Reports of injuries following a 10-car wreck at a NASCAR race in Daytona Beach continue to pour in, although early word of at least one fatality appears to be premature. Debris from the wreck managed to reach some spectators by the grandstand.

Prayers began to pour in immediately.

Harrowing amateur video shot by a spectator was uploaded to YouTube but was almost immediately blocked due to a copyright claim by NASCAR.

At a brief press conference just past 7 p.m., NASCAR representatives said that as many as 28 people had been injured.

  • Tangchung

    Rough day in Daytona, prayers to all.

  • Corey Dennison

    In the horror of an accident like this, it’s great to see the caliber of fan at NASCAR events–rushing to help those that are hurt, rather than running like maniacs. Using their own shirts as makeshift bandages.

    NASCAR fans take a lot of crap from Hollywood, the left and the media, but generally they are good people.

    — Personal experience from knowing many NASCAR fans. My prayers for those that are injured.

    • BlueGood

      OMG…A close friend & his wife drove down from Ontario last weekend for the Daytona, prayers for them and the other fans….

  • Rabid

    My prayers for all that were injured & bless the ones who helped them.

  • Terry_Jim video from the section where people helped the man injured by the tire.