As Twitchy reported earlier, the WWE extended an invitation to Glenn Beck to appear on “Monday Night Raw” to address the controversy over the WWE’s “Tea Party” characters. Unfortunately, Mr. Beck will be unable to attend due to, ahem, other commitments. How could he resist an invitation like this?

  • Netmilsmom

    Thanks Glenn! One does not have to accept every invitation to a fight.

  • CarpeNoctem

    Well I am guessing he turned it down because he is being serious and they are a sideshow.

    • $41341954

      They’re a sideshow with 14,000,000 viewers each week. I would have liked to see him spread the message, but I agree that it is a sideshow and likely a Hollywood liberal trap.

      • Catchance

        14,000,000 viewers? I’ll bet they all think Obama’s promises are real, too.

        • etecs

          14 million 12 year-old viewers or 14 million viewers with the IQ of a 14 year-old…. Just saying

        • Mitchell Hendricks

          Great way to insult about 4 million fellow Republicans myself included. That’s sarcasm by the way, and before you ask yes I know it’s staged.

          • Netmilsmom

            They insulted you with the Tea Party guy. Unless you are “Old GOP:

          • Mitchell Hendricks

            No they didn’t because I can’t be insulted by a fictional characters opinion in a storyline.

          • kilthan

            Everyone forgets that the wrestlers are actors. They’re playing a part. The WWE is in the business of making money via Sports Entertainment (I miss the days when they were the WWF). The lion’s share of money likely comes from advertisers. Fans won’t quit watching because there’s a new Heel they don’t like, they’ll keep watching to see him get his comeuppance. That includes conservative fans.

            Also, never forget Vinnie Mac’s motto: There is no such thing as bad publicity. controversy creates new viewers, new viewers pushes up advertisers sales, which he leverages for more money from the advertisers.

          • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

            Yes, SOME of it is staged, like a Ballet, etc. but it is a REAL Sport! And, I’ve seen Major (and minor) Injuries… Remember Bret Hart’s brother, Owen? Killed trying to rappel into the ring… Or Rey Mysterio’s blown-out knee in the “I Quit” Match? And, all the abuse Vinnie Mac has taken from Wrestlers, like Stone Cold, and Brock Lesner? And a few low blows to boot… that’ll ring your bells! Jawamax 8<{D}

          • Mitchell Hendricks

            I know I’ve been watching it my entire life that’s why I didn’t use the word fake.

      • Mitchell Hendricks

        How can that be when Vince Mcmahon gives his money to Republicans?
        Also that’s not a knock against him I’m glad he does that.

        • Jillane Kent

          His feelings appear to be rather hurt following the Tea Party’s lack of support for his “Vote For Me and Obama too” wife.

        • $41341954

          My guess is that he’s socially liberal and votes with his wallet.

      • Fred Zanfardino

        I think you may have accidentally added a digit too many. WWE RAW averages much less than 14 mil, it’s much closer to around 4 mil.

        • dontcare4uatall

          Its watched WORLD WIDE so it does reach the 14 mill mark.

        • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

          But, according to WWE statistics, they apparently OWN Monday nights on Television! Jawamax 8<{D}

    • Love of Country

      True, still a golden opportunity to set the record straight on Civil Rights …. they don’t even teach them during black history month!

    • GoldenRimz

      I love this stupid comment. The guy calls WWE a sideshow takes Glenn Beck seriously. LOL!

  • Lady 12

    They say it is better to let people think you’re stupid than open your mouth and prove them right…
    *I was not referring to Glenn Beck! I meant the two guys in the video.

    • Tangchung

      Marta Marta Marta ….goes right for the jugular. Giving a thumbs up for being honest and bold considering plenty of beck fans around.

      • Tangchung

        Ouch, who gave the thumbs down? Step up.

        • Tangchung

          Oh..a wise guy.

          • Paladin

            It wasn’t me, but I couldn’t resist giving you this one. Hehehehehe.

          • Tangchung

            lmao, smarty pants!

      • Lady 12

        I wasn’t talking about Beck. I meant the guys in the video.

        • Tangchung

          Ok, that’s better!

          • Lady 12

            I think I just proved my own point. Sigh. :)

          • Tangchung

            Naw…, the big question is which one is you in that tiny picture?

          • Tangchung

            Never mind, figured it out :-)
            Congrats to you and daughter.
            Will think of you next time at book store.

          • Lady 12

            Daughter? I think you’ve got me confused with someone else…

          • Tangchung

            Opps my fault sorry, thought you wrote a book. I spend a lot of spare time confused.

          • Lady 12

            I did, but I don’t have a daughter.

          • Tangchung


          • Lady 12

            Yes, Darkwoods, and the sequel, Pasadagavra.

          • Tangchung

            Omg, very nice. Well done, smart and beautiful. Nice to meet you.

          • Lady 12

            Thanks. Out of curiosity, how did you find out about Darkwoods? Instapundit?

          • Tangchung

            I just googled your screen name, had plenty hits for you and both books. Also saw a martablog. Very nice. I thought the blond was your mom and this screen name hers. You are very mature for your age.

          • Lady 12

            Thank you. If you want, you can get a signed copy of both books at And no, that isn’t my Mom. 😀

          • Tangchung

            Smart, beautiful, conservative plus entrepreneur!
            Thanks, I ordered both books:-)

          • Lady 12

            Thanks! I will send them ASAP.

          • Tangchung

            Welcome, Shawn

  • Tangchung

    Beck should of said;
    “I’m changing the bong water that night”
    (Mocking Jack Swagger recent hemp bust)

  • Sara Nichols

    Glenn did the classy thing by passing on the invitation to WWE.

    • Blackbird 13

      How do you figure? Beck insulted an entire group of people (“stupid” wrestling fans), and when given an opportunity to not only make that right, but spread his message to a wider audience, he responds with an immature tweet. How is that classy?

      • Sara Nichols

        That tweet was not immature, he declined it.


    Why doesn’t Vince just work on improving the product…

    • TheOriginalDonald

      HAHAHA that’s a good one! [/sarc]

    • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

      Great Idea! More Wrestling, More Sports, less DRAMA! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Neil Leininger

    Doesn’t the WWE have to bail their character out of jail for driving drunk and having marijuana?

    • Adam Johnson

      No, just the marijuana. DUI applies to alcohol AND drugs, and he was charged with driving under the influence of marijuana.

      • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

        Years ago, the “old WWF” had a very strict policy regarding Drugs, especially Illegal drugs (just before steroids came onto the scene), and two wrestlers were suspended for getting caught with weed;One was “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, and the other (I think) was Hillbilly Jim. After everything considered “illegal” was banned, there was the Chris Benoit “Roid Rage” incident, and we all know how tragic that was….Jack and Zeb have PROVEN themselves to be Hypocrites, after jack got busted for driving “stoned.”
        He should be suspended, Vinnie Mac.. Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Maxx

    Glad to see Glenn realize Vince only wanted to use him to continue this charade. McMahon’s instincts for entertainment are usually spot on but I think this time, it’s going to back fire on him. A great deal of the WWE base is not amused that he’s mocking the Tea Party, all to the delight of giddy liberals.

  • George Washington Mclintock

    GOtta say, I think his response is a mistake. It’s a big audience, a younger audience, and a chance to talk sense to the country on national tv. The whole holding-ourselves- above-the-sideshow of-popular-entertainments attitude is what helped the liberals cement their grip on movies and Tv. And we all can agree that has not worked out real well for us,

    • Netmilsmom

      Do you know what a joke the MSM would make of the whole thing? It would be played day and night on the Alphabet networks. There is a bigger picture that you’re not seeing.

      • BigTBoom

        I’m actually surprised the msm isn’t trying to make an issue out of this anyway.

    • Jillane Kent

      This is not an audience that will largely support the key messages espoused on his network, judging by viewer demographics alone.

  • bossmanham

    You know, Glenn has a helluva lot of guns. Shouldn’t the WWE be slightly wary of picking a fight with him?

    • LochGates44

      So does Dutch. He’s a very strong Christian conservative in real life. The two probably have plenty in common.

  • Love of Country

    I’m very disappointed. But if he’s intimidated by the spectacle that is WWE then I wish he would at least do something else to address this travesty because he was so effective teaching us about the underlying perils of fascism in the Whitehouse while he was at Fox.

    Because IMHO, the most effective way for him to have confronted this evil, racist troll and his regrettable persona would have been for him to go on that show and have his 5 unedited minutes to say some of the following ….

    “Ladies and Gentlemen, Jack Swagger is a racist traitor who was created by the same Democrats who gave us slavery and the K K K. That’s right, and sadly folks, he appears to represent a continuation of 200 years of the absolutely wicked DNC race control in this country ie slavery, the K K K, segregation and Jim Crow. And how about their horrific pre-meditated welfare addiction and epic and decades-long misinformation campaigns just like this racist national figure I’m standing next to right now? It seems these Democrats are still completely obsessed with projecting all of their 200 years of racism upon the glorious Party of Civil Rights also known as the GOP. So they came up with this racist piece of garbage, Jack Swagger to indulge in every racist fantasy he’s ever had while on stage in front of millions of you viewers while pretending to be one of us.

    So listen up WWE fans, unless you want the world to think you’re still all a bunch of toothless, white, under-achieving racists, you better get off your assez right now and start calling the broadcasting station and/or their advertisers as well as your congresspersons. Things are bad enough already with Barack Owebamao’s and MSNBC’s incessant race war …. we don’t need racist idiots like this one, too, spreading their unmitigated racism just to further the cause of the historically racist DNC

    In closing, I’d just like to say this guy and his manager both remind me of other tragically misguided Democrats like Bull Connor and George Wallace …. what a bunch of racist idiots. What’s that? You were told those two were Republicans? Well LMFAO!”

    – – – – – – – – – –

    In my mind, that would have been one of the longest 5 minutes in the state run media’s lives, lol. Can you imagine the ensuing coverage on all the state run media channels later, especially MSNBC? And so that’s why I’m disappointed. A real missed opportunity to have a real big discussion on the national stage on many different channels about who did what and why, in terms of civil rights, for 150 years in this country. Lord knows it would have prolly been the first time inner city kids ever heard about all the many accomplishments of the GOP, and this even after bIack history month … sadly no big surprise there.

    I can hear Chris Matthews right now …. “sure everything Glenn said was basically true, technically speaking …. but that was …. but that was … but that was back when Republicans were Democrats and Democrats were Republicans …. d’oh!”

    • Netmilsmom

      What in the world makes you think the media would play any of it?
      It would become the biggest joke in the world, SNL would have skits about Beck on the WWF. It would be played 24/7 “Is Beck going to the WWF?” with films of wrestling in the background. Imagine what Comedy Central and Maher would do.
      You’re hoping for something that wouldn’t happen. Beck is a smart man.

      • Love of Country

        What makes me think the media would play any of it? Because I have a brain.

        And if you think it would be the biggest joke in the world for Beck to remind this idiot and the entire world that the DNC has been actively controlling the bIack man for 200 years then perhaps you may have some issues, lol.

        You seem to think all social media will pick it up but not MSNBC? You’re crazy …. Al and Chris would be all over it. ALL OVER IT!!! There would be a national dialogue for weeks.

        So you’re wrong, Netmilsmom, but that’s okay. Any enemy of fascism is a friend of mine.

        And you’re right, Beck is a smart man … I’ve been one of his biggest fans and cheerleaders since 2005 though my active interest in his crusade has waned since he left Fox News. I actually have every show he ever did on Fox burned to DVD … I was no casual fan. And BTW – Beck loves to do voices and get into character and he’s extremely good at it … good enough to surprise and beat those idiots at their own game for 5 minutes, lol. However, that would be the wrong strategy and would almost certainly play into your suspicions of a bad outcome …. his only prop would have been his trusty chalkboard full of names, faces, facts and flowcharts. He should have just worn a suit, stayed somber, and recited the lengthy horrors of the history of the DNC against black people as well as the long, long, long list of achievements by the GOP in the name of the black man and then ask that loser, Jack Swagger, why he’s mad at the wrong Party. Because if we don’t demonstrate to all the young brainwashed liberals that the DNC has controlled black people for the last 200 years and are continuing to do so then they will all gladly keep believing the GOP actually stood in the way of civil rights instead of the other way around.

        At any rate …. it would have turned into a national discussion (you said it yourself although you failed to see it being picked up by MSNBC) and it could have changed the minds of millions of people but regrettably Glenn Beck would rather be doing his hair this time around.

  • BristolGOP Backup

    If I were Glenn, I’d make a counter-offer to have Swagger and Colter on the show- in character or not- and then cut the tape and send it to Vince.

    That way he could avoid getting blindsided, and he’d still get to appear (via tape) on the WWE shows.

    Better yet, form a charity or promote a good message in conjunction with the WWE. They’re both big on outreach and public good behind the scenes.

  • sacha

    I am Glenn declined their invitation. Why legitimize or encourage the trashing and demonizing of the the ideas and people in the Tea Party, and that is what would have happened if Glenn had accepted their invitation

  • Fred Zanfardino

    Here’s what ticks me off, if it was liberals who were offended by an angle (or storyline) it would be dropped and the WWE would be falling all over itself apologizing. But conservatives voice their disapproval and WWE triples down.

    Also, these WWE guys just don’t get it, I get that you are “entertainers” and not political commentators, BUT you are willingly being used to push a political viewpoint so in this case you *are* political commentators.

    I also found WWE’s initial response completely ridiculous. The excuse being it was just a storyline and didn’t reflect WWE’s political views. Then why the hell are you doing it? That’s like Matt Damon coming out and saying the movie Promised Land didn’t reflect his political views on fracking. Hello, people don’t put out stuff attacking their own point of view and/or beliefs!

    I don’t blame Glenn for not going, God only knows what rigged setup he’d be walking into. They can promise “five minutes of unedited air time” all they want but that still leaves a lot open and what about what happens before and after the 5 minutes?

    P.S. And get this, this Jack Swagger was arrested a few days ago for driving under the influence of pot. Unbelievable.

  • sahdof7

    Beck admitted it was entertainment and then complained that it wasn’t real enough. Pick a side

  • Adam Johnson

    This thing is tearing me to pieces. I spent easily $200 on WWE pay per views and merchandise in the last year. One commenter on The Blaze was pretty hostile about the fact that the Tea Party was never mentioned by name. To that, I say, “why not use a Confederate flag then”. Because they wanted the characters associated with TEA. I don’t want anybody fired, I don’t want any body reprimanded, I just want the storyline and character development tweaked so that they’re not calling me a racist.

    • Joe W.

      You wasted your $200, my friend. What did P.T. Barnum say?? “There’s one born every minute”?? Or something.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    I’ve been a fan of the WWE for THIRTY Years, and a Fan of Glenn’s for eleven… And I can provide a perspective from both angles:
    THE WWE:Has usually had “Babyface/Good Guy” characters (e.g. Hulk Hogan, Robert (Sgt. Slaughter) Remus and “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, etc.) as the Patriotic Americans (Even if they went Rogue/Heel/Bad Guy); But they NEVER Made a Political Party or afiliated group look bad. And yes, Linda McMahon has lost two elections in a heavily Democrat area of the country. But Jack and Zeb make true Conservatives (Glenn, Rush Limbaugh, etc. look bad by Skewing the Conservative viewpoint to that of the Media (Whoever previously made that comment got it right), in spite of their “good intentions.”
    GLENN BECK:Has for almost a dozen years (And if Rush ever retires, he’ll have some big shoes to fill!), with “The fusion of entertainment and Enlightenment”. He’s an entertainer as well as any WWE Character, but he has a SERIOUS message about how American values are dying, and not just from the outside, but from within as well. And although Jack and Zeb are part of what he rails against, he should be all over this. But the reason why he won’t appear on RAW is, Monday is designated as “Family Night” by his Religion (The Mormons), where they get together and play “Apples to Apples” or “Monopoly,” or something else that’s positive. But, if the Powers That Be at WWE ask him nicely, he might send a videotaped statement.. Jawamax 8<{D}

  • Paul

    I’ve seen things like this invitation on WWE before, such as during presidential elections. Don’t be surprised, now that the real Beck has declined the invite (if it was a genuine invite at all), if a WWE performer disguised as Beck shows up on RAW Monday night instead and gets lampooned by Swagger and Colter. :-/

  • sigh

    They posted a longer message where they broke character:

  • SideshowJon36

    Appearing would condone their message, and not reach any serious listeners. Good for Beck

  • Hajjster

    Zeb Coulter’s (Dutch Mantell) granddaughter was killed by a drunken driver and “Jack Swagger” just got arrested for a DUI and marijuana possession…yeah, this gimmick will last a LONG time.

  • kilthan

    Fellow conservatives, Let me ask you this: Would you hate an actor just because he played Hitler in a movie? No. What about on a TV show? No. Then why is an actor playing a part to be hated? Give it a few months and if he isn’t going over well with the crowd, they’ll drop him back to the C list while they come up with a new gimmick for him. Its story telling on the fly. Sometimes they let fly and see what sticks to the wall.

  • bret robertson

    I promised myself I wouldn’t get intot his one but I can’t help it vince is attackign the tea party in this “parody” for one simple reason to show them hwo it feels Carl rove is a friend of vince and trump so the attack by the tea party on rove are being reflected back inthe wwe to show them how stupid it is the tea party wants you to vote for thier people no matter what rove trump vince and many others myself included will not vote ofr a guy simply becuase he has ar (r) by his name he has ot be able ot win to make a dif, but even with all that aside it is a show it is not meant to offend it never has if it does your a little too sensitive but I do agree beck is doing the rigth thing by staying out of it