Stop the presses: we’ve found a second person from the entertainment industry who thinks the Academy Awards could benefit from a little class; it’s actor Chad Lowe. Remember when his older brother’s dance with “Snow White” at the 1989 Oscars was considered the low point of Academy Award history? Where will “We Saw Your Boobs” rank?

  • oneword

    I cannot get over the fact the ratings were high

    • Louise Uznanski

      That’s if you believe RS. Most people watched the red carpet but when it came to the rest of the show, not so much, IMO.

      • rinodino

        You do realize Seth has a huge following? I understand you guys still watch John Wayne for entertainment but many in America have moved on

        • Raye09

          I watch john wayne and seth, and I am 22. I prefer a clint eastwood or errol flynn movie to family guy any day of the week though. I like newer shows and movies, but I also like older stuff as well.

        • lainer51

          Jeffrey Dahmer had a huge following too – idiot!

          • rinodino

            So you are comparing Seth to dahmer? Please continue being a clown it’s great entertainment

          • lainer51

            No I was talking to you. Who gives a #*&@ about Fibber McGhee McFarlane?

    • lainer51

      Low information voters watch alot of TV…

  • Art Faucett

    I wouldn’t watch it, and only one of my friends did/

  • lainer51

    Wow, I asked at work today if anyone watched it and they all said NO…. I didn’t either – who the heck did?

    • rinodino

      You might want to ask somebody younger than 65

      • Marvin Nelson

        I’m younger than 65 and I didn’t watch it. Can’t stand to see those Hollywood idiots pat each other on the back, What a waste of time!

        • Rulz

          Don’t mind him. He just thinks that as time goes on, all will naturally “progress” towards liberalism.

          He thinks his side will win out with the youth.

          The arrogance of the left will be felt in 2014.

      • lainer51

        You think I am still working with people over 65? Get real – we are going to get Obamaphones, food stamps, free bus fare, free health care and sit on our lazy asses like the rest of you…

      • John (it true me am)

        Right… because the Oscars are known for their youth demographic…

  • Harry A

    the Oscars show is about money. Money means ratings. See MTV. there is a demand for this stuff, it sells, capitalism at work. We all say we want “classier” TV shows, but when the Oscars were classy no one watched. When TLC showed educational shows, no one watched but they love that coupon show and honey booboo. These shows are produced to sell, and theyre doing that.

    • lainer51

      but were the Oscars classy? Tons of anti-women “jokes” – where was Sandra Fluke?

      • Harry A

        my point is just the opposite, they werent the “classy” affair we say we wanted them to be but a record number of viewers tuned in. its about capitalism, Oscars is a product designed to sell which apparently they did really well at on sunday.

        and also, i dont understand this big complaint that there were all these “anti-women jokes”.

  • John Mullins

    I’m amused at all the “young people” who think Seth was panned because he was “edgy” or that he only appeals to a younger demographic. The reality is, while he’s very, very talented, his material was weak sauce, and the overall show was horrifying and its gayness could be seen from space. It was so painful to watch. Whoever wrote the “jokes” for the presenters needs to go back to their jobs as actuaries or tax lawyers.
    The only person who could help this show is Ricky Gervais, but the Hollywood narcissists would never stand for that.

  • AlmaAlma

    I thought it was ok. Enjoyed the singing. Fun to see Charlize Theron finally dance. No big deal.