative Ted Cruz from that evil troglydyte state of Texas.

    I made the claim repeatedly, people NEED to get off the cable news networks, or at least start questioning what they are being told by them, and actually LISTEN to and pay attention to the votes of what the representatives are actually saying rather than trusting the bloviating partisan heads paid massive salaries to prattle off the DNC or RNC establishment talking points.

    Libertarianism is the best and brightest future our Republic has, otherwise its a future of Tyranny wearing alternating Blue and Red jerseys.

    • Pamela Hickey

      I agree. Libertarians support personal freedom, small government and personal responsibility.

  • overthecoastline

    A big THANK YOU to Sarah Palin, who saw to it that Rand Paul and Ted Cruz got elected to the Senate via public endorsements, monetary donations and voter rallies.

    Palin….Cruz…..Paul…. These are the names that will lead the coming American revolution.

  • bobclaville

    Anybody notice how QUIET the rest of Hollywood is on this topic? They paid for Obama and Holder with their money, and votes. And now. Their Pet is about to EAT THEM ALIVE. But Hollywood insists they are smarter than the average citizen….until their LIFE as an Obama-ite….is exposed with a DRONE.

    • DixT

      The ACLU “stands with Rand,” and so does the Huffington Post, as well as Code Pink—believe it or not!!!!!!!

  • Protected Informant

    “Where are the Democrats”! Why, they’re waiting for their invitation to an Obama dinner or party. If they’re lucky they may even be able to snatch a napkin the President touched.
    The left has always felt there are two sets of rules. That thinking allowed Stalin to starve tens of millions, while he kept a Black Sea dacha. It allowed Pol Pot to declare that any Cambodian who spoke a foreign language was an imperialist agent….except for his high cadre, many of whom spoke French, Russian or Chinese.

  • Paul Brian Richardson

    Cussack is learning the truth about Liberal politics (not to be confused with Liberal Ideals): that what they say is best for everyone. Anyone who disagrees must be brought to heel. Enemies of the State shall be executed. And anyone who continues to disagree is an enemy of the State. 7000 full auto rifles (aka machine guns), 2 Billion rounds of ammo, 2100 armored combat vehicles, Drone survielance and authority to kill Americans without attempt to arrest or trial, ALL for the Federal Police forces under Obama. Obama says Al Qaeda is not a threat anymore. so why all the weapons, bullets, combat armored vehicles, and a drone warfare program for use in the USA?

  • stonehillady

    This is NOT a left or right issue ! If you are a Liberal how can you be Liberated if your Leaders can kill you from above ? If your a Conservative who stands by the Constitution how can it stand if you might be collateral damage from being at the wrong place at the wrong time….No matter who you are, any drones, no matter where you are, are evil & can be lethal…it is the most vile WMD imaginable.

  • Protected Informant

    The left has always felt there are two sets of rules. That thinking allowed Stalin to starve tens of millions, while he kept a Black Sea dacha. It allowed Pol Pot to declare that any Cambodian who spoke a foreign language was an imperialist agent….except for his high cadre, many of whom spoke French, Russian or Chinese.

  • Mellisa621267

    There was a time in our history when An American on American Soil (especially ON American Soil! ) had to be accused and tried by jury of his peers before being executed. Liberals aren’t even supposed to approve of the Death Penalty but they are defending the killing of Americans (that is the definition of the death penalty isn’t it?) without a trial by Their president, B. Obama, solely because they trust the man and have loyalty towards their party? Are they so stupid and blind.. or do they really believe that Obama is now president for life? We republicans would like to think we can’t produce a tyrant, mind you, vote him into office, but it could happen. Mistakes happen. That is what history teaches us. There are other presidents to come, who is to say how sane or insane they will be? This is TOO MUCH POWER for a president of the USA to have! All Americans from both parties should be able to agree on that one fact!

  • Obsidiandog

    What these dummies don’t understand is that Obama has never been a progressive academic humanist. He was and is a Chicago community organizer, which is about nothing more than amassing money and power. Anybody he blows up with drones aren’t very likely to be his constituents, and he and Holder believe that any Americans they theoretically blow up will likely be from the opposite end of the political spectrum.

    • Peter

      Merely a steppingstone to power. He is and was a communist no matter what he calls himself, born and brought up by FMDavis, Mommy dearest, Rev Wright, and worse like anarchist Bill Ayers who has evolved into merely a communist. Just read his friggin books.

  • knighttemplar01

    The best comment came from Freedom Watch they asked if the government knows where you are why not arrest you, as opposed to a drone strike? And I think the answer lies within the hallowed halls of the Nobel Peace prize committee, the prize has nothing to do with peace and honor, its a license to kill and maim by remote control.

  • Sam Dennis

    The bulk of the WHITE Liberal community is so afraid to criticize Obama because they don’t want their racism to show AND they fear destroying the legacy of the first non-white president. If they hadn’t dumped Hillary in 2008 for this dweeb, they’d NOT have either of those problems. Cusack is braver than most – albeit he is only correct in his disgust with Obama’s failure to abide by the Constitution. The Drone program has its uses outside of US territory. If Obama comes out and says that he antagonizes socialist leaders and terrorist supporters throughout the world. I wonder what Hugo thought of Obama’s Drones?

  • Pedro Fanning

    The pres actually does have the power to take out ANYONE citizen or not, if they are an enemy or pose an imminent threat, the laws of war say so. He can do it on U.S. soil or foriegn lands.

    • HannMo

      Perhaps you should have read what this is about before posting. Sen Paul made the caveat that the American DID NOT pose an imminent threat. AG Holder STILL thinks it would be acceptable under our Constitution to kill an American on our own soil.

    • cargosquid

      We aren’t at war. Did the Congressional authorization give him this power?

      • Pedro Fanning

        Yes we are at war with al-queda, during 9-11 he could have authorized the a/f to shoot down the 747 heading towards the pentagon.

        • R. Groven

          Wow – u r misinformed…

          • Pedro Fanning

            how? explain yourself

          • R. Groven

            747 shot down? Really?! War? When did Congress declare war? Your statements are waaaaay off base. Do solme reading b4 posting…that’s all.

        • cargosquid

          No. We are NOT at war. We ARE in a state of conflict. But the “laws of war” do not apply on US soil. And war has NOT been declared.

          I would have liked a declaration….and I would have respected Obama if he has sought a renewal.

    • tham

      No, he does NOT have the power to kill American citizens on American soil without trial. Are you freaking nuts? We’re not talking about a police shoot-out here, we’re talking about the President killing whomever he decides based upon a “threat’. If you support that, you are the enemy.

  • Luka

    I love that liberals are always confused as to what liberals are doing. And John, I must say, you are one of my favorite actors of all time, but seriously, you need to wise up. This isn’t just about drones. Dems are ALWAYS about big government. Always have been, always will be. They want regulations on their regulations. They want 50 bureaucrats for every one citizen. This is how they operate and it’s sad but this is always my feeling about libs. They don’t care what happens as long as it doesn’t effect them. So under this guise, the libs prop up the majority of their voters with welfare, section 8, disability etc. while they line their pockets and move towards absolute power in the government.

    This administration has gone to great lengths to put it right in your face. Bailing out banks, purchasing stock in a public company (GM) handing out millions to “green” energy companies that quickly go bankrupt. The libs are the worst part of corporate America. Regulate and tax the little guy into extinction, wheel and deal with the big boys to make those bank accounts swell, all while stuffing every bloated law (Obamacare) with as many pay raises for themselves as possible.

    And now that this has been deemed acceptable by the American voter, they are moving on to bigger and better things. Drones will allow them to regulate and tax every little nuance in your life one day. Crime prevention is how it will start. Hacking into your smartphone, which is essentially your built in GPS tracker, they know where you are and the drone can see what you’re doing. So say you are on a crowded New York street, the drone sees a ton of different people all milling about. You are among them and they suspect you might be purchasing drugs. They type in your name and presto, your phone sends the signal to the drone, the drone highlights you and zooms in and there you are.

    And why stop there? Those roads and sidewalks need to be kept up, so why not track how far you walk each day and tax you per block? Or tax you for crossing the road? Did you sit in the park today? That’s gonna cost you. And the sad part is, the libs reading this think I’m the one that’s crazy. But I can tell you, you’re crazy if you think it can’t reach this point. Because it has slowly been moving towards this day for the last 40 years or so. The person or people you vote for effects everyone, so just because you think it doesn’t effect you for the time being, doesn’t mean it never will.

  • Cancel_NPR

    Good morning, Mr. Cusack… finally woke up, I see…
    While you were sleeping, YOUR president, a socialist, moron & his attorney general decided that it was OK to KILL U.S. CITIZENS, when they get good & GD ready,..
    I’m working on figuring out who is MORE STUPID:
    John Cusack or John Conyers…

  • numbercruncher1

    When Bush was looking to protect Americans from FOREIGN TERRORISTS on US soil, the Democrats freaked out. When Bush so called tortured FOREIGN TERRORISTS (torture by the way that didn’t leave a mark), Democrats freaked out. Now the Democrat President says I can kill a US CITIZEN I BELIEVE IS A TERRORIST on US soil with a drone, and there is silence from the Democrats. Glad John Cusak gets this, there is some hope.

  • tigersgrowl

    Although I believe that all actors should stay out of politics (except among friends and family, meaning out of the public eye), weather they are for the right, left or on the fence. I have to side with John on this one. How can any American be for bombing of Americans on American soil… Democrat, Republican, Independent, Green party, or Future party not yet known by the general public.

  • Frizz

    I think the Dem/Libs are croached down and hiding behind indefensible positions.

  • FreedomFan

    President Obama loves nothing but power and his own voice.

    Why would he give up the ultimate power:

    The ability to kill someone with a push of a button is the ultimate thrill for Dear Leader.

    Never ever give up your guns, America.

    • snowcloud

      I’ve said it before and it’s worth repeating. This bunch is ruling as if they’ll be in power forever. Does anyone else notice this?

  • dr gonzo

    They vote for candidates who are one grade of spit and polish removed from the Communist Party and then stand around quizically while their heroes move to consolidate power and expand tyranny.

  • boboadobo

    liberals really could care less about human rights, civil rights, human dignity ! they got served by a man who they love to mock! rand paul you are a hero and all you liberal drones(play on the double meaning) should really do some soul searching. obama is a little creepy!

  • jb

    I see many people on this thread lamenting about what a “true liberal” used to think. Recently, I read “Road to Serfdom” ( a tough read) by Hayek. In that book he chides liberals of the day for giving up their ideals and becoming socialists/progressives. the book was written in the early 40s. Thus we have seen a transformation of meanings: in many ways — not all — the conservatives of today are the liberals; the so-called liberals of today are socialist/progressives…. or illiberals (or is it ill-liberals?).

    • Syn Holliday

      Fiscally, they’re all liberals (well, except maybe Ron Paul).

  • Barbara Bruce

    Maybe we can ALL come together and discuss that our government run by the LEFT & the RIGHT, that really are on the same team. The new boss, same as the old boss.

  • americanreal

    Killing Americans without arrest or a trial is a sight worse than water-boarding, wouldn’t cha say now, libs? Try to defend the indefensible. You can’t and never could.

    I smell an impeachment coming, and it’s looooong overdue.

    • Django

      Water-board = Bad
      Drone Kill = Good
      2+2 = 5

      • R. Groven

        Cult of personality…

    • Canadian in USA

      I sense a number of liberal heads exploding.

  • Pronghorn

    If “progressive academic humanist” is a euphemism for communist, then Obama hasn’t transitioned at all, Johnny.

  • numbercruncher1

    Look our government’s job is to protect citizens…BUT this is ridiculous. ITS ONE THING TO SAY we can use a drone, if we suspect a foreign national is on US Soil and is a terrorists…Its quite another to say I can do this to an AMERICAN CITIZEN ON US SOIL. I disagreed with Paul, and still do on torture. I have no problem with my government torturing a NON-US CITIZEN/FOREIGN TERRORIST. Such action is an act of war, and such person deserves no protection under any US or Foreign charter (e.g. terrorist does not wear a uniform of a nation; Terrorist’s primary targets are civilians). I was amazed to hear the fever pitch of the left even though 4,000 of my countryman and woman (including some personal friends) were killed by FOREIGN ACTORS ON US SOIL. But what we have today is VERY VERY DIFFERENT. The silence from the left shows the left stands for nothing but power! Simply put – Paul is correct here – Republican nor Democrat nor anyone in government has under our constitution the legal right to kill a US Citizen without a trial. The only caveat is if in the actual commission of a crime or where the terrorist is in the process of being apprehended the terrorist fires on law enforcement. At that point its about law enforcement defending themselves. Sorry but Drones do not fit that mold, as the use of a drone would be premeditated on the part of the government!

    • snapperman

      I agree – and as for the torture of foreign nationals – Holder and Obama are opposed to THAT but a-okay with offing an American citizen sitting at a bus stop in Cincinnati on “suspicion.”

  • hihoze

    This is what the Democratic National Socialist Party looks like.
    Yes! He can!!! O.B.A.M.A. !!! Extend right arm and repeat…
    The transformation and Fall of America continues..


    LIsaeelecare is THE typical maniacal, lilly-white white, Obama loving fanatic…gee why are we criticizing a black guy who is doing the things we saw in Bush who was white and therefore ok to threaten, who we detested and who is the evidence of evil…but not the semi-black guy cause he is cool and he is nice and he won a Nobel Peace Prize so eh must be a nice person…now can I have my cookie?

    • Syn Holliday

      What she has to realize is that there are also those of us with our own principles, who opposed Bush during his time and now oppose Obama for the same thing. She’s pretty much the same as the person she criticizes, except that she opposed Bush vehemently during his years but now likely defends Obama for the same things (drones, bypassing due process, warrantless wiretapping, etc.).

  • John Brittingham

    I wonder why a case for using a drone on American soil would even be discussed? Is Obama just trying to keep us in line? What constitutes an eminent threat? Threat to us or him?

    • snapperman

      I’d say amnesty for illegals, releasing people in jail and throwing your hands up about weapons on commercial aircraft provide the answer. Oh, and confiscation of guns.

  • Testicules

    Where are the liberals?

    They were literally marching in the streets shrieking hate and vitriol at the top
    of their lungs at Bush for eavesdropping on Osama Bin Laden’s phone

  • FreedomFan

    If you want to see “Progressives” true colors, just listen to the mawkish, fawning accolades given to brutal Marxist dictator Hugo Chavez by Oliver Stonehead, Sean Pennsil dick, Michael Mooreon, and lots of other 0bammunists.

  • feellikeastranger

    just one more leap of liberal logic to begin the federally sanctioned rounding up of “enemies of the state” and loading them into freight trains … these enemies are,
    of course, conservatives. it an old trick used by dictators, and would be dictators, make the opposition disappear

    This law, like the ACA set potentially horrifying precedences should liberals retain super majorities, which is of course their goal.

    Luckily citizens are armed to the teeth.

  • Testicules


    This is not controversial, complicated, or partisan. Holder should be removed from office no later than the end of the week.

    • Peter

      Holder has Obama’s back. That’s his only function. His oath to ‘preserve protect and defend’ the Constitution is window dressing.

  • A_lawyer_who_knows ☑ ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Dems are in blind lockstep behind their leader and his cult of personality.

    To disagree with Obama iis to be an Enemy of the State…. and the drones are programmed to kill those guys pretty quickly.


    As much as I find Cusack annoying in a silly way, not how his passion has yet again clouded what is the best irony…here we have a President who wins a Nobel PEACE Prize, frankly just for showing up to work, who has killed MORE civilians than Bush and who unlike Bush actually targeted and killed an American, including his 16 year old son…and libs are worried about if he is still ok with his golf outings now that we have the sequester. Its not that liberals are dumb, its just that they do their very best to not appear moronic while trying to sound intelligent. NO better place to see unintelligent liberalism at its finest than in Hollywood…Penn calling Chavez of the people, savior of the common man…oh who also bilked $2 BILLION from his people…a friend Oh well, just as we have zoos so we can laugh at the monkeys, Hollywood gives us the equivalent in the actors who are allowed to be set free and talk when they are not performing….

  • Guest

    John Cusack as far as I’m concerned is one of the FEW actors in Hollywood worth listening too. The others I wouldn’t pee on if they were on fire.

    • John

      I agree. He is genuine.

  • BigD

    I think the drone program is a great idea and gun control even better! Now it’s officially documented. #keepingfamilysafe4moreyears

    • Wally Hyatt Namer

      Do you even know what you are talking about?

  • Elbert Colorado

    This marxist administation is frightening. For those hwo dispute him being a socialist, it’s time for u to wake up. He is a true Alinskyite. It’s indisputable. His entire upbringing and associates prove it along with his actions. He will act as he can to bring about a collectivist all-powerful state.

  • hihoze

    It’s not about drone strikes, it’s about the U.S. Constitution and Individual Rights. Why approve or oppose drone killings when drive by shootings or staged suicides, are much quicker, less obvious and easier for the DC’vers to control any criminal investigations into the murder of political opponents.

  • R. Groven

    Good 4 U, John. Although we disagree on much … I respect your consistency.

  • hihoze

    The Individual is the largest minority under attack in America today.

  • cntrlfrk

    Cusack is a far-left loon as well. He doesn’t think President Downgrade is far enough left!


  • chisome

    Mr. Cusack…the Dems are in the same place as most journalists. When you find where that is please let us know. I don’t share your liberal philosophy with the exception of some social issues but I give credit where credit is due. I am by no means a gun person but I get nervous when I see a government taking guns away while at the same time arming itself to the teeth against its own people.

    • feellikeastranger

      if the liberals gain majorities, which is Obama’s only goal at this point, they could criminalize 10s of millions of law-adding gun owners over night. A criminal with a gun is an imminent threat.

      selling tickets to the white house at 500k a pop… while closing it to the public …

      4 more years indeed

  • schwaggles

    It is pretty unsettling to see how a lot of Democrats follow lock step with this unqualified leader we have sitting as President. How fast they have become hawks in just a few years just goes to show they would rather be spoon fed than think on their own.

  • Jason

    I’m offended…if you voted for Obama you knew or should have known what was coming. Nobody is that naive or stupid. This is your monster Dr. Frankenstein!

  • Testicules

    This is not a “partisan” issue.

    Holder must be impeached immediately.

  • Make’em Stop

    I never thought I’d say this… but I now have a “tiny” bit of respect for Cusack. By tiny, I do mean miniscule. At least he sees “this” hypocrisy.

  • BlogMagog

    Oh Dear Mr. Cusack,… the Dems (and their media) are in the same place they have been during Fast and Furious and Benghazi. You just finally noticed they were missing ??… I’ll give you a hint: It is a cold, dark, quiet place, where they are safe from the “evil” Constitution / Bill of Rights. You know that old document nobody likes to talk about. P.S. When you find them tell them to call home, the founding fathers have been worried about them being lost.

  • larrybud

    Kudos to Cusack for being consistent in his views. Too many people (R’s and D’s alike) think that since “their guy” is in office, a little violation of our rights is OK.

  • J.E.Walker

    Hollywood liberal actually wakes up to Obama & Holder. How refreshing.

  • Whoisjohngalt666

    It pains me to have to agree with such a dimwitted nutbag as Cusak…but he is right. Not about the idiotic, “regressive corporate warlord” label though…that’s just empty hippie-speak.

  • Keith Cossairt

    The Dems were dining with thier lobbyist contributors (puppet masters).
    I wrote emails asking Sens. Feinstein and BOxer to show up and support our
    civil rights……. I guess they were too busy munchin on some spare ribs to give a crap.

  • mikefromminnesota

    Interesting. Cusack is obviously a freedom loving American. A liberal in the truest sense of the word, the same kind of liberal as Jefferson. He may discover if he digs too deeply that he has more in common with conservatives than he thinks. Mr. Cusack thinks he is a liberal but modern day liberals do not believe in freedom. Mr. Cusack is more of a liberal in the sense of David Horowitz the former publisher of Heterodoxy Magazine and former communist who saw the left lies for what they were and saw the light. Keep thinking Mr. Cusack and you will see the light.

    • joannemary

      This is absolutely the most perfect comment. Mike Tierney knows his history and definitions well. Marxist socialists do not believe in freedom. Calling them liberal is a laugh.

    • michael s

      wrong once a commie always a commie.

    • michael s

      i crack up when i hear thomas jefferson believed in freedom. yeah freedom to own slaves,freedom to rape his wife’s underage sister,etc.

  • Rome is burning

    there are democraping where else?

  • Freedom_Isnt_Free

    I don’t trust anything Holder or the President says! I, pretty much, don’t have much faith in anything any politician says. Honesty has hit a new low. I’ve been voting since 1957 and have never seen things this bad.

  • BlogMagog

    OOoooo Can you see all their heads spinning just like the Exorcist movie. The guy who rode into office about closing Gitmo and giving terrorists their day in court, now has it arranged to kill Americans in the U.S. without trial. BRILLIANT !!! This is what you get when you deliberately choose to not Vet your man before you pull the lever. NOW OWN IT YOU FOOLS !!!

  • Vincentvan Gro

    skynet anyone?This just goes to show how dumbed down americans really are.They are more worried about who’s side is better and supporting the person thats on their team,instead of is it right or wrong.both sides are 1 in the same,sure each side will throw their clan a bone from time to time.but at the end of the day they are all on the same side.It comes down to US vs THEM,the sad part is it is they who think this way not us.
    If the people of america does’nt care enough to see what they are doing to this country then they have already won the battle.The true americans are dwindling away day by day,in their place stands a non us born american,don’t people understand what is going on here?they are replacing you with people that never had sucha country as you know what that means?It means they are watering down the true mindset of america day by day with the false hoods of multinationalizm.In other words multiculturalism.When you ship in other people they come here with dreams of freedom and free handouts.the land of millk and honey as it were.most don’t understand what it took to build this place.all they are taught is how evil whitey is.
    Bottom line is you can’t export a nations backbone”our industry,Ie nafta,etc”. Yet at the same time all our jobs are exported Import mass amounts of people.They have created this problem on purpose.see here is a point most know nothing about.When I bring up nafta the first thing that comes to mind is bill clinton and algore right?Well guess who drafted it built the plan behind it and laid it on the desk nice and neat for mr clinton to sign into law?Yup mr george bush sr.but on tv at the time they painted it as it was clintons baby.notice how they all claim to be at odds with each other in public yet behind the certain they are having dinners together laughing,joking?Because the laugh is on the people of america….WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!!!!

  • dkn1234

    The dems are down south with bobby menedez…….they are taking “green card applications”! Hubba Hubba Hubba……don’t you wish you were an “obama elite” ????

  • RightStuff

    The Democrats are changing their underwear.

  • jason cowan

    Remember when the government reading your emails, and listening in to your phone calls were the stuff of “conspiracy theorists”? Do you remember when right wing wackos told you about government plans to put weaponized drones over American streets? Often times, “conspiracies” are anything but, “theories”.

    • Fred hgggg

      i remember precisely.
      “the government would never wiretap us and spy on us”
      “the government would never use military force against citizens”
      “we would always have due process”
      “the 2nd amendment is untouchable”

      and in about 15 years, society now says
      “we need to be spied on to be safe!”
      “yes! more drones! fuck oversight, MURICA”
      “the Constitution was talking about muskets, guns r evil”

      while the “theorists” are standing int he back waving our arms saying “hey, we called it, now listen to whats happening next”.

      Its like im living in a twilight world

  • D-Dash

    They are out mourning the death of Hugo Chavez. Priorities you know.

  • Momof2

    This is what happens when the Democratic Party has been successfully infiltrated by Communists. It was the goal of the communist party for the past several decades and they have succeeded without even the Democrats themselves noticing. I sense an imminent awakening, however.

  • JBnID

    OZero is playing Whack-A-Mole with the achievers while shoveling welfare to those not working. It won’t last too much longer. Even moles know how to get around obstacles.

  • Fastgirl

    Those on the left were very vocal about Bush and his use of drones. Why all of the silence from those on the left when Obama is doing the same thing?

  • randy008

    Try to understand the hypocrisy, Liberals will follow and behave because Obama is their guy. He can do no wrong because he is the benevolent giver. Some Liberals are starting to open their eyes, but for the most part the majority will avoid the issue of Drones by convincing themselves that Obama would never do anything that drastic as to target an American citizen for a kill in the USA….You get the kind of government you vote for, you will eventually realize you voted for,,,, a King.

  • Freedom_Isnt_Free

    Good old Lindsey Graham has already bad-mouthed Rand Paul this am. It is apparent that Lindsey Graham, and his ilk, want to control the Republican party and be the power brokers. We need a big tent but not backroom brokers like Graham. They are what killed a true two party system and has taken politics on this downhill descent!

  • conservativemama

    Cusack is right to call out the Democrats, however his big mistake is ever thinking that Obama gave a damn for humanity. He’s shocked, with tweets full of questions and exclamation marks.

    But conservative me, who values freedom and human dignity above all else, is not at all surprised. Obama is exactly what I thought he’d be. How did I know this? Because I know history. Obama is just the latest reincarnation of any despot in history. Their despotism is of different variants, to fit the times and the country they occupy, but in the end, they could care less about individuals. And in a democracy, it really stands out.

    The Left becomes more tyrannical every day. Par for the course. It’s who they are and who they’ve always been. I’m not saying the Right hasn’t had its share of monsters, history shows up that as well. But today I say, if you care about freedom you cannot vote Democrat.

    Cusack also has the tired old attacks against corporations. As if government weren’t the greediest entity ever. Government can tax me and throw me in jail if I don’t pay, regardless of whether I can pay, and oblivious to the quality of their product. Until Walmart assumes that same level of power against me, I will throw in my lot with the corporation and not the government.

  • NoParty

    What many of the Progressive Liberals forget is that once they give this power to the man they are so slavisly in love with, and he is no longer President, that power stays with the Office. The next President may not be the love of their lives. Once that power is given, does anyone think it will be rescinded? Holder and Obama need to come out and just say ‘NO” they will NOT kill Americans on American soil, if they don’t, then we have a Power Grab to end all Power Grabs.

  • trigger

    the useful idiots are waking up. Obama is becoming what they feared Bush would be.

    • Fred hgggg

      never, obamas the messiah, remember?

  • VVV

    This does indeed expose “progressive liberals” for what they really are. Leftist thugs. Look no further than Lenin, Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Kim, Chavez, etc, etc…. for what their end game is all about.

  • Matt

    Democrats / Liberals: Against death penalty for convicted child rapists and murders BUT support Obama executing Americans via drones without trial. Go figure.

  • Banksters_Rule_the_World

    Remember when the far left were all up in arms about torturing and about how the prisoners at Gitmo deserved a trail. Yet, the far left has no problem killing American citizens on American soil without a trail using missiles fired from an unmanned drone.

    • Syn Holliday

      When you mindlessly follow, when you have no principles of your own, it doesn’t have to make sense. You don’t have to reconcile anything, you can contradict all you want and feel right about it.

  • SamIamTwo

    If Cusak would listen perhaps he would have been schooled on his loss of freedom under Obama.

    Rand offered an opp to end it all with a vote of confidence…Dick Durbin said no. Get a life John, you are a good actor but you are not a sheep herder. Keep thumping the keybord till you mom calls you to go to bed.

  • BlogMagog

    … On killing Americans without trial, Mr. Holder says it is just a crazy “hypothetical.” TRUST THEM, THEY ARE HONEST MEN. Are you awake yet?

  • BigInMemphis

    LOL, these hollywood folk are clueless. This drone thing is nothing compared to the beating Americans have taken in the last 4 years at the hands of “progressive democrats”.

  • RenegadeScholar

    As long as you are a Democrat and black, as long as you call yourself “progressive,” you can kill Americans with drones, rape helpless women, sexually abuse interns, lie, and let Ambassadors die.

    Leftist drones cannot allow themselves to think they were wrong about their dear leader.

    Everything and everyone is expendable in the pursuit of Statism and leftist utopia.

  • Michael Grimm

    Both sides suck people. Stop voting!!!

    • Aipac

      fool, that leaves the left to win

  • Brandigo

    Another thing Democrats need to remember is (unless the nation completely loses it’s mind and we crown a king) there won’t always be a Democrat President. Be careful about what practices and behaviors you embrace in your President.

  • Frank

    It’s good that not all liberals are completely oblivious and in lockstep to Obama’s tyranny.

  • Stephen L. Hall

    “Liberals” abandoned liberty when they adopted socialism under the name of “progressive”

  • roadsterred

    When it comes to liberal thinking, standing up for a principle is not in their DNA. It all has to do with feelings. If it feels good, do it.

  • Liberalitis

    these pathetical liberal sheep. what a stupid question, I thought you were liberal? yes, a very liberal position to kill Americans in America, how progressive! this wouldn’t be half as pathetic is they were not the trolls foaming at the mouth against Bush for doing far less with the same program. How foolish these libs are, it was not 100 years ago, it was only 5! wake up from the Obama daze that you’re in before it’s too late.

  • Curly

    I agree with the regressive warlord part but what’s “corporate” got to do with Obama/Holder’s drones used to kill Americans on U.S. soil? I know, he’s using corporate in the sense of collective since progressive liberals all seem on board with whatever their warlord does. They’ll turn on you Cusack. You’re acting outside the collective.

  • sailordude

    Liberals are hacks, period. Cusack needs to face the FACTS.

  • Jack in Ga

    Cusack is asking where the democrats are in standing up to Obama? John Cusack, where were you when we all knew this President didn’t deserve a 2nd term? Everyone knew he was killing with drone strikes and obviously he didn’t care about our dead ambassador in Benghazi.. The left screamed for years about interrogation techniques and here Obama was just killing people and yet you voted for him.

    You should have questioned Obama when something could have been done, now he’s going to keep killing and you sound like an idiot for not doing something when it would have mattered.

  • TheTruthIsNotPC

    I guess when mainstream liberals start to see where hard core liberals are heading, it scares even them.

  • ZombieProcesses

    Well, gee, Cusak… killing the enemy on a foreign battlefield isn’t exactly “killing innocent people” and there are no trials on the battlefield.

    • tham

      Except that war criminal Obama sends drones into village weddings, churches, family get-togethers killing whomever is around. The targets are “suspected terrorists”, whatever that means. Could be a scumbag trying to get his neighbor killed, called some corrupt Pakistani cop, who calls some corrupt Pakistani intelligence guy who calls some corrupt CIA guy, etc, etc.

      • ZombieProcesses

        My read is that Cusak was slamming Bush for “killing innocents without a trial.” If he’s talking about killing an American and his son driving in a car in Yemen, I’m with Cusak on that charge.

        This practice is something the admin is flirting with using here in the US.

  • west4567

    Cusack’s an idiot, and it’s dangerous to cite this moron’s opinion because it will add to his credibility when he inevitably makes stupid comments in the future. It’s like citing Roseanne Barr, simply because she got an issue right.

  • amyyo

    Liberals operate like lemmings…over the cliff as long as they’re following the chosen one.

  • Richard Bickleberry

    Good for John. I like a man who thinks for himself.

  • John Graves

    IT’s “SAD” the so called liberals and progressives are so authoritarian! I guess that is why they are so silent on drones killings and Obama’s KILL LIST. They sure spoke up in glowing terms for that currupt dictator Chavez and his regime who have stolen billions from their people besides distroying their country.

    • tham

      But were screaming like banshees when Bush did the exact same thing. Remember all the protests against the Patriot Act? Remember Candidate Obama saying he would get rid of it in 2008 and how the grey-haired commie ladies had renewed orgasms? They are and have been played for fools.

    • Syn Holliday

      Hahahah, it’s true. Even in the 60’s, they opposed the war, they opposed authoritarian government. What happened? The term is so soft.

  • Rusty Bender

    With all the BS Obama’s admin has been shoveling on the Amercian people even (some)Liberals are starting see past the hype and question the motives of this Admin.

  • tham

    John got it right — took whatever Bush enacted and expanded it. He’s
    been doing it ever since he was elected, while the screaming anti-Bush
    left became the orgasmic Obama suck-ups. How easy it is to utterly fool
    the libtards. Ron Paul would have been the president to dismantle or
    attempt to dismantle this warmonger State we live in. And John, where
    were YOU on the war crimes in Libya?

  • RadioDelux .

    Stop refering to them as Democrats this the new Marxist party with a touch of NAZI for direction. Democrats were real Americans but there all gone now.

  • liquid150

    Even the intelligent liberals are waking up. I smell revolution in the air.

  • peter

    ok to possibly kill american citizens on american soil but whatever you do, don’t waterboard a freaking terrorist who wants to kill innocent americans. where are the democrats on this, why won’t they stand up and be heard? they went nuts on possible torture and don’t say a word here? WOW!

  • gauffrette

    Actually, Dem. Ron Wyden of Oregon stood up and agreed with Rand Paul. One…that was all. Dick Durbin, Dem. of IL, tried to equate using drones on U.S. citizens to getting the guys on 9/11. Didn’t quite work, either.

    God bless Rand Paul for doing this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • tham

      Yes he did. That was it, however. The Democrats are shameful but the dumbed-down voters continue to vote for free stuff and put these demagogues into power. Most democrat voters don’t even know how evil their party power structure is. No idea because they don’t really follow politics. Low IQ helps.

  • $33856284

    And the libtards want to give terrorists trials in the U.S.? but not American citizens their birth given right to a trial,before killing them? Oh,logic and common sense where has thou gone with the “progressives”? Hey libtard,that could be you in the crossfires of an unmanned remotely controlled drone,aiming at you, while you are at your favorite coffee house and a republican president deems you a danger to society. How would you like it then?

    • Verigan

      What you’re describing is exactly why so many people believe terrorists should be tried in criminal courts. If individuals, even working collectively, who are not affiliated with a foreign government attack United States citizens, they should be treated as any other violent criminal. Doing otherwise put us on the proverbial (but oh-so-accurately named) slippery slope. It went from killing foreigners overseas to killing Americans overseas, and now the killing is coming home.

      This is the fault of everyone, myself included, who did not cry foul and oppose the government when it first overstepped its bounds. This is the fault of everyone who let their patriotism be replaced by blind nationalism.

      If we want to get out of this mess, we have to stop clinging to these double standards about the use of government force. Everyone knows our government is insane and that it’s working against the rights of its own citizens. Why then is it so difficult to digest the idea that the things the government does overseas, ostensibly in the name of stopping terrorists, are just as terrible? Our government are the bad guys, and by falling for their jingoistic lies, we become their horde of mindless mooks.

  • Aipac

    Buh bye johney boy, hope you saved some money for your Oh bammacare.
    Once you expose the chosen, your future is frozen

  • Intheknow

    Lifelong Republican, but I am with you on this one, Mr. President. KILL THEM ALL!

  • RowdyYates

    Where are the democrats? Well, kiss my grits Mr. Cusak! Morons like you helped put Obozo back in the catbird’s seat for Term Two and now you’re worried? Heck, don’t worry little man, Obozo only wants to shred the constitution, destroy America, and trample all of your liberties. Just those few little things. Don’t worry… Keep telling yourself that life is good in Hollyweird…

  • TxnFl

    If John Cusack read the history of the progressive movement he wouldn’t associate himself with it. Not if he opposes use of armed drones on American soil against Americans. This is just who they are. Progressivism brought us Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Pot Pol, etc. All of these were idealogically aligned with the Progressives, they are the children of the movement. Eugenics was too. Sure wish he would expand his horizons and read some history.

  • Grendel007

    Cusacks untweeted tweet- the obama may be a “regressive corporate warlord” but I will still give him brazzilions of dollars and vote for him, but I will only vote FIVE times instead of SIX

  • Guest

    I’m glad to see some in Hollywood are consistent in their beliefs. I was seriously entertaining the truth to a rumor most entertainers are under the spell Mephistopheles. You better be careful John Cusack.. deviating from the doctrine is not acceptable in a cult. If Liberals cant see that Obama has taken the worst parts of Bush’s Presidency and expanded it ten times? Such people are willingly blind. How does the old saying go? There are none so blind as those who will not see.

  • DawgByte

    LOL, Cusack thought Barry Soetero was a liberal academic humanist? What planet does Cusack live on? Barry is a socialist stooge, who has the ego of a black male athlete.

    Cusack should stick to making seriously flawed movies.

  • Quantum992

    I’m glad to see some in Hollywood are consistent in their beliefs. I was seriously entertaining the truth to a rumor most entertainers are under the spell of Mephistopheles. You better be careful John Cusack.. deviating from the doctrine is not acceptable in a cult. If Liberals cant see that Obama has taken the worst parts of Bush’s Presidency and expanded it ten times? Such people are willingly blind. How does the old saying go? There are none so blind as those who will not see.

  • $4118225

    From the pettiness of closing White House tours to kids, to the arrogance of this ambiguity on domestic drome strikes for no imminent threat, to the “I am not a dictator, I am the President”, this Adminstration is opening new frontiers in out of touch, heavy handed imperialism.

  • DaveHolden

    Where was he 4 years ago? BTW, this was no “transition.” I was politically active in 2008 campaigning for Ron Paul. It seemed like we were the only people even aware of the issues. If Cusack wanted to be informed he could have looked at Obama’s VOTES – especially his FISA bill vote of 2008. Stop listening to rhetoric and look at actions. Do I really need to tell adults this? Geez!

    • jondos

      Hey, our parents were right! ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAT WORDS!

  • SalmonDaze

    Cusack’s questions and the socialists’ silence are eye-opening. We conservatives purchase guns, ammo, and “cling” to our love of the Constitution because we see where each erosion of the Constitution inevitably leads.

    These “progressives” refer to us as extremists, not because they hate us but because they are so simple-minded so as to not see the inevitability. They really think that as long as it’s “one of their guys” pulling the trigger, it’s all good.

    The level of stupidity is simply amazing. I guess it’s true: ignorance is bliss.

  • Osama0bama

    Hussein is just doing what he saw from the leaders when he was growing up in Kenya. Raised under warlords, wants to be a warlord.

    • Peter

      He may have been born there but never lived there; Hawaii or Indonesia and back to Hawaii.

      • Osama0bama

        You are correct. I meant growing up in Indonesia, but learning what his father’s family were doing in Kenya.

  • robertbyrd

    I know where the democrats are. They are busy whining about how unconstitional it was for Bush to eavesdrop on cell phone calls coming from suspected terrorists. Those dems will fight for the 4th amendment, until a dem decides he can kill an American citizen on American soil. Killing is fine, as long as you don’t water board them first, they have their rights ! If you want to get the left fired up about this issue, instead of saying we can kill an American without trial, lets tell them we call kill a muslim terrorist without trial. Then the crap would hit the fan.

  • Verbena Street

    Don’t worry Johnny, your Demwit overlords know that you and their other Hollywood puppets would never vote against them.

  • John720

    Cusack, if you would just study a little history, Progressives, Socialists, Leftists…call them what you will have been the chief tramplers of civil and human rights in the last 100 years. Longer if you look at the French Revolution. Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin, Hitler, Castro, Chavez, all leftist- statists based their power on trampling on civil rights and eliminating political opposition. This is what you do when you believe you are right but have no moral absolutes. Look at the Alinsky play book that Obama uses.

  • drofmanythings

    Ideologues of the left are driven by ideas and false notions of humanity and human nature. They care not about flesh and blood individuals, only selecting victim exemplars to further their cause. We have been witnessing increasingly authoritarian statism, eroding basic freedoms and growing power of the federal executive branch and regulatory bureaucracies. That shift has drawn far too little attention. Now we are in a phase of challenging the Constitution outright and finally true liberals (not progressive socialists) are becoming alarmed. Even the complicit, Obama-loving press is peeling back and saying, “wait a minute, you can’t do that!” For these reasons, i support gridlock and anything that stops Obama in his tracks. His malevolent aims must be clear by this time. Rand Paul and others are to be commended for their efforts. Democrats, join the opposition of this regimme, and you just might get re-elected.

  • DL38

    Your average 2013 Liberal has no political identity prior to Obama, values loyalty over policy, and thinks that is a sufficient political and intellectual exercise.

  • mmmilesll

    Another “has been” actor trying to attract attention

    • Rob Genaa

      So you are FOR drone killings in the USA and abroad averaging 50 “collateral damage”, aka deaths of innocents, per “target” ? ! What does that make you? An aspiring dictator totalitarian a-hole?

      • mmmilesll

        Get back on your meds.

        • Rob Genaa

          Another brain dead regressive gives his best shot! “get back on your meds.” Do you say that 50 or is it 100 times a day because you are incapable of an intelligent response? !

          • Miles Hession

            What a clever retort to someone who isn’t

    • The_Toxic_Avenger

      Another “has been” troll trying to post something pithy

  • numag

    John Cusack can never be accused of not being a liberal. It’s really amazing how other liberals are turning on him and attacking him because he dares to be CONSISTENT in his belief that NO PRESIDENT has the authority to assassinate American citizens without due process. Oh, how conservative of him. Incredible.

  • WisconsinPatriot

    OMG, like the ,you know,like cluelessness………
    Cusack HANDS THEM THE FOOTBALL! and they have no idea what to do.
    And the sheep said{bleat bleat bleat}

  • mr.Truth

    I think Obama and Holder just want to always have a ‘predator’ drone handy – to put on the rear ends of “rich white boys” who protest having their assets transferred to Obama’s – “people”.

  • zagnut64

    Spoken like a no longer useful idiot.

  • jomtoad

    the dogmatic party fanatics, whether left or right, have the same inane
    mentality when it comes to politics – they think this is a game. obama
    screws up, the f aux libs just say, “oh well, we’ll get em the next
    election”, all the while people are dying in the streets. if it weren’t
    so tragic, it would be laughable. john, thanks for reinforcing the
    reasons i like and respect you.

  • ascpgh

    Obama finally moves far enough to illustrate his agenda to those who have called themselves democrats and liberals mostly for the social aspects and benefits and they don’t like what they see.

  • snapperman

    Where are the D’s? Marching in goose step behind the One.

  • Yobama

    Cusack is like John McCain. He doesn’t know what he wants or who he supports. Don’t forget it was this same Hollyweird loon calling for the ‘Satanic death’ of Fox news and GOP leaders, whatever that means. He’s a nut, and I won’t give him any credit just because he’s against Obama on one issue.

  • Kelly Oldham

    talking about dems and republicans as though there is a diff. Good cop bad cop.

  • Ed Thesled

    Someone needs to tell John that the dems will blindly follow this prez, right or wrong, no matter what he says or does. There is no independent thought in the party anymore. Sad . . . but painfully true.

  • Assault Spork

    As long as THE FREE MONEY, FREE HOUSING,FREE FOOD STAMPS, FREE CELL PHONES AND FREE HEALTHCARE ARE FREE then the 51% of the low-info voters (aka the entitled to free shit people) don’t care who does what.

    They are the majority now, the people my Dad warned me about.

    It may take the Gov’t tap to run dry and the cities resembling Post-Katrina before the people realize what is happening to our Country; when people are killing each other for a can of chili.

    Look at Chicago; people are already killing each other for less.

  • mike hagen
  • jondos

    Hey, at least John Cusack has a belief system that is not trashed just because a Democrat is in the White House! We ALL should be concerned about a federal government that wants to assassinate citizens without warrants and judges and juries! And we all should take note of exactly who IS NOT standing with Ron Paul. Good for you John!

  • CS

    Liberals are stupid, always have been, always will be.

  • TruthFinderXXX

    John Cusack is 100% correct, there is never a reason for the POTUS to arbitrarily decide who he can drone to death, where is the moral outrage libs, if he were to randomly pull out a pistol and shoot someone he was angry with, then you would be good with that as well?

  • jcrue

    When will Liberals learn their lives are not based on principle but rather popularity?

  • snapperman

    Too bad W didn’t take his responsibility as seriously and rub out a few libs when he had the power!!!

  • Ed Thesled

    I must admit I am pleasantly surprised, and a wee bit stunned, that Mr. Cusack is maintaining an ethical consistency in his views. Unlike most “progressives,” he actually questions his own side of the aisle when they stake out a position that is antithetical to the principles in which they supposedly believe. I may often disagree with Mr. Cusack but at least I now know I can respect his views and not just think he is another Hollyweird idiot blindly following whatever trend the Party dictates. Bravo.

  • PLT_3004

    What’s that barely audible buzzing noise John Cusack is hearing overhead?

  • jomtoad

    why can’t people realize that within the political class, there is no line drawn in the sand? or if there is, it’s drawn next to the water at low tide. the line is drawn for us, the proletariat, so that we can continue to argue about whose oligarch is cooler. while it should be obvious to most, and it’s bewildering that it’s not, that an agenda is unfolding that perhaps stretches decades. i think not that it’s coincidence how the executive branch uses, extends and expounds on the formers policies. what was the last significant law repealed? i can only think of glass-steagal. certainly there must be more?

    • jason cowan

      Carroll Quiqley (mentor for Bill Clinton and high ranking member of the CFR):

      On page 950 of “Tragedy and Hope”,

      “There does exist, and has existed for a generation, an international Anglophile network which operates, to some extent, in the way the radical Right believes the Communists act.

      In fact, this network, which we may identify as the Round Table Groups, has no aversion to cooperating with the Communists, or any other groups, and frequently does so.”

      On page 1247, regarding the two-party, Left vs. Right system (or the sham we call “democracy”), Quigley stated:

      “The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to the doctrinaire and academic thinkers.

      Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can ‘throw the rascals out’ at any election without leading to any profound or extreme shifts in policy.”

  • Brian Daniel

    Bush was unpatriotic for wanting people’s Google searches and using warrant-less phone taps but Obama does it and that’s OK. Bushes use of drones overseas was killing innocent victims but Obama does it and it’s OK. Obama can even kill American citizen with drone attacks and that’s OK. Bushes spending, not OK, Obama’s spending, OK. Bush vacations and golfing bad, Obama’s vacations and golfing, OK. I could go on and on but you get the jest. At least John show he has a little common sense something most liberal lack.

  • $10894633

    I think the POTUS has been posing as a socialist and lining his pockets with the capitalists.

    • jason cowan

      Some of the biggest socialists in the world are monopoly capitalists, like the Rockefellers, George Soros, and Warren Buffet.

      • Laka

        and Hugo Chavez. (Who, BTW, was a lot richer than Mitt Romney.)

      • $10894633

        I agree, whole-heartledly! The political parties are nothing more than the National Football Leagues, “NFC” and “AFC”

  • NCRelite

    the progressives always put the agenda above the people.

  • HillaryobamaShit

    Dems are liberal pu$$ies and they bow at the alter of dictator Obama!! He is worse than BUSH DEMS!! libya, Egypt, drones, taking away the right for citizens to arm themselfs!!

  • Mark Miclette

    John Cusack is a liberal, but is consistent. I can respect that… unlike most on the left who only disagree with war and killing people when it’s done by someone with an ‘R’ next to their name.

  • john

    Thank you Cusack!

  • Laka

    I wonder if there’s anyone who the President doesn’t have the right to summarily execute.

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    “Where are the democrats”…….

    They are all there, just waiting to be told what to do by Obama. They knuckled under to his rule and only do what he tells them to.

    Apparently, democrats are OK with the killings of Americans on American soil as long as a democrat is the one who is ordering the killings.

  • lcky9

    durbin was on the floor what was he doing LOOKING for his B***S? he’s a brown nosing blood sucker,,.

  • Herewe Goagain

    Indeed, where are they? My guess is they still have their heads up Obama’s [ ] and are too busy enjoying the view.

  • LiberalVoiceOfReason

    Dems actually think Obama is some kind of God plus the fact he’s Black (kind of) they dare not question him out of their worship for him or their worship of their god of political correctness. Someone might call them “racist” if they question the mighty B. Hussein Obama!

  • Anon

    The Agenda is so terrifying, even an actor can see it.

  • astralweeks

    Sorry you didn’t get the memo, John. Liberals are hypocrites. Everything is cool as long as it’s Obama doing it.

  • LiberalVoiceOfReason

    Lisellecae on Twit, it’s hard to believe someone who claims to be doctoral student can be so naive. Just goes to show the state of education in this country where critical thinking has been replaced by propaganda training….do, say and think as you are told!

  • 2inthehat

    If the AG under bush had even eluded to extra-judicial killing of US citizens on US soil, impeachment would be underway and the MSM would be in 1991 Iraq war coverage mode.

  • Mike M

    Mr. Cusak, your willingness to be honest about this subject is truly inspiring ! What this country needs much more of is the courage and conviction you are demonstrating. A wrong is a wrong, whether the party one chooses to affiliate with/support is supportive or not, period.

  • New Man

    This is proof the cult of personality cannot see past their demigod’s shinny shoes.
    Imagine Kent state with drones you idiots.

  • feellikeastranger

    Obama Closed The White House To The Public ….

    my God ,,, are only a few people aware of what this represents? This is being reported virtually no where …

  • Jayjay1963

    What’s up with Lidsay Graham criticizing Rand Paul?? Who’s to say that Americans can’t/won’t be killed in the streets??
    Didn’t Hitler start out sounding non-threatening??

  • JR48

    Where are the democrats?

    They sold out when Obama was elected and looked the other way when he doubled down on everything they said that they were against.

    In other words, they sold out. Any more questions?

  • CAmom760

    Hey, here’s a thought. How about people concentrate on the Constitution and doing the right thing – like NOT dropping bombs from a drone on Americans in America – instead of political party. Might be just a TOUCH better for the nation.

  • michael s

    Another one showing his true colors.

  • salvagesalvage

    Yup, once again to have real criticism of the Obama Presidency you have to go to the people that voted for him.

    But wingnuts you keep screaming about Benghazi and his birth certificate and his wife and how he’s stock pilling ammo and tanks to arm Blacks and make America into Muslim theocratic Marxist dictatorship.

  • StephanieArms14

    He needs to STFU. This idiot voted for him and he can live with the consequences.

  • MaxxTheKatt

    Mr. Cusack! Now you are beginning to see who it really is you voted for. I think you probably love America like most of us. But Obama does not. And as Obama stated: ” You haven’t seen anything yet!”

  • jsmithcsa

    Cusack is right and those counter-tweeting are dead wrong. If you would hammer Bush for doing it (and we know they would have) they would be right only in hammering Obama for doing it.

  • John Kerry’s Forehead

    So, according to these idiots responding to Cusack, being a Liberal simply means support Obama no matter what. Glad we cleared that up.

  • Michael Capanelli

    I don’t think this is as left/ right an issue as people assume it is. The problem is we no longer vote by ideals but by brand identification. If your “brand” is Democrat you vote and support democrats no matter what ideals they represent. Same goes for so called conservatives. How could a true constitutional conservative EVER support the likes of McCain or Romney and their war mongering neo-con elk? They do it because the brand is more important than the issues. I applaud Mr Cusack for being a true Liberal and upholding the ideals of humanitarian liberalism. Now if only the rest of brain dead Hollywood would stand up to this Republican neo-con masquerading as a Progressive Democrat we might get somewhere. I’m not holding my breath though.

  • ingracewetrust

    Both sides are completely corrupt. They use the words “Democrat” and “Republican” to classify the ways they’ll be using to rob and murder the working poor worldwide.
    Green party with Jill Stein is the way to go.

    • Synthia Fagen


  • Martin Cullen

    He is a regressive warlord.

  • Cate Porter

    I am sooo confused. The 9/11 terrorist in guantanamo bay are awaiting trial whilts an American terrorist would be killed by drones. Also, on a different note, the progressive liberals are terrified of O’bama. Maybe, they think they will be killed by drones if they don’t do what O’bama tells them to. Sophomoric thoughts, but you get the idea.

  • Jim Torn

    Mr.Cusack, go read a Wikipedia page….. Project for the New American Century (PNAC)…… Bush followed and Obama is still following it, to a tee.

  • AL_Nemesis

    What is most amusing about the conservative reaction to this is how surprised they are that a liberal is outspoken in opposition to the drone killing… and this is the case with MANY liberals and liberal organizations, but they have been too blind by their ideological blinders to actually pay attention to the blogs, tweets, and organizations working to have information released on the drone program or have the drone program restricted. It doesn’t matter WHO the president it, either. Again, the blinders prevent the actual message from getting through.

  • Synthia Fagen

    Thank you John Cusack!

  • opinionated1234

    We need to make a difference at the polls in 2014. We need to gain a majority in the Senate while maintaining a majority in the House. We can change many Governors in states as we did in 2010. It made a huge difference. Many “Right to Work” states instead of the very Liberal/Democratic Unions who are ripping off this nation!

    The Unions are not what they once were….don’t be fooled by them. At one time they were needed….now they are top heavy and crooked. Forcing American jobs to other countries. I’d say a majority of people are aware of what is happening but feel helpless to change it!! Call your Senators and Congressmen…tell them what you want. Write emails and faxes to your reps. Donate to the party (tea party) or conservatives. The country is changing, but the progressives have been at this a long time and have a stronghold in the schools and the mainstream media. Hollywood needs to get a grip and look at what is going on. Racism is part of Obama plan to split this country. Black from White, rich from poor, hatred of capitalism, jealousy of anyone who owns a business or earns a profit!!! If you are a celebrity talk to students, especially in colleges in California. Too too liberal by far. there is much that can be done but everyone needs to do their part. Stick with the tea party conservatives, like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. I think we lost Rubio….I think he was turned. But there are many good congressmen. Need to get rid of the Rino’s, like Lindsay, and Mc Cain and Flake from Arizona. Keep good older people like Goodlatte, Sessions, Mc Connell and Grassley.