Can we just say to Chuck Todd, “What took you so long to figure that out?” Twitchy has been compiling instances of media bias since the beginning, and yes, NBC’s Todd has been the featured player in many of them. He appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” today to discuss why conservatives are so reluctant to sit down with the mainstream media.

It turns out there’s a “mythology” infecting more and more newsrooms, suggesting that the mainstream media will “do anything to disrupt the conservative agenda.” Crazy, huh?

Yep, the idea that the media are biased against conservatives is a myth.

Why bother with C-SPAN? Just ask NBC’s new political analyst David Axelrod┬áto clear things up. He’s objective, right?

  • ZombieDachshund

    Happened to have CBS on tonight during their evening news broadcast. No coverage of the ‘rape’ comments from the legislators in Colorado. They did a big story on the rape crisis going on in India and could have segued to that, but no. Crickets. If those comments had been from a Republican, it would have been big news. Todd Aiken, anyone?

  • Tangchung

    V the K comment above was good! The guy is everywhere, like a super twitter/twitchy action hero. Yeah I exaggerated but thumbs up just the same :-)

    • V the K

      Thank you, sir.

      • Tangchung

        Lol welcome!

    • Ronald

      Does V the K work for Twitchy? How does he/she find the time!?

    • Ronald

      Does V the K work for Twitchy? How does he/she find the time!?

  • bo1921

    The horses are long gone out of the barn, chuck. It’ll be a really cold day down in the nether region before Conservatives ever trust you and your ilk again. Get used to it chuck, there’s more to come.

  • Scott Carroll

    All one needs to know about fawning media coverage is the impotence of this administration contrasted against its approval rating. If a successful President like Reagan or Clinton had gotten the kid gloves Obama has their face would’ve already been chiseled into Mount Rushmore by now. As it stands Obama hovers at a sub 50% approval even with the media passing him love notes.

    • CherDash

      Clinton got CYA treatment from the media.

      • Scott Carroll

        I disagree. During impeachment it was wall to wall Monica and SNL made Clinton a national joke. Could you imagine comedians today training their sights on Obama with the same vigor? His approval rating would be in the teens.

        • CherDash

          They held back on reporting Monica till Drudge published. If he hadn’t found out about her, no media would have put the story out.

  • V the K

    Woo Hoo! I made Teh Twitcheh! :-)

  • Stephen K

    The media pitches a weekend-long temper tantrum over not being invited to schmooze with Obama and Tiger Woods, claiming that the lack of “transparency” is shaking our entire nation to its foundations. And yet the first thing they ask, in starry-eyed unison, when they get their precious face time with their Savior back, is to ask Him, “Did you beat Tiger?”

    And when a new White House reporter actually asks an off-script question about something substantial at the daily press conference, she gets called out and mocked by their Savior’s spokes-hack. Not a peep from this media that’s so obsessed with “transparency.”

    No bias there.

    • stillinthe60s

      Colon walls aren’t transparent making it hard for MSM to report what they see.

    • forgetyoutooo

      The only reason the White House press had a fit was because they were stuck with all the local reporters on the press party bus. All Obama had to do give them 10 minutes of off the record attention and everything is back to “Obama, our god, does no wrong. State run media lapdogs.

      • Stephen K

        Why should he even bother, though? He knows that the press will come crawling and cringing back to him like a whipped puppy, groveling for forgiveness, no matter how badly he treats them.

  • Krazy Kent

    Dear Chuck:
    The only network fewer people watch than yours, is C-Span. In fact, I didn’t even know it was still on. I’m sure it pulls huge numbers in the cemetery.
    Ok, carry on.

    • Anyone00

      Ah, so C-Span is big with the DNC’s voter base.

      • $36544368

        LOL…you beat me to it! I was wondering how many of those in the cemetery were registered to vote and did indeed vote in the last election.

  • Jimni27

    Every time one of these lib journos talk about the media bias myth I feel like Mugatu in Zoolander: “I FEEL LIKE I’M TAKING CRAZY PILLS!”

  • Ben Bollman

    Shorter Chuck Todd: Instead of doing this on my network which nobody watches, let’s do this on C-Span which even less people watch.

  • sean o’connor

    Does he watch his own network? When’s the last time Rachel maadow or ed schultz uttered anything remotely resembling “down the middle”??

    • Sandy Rickett

      Or Matthews, O’Donnell, Sharpton, Bashir, Mitchell, et al….

  • Spatial Awareness

    @chucktodd “Speed Bumps” – 0bama “Bumps in the Road”

  • Carnival Barker

    What’s even worse than this hack is the Politico story about how the president has been manipulating the media. Because he’s some sort of super genius and the media is in awe of his amazing amazingness. Ridiculous.

  • Peyton

    Doesn’t the fact that he discussed it represent media bias in itself?

  • Maxx

    When the ratio of covering a Poland Spring water grab exceeds coverage of four killed in Benghazi by 40:1, tell me again how unbiased liberal media are.

    Is it any wonder this tool didn’t get the Meet the Press gig.

  • Love of Country

    What a goofy stooge. There’s 50 channels on TV with the same POV and then there’s Fox …. Hello, McFly?!

  • Mileaway

    What a dolt. He sits there doing exactly what he says they aren’t doing. DUH!

  • Steve_J

    MSM had more questions and were more upset about Obama playing golf with Tiger Woods and shutting the media out then they did about Benghazi and four dead Americans or Fast and Furious and one dead U S Border Patrol agent and hundreds of dead Mexican citizens.

  • Garth Haycock

    Chuck Todd is a good argument for the positives of bullying.

  • TocksNedlog

    Uh, Chuck, you do realize that by lying in a tweet about media bias you are, um, engaging in ….media …bias; right?

  • sharinite

    Pity us, this Todd ugly is just plain stupid….recent studies show that 100 is the “average” (we all know what that means) IQ…so, how can we expect the Todds and his ilk to understand anything? They are truly brainless.

  • Mark James

    Journalism is dead and idiots like Todd are what killed it. Anyone that thinks there is not an overwhelming left-wing bias in the media is simply a fool.

  • Jarred Anderson

    msnbc has been caught more then once deceptively editing video to ridicule conservatives. This has been going on for decades on the major networks and was the whole reason fox news began and almost instantly became bigger then every other cable news stations combined. Also things like doing nothing to vet a liberal presidential candidate, then vetting anyone who dares to ask him a question. I don’t mean any offense towards anyone by saying this, but anyone that can’t see this must be blind or so complicit that they can’t be objective. I’m not even a conservative and it makes me sick to see it every time I turn on the news. There is no integrity in politics anymore, and no real journalism and it makes me sick

  • blueniner

    Chuck (hair club for men)Toad is one of Obamas butt boys and skycabs carrying his baggage, pathetic.

  • David

    Who is Chuck Todd?

  • oneword

    Benghazi, new taxes, gun violence, unemployment…. liberal media only want to kiss Obama’s Fat Butt

  • Rufus_Cornpone

    There is no objective media…

  • Rufus_Cornpone

    There is no objective media…

  • Ronald

    Is there such a thing as an unbiased news outlet? Nope.

    Most of the people on this site have probably been exposed to the mainstream media for the majority of their lives, yet many disagree with it and hold different world views. So how effective is the media in telling people how to think? Not very effective at all.

    • Patsplacepp

      @disqus_usNmdWcjkn:disqus you hit it with that question “Is there such a thing as an unbiased news outlet?” and that’s the biggest problem. How can anyone that watches television news, reads the newspaper or comments on blogs think that the information they are getting isn’t bias to one side or another? The best way to get information IMHO is to take in as much as you can and use your own brain to nail down the correct (or as correct as possible) answer. If you’re a political junkie like myself, I’ve got RSS feeds for Twichy, Politico, Fox News, The Daily Caller and MediaMatters and MSNBC. It takes a bit of balancing out but it doesn’t take long to drill down truth (sort a speak) People need to get out of the “Bubble” they are in news/information wise and wake up to the fact that they have more control than the MSM or Fox News. Just my two cents

      • Ronald

        Well stated.

    • aztectrumpet

      Sadly it is very effective with most of the younger generation. Even though there is no unbiased sources, it is very annoying how much the liberal side of it lies and twists while claiming to being wholly partisan and how big the liberal media is.

      • Patsplacepp

        @aztectrumpet:disqus that’s a cop-out. The only media I’ve watched that trumpets loud and proud about their wholly partisan ways is Fox’s Fair and Balanced news. The rest don’t even try and hide it. The younger generation isn’t swaying either way. They are digging deeper. The youth in the US doesn’t seemed worried so much about what side the information is coming from, they just want the facts without the spin. Blah blah blah 16 Trillion in the hole. Fine now tell me how we pay that off and bring back jobs while allowing my grand father the ability to live out his years without going into bankruptcy. They’re going to take Hannity’s talking point, Chuck Todds interview, commentary on Twichy and their Liberal leaning mothers advice, throw in a little Open Government data and they’ll figure out where the truth lies. The battle between “right” and “left” as another cycle left before gen’s x,y and z come together, work together and make a better USA. Just my two cents and I’ve ranted way to long

  • Ronald

    Is there such a thing as an unbiased news outlet? Nope.

    Most of the people on this site have probably been exposed to the mainstream media for the majority of their lives, yet many disagree with it and hold different world views. So how effective is the media in telling people how to think? Not very effective at all.

  • Matthew Hampton

    OK, this isn’t about media bias. Chuck Todd is showing how desperate the White House is over “some offices [in the Capitol]” “younger staffers [for Congress & Senate]” that are starting to question White House policy. Chuck is pass blocking and has been caught holding. Everyone knows there is bias in the media, what everyone doesn’t know is that the Tea Party is winning behind the scenes on Capitol Hill (until now!).

  • CHHR

    listen to the piece again, under the banner of media bias, he says something VERY important. Actual Staffers SEE the media bias… STAFFERS, as in, DC permanent political class, as in no longer enabling media “mythology” of Obama supremacy… this is VERY good news for the conservative movement.