It was called “Project Honeygate” and resulted in the bust of two companies that reportedly ducked $180 million in import duties on cheap Chinese honey. We don’t have anything clever to say about that, so we’ll leave it to Sen. Chuck Schumer.

  • jmz

    me so honey…me love you long time in my tea….yeah i went there fuck it its punny..i mean funny

  • EverybodyTalks

    This is truly a honey-boo-boo

  • operanerd1986

    Schumer knew what he was doing. If he hadn’t used all those puns, no one outside the hive of Washington, D.C. would have heard of this. He would have gotten no buzz at all.

  • John (it true me am)

    Chinese honey. I can’t imagine a product I’d trust less. Not even sure exactly why, it just sounds like a recipe for disaster.

  • Conservative First

    Pretty sweet that they caught the honey smugglers.

  • ceemack

    I don’t think someone as humorless as Chuck Schumer could come up with even a bad joke, so this must have been posted by some of the worker bees in Schumer’s office.

  • Kevin Krom

    Let them wax humorous. It’s all just droning to me.

  • walterc

    I wouldn’t buy chinese honey at any rate. From what I’ve heard, it is diluted with corn syrup to keep it from chrystalizing and maintaining it’s free flowing form. Besides, after processing, all the beneficial properties are killed by the high heat. Eatin locally produced raw honey helps with allergy symptoms since it’s made with local flowers that produce the allergies. That’s why I have a bee hive in my backyard.

    • Gregg Shonka

      I absolutely agree. ALL name brand nation-wide honeys have been polluted with the fake stuff from China. The only safe honey is organic locally grown. How difficult is it to start your own hive?

      • walterc

        Starting your own hive is pretty easy, but easier still is to have a beekeeper in your area put a hive in your yard and take half the honey. And they will probably mentor you in taking care of the hive. Less trial and error that way.

  • Penny Robinson Fan Club

    ” “This successful sting operation is sure to be a buzz kill for would-be honey smugglers.”

    I’ll admit, I like it! But then, I’ve got a bizarre sense of humor to begin with.
    /Right, Penny?
    //Penny’s rolling her eyes at me….