We weren’t there — and not many were by the looks of things — so we’ll have to gauge from Code Pink’s own photos the police presence that greeted them as they entered the Hart Senate Office Building to protest the administration’s use of unmanned drones.

We’re fully convinced there were more police in the Hart Building than there were Code Pink protesters, whose numbers look to have been dwarfed by Sandra Fluke’s two-parking-space campaign rally.

Between this and the nude protesters disrobing in John Boehner’s office, why would any member of Congress ever go to the office? Here’s one of the police officers interacting with Code Pink. Banner drops are not allowed inside the building, but they did manage to get away with a prayer inside a government building, so there’s that.

  • Steve_J

    They made me reconsider the use of drones in the U S. There may be instances where the use of drones may be appropriate.

  • Terrell Guell

    Why do these idiots always wear some kind of stupid costume. Do they just think you know what will drive the point home we’ll all wear these stupid masks when we roll out our sign that we made.

    • Jeff Coil

      Why the costumes you ask? Simple. Media attention. Thats all Code Pink (and these other “protest groups”) are all about. Getting their picture in the paper is all they really care about.

  • John Thomas “Jack” Ward III

    Hey Madea.. Danica Patrick is on the Pole for the Daytona 500! BTW, Your costumes and banners SUCK! Jawamax 8<{D}

  • MJ Pauls

    Prayers? To whom?

    • Frustrated Teacher

      Why; the Mother Earth Goddess of course!!

  • RightThinking1

    So…, they managed to gather five people together? These people need a new name. Code Extinct? Code Shrink..? Code Stink?

    Edit: Code Stench

    • Junie3

      LOL, love it.

    • V the K

      Whenever I see Medea Benjamin and Code Pink, I always feel like there should be three of them and they should be sharing a tooth and an eyeball. (Too obscure?)

      • AaronHarrisinAlaska

        The three fates. Well, Disneys interpretation at least.

  • Frustrated Teacher

    At least they weren’t dressed as lady parts….those costumes are BEGGING for a drone strike!!

  • EverybodyTalks

    When I saw the photo I thought it was for a new Star War episode…drones and clones!

  • Junie3

    Are they dressed as death vaginas?

  • Roto

    What? No coffins protesting our wounded soldiers? These C’s are slipping….

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002109532283 Jillane Kent

      You’ll also find them protesting for more government funding of abortion, which would seem at odds with their love of children. Alas, Pakistani children must be a bit more important to them.

  • ceemack

    At least Medea & Co. were wearing clothes (shudder).

    As for #SorryButWeCantBeFriendsIf…oh, Medea, you have no idea how little that disappoints me.

    • waltzingmtilda

      Was thinking similar…no need to apologize, I’m not the least bit sorry we can’t be friends.

  • waltzingmtilda

    How is it these people have the time for this? Is professional protestor a thing now?

    Also? Whenever I see a man attached to a group that is largely female or promotes women’s causes, I am highly suspect of his motivation.

    • Silenttype78

      Worry not…
      These women create their own “safe zones”.

    • Roto

      Note the pic timestamps — after 5 PM. Maybe these are the only 5 with jobs.

      • waltzingmtilda

        LOL…good eye, Roto.

    • Ken Alan Draper

      With the Obama 99 weeks of unemployment benefits you now have time for those things you’ve been putting off like losing your mind & raving like a madman in public.

  • https://twitter.com/tweetyuo Tangchung

    I think a couple of them are code pink shafts.

  • RightThinking1

    Posted in Related Tweets, the winner, by LilMissRightie
    “There are days when I think I’m not doing much of anything right. Then I realize I’m not a member of @codepink . So there’s that.”

  • DrunkReport.com

    I like how theyre essentially mocking the police for thinking Code Pink would organize more than 4 people to a protest. oy vey

  • Axelgreaser

    PINK EYERONY. I believe Code Pink’s crowning achievement in protestwear was dressing up as vagina’s. These stupid women make me doubly delighted to have been assigned a penis in this lifetime. An item I doubt any of these crows have seen for quite some time that didn’t suddenly go flat under the sheer weightiness of their sour humour and argumentative nature . Until they protest Benghazi, they hold absolutely no credibility. They are nothing less than a leftist, creeping fog.

  • Maxx

    We’ve got us a “separated at birth” moment here. Take a look at the above photo of Medea Benjamin.

    No wonder the police “panicked”

    When Medea removed her black cloak, one of the officers shouted “look, it’s Darth Sidious!”


  • brewerandpatriot

    So they protest the killing of innocent children while rabidly supporting the right to kill innocent babies? My. Brain. Is. Melting…

  • precursor

    They protest the children being killed by drones..but do NOT protest the killing of UNBORN BABIES…..SMH….these people are lunatics.

  • $27789750

    There never seems to be very many of them. Are they the same ones most times?

  • sherlock1234

    I see Medea, but where is the Media?

  • origionalwinja

    proof women need to be in the kitchen with out an opinion…

  • Ken Alan Draper

    Drones protesting Drones…..Ironic.

  • Ken Alan Draper

    thrill as the capital police roll their eyes in fear!!!!