The Left has been taking pot shots at Bob Woodward for a week over his stance on the sequester, but following Woodward’s claim on CNN tonight that a senior White House official told him he’d “regret” calling out the president on “moving the goal posts,” Obama’s water carriers had to kick  into high gear their campaign to discredit Woodward.

It didn’t take long for that “coming spin” to arrive.

Which of the “juiceboxers” will be among the first to stand with the White House? How about Talking Points Memo’s Josh Marshall?

Make room for Time’s Mike Grunwald — he too stands with “the Obama guy.” We can assume, then, that such a guy exists and Woodward isn’t making this up.

Anyone else?

Here’s an example of that tireless search for the truth at work in today’s media, courtesy of Roland S. Martin.

Well, David Frum, you could begin by checking around to see how many real journalists in the mainstream media — many of whom would admit Woodward inspired them to go into journalism — have come out to stand with him in his reporting. For those who still have the ability to be outraged over threats to reporters originating from within the White House, Legal Insurrection created the #StandWithWoodward hashtag.

You’d think that, wouldn’t you. Could this be the wake up call?

* * *


It looks that way. Obama’s palace guard are beginning to settle on the story that Woodward’s just trying to make the story about him, and besides, the White House official’s email to Woodward was anything but a “threat.” Don’t you people understand friendly ribbing when you see it? And perhaps most important: you, the American people, don’t care. The media will let you know when you should care.

* * *


CNN’s Jim Acosta says he has the straight scoop from a White House official. Of course it wasn’t a threat-threat; Woodward would simply regret being so wrong.


Politico has released the text of Woodward’s email exchange with the White House.

But before the emails were even released, Obama’s bootlickers in the media did their best to make Woodward “regret” his reporting.


All the president’s stenographers: How the toady media tried to make Woodward ‘regret’ his reporting

Obama henchman David Plouffe: Bob Woodward should be put out to pasture

Bob Woodward: ‘Very senior person’ at White House said you’ll ‘regret’ reporting on sequester


  • nc

    First they came for Woodward, and I was silent…

    • Osumashi Kinyobe

      Prepare for the Two Minutes Hate.

      • ShadowGovernmentSeenHere

        It’s just more government orchestrated propaganda

        • John (magnum)

          “The Messiah” KING OBONGO and his loyal loons, just continue with the planned destruction of America.

          Why haven’t articles of impeachment been drawn up by congress ?

          How much more are sane Americans going to take ?

          Wonder how soon Mr Woodward will be found dead under mysterious circumstances, as those that opposed the BJ & Hillary regime ?

          • bewaretheprophetwhoseeksprofit

            Sooner or later the left always eats it’s own when they don’t tow the line. The evil left hates truth, they despise truth and cannot stand truth. They are the spawn of Satan and until the good people of the world decide to realize that the evil left if clearly of Satan nothing will change until our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ returns to finally purge this evil from our world once and for all time and eternity.

          • Larry Rappaport

            Bob Woodward, the member of a two man team that nuked
            Nixon’s Administration into tiny particles is being threatened by this
            administration? Please don’t make me laugh,I have chapped lips. Truth is Mr. Woodward has all the material he’ll need for his next book and if he doesn’t have all the material that he’s satisfied with, he will, he will. You know why? Because this is what a journalist is supposed to do and Mr. Woodward here is going to show the 4th estate how it’s truly done. I can sense this is going to be big in the final analysis.

          • Geoff Caldwell

            Us “sane” Americans are unfortunately going to have to take a helluva lot more for the short term because we’re too busy doing the work that the left won’t do. We don’t have time to sit in mommy’s basement and churn out for OFA.

            Until SOMEBODY in the Republican party pulls his/her head out of his/her respective ass and realizes that they are getting said asses kicked by a bunch of spoiled little brats who just happen to know how to use social media better it’s not going to change. In fact, it’s going to get a helluva lot worse.

          • FBIkidnappedME

            since the Coup and cover up unelected officials are making all decisions.

      • David Powell

        Way more than 2 minutes these days, 24/7 and insane. I tell you, this tells us something that we have leftists and some reporters who are going after Woodward. Not only after the landmark Watergate reporting but his excellent documentation of the George W. Bush Administration in “Plan of Attack.” There really is a coterie of true believers out there who want to drown anyone out who will see reality as objective reality instead of what they are told by the White House that reality is. The further that disconnect goes the worse it ends up being with things eventually collapse and the true reality makes itself known.

    • $2942628

      Once you give the radical left what they want they either kill you or discredit you.

      They do not want to risk you going the other way.

      • jonesybabble

        And the soft middle support seems to realize too slowly how expendable they are, like the frog in the pot I guess.

        • $2942628

          That’s us. We endeavor to live normal lives while they have had, and met, societal objectives over the past century. They just need to kill the right group of people and not be prosecuted for it as fast as possible. No memory of what the world was like in those that never experienced it.

    • etecs

      Hell Hath no Fury like a LIBERAL Scorned

      • $2942628

        Had I paid more attention to Shakespeare I would have never gotten married. The man was brilliant.

    • $23643181

      That’s a good quote if done in full. But Woodward would be the last line, not the first. Fvck him.

      • Jeebus

        More like fuque Obama.

  • Maxx

    Tonight, Bob Woodward reminds a nation that journalism degrees are not conferred to donkeys or elephants.

    • Ed Thesled

      Although they have been given to a large number of jackasses.

      • Hubie337

        Well played both of you!

  • Jon

    Sean Davis’ post nails it — Over 50s will either openly back Woodward like National Journal’s Ron Fournier, or say nothing but be deeply troubled behind the scenes. The under 50s would be perfectly happy with a 30s-style show trial, where Woodward confesses his sins in public and then is never heard from again.

    • beebop1952

      They are only too happy to trade their sad little souls for access to the cool guy.

    • beebop1952

      They are only too happy to trade their sad little souls for access to the cool guy.

  • Tangchung

    Never thought I would ever see the left attack Bob Woodward. Stranger times must be ahead, kinda scary.
    It wasn’t a “threat-threat” kinda like Whoopi saying it wasn’t “rape-rape”.

    • BlueGood

      o’bama & his band of eco~facists are doing NOTHING NEW….they had training from the KING of Tyranny, and they are using the very same M.O’s……

      If you cannot see the similarities in this 44 min. vid between what took place in 1929 & NOW in your own Country…..I have misread my Conservative friends.

      Please watch it, spread it….STOP o’bama (and yes, he deserves not even a Cap for his surname, IMHO as he is ruining the Greatest Country on the earth….you’d almost think I was a Citizen hun?…not..I AM CANADIAN!) LOL…but more importantly…Conservative!

  • golfmax13

    Woodward’s still a Lib and he’s telling the truth. One out of two ain’t bad.

    • Octane Bullfrog

      the world would be a better place if more people told the truth. Not what they want the truth to be, but the actual truth. Both sides of the aisle.

      • David Powell

        I agree. The Administration has gone beyond getting mad over politics to getting mad over people telling and knowing the objective truth.

  • peteee363

    come on lefties, did bob tell the emperor he has no clothes? will you shun him like everybody on the right?

  • Marty Luther

    Follow the money.

  • Adela Wagner

    At least he came out with it,wonder how many others are threatened on a daily basis. Thugs.

    • John D

      Lanny Davis for one. He was on a radio station (WMAL in Washington) that covered his being threatened with losing WH access for writing a negative article. .

  • eric

    “How do I reconcile the Bob Woodward story w[sic] claim that MSM is in [sic]tank for Obama White House? Asking for a friend.”

    Considering that the only reason Mr. Woodward is being hounded is because he spoke out against the administration this quote from David Frum is baffling in its stupidity.

    • Finrod Felagund

      … this quote from David Frum is baffling in its stupidity.

      That’s the only part you needed– and it’s always accurate.

    • davesnothere

      Well, the fact that the MSM is attacking Woodward should expain it. (Hint: Woodward’s not MSM).

    • davesnothere

      Well, the fact that the MSM is attacking Woodward should expain it. (Hint: Woodward’s not MSM).

  • kate_middleton

    As I saw someone tweet the other day:
    Woodward made his name bringing down a president. These flacks make their names defending one.

    • David Powell

      That is brilliant. Some speak truth to power. Others speak power to truth, as Rush Limbaugh once said. I know who I respect more.

  • Rylee N

    The other thing to consider: if a liberal like Woodward is finally willing to call out the Obama admin you have to wonder what other things are going on that forced him to break the silence. We know a lot but he may know even more. just sayin…

    • Matthew Koch

      You’re very right. But you scared the s— out of me with that remark!

    • Heather_A

      Well, he’s reached the point that Sharyl Attkisson and others are at…shame few have the courage to join them.


  • rivers

    Bob Woodward, a right wing nut? Wow, these people are off the deep end, they cannot stand for anyone to question their god.

    • $798485

      Woodward is a registered Democrat.

  • GaryTheBrave

    Forty years ago it was Woodward and Bernstein. Now let it be Woodward and Attkinson.

    • twinstick1

      That’s the real question. Where is Carl Bernstein in all of this???

      • GaryTheBrave

        Isn’t Bernstein retired by now?

    • David Powell


  • George Washington Mclintock

    So, now the guy who brought down Nixon is a RWNJ to the left for pointing out what an idiot we have in charge. I think that’s quite insane of them. The country’s Obama psychosis is definitely getting worse before it gets better.

  • Michelle

    All politics aside, I so seriously doubt that a man like Woodward, with a solid and established career in journalism, would claim he received that email if he hadn’t really received that email. He’s not a dumb man, he knows to make such a claim that at some point, he will be pressed hard to show the email and if he doesn’t really have it, his career and reputation would go up in flames. Do they really believe he’d destroy his career and reputation by claiming to have an email he doesn’t have? Critical thinking skills have me convinced he really received that email and it says exactly what he claims it said.

    • jonesybabble

      My guess is that coming forward in the first place wasn’t easy, he’s more than well aware what kind of duplicitous bas***** he’s dealing with.

    • John D

      Well, he named the man the said that to him, so I believe him. Some of you may not be aware that Lanny Davis has come out now and said that he got a similar threat from the Obama WH last year.

      • Michelle

        When I wrote my comment above last night, the email hadn’t yet been released and neither had Lanny Davis stepped forward at the time.

        • John D

          Fair enough. There was no way you could have known, but that is why I said some of you may not be aware. Have a nice day

        • John D

          Fair enough. There was no way you could have known, but that is why I said some of you may not be aware. Have a nice day

      • Michelle

        When I wrote my comment above last night, the email hadn’t yet been released and neither had Lanny Davis stepped forward at the time.

  • Navy Gentleman

    Woodward is respected in his circle much like Jessie Jackson in his.
    Along with that they are now seeing a legend who steps out of the
    shadows and topples Presidents coming back into the light. Woodward has
    everyone’s attention.

  • Richard Jefferies

    Bob Woodward step into the light. You have disgraced The State.You have proven yourself a coward. You have therefore, no function….you are OBSOLETE!

    • nc

      I know from your other posts that you mean this as satire, but it’s not readily apparent.

    • nc

      I know from your other posts that you mean this as satire, but it’s not readily apparent.

    • carla5731

      Nice nod to The Twilight Zone and the perfect analogy to Woodward’s current predicament.

    • Richard Jefferies

      I left it ambiguous to see how many people would recognize the quote. In Serling’s opening monologue he says “Enter these doors at your own peril It is a door to the future. Not a future that will be, but what might be.” He then talks about totalitarian states saying this “But like every one of the super states that preceded it, it has one iron rule: Logic is an enemy, and truth is a menace.” The episode, which I first watched twenty years ago; but itself is fifty years old, has moved from analogous to prophetic.

  • Jack Deth

    Considering that fewer and fewer care, pay attention or give a s*it about the Sequestration. Don’t these loudly Tweeting, moronic malarial minions appear even more embarrassing stupid?

    Especially, Roland S. “FIX IT!!!” Martin?

    • RufusVonDufus

      Oh, gawd, you would have to bring up that fat-ass ed liberal wouldn’t you! He is such a liberal pig he squeals when Ovomit is around.

  • Love of Country

    If the Left will turn on an accomplished GOP assassin like Bob Woodward, they’ll turn on absolutely anybody!

    • The_Toxic_Avenger

      Yes, they will turn on absolutely anybody. Including a US ambassador and 3 embassy employees in Benghazi along with a couple of US border guards and pretty much the entire population of Arizona and Texas.

  • kim

    phew! just think! if Rahm were there it would be ‘more threatening’. So a little threatening is cool

  • Thevelvetkitten

    I love how all these “journalist” decide and report on facts they have yet to even be privy to.

  • narciso

    Well it’s mostly the Journolist and Frum, who wants to be, who are taking dictation,

  • Neil Leininger

    This is so crazy. This is what it would be like if the entire media would just report facts, and leave their personal biases out of it.

    • Teachtofish

      You’re a racist!!!

      • Mark Cerniglia

        hahahaha Wasn’t expecting that response. Laughed so hard I blew milk out my nose.

        • Teachtofish

          LOL, Mark how could you not have expected that? That’s their official auto response to anyone that disagrees with them on anything.

  • Osumashi Kinyobe

    Someone’s government just threatened a citizen and the popular press treat it as a joke. They didn’t just drink the Kool-Aid; they took a bath in it.

    The Walter Duranty Award goes to…

    • almarquardt

      I can think of a few Communist countries that use the same tactics. Or is it all of them . . . ?

      • Ed Thesled


  • John

    The regime will destroy all who dare question it, even once-respected fellow-travelers.

    • Ed Thesled

      Nikolai Bukharin anyone?

      • David Powell

        Yep…. I hightly recommend the book “The Commissar Vanishes” to all those trying to understand the new media climate.

  • John

    The regime will destroy all who dare question it, even once-respected fellow-travelers.

  • Bristel

    Seems like Woodward was thrown… under the bus… *sunglasses* (YEAAAAAH!)

  • Bristel

    Seems like Woodward was thrown… under the bus… *sunglasses* (YEAAAAAH!)

  • davesnothere

    The funniest thing is the obseqious liberal wimpmeisters, who are deathly afriad they’ll sneeze in Obama’s presence and he’ll never take their questions again, doing the macho posturing thing about “hey, that threat is no big deal.” None of the marshmallows that are criticizing Woodward here would ever DARE say anything that might cross any White House official in the slightest.

    • GaryTheBrave

      “…who are deathly afraid they’ll sneeze in Obama’s presence…”

      Yeah, they might interrupt his “flow.”

  • davesnothere

    The funniest thing is the obseqious liberal wimpmeisters, who are deathly afriad they’ll sneeze in Obama’s presence and he’ll never take their questions again, doing the macho posturing thing about “hey, that threat is no big deal.” None of the marshmallows that are criticizing Woodward here would ever DARE say anything that might cross any White House official in the slightest.

  • Not-a-Marxist

    The Libtards might want to check themselves, Woodward has taken down the powerful and professional, a laying amateur shouldn’t be too hard if he puts his mind to it,

    Careful kicking the wrong bees nest

  • Rebecca Leigh Randolph

    The liberal lynch mob was too busy thinking of ways to discredit a great journalist (who I have not always agreed with) that they missed the part where he was describing how he went back to listen to the tapes to make sure he had the facts correct…..yes, douchebags….there are tapes

  • michael s

    I don’t stand with with Woodward.

    • Ed Thesled

      Betcha did when he was writing about Nixon!

      • SpeaktheTruth

        Betcha he wasn’t even born yet, just look at his avatar for proof.

    • Teachtofish

      That’s because you’re bent over for Obysmal.

    • libwithIQ

      Then you stand with Goebbels.

  • DANEgerus

    The LibRule National Socialists’ reaction PROVES Woodward’s claim #StandWithWoodward

  • Blake Waymire

    What a wonderful demonstration of the cultish nature of the left. Anyone else laughing really hard at this?

    • Ed Thesled

      Oh yes!

    • Teachtofish

      After all the death and destruction these tools called “liberals” have caused it’s hard to find humor in it.

    • twinstick1

      I’m not. If this is how they treat thier ‘friends’, what do you suppose they will do to us???

  • Ed Thesled

    Didn’t Stalin get rid of all the “old Bolsheviks” once they were no longer of use to him?

  • Ava

    What Nixon did would be considered nothing today, it is done everyday in the Obama Administration and nothing happens. We as a nation have fallen into the toilet and might as well put the lid down. Woodward is trashed by the WH, reportors will never report anything for fear of losing their jobs.

  • TraderJo

    The attack on FoxNews was first. . Now they’re targeting Woodward and anyone who supports him.

    Just consider the source of the attacks to know whom NOT to believe.

  • RufusVonDufus

    Does Acosta ask Obama if he can leave in the morning or does he simply stay there all day waiting to be excused only to return at bed time?

  • walterc

    This is like watching the Hyena special on Discovery where a member of the clan shows weakness and the rest turn on him.

  • Liberty Bubble

    RT @joshgreenman: You will regret tweeting about what the White House said to Bob Woodward.

  • Gas_Passer

    When you tell the truth, you soon find out who your real enemies are. LOL

  • Teachtofish

    Liberals are the foulest forms of humanity currently in existence. If you don’t agree with them they will claw and scream and try and collectively disembowel you. Even if you are their mother. No surprise there. They are also the group that has mass murdered 1.5 million defenseless infants for profit, convenience and birth control. It took a while for a group to make Nazi’s look palatable, but these scumbags have done that decisively.

  • Gas_Passer

    Wonder if it was that vile slumlord from Chicago (Valerie Jarrett) who made the political threat to Bob Woodard?

    • Daisytoo

      Probably. She’s from a long line of Chicago Commies – freedom of the press is the first thing Commies attack.

      This threat from Obama to the press is not the first – recall Obama prohibiting any reporter Tweeting until he/his staff finished speaking and his sycophants in the press got to ask ‘corrective’ questions so that no true quotes could be reported?

      This kind of travesty has been deliberately ignored by the same press members who prioritize their removal from access to the White House as the first order of importance. They don’t want Obama rendering them déclassé amongst their peers. As long as their personal status is their first (and only) priority, they will not stand up against this regime and for the Constitution. Woodward is providing an opportunity for them to man up. Hopefully, more will seize what he’s offering.

  • birdcage

    Liberals are evil people.

    • Ronald

      Not true. No more so than conservatives are evil. I have many liberal friends that are loving, caring and responsible citizens of this country. Stop spreading hate.

  • $798485

    Lanny Davis is saying that he was also threatened by the White House.

  • $23643181

    I wonder if Woodward is so ignorant of the true nature of Marxism that he didn’t see this coming. How can these people be so ignorant of the true nature of their bedfellows?

    • Daisytoo

      Yes. And, they are deliberately ignorant.

  • danshays

    Woodward obviously needs to visit Room 101, and learn to love Big Brother.

  • SalmonDaze

    Wait for the next spin cycle: a threat from the WH is just “free speech.”

  • SnotPuppy

    Be afraid, very afraid. What we are witnessing is King Obama and his ‘thugs’ attempting to silence any criticism of his policies and administration. For you low info voters out there, this is what governments do first when attempting to ‘remake’ a country. Silence those that oppose you; discredit them as loons and then feed the public what you want them to hear that furthers your (the governments) agenda.
    And sadly, still, after all that happened during King Obama’s first 4 years, and all that is going on now, over 50% of the country thinks he is doing a good job.

  • Clover11111

    The lib media worships these people to begin with, let them taste their own bitter medicine for being loyal fools.

  • sameolbs

    The media eats their own after the king banishes him from the club.

  • NotHereEither

    It is funny to watch people who whine and complain about free speech, not counting making money off of it, try to take it away from someone else.

  • Gustavo DiGiovanni

    Glad Woodward had the guts to open his mouth about obamas despicable tactics and agenda, and so typical of the left to discredit someone who calls them out.

  • godsmotive

    The lesson for journalists is this: If ever you discover that the emperor has no clothes you are to shutup about it because the party line is that the emperor is finely dressed and no one is allowed to disagree. Journalism is not about truth. It is about orthodoxy. So set in the line, keep your eyes down and mind what we tell you is your business.

  • Joe W.

    The White House is infected with jackals, hyenas, vultures, and every other scavenger and bottom feeder known to man.

  • Cathy

    Obama will not get the heat for this. Woodward said “If the President knew about this threat, he would have been mad about it” So you see, he perfectly innocent.

  • Liberals Needhelp

    Woodward isn’t saying anyone did or said anything illegal.
    He is stating what was said to him, by an Obama insider/friend ….and it was a political threat. Period.
    Obama, The One, is Chicago to the core….and this only solidifies what many have said and known of Obama & his team tactics for years. Only to be slimed if one did say it for being racist or jealous…… Uh, no, it was just obvious fact.
    Woodward was ‘great’ ‘brilliant’ when he wrote things that in any way demeaned, degraded or outed a GOP policy blunder, error, bully tactic….under Bush, Reagan, Ford, Bush Sr., etc. – then, it was OK, applauded, lauded, cheered.
    NOW, oh, he’s too old, he’s out of touch, he should be put out to pasture.
    Ok, following that logic, then please remove ‘ Charlie Rose, Bill Moyers, Dan Rather, Diane Sawyer, Bob Schiefer, Barbara Walters, etc., as they are all over 60, and pasture time awaits their journalistic crumblings…………..while you’re at it,anyone Woodwards age or near it should join him in the suggested pasture he should go to:
    Susan Sarandon, Warren Beatty, Weinstein, Jane Fonda, Ted Turner, Bloomberg,
    Buffett, Soros, etc.
    Bigger pasture needed.

  • $798485

    Now that Lanny Davis has said he too was threatened by the White House, I’m waiting to see if any other folks in the media have the guts to come forward and tell their own stories about intimidation from this thuggish administration.

    • nc

      I’d put my money on Kirsten Powers.

  • Bob USAF(ret)

    Obama acting like what he wants to be: dictator of a third world country.


    ObamaGov’t – EPA funding was $12,796,000,000…which is up 51% in Just 4 years…Cybernews reports.

    “Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you; and may
    posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” – Samuel Adams

    • $34803771

      Didn’t Esau sell his birthright for some meat? A story as old as time.

  • $34803771

    With the left, it’s always about demonization, distortion, and the campaign. And if there’s one thing that you can say about Bob Woodward, it’s that he’s a huge right-wing attack dog. In fact, I used to get him confused with Lee Atwater back in the day.

  • giatny

    Even one little sliver of truth is too much for the Obamaguard to
    handle! Wake Up America. The Chicago propaganda machine
    must be defeated.

  • jimmyv65

    why are we surprised. If this admin doesnt get its way, or if you dare step out of line then they punish you, demean you, threaten you. But hey the Dem is the party of differing ideas and opions right? i gues so as long as you agree with them. Like Obama saying he is willing to compromise as long as you agree100% with him. True colors are shining through

  • $23643181

    Live with it Bob. Obama threatens all Americans every day with suspension of the Constitution. You’re a little late to the party.

  • Laura Thompson

    They’re pouncing on Lanny Davis – former special counsel for the Clintons – now too for his articles in The Daily Caller. I worked with Lanny at a law firm in DC – we would good-naturedly rib each other about being polar opposites – and he was a staunch advocate for all things Democrat. While I know what lots of folks here may think of his politics or associations, neither Bob Woodward nor he deserve this crap.

  • buckofama2010

    I would believe absolutely ANYBODY before I would believe anything from ovomit and his scumbag “administration”

  • RightStuff

    The only way we defeat this brain-damaged communist and his willing accomplices is to ridicule him. With his inferiority complex, I’m certain he’s paying attention. His threats of “your’e going to regret that” will go just so far when millions of people do the ridiculing.

    Barack is the little cowardly punk on the playground who has cultivated a band of supporters with his bluster. When it comes down to brass tacks, his buddies will run away, and the punk will be there by himself.

  • fedup

    i bet hes gonna be a racist soon somehow


    well in less than a generation the Left has its Nixon. THIS is the real Django Unchained… Mr. Obama. The maniacal Left will now seek to destroy the last bastion of honest reporting in an effort to seek total control of what and how we think as the Left has been trying to do since the 60s. God Bless you Mr. Woodward, you suffer the slings and arrows of often Lilly White slaves like Davie Boy Fluff who worship at the feet of our new Django. ,the Black Richard Nixon, our Dear Leader, Barrack Hussein Obama.

  • twinstick1

    What in the world are these sycophants drinking? They don’t realize that this is just modus operandi for Communists. Take out those who will take them out. And, once that is done, take out the rest. These bootlickers are gonna be seeing the same thing happen to them. And, if I were Bob, I’d stay away from Fort Marcy Park…

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Thanks you Bob Woodward for having the professional integrity to stand up and speak truth to power. This is a long-forgotten responsibility of the media and this country desperately needs real news professionals to pick up this fallen mantle and carry it forward once again.

    Peace and respect to Bob Woodward.

  • Spinedoc2

    Juan Williams noted a couple of days ago, that the leftist/ bias media are the most intolerant bunch of psycopaths in America. They put everybody in a box, and if anyone dares to get out of that box, they aim to destroy you. What they’re attempting to do to Woodward is more evidence of that. Championed by the Marxist left, until of course, he went against the grain, and challenged their leader in the white house.

    • Django

      I just read that Lanny Davis came out that he’s been threatened by the WH. Seems to be this is how this WH runs ~

  • $23643181

    Poor Bob. When you went after Nixon the entire media jumped on your bandwagon to get him. When you went after Obama, the entire media jumped on his bandwagon to get you. Did you fail to notice that Nixon was a Republican and Obama a democrat and presumptive god? Or is it that you’re so naive you believe the American press is politically neutral? There’s no fool like an old fool, Bob.

  • Ratt Stone

    Or maybe, throwing Woodward under the liberal bus is exactly what they need to get the public’s mind off the Sequester. Seems like an expensive and dangerous move, but what the hey, Team Obama hasn’t made any sense for 4 years.

  • $1895978

    The lies and coverups will continue for the next 4 years , CBS NBC ABC where are you ? You bought this you own this president .

  • Richard Helm

    As long as the media wilnotto stand up for themselves or their compatriots, they are doomed to receive the same treatment. What they do not realize is how irrelevant they are beginning to make their profession. This is one of those moments that each and every American should take notice of what happens if you dare differ with the liberals in power. They definitely do not practice what they preach.

    • SGinNC

      You can see this in the twitter posts above by Josh Greenman when he said that Rahm would have said worse. He was attacked even though he was right, Rahm is a thug and he has a foul mouth. Though the attack he got was nothing compared to what Woodward is receiving.

  • Guinness_Beer

    Looks like the drones have a new target. Better hide, Bob!

  • buzzlatte3

    We didn’t hear the phone conversation.

  • John D

    Looking over the above tweets tells me all I need to know about the WH and the liberals.
    Woodward could do no wrong until he criticized Obama. Now he is a RW outcast?
    The media is corrupt to the core, just like the imposter “president” and his goons.

  • Bob Danley

    Not this time liberals. You can’t sling your feces around at those who have figured it out anymore. The jig is up. The American People have begun to see what you truly are; mean, judgemental, vengeful, hateful, childish, racists, lying little mental miscreants.

  • Guest

    News reporters are rarely interested in TRUE factual reporting these days. They are more like groupies and will do anything to find their way to the inside. Woodward in the long run has nothing to worry about as the middle and right might not agree but they sure as heck respect the guy. Obama has no one’s respect but from the leeches.

  • Ratt Stone

    Someone needs to find out where the original orders came from to assemble the troops to attack Woodward, I bet they originate from BamBam’s Blackberry.

  • Resist_Tyranny

    Liberalism, leftist philosophy is a religion. They will ride that failed horse into the ground, abandoning all others, even their families, to push their extreme leftist position, even when they know and time has proven it is a failed position, philosophy, religion, policy. Woodward has failed but is starting to wake up. What will it take to wake up reasonable democrats? This third world dictator must not be allowed to prevail, if it cost many of us our lives.

  • BlogMagog

    Once the you open the “truth” floodgate on this administration, do you really know what will come out? Perhaps that is what they fear the most. I’d expect the media to handle this like every other Obama Blunder. Not report on it at all.

  • Geoff Caldwell

    My real sorrow on election night wasn’t so much that Obama won, it was that it meant being stuck with Plouffe, Cutter, Carney and the rest of the kiddies for another four years.

    • adm454

      Yeah, Carney. Carney Fife.

  • David Harrison


  • Resist_Tyranny

    Bob is breaking ranks! This third world dictator won’t be the only one attacking Woodward, the leftest networks will be all over him, or ignore him completely if possible. Even a free press is under attack now. Obama is just another third world scumbag.

  • Kim Kirk

    Bob Woodward is being a journalist. Instead of others attacking him, they desperately need to observe and learn from him.

  • EllieEnlightened

    Everyone else forgot HOW to be a journalist. They are sheep and yes men.

  • EllieEnlightened

    Bob welcome to the world of Obamunist.

  • Barry Levy

    so what does one expect from a chicago thug politician, who’s past practices indicated that this was his standard operating procedure—to destroy a person because when you have no ideas, no vision, no plans, all you are left with is to attack and destroy a person.

    Sad, but this is what the low information voters aided and abetted by the lame stream media has become.

  • InfantryMom

    Chicago Thugs coming out of the woodwork. Just like Flying Moonkeys on the Wizard of Oz. And Obama screams FLY, FLY, FLY

  • The_Toxic_Avenger

    Thou shalt not take the name of the Obama thy God in vain.

  • The_Toxic_Avenger

    You shall have no other gods before Obama

  • EllieEnlightened

    Where are the libs today? Don’t see anyone posting. Typical. Evil is masking itself today as liberalism.

  • Butch Blosc

    A free press is incompatible with a Marxist government.

  • aircraftmech

    Start the impeachment. This clown whitehouse is going too far against EVERYONE, not just journalists

  • Ib4N8R

    they hate old people too? Ageism. Woodward is too “old”?

    cretin poseur diletante lowlife communication majors who could not actually master any subject, so they criticize those who really do.

  • D-Dash

    So, according to the left, Woodward is “perfection” when attacking republicans but one bad word about a democrat and he’s finished? Sounds about right for the mascots of hypocrisy.

  • imxio

    Did Woodward say the threat came in the email? He had a conversation, as I understand it, for quite a long time with the same person. Seems to me the “threat” could very well have been made during that conversation…and be what he is talking about. The mild reference to “regret” in the email, may very well be a subtle reminder of that conversation, kept mild on purpose, because it was email…and subject to exposure.

  • $10894633

    America might be waking up.

  • Kalena

    Valerie Jarrett promised payback against unfriendly press a week before the November elections. She was directly overheard by an “insider” at the Chicago Obama HQ. Read more here:

  • “Bad Reporter”

    Must be a couple of sodomites CENSORING here on “TWITCHIDICKI” huh? Yep…that is what the “LEFT” is about…first pervert the truth and then censor it …read my lips punko’s…I spent 18 months in combat so you can exercise your first amendment right and censor mine…so FUCK YOU!

    • “Bad Reporter”

      Woodward has “integrity”. The “LEFT”…which is actually the “leftovers from a anal intercourse inspired uncontrollable bowel movement” when two sodomites end their honey moon,…would pimp their mother like she was a whore (like the half breed cultural schizo Obama does his White mother) for 30 pieces of silver. So given their “degenerate filthy murderous spirituality” (think drones killing innocent children in Yemen), expect the possibility that this collective of killers will do a “Breitbart” on Woodward and say Bill had a “heart attack”. After all…the Nazi’s were a LEFT WING collective of murdering pedophiles and sodomites too!

      • michael s

        why are nazis only admired by right wingers stop the false dissassociation. i love how the right wont acknowledge anything bad. a poster on here said Nixon was a leftist republican. what’s next pinochet was a leftist.? take some sleep eze please.

        • BeeKaaay

          Leftwingwackos love Nazis. That’s why they just put one in as Secretary of Defense.

          • Ronald

            BeeKaaay is obsessed with Nazis and Marxists. Nothing to see here.

        • BeeKaaay

          Leftwingwackos love Nazis. That’s why they just put one in as Secretary of Defense.

    • Love of Country

      Where’s the respect?

    • Love of Country

      Where’s the respect?

  • BeeKaaay

    Woodward is going to get called all kinds of names by leftwingwackos.

    • Ronald

      You make it sound as if calling names is bad or something. Oh yeah, right. That’s your favorite pastime.

      • BeeKaaay

        Aww….I offended someone. Here’s some tissue to wipe away your tears.

        • Ronald

          Thanks for your show of human decency. Oh, right. That was sarcasm wasn’t it? Well, you’re making progress anyway.

  • BeeKaaay

    Woodward is going to get called all kinds of names by leftwingwackos.

  • oneword

    Obama is a scary Dude