CNN must be tired of being the “boring” Left-leaning cable news network, while MSNBC’s anchors are invited to the White House to “lean forward.” CNN’s recent chyron asking if Sen. Marco Rubio’s sip of water was a “career-ender” drew enough attention for the network to backtrack later and explain it was just a joke. Is today’s over-the-top graphic warning of “massive cuts” another joke?

Grover Norquist has helpfully provided a chart depicting just how massive those massive “cuts” are.

  • Love of Country

    Slowing down the rate of growth does not = massive cuts. But that is what integrity-challenged dems have been claiming about absolutely everything for God knows how long..

    And while there may finally be some truth in their claim this time around, it was all Barry’s idea in the first place … as if that means anything to brutal, fascist demagogues, right?

  • William J. Miller

    According to CNN and Dem logic: Someone makes $20/hr at their job. There is an automatic $1/hr/year raise. Due to budget concerns, the company has to lower the raise to $0.98/hr/year. The employee just had a MASSIVE cut in pay.

    This is the horrible, baby-killing, racist, sexist “sequester”.

    • V the K

      Talked with an insider at the DoD last week, she says the way the “furloughs” will actually play out is that some number of employees will be switched to a four-day work week, either M-Th, or T-F, and take a commensurate pay cut.

      They aren’t losing their jobs, they’re just going to learn how the rest of America lives.

  • nc

    But but but Grover Norquist is EVIL!!!!!

    (awesome “slasher chart”)

    Seriously, I pine for the day when truth, justice and The American Way return to our nation.

    • Joe W.

      I fear that those days are behind us and never to return……

      • Vinny Raineri

        They WILL return, most probably by Inauguration Day 2017! Just hold out hope-it IS a theological virtue, after all.

        • Netmilsmom

          Oh my goodness! thanks for the reminder! It really helps, truly.

    • BigTBoom

      The American Way is not what it used to be, self fulfilling hard work with your hands. Now, one hand it pointing at something to assign blame while the other is extended demanding a handout.

  • Tangchung

    Wolf Blitzer hasn’t “pinned down” the cuts but they are massive!

    • TocksNedlog

      And “forced”. Don’t forget “FORCED”!

  • Gallatin

    Too bad those massive spending cuts don’t result in the closure of cnn.

  • Maxx

    With the hyperbolic and histrionic drama the mainstream media cover Washington these days, CNN and MSNBC might as well just get it over with and merge with

    • tjcuzns

      I don’t know that the Onion would have them.

  • peteee363

    even with the cuts, not one cent of the deficit will be paid down. how much are we really cutting?

  • BigTBoom

    Neil Cavuto described the sequester panic well yesterday –
    “It would be like gaining only 20 pounds over the next year instead of 25 pounds and then telling everyone you actually lost 5 pounds and are now in danger of starving.”

    • Neil Leininger

      My namesake is good at explaining things.

  • stillinthe60s

    The political Pavlov’s dog treatment of the American citizen. Scream panic with a loud enough megaphone and watch the dolts run. Works every time it’s tried because hey, we’re the elitist ruling class.

  • TocksNedlog

    And they WILL be reporting on how sequestration was Obama’s idea to begin with — just as soon as they can locate and get rid of all those crickets chirping in the newsroom …

    “Be vewy vewy qwiet — I’m hunting journalistic integwity;