How’s everyone doing? We’re feeling better now that we know the doctor is in. While some celebs struggle to earn the coveted blue checkmark on Twitter, Dr. Carson has been fitted with one after just seven tweets and one week on the service. Oh, and after racking up more than 25,000 followers.

  • Harry A

    seven tweets, one week. is that a record?
    i hope so.

  • Love of Country


    • CR

      I’d prefer Carson/Rubio, but I’d take either way.

      • Harry A

        its only been two weeks and we’re really calling for Carson for President?
        i mean i know must of what we heard was very conservative sounding, but if you listen to some of the other Carson soundbites, specifically his views on war i doubt he could ever get past the national defense debate.

        and i like rubio, but i really hope we arent putting all our eggs in that basket. i mean he graduated school in 1996 and entered politics in 2000, i think we need somebody with some time in the real world, not just 4 years ! by time get to 2016 he’ll only be 44 years old with already 16years in politics !

        • Ben Bollman

          We’ve had experienced career politicians who do things according to party politics and they are the ones currently ruining our country. Time for new blood who aren’t afraid to put common sense into practice.

          • Harry A

            together i guess they’d make a pretty good team.Theres just something holding me back about Rubio, and i really think its that he seems to be a career politician. im weary about someone who’s been in politics since the age of 28, even if it was state legislature.

            always been a fan of Carson, doubt he’d be able to get through the primary though, especially because he is centrist on a lot of things. but if he managed to make it through i think he’d be a great president.

          • Ben Bollman

            Christie is a turncoat though, if Dems put pressure on him he will side with them. He’s been doing it pretty much since Hurricane Sandy. Rubio is a good man and I think he is sincere about being conservative. He has worked for what he has and without conservative values he would be nowhere today just the same as Carson. Either one is a million times better that what we have.

        • Conservative First

          I’m hopeful about Dr. Carson, but I agree with you. We have a habit of hearing somebody with a good speech and immediately attaching to them and calling for them to run in the next Presidential election.

          This is because we are so starved for a good true conservative, that we want everybody that sounds remotely conservative to be that person.

          Luckily we have 3 years to find out.

    • rinodino

      Carson Christie 2016

      • R0nin

        Really? I like Carson, but don’t think we know nearly enough to recommend him yet. Christie, OTOH, despite his likeable forthrightness, keeps aligning himself with non-conservatives.

        • rinodino

          Exactly don’t need extremes on either side…. Middle men will do just fine

          • Ben Bollman

            Ideologically Carson would be considered an extremist by the left (for having common sense btw)

          • R0nin

            Oh, I see. You’re a “moderate” (or however you self-identify). Yeah, that’s worked so well for us in the past, hasn’t it?

          • rinodino

            Lol you call Romney moderate?? Mr. 47%? McCain was cool until he got one of the biggest extremist ever

          • R0nin

            Lol, you call Romney Conservative? If he was, he’d have been elected. And McCain? Wow… I’m starting to see why others are dismissive of you here.

            Edit: And then I read your posting history. LOL.

          • rinodino

            This is an extreme right wing site I’m not surprised by the disagreements, I welcome it

          • Ronald

            Extremely extreme! As a moderate Republican, I can barely look away. The typical folks on Twitchy really have a hard time computing anything that doesn’t fit with the far right’s handbook. I’ve invited a few of my moderate friends and coworkers to come check it out for kicks n’ giggles after a friend in the office told me this site existed.

      • don e lee

        Oh Please! Christie?

    • Mellow Melon

      talk about your dream team right there!

  • Booker

    He is a good man. I’d hate to see the liberals tear this man down.

  • CatHerder

    I like this guy, he seems to have his head screwed on face forward unlike so many others. However, I hope he doesn’t get seriously involved in politics right now. It’s not worth the heartache. He’s so open and honest the MSM will have a field day with him, leaving a burnt-out husk of a good man. Now THAT would be a shame.

  • nc

    I just may reconsider joining Twitter…

  • kim

    The left has already begun attacking, with claims of domestic violence against him. they will tolerate no minority being conservative. EVER