The #ifihadglass hashtag you might have seen trending this afternoon was a marketing effort by Google to promote its upcoming release of the Internet-enabled Google Glass eyeglasses (the ones Matt Drudge warned you about). Some who tweet what they’d do with the glasses will be chosen to receive a pair early. (They still have to pay the $1,500 price tag, though.)

New demo movies give an idea of what the glasses can do, but are they powerful enough to make Piers Morgan see straight? Is this a more realistic goal than the manned moon base?

Gingrich really wants in on Google Glass. He has a backup plan if Google doesn’t go for the Piers Morgan thing (which it should).

  • richard

    Unfortunately, Obama will find a way to utilize this new technology to create more brain dead zombies.

  • Frank Drebin

    @newtgingrich #ifihadglass i could get @piersmorgan to see my point of view

    I doubt it. Musket sees everything through progressive lenses.

  • usa_chucky

    Just like “Obama phones”, soon there will be Obama glasses.

    • Ben Bollman

      Considering how in the pocket for Obama Google is, Google Glasses will be Obama Glasses.