The 404 error page: technically, it’s the page on any website that no one is supposed to see, and many web designers don’t bother to customize it. Someone behind Speaker John Boehner’s official site,, certainly did.

We recently upgraded our website and moved some things around to better highlight our focus on job creation and economic growth. Unfortunately, that means some links — like jobs in the Obama economy — are missing. Please click below to get back on track.

  • R0nin

    ROFL. That’s a great 404 page, there!

    • Raye09

      Creative, and a sense of humor. I like it.

    • An Abstraction

      ROFL. Your hard-earned tax dollars at work, there!

      • Elaine

        If BO has his way, there will be no hard earned tax dollars left! He’s distributing them faster than he takes them.

      • R0nin

        I wonder what tax dollars you think were spent on this, exactly? Because I’m pretty sure whoever runs the website didn’t make extra for the 5 minutes work it takes to “personalize” a 404 Error page.

      • journogal

        So basically you’ve just admitted you don’t pay taxes, by saying “your” and not “our.”

  • peteee363

    i suppose the articles of impeachment are also missing, due to spineless congressman refusing to do thier jobs?

    • An Abstraction

      Impeachment? Now we’re talking….. you must have some downright treacherous information on your President that you should fax and/or email over to your local congressperson STAT!!

      • Elaine

        ps: NOT my president…. yours. He does not represent me at all.

        • peteee363

          unfourtunately he is our president, i turn off the tv everytime he opens his mouth. i don’t like him either, but not much we can do, unless the congress can do thier job!

        • journogal

          Respect the office but not the person who holds the office. You don’t want to sound like a liberal during Bush’s terms. We (conservatives, independents, libertarians) understand the different between the office and the person in the office. (for the record, for lo-in-vo’s and liberals, ptr, I didn’t always agree with and/or support Bush’s policies, but respected the office, unlike liberals who called him Bushilter and other thought-provking names.)

      • peteee363

        i suppose fast and furious is not enough for you, or failing to enforce laws on the books? i didn’t mention the bitch slap he just got for appointing nlrb members without following the constitution. they do not need a fax or e-mail, they just need a spine. perhaps we need to close all the health clinics that perform the spinectomy proceedure, performed on most all politicians that take elected office.

  • Ben Bollman

    Not too keen on Boehner, but that is pretty clever.

    • Lady 12

      Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  • KansasGirl

    More please.

  • Stupid Republic

    Oddly enough, Boehner’s spine comes up as a 404 – Not Found error as well.

  • Indira Gutierrez

    Obama Economy? Oh you mean the same economy that just saw the Dow Jones close at a five year record high of 14, 018.70 on Tuesday? Okay, just checking…

    • KansasGirl

      I’m with you Indira, I think it’s great that O is giving back to his bundlers. /sarc
      What I’m worried about (being of the middle-class) is the cost of gas, milk, meat, eggs, heating, and last but not least…health insurance.

      • WisconsinPatriot

        I am concerned with his (and the dems) war on women. With all the money printing…..the Dow is meaningless.

        • BigTBoom

          “the Dow is meaningless”

          Agreed, since there’s virtually no real return by investing in CDs or savings accounts and because of microscopic rates linked to the FED combined with all of the QE, anyone attempting to get any return on their investments has more or less been channeled into the stock market resulting it its rise to near historic heights.

      • pajamakat

        What health insurance? It’s redistribution of our hard-earned money. Maybe we can ask Google for some money. They pay no taxes and are getting millions back. Must be nice to know the “cool” guy posing as potus.

        • KansasGirl

          Ya think?

    • WisconsinPatriot

      Drive by trolling??
      Bless your heart!

    • ZoriahShepard

      That’s your example? Weak.

    • Jim Denney

      DJIA does not equate with broad economy. In fact, FED debasing of currency boosts stocks for wealthy while inflating prices of everything else for poor. How very PROGRESSIVE, eh?

    • Belinda Henry

      Indira if only the stock market numbers meant something to the jobless…

      • pajamakat

        Another lib idiot TRYING to appear intelligent.

    • proudhispanicconservative

      Yeah usually in socialist economies the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer, the stock hitting that mark is the most vivid representation.

    • Gary Rudick

      Apparently you don’t know that of the 27 million businesses in America, only about 6,200 are publicly traded on the major exchanges. The rest are privately held. Dumbass.

    • Nov-cubed

      “RECORD HIGH” sounds great. “Back to even”, is more accurate.
      Except Gold was $741.00 back then. “Half way back to even” is more like it.

    • Penmar

      The Dow Jones does not translate into job growth.

    • therantinggeek

      Obama Economy? Oh you mean the same economy that continues to see a seasonably adjusted U-6 rate of 14.4 percent according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics? (I ignore the “official numbers” or the U-3 simply because I honestly don’t feel they paint an accurate picture of the true unemployment rate.) The same economy that has a 20.8 percent unemployment rate among 16 to 19 year olds? Don’t even get me started when you break it down by ethnic group, the numbers are just as bad.

      Let’s look at the U-6 averages under President Bush versus President Obama…

      Bush Administration:

      2001: 8.2%
      2002: 9.6%
      2003: 10.1%
      2004: 9.3%
      2005: 8.9%
      2006: 8.2%
      2007: 8.3%
      2008: 10.8% (Yes, I’m including Jan 2009 here)

      Average: 9.2%

      Obama Administration:

      2009: 16.4% (nope, not including Jan 2009 here.)
      2010: 16.7%
      2011: 15.9%
      2012: 14.7% (Yes, I’m including Jan 2013 here.)

      Average: 15.6%

      Alright, genius. Now that we’ve gone over the numbers as provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics…do you STILL want to argue that we’re better off in an Obama economy?

      • peteee363

        and those numbers don’t count people who have given up!

        • therantinggeek

          The U-6 unemployment rate is defined as follows: “Total unemployed, plus all persons marginally attached to the labor force, plus total employed part time for economic reasons, as a percent of the civilian labor force plus all persons marginally attached to the labor force”

          You’re probably correct in your assessment; I would think that it doesn’t include those whom have given up entirely but haven’t bothered filing an unemployment claim.

    • peteee363

      yes, please buy up the stocks all you can afford. but did you notice most large investors are not much of this bubble? the fed is the big player here, trying to attract fools like you. i hope you lose all of your money when it crashes, and crash it will when those explosive interest rates start to take hold when the fed runs out of ink or paper.

    • louisiana_mom

      And how is this good news? The rich are getting richer, while the middle class and poor are getting poorer without jobs… And the Dems are suppose to be for the 99%???

    • journogal

      Now liberals suddenly care about the stock market! I only thought the evvvvvilll one-percenters and those fat-cat Wall Street people only cared about the markets. Isn’t that what Democrat who need lo-in-vo’s support (while hiding their portfolio from lo-in-vos) and OWS screeched?

      Do you realize President Obama has nothing at all to do with the market. I understand when think he is all powerful and is going to do grand things for you ($100,000/yr without working and everything your heart desires, paid for), that you don’t understand he doesn’t have a hand in the market.

      I don’t trust these high numbers. Something unusual is going on. Or maybe, with everything going on, America still looks safe. Something isn’t right. But it’s cute that you think Obama can claim to it. Is there anything the man can’t do in your world?

      Have you checked the prices of consumer goods lately? Gas prices? food? By the way, those two are inter-related. Oh, I just saw where unemployment were up yet again…

      • louisiana_mom

        According to ZeroHedge dot com the government has been “investing” in the stock market… thus inflating the actual numbers… More smoke and mirrors to deflect from the dismal outlook of our economy.

  • tdpwells